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We have more spoilers for the September 2020 BoxyCharm base box! 

The September may include:

Alamar Cosmetics Spanglish Pressed Pigment Palette OR Blinc Evening Glamour Eyeshadow Palette OR HipDot Zion Eyeshadow Palette

Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Melted Double Ended Liquid Eyeshadows OR Phase Zero Blusher and Bronzer Trio OR Hank & Henry Lip Love Luxe Lipstick

The choice items for September were:

  • Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment – $58
  • Farmacy Cheer Up Brightening Vitamin C Eye Cream with Acerola Cherry – $45

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $25 a month:

Use this link and coupon code ADDMORE6ALL09 to get a $6 coupon for the BoxyPopUp when you sign up for a subscription!

Check out our reviews of BoxyCharm to learn more!

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Comments (61)

  1. Man, I resubbed for Sept from this spoiler, and got nothing in the box resembling any of this. I got the boring Manny MUA Morphe palette instead of one of the three shown here. And no Huda : ( It’s always a roll of the dice.

  2. Me encanta too face y Anastasia por favor. Necesito labiales. Thanks.

  3. Ugh. Not happy with this months box so I’m cancelling yet again. I got hand cream (patchouli? yuck!), face masks (meh), the Alamar palette which is just too young for me, sparkly red lipstick from Hank and Henry which is not my style and Exfolikate which I ordered from the pop up and don’t need another one. Total bust for me this month unfortunately.

  4. I emailed BoxyCharm to see if they would tell me the items in my box so that I could shop add-ons. They said no. 🙄

    Anyway, I actually got my box today, 9x7x3, 1.1 lbs. I’ve seen multiple variations with these stats posted, but I got variation #45:

    – Farmacy eye cream (choice)
    – Blinc palette
    – Huda liquid shadow in Bubble Bath/Pink Champagne
    – Lavido hand cream
    – Luna brush set

    I’m (surprisingly!) pretty happy with it. I just wish they hadn’t blasted those Hipdot & Alamar palette spoilers all over the place, because they are gorgeous & I really wanted one of them. It makes me disappointed to receive the more boring Blinc palette, even though I don’t mind getting a Blinc palette in theory — I think I remember liking the formula of the last Blinc palette Ipsy sent a few years ago. Nothing with a crazy high made up retail value from a shell company private-labeling conglomerate. Even the filler brushes come in a cute pouch & have a reasonable RV of $18.The shade of the Huda shadow is great for me. Getting to try a full size skincare product from a brand like Farmacy obviously makes the whole box worth it, especially since eye cream is something I’m not usually drawn to when shopping for skincare. The only item I won’t actually use is the hand cream, purely because I like neither patchouli nor vanilla as a scent on their own & the thought of them together does not spark joy. But I’ve already given that to my sister, & she will probably like it.

  5. I just received my box today, and am pretty happy. I received the eye cream (my choice), and the Spanglish palette, which is the one I wanted. I love Alamar products, and look forward to playing with that palette. I received the Hank and Henry lipstick in Lust. The packaging is great, but I wish I hadn’t tried it on because it’s this light brown color that washes me out horribly. The lipstick is coated in glitter, so I wasn’t clear how blah the color is. Such a waste because it’s just going to end up in the trash when it could look beautiful on someone else. The other two items were Laura Gellar mascara, and a beauty sponge by Billion Dollar Brows.

    • I’ve been setting aside some of my unflattering shades and broken bullets & such, and plan to eventually do some weird science a la Safiya Nygaard to see if I can come up with something usable.

  6. Do you get any kind of notification when your Boxycharm ships.

    • When I actually logged on to the Boxy site, it said preparing for shipment, but I haven’t received an email yet.
      I looked because I saw a lot of people had already received emails with shipping information, but I hadn’t.
      They do email me when it ships, though.

    • Yes, you will receive an email as soon as your label has printed, in the email it gives you the option to track your package 🌻

  7. I read negative comments about Boxy CS here all the time, but had to contribute a satisfactory one. In my last month’s popup order, my Marc Jacobs palette arrived damaged, with the 2 pink pans totally ruined. After sending a photo, they responded right away that they were going to do something soon, and today they emailed that they refunded the cost of what I paid, as well as giving 20 bucks worth of charms. (Plus a secret link to a couple items not in the regular charm room) I’m pleased but will think twice about ordering a palette in popup since they used no packing material at all!

    • One of the two I ordered came damaged and they are sending a replacement. I’m not even sure it’s going to be the right one. They did not do anything else.

      • Rose, I also received a damaged palette from the spring pop up, & they did send me a replacement in a timely manner, even though the palette had “sold out” during the sale.

        There is reason to have hope, lol.

  8. I’d be a lot more excited if all the palettes didn’t look the same, with the same colors (pinks and purples), none of which I wear.
    The ONLY thing I’d be happy to get is the lipstick set from a brand I’ve never heard of.

    • I subscribed to all three boxes, got the base and luxe over the weekend. Both had eyeshade palettes. Both trays were very cheap, on a par with Dollar General makeup. They looked terrible on with the exception of maybe three shades. After all of the poorly thought out makeup products I have received in all five of the boxes I subscribe to, I am throwing in the towel. I can’t even give away a to of this stuff, no one wants it and frankly, given the booji women I work with, that is saying a lot because they go nuts over gaudy. There is no way any of these services read the profiles because I am a 49-year old, somewhat medium golden toned redhead and I keep getting crap that looks like something a 6th Street hooker would wear! I used to get very hurt when I subscribed to the Beauty Army and Birchbox when they were first out, because they only sent makeup to the younger women sent the rest of us diet products and really insulting items like cheap airbuds that didn’t work Now I am in Maybelline hell. Same ugly colors, same cheap glitter, but I pay a lot more to not really be able to wear it!

      • I just got my box, (I’m only subbed to base) and the only item I’m using of the 5 items I received is the one I picked for my choice.
        The rest I won’t/don’t use. I don’t understand why Boxy has us fill out such a detailed beauty quiz, when it’s obvious they don’t bother looking at it at all. Once or twice, it’s expected. But each month repeatedly getting items I explicitly stated I DO NOT use?

  9. please stop sending me glittery eyeshadow i am 63 years old and have a very fair complexion i have contacted you several months ago stating that i was shorted one product. i never received the missing product. i have been a customer of yours for years but if i continue to receive any product with glitter again, i will have to cancel . I would like in my box in september, the kate sommerville exfoliating product. please send me matte, neutral colors in lipsticks also.
    thank you,
    patty riche

    • Go to BoxyCharm dot com to contact them. This site that you’re on now doesn’t have any say in what products you will receive. It is also too late for September Choice, anyway.

    • Unfortunately Boxycharm does not use our beauty profiles to choose which products we receive in our boxes

      • Oh, they absolutely don’t. Ipsy was making it’s way to my favorites after they were doing so good for so long, but these past couple months have been seriously lacking, too. This month I’m receiving a bronzer AND a highlighter, after I received a highlighter already month before last, of which I use neither. It’s obviously on my beauty quiz and I review my box each month. I emailed them to make sure they had all my info correct, they basically just said the same BS they always say when you ask about these kinds of things. So not real happy with them either as of late 😕

  10. I forgot to add the promo code “LABORDAY12” when I signed up and I contacted the boxy charm bot (sent a message immediately)…do you think they will let me add the promo code? =[[[ I will be so sad if I can’t have it.

    • They will reply with standard bot message. They screwed up on my pop up sale and it has been a month and all I get standard bot generated message. Their customer service is not existent.

      • oh no! I planned to only get the September box then I will cancel at the end of this month… hope they don’t screw up :X

      • oh no! I planned to only get the September box then I will cancel at the end of this month… hope they won’t screw up!!!!

      • What I usually do is put please read in all caps at the beginning. Sometimes they will write right back and if I receive a bot message I will reply to the same email that my question or problem was not answered and then usually with 2 days I receive a response from an actual person. Try that ladies.

    • How is it their screw up if you forgot to enter the code lol

    • I forgot to add a code for the popup sale (well actually the code came in after I already ordered something). I emailed them curious as to what response I would get and they sent me a new coupon with a later expiration date to use in a future sale. Im not sure if they did this because that was my first box and I am a new subscriber but I was surprised by the response since I usually hear more negative than good things.

      • Yes it’s because you are a new subscriber. They don’t have many codes for already subscribed charmers. This past pop up I had ordered 3 different popup orders but I also was still waiting on a replacement that was not back in stock yet so I had asked if they could just keep the item that wasnt back in yet and give me a free shipping for my 3rd pop up order because it didnt exceed 25 and they said they would if they could but unfortunately they dont have codes or free shipping for them. But if it is something that is in their hands and as long as you can get ahold of someone, they are great with customer service. Plus you being a new subscriber helps. They want to keep you around lol. I had also just had to do the same thing with ipsy because I received an offer to rejoin and receive a free palette. I didnt see my code for the free palette had expired 2 days prior and she had also gave me and exception and accepted my code. Glad you were able to get it taken care of.

  11. I would love to have the Phase zero Blush.

  12. I don’t know I just kind of feel like I’m not really feeling this box. I chose the farmacy eye cream because I feel like I might get a little better use out of that out of the two choice items. The pallets don’t really look like my type of party and I don’t wear lipstick or blush. The Huda looks cool depending on which shade we end up getting. Just kind of blah for me this month. And the ipsy spoilers are even worse there’s that

    • Same. Not excited about literally any of it lol

    • I get all excited every month when I see the spoilers and then I see all the videos of PR boxes being unboxed. That’s where all the good stuff is. I dont get too happy anymore because unless its something we are all guaranteed, I never receive the items in the PR boxes. And this is my first month back with ipsy after a year but this time I went with plus and im not too happy either..and I tried getting the blender they kept showing in spoiler add ons and it wasnt even there.. and it’s not there now either on the second chance spoilers.. so I am depending on my boxy premium to make all my other boxes better lol.

  13. Hip Dot and Huda Plzzzz 💕

  14. If you miss the choice window and Boxy chooses for you, do they send one of the two known choices? Or do they send something completely different? I subscribed too late to make a choice, but would be happy with either option (farmacy or Kate). Thanks!

    • Hi Cissy,

      You will receive one of those two options.

  15. Is there fuzz on the hank and Henry lipsticks in the promo picture or am I going nutty?

    • its glitter type stuff covering the lipstick, but the actual color doesn’t have glitter. Atleast not the one I tried.

    • If you scroll up I noticed some people explaining what it was. 😊

  16. These spoilers look super good! Anyone know if I’ll get the September box if I subscribe today or tomorrow? Also, I’ve heard a lot of people complain about their boxy products coming broken, and sometimes poor customer service. Are those things anyone has any experience with? Thanks!!

    • You will get the September box if you subscribe in September. Sometimes Boxy seems to run out of items & throws together FOMO boxes, which can be in your favor or not — for example, last month I signed up on the 11th, & instead of receiving one of the spoiled eyeshadow palettes (both of which I liked), I received a different eye palette (which I didn’t like, lol). On the flip side, some people who got the FOMO boxes got an item from the Premium box as filler — in this month, a MAC lipstick. I’ve even seen items from Luxe thrown into base BoxyCharm FOMO boxes before.

      BoxyCharm really does have terrible customer service. I will say that my most recent experience, when I received a damaged item from the pop-up shop last spring, was positive.

    • I have had nothing but great customer service experiences and have never had my makeup broken and i have base and premium boxies, and haven’t been disappointed yet with either of my Subs.

      It’s all about trying new products, right? If that’s the case, then you won’t ever be disappointed by what you get! At least that’s the way I see it. I hope that helps. 😀❤💄

  17. Hey guys and gals, I just resubbed after being gone for about a year and a half. Mostly because I wanted the Exfolikate because I had just purchased it for 80 bucks and thought “Yep, probably won’t buy this regularly because of the price”. So when I saw the Exfolikate I was really happy. I have a question though and was hoping for some clarification. Does Boxy send you spoilers of what’s inside your box like Ipsy does? I’m hoping for a good box, but even if it’s stuff I won’t use I am more than tickled with the item I chose.

    • No spoilers…. unless! Some boxes don’t have a physical insert card any more, & have a “digital” insert card that can be viewed on the boxycharm site. Most people don’t get this, though.

  18. Can I no longer choose an item if I signed up for September?

    • Choice is over for September, it was a few weeks ago. Choice is always done the month before. You’d be able to choose for your October box, choice for that is the 15th.

  19. Oh look! A Boxy bait & switch! Get one of these two palettes! But after we charge you we’ll add a third palette that no one will want!

  20. I’m not going to be very happy if I get that Blinc palette. I want Hipdot or Alamar for sure.

  21. The founder of Alamar worked for BoxyCharm before launching her makeup line. That’s why her products are in the box so frequently.

  22. I’d love to get that Alamar palette. I have loved everything from her line so far.

  23. I got this email on my deactivated account, & then I got confused, because on Instagram they say that active subscribers will receive Hipdot Zion palette OR Alamar Spanglish palette OR Huda liquid shadow OR Huda Lifeline eyeliner.

    Um… if new subscribers end up with one of the spoiler palettes and I end up with an eyeliner… I’m not gonna be happy.

    • I’m with you on that! So far, I’ve enjoyed the palettes, but I swear if I get a blush/bronzer palette this time, I’m done! I don’t want that eyeliner, either. lol Good luck! I hope you get what you wished for.

      • May the odds be ever in your favor.

    • I would absolutely love to have the Huda Lifeliner over the palettes! Potential swapsies?!

      • I will definitely be looking to swap away the liner if I get it! 😅

        It’s on sale for $12 at Sephora right now if you’re desperate for it!

  24. Wonder what the white film is on the Hank and Henry lipsticks? That’s seriously old stock looking to me.

    • It’s like glitter . The lipsticks are part of his new collection

    • Apparently it’s “pearls” that disappear when you apply.

  25. If I get another blush/bronzer combo, I’m going to cancel my subscription. I have enough for several seasons already! I can only give so much of this kind of product away!

    • OMG Same! I get a lot of creams too! I’m not even sure why I took the quiz. They’re giving me things I said I wouldn’t want.

  26. Really starting to wonder why I’m subscribed to premium when the base box is CONSISTENTLY better.

    • Lol I downgraded from Luxe and got premium and base instead. Base are solid during Luxe months, but not all the time. If there’s something hugely tempting like a Tarte or Too Faced palette, I will go Luxe.

    • Don’t tell me that, just cancelled base for premium. Just have to keep thinking that I’ll get 2/3 palettes! Lol..I very rarely get what I hope for anyway. We’ll see….!

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