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BoxyCharm October 2020 Choice Time – Early Access!

BoxyCharm November 2019 beauty and makeup subscription box review

October 2020 BoxyCharm base box choice is now open for BoxyCharm Premium subscribers with a base box subscription.

The choice items for October are:

  • DOSE OF COLORS Meet Your Hue Concealer (30 shades to choose)
  • MURAD AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser
  • FARSÁLI Privé Quench
  • REALHER Ultimate Glow Getter Cheek Trio

What are you picking?

Your October BoxyCharm base box may include:

Source: boxypreview

  • Beauty Bakerie Makeup Breakfast in Bed Palette
  • Dose of Colors Meet Your Hue Concealer
  • Tarte Cosmetics Maracuja Miracle Mist Setting Spray

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $25 a month:

Use this link and coupon code ADDMORE6ALL09 to get a $6 coupon for the BoxyPopUp when you sign up for a subscription!

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm to learn more!


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Comments (72)

  1. I picked the Murad, it was a toss up between that and the DOC. But since I have a full size concealer I’m currently using, I figured I’d go with that.
    I picked the ExfoliKate last month, and it ended up being the only item in my box I use.
    Every single one of the palettes were a flop for me- they all had the same colors- (bright and garish pinks and purples).
    I can’t bring myself to upgrade to anything above base, because I can’t even get decent items in my base, so I can’t justify spending more for more items I know I won’t use. It’s a shame they don’t use your beauty profile, considering it’s the most extensive of any of my subs.

    • Same here! It was a toss up for me as well but I also chose the Exfolikate last month so I figured go with the concealer that I will for sure need. I do the Ipsy glam bag and am far more impressed with it. I can pick three of the items I want and always get some great items! I am not sure if you have tried them out but I get both and have thought about dropping my Boxy and going for the ultimate on Ipsy. I had to comment because it was nice to hear someone with the exact same feelings as I ! 🙂

      • I dropped BC a couple months ago and haven’t looked back. For me, Ipsy Plus is the best choice and I’m going to pick up Ultimate here and there when the items meet my needs.

  2. Can someone remind me if I would be getting the September box or the October box if I signed up today?

    • September box as long as you sign up before the end of the month

  3. just got my base box today…after hunting it down..then only getting 2 items in my box…boxycharm you should be sorry about this…no box should go out empty…people are waiting a month for this box and this is how you treat people. NO…cancelling…

    • Mistakes happen lol calm down and email boxy and I’m sure they’ll send the items out

    • If you contact their support, they’ll make it right and send you more items

  4. When is choice for October Premium? I swear I took a screen shot of the date. I thought it was today ( THURS 9-16) but I can’t find the dang SS.

    • Today is Wednesday the 16th. 🙃Premium choice is tomorrow, noon est.

  5. Choice & Add-ons are now available for everyone!

    $3 Bum Bum cream in the travel size is still available as of 11am PST!!!

    I also recommend the Marc Jacobs grey Fineliner eyeliner for $6. I bought it in the pop-up sale for $12, & have been wearing it a lot for Zoom meetings. Gives you nice definition on camera without the heavy black look. Also has a nice 1980s vibe.

  6. I gave Boxy another chance after a nightmarish experience, went to buy Add-On’s this morning and… they gave me an INVALID COUPON CODE. I am so done with them. They are absolutely worthless and awful!

    • Im having the same problem tried contacting them but still no response

      • It’s bad enough that most of the best products were already gone. Their customer service sucks dead bears!

    • Try putting in the code manually…that’s how I did it after it would not take the copy and paste method and it worked…

  7. I have a hard time picking the right concealer shade but I am curious. I will likely cancel Boxy after my 3 month sub is up. I need to cut back. I think I will stick to just ipsy for a while.

  8. My comments probably want post.
    I’m a old Charmer since January 2016.
    No more Face Masks.
    I’m not happy with Boxycharm.
    I didn’t like what I got this month and last.
    Nothing matches my profile anymore.

    • Hey girl I know what you mean…My boxes every month were getting worse and worse… (I have been a member since 2017) 4 months ago I started redoing my quizzes every month…and not just checking over my answers but literally changing them and if the answers are to stay the same I change it to something else…wait a minute and change it back…since I have been doing this EVERY MONTH my boxes are EXCELLENT! Also…I lie about my age…I am in my 50’s…but changed my age to 40…and I get much better selection of products as well…I guess they think us older gals only want skin care and dull boring makeup…lol…I am very much not in the norm…I love bright adventurous colors, new items and brands…anyway…this seems to work for me…try it…it might work for you as well…

      • Your Boxy quiz answers do not determine what box variation you receive, except in rare cases with complexion products.

      • OMG! I go through the same age-ist garbage that you do! They send me boring taupes and old lady neutrals because, you know, I’m 52 which means I’m an icky old crone. Yeah, right. My favorite lipstick is teal and I’ve never met a hot pink eyeshadow I didn’t like, but hey…

      • No wounded why I always get the ugly colors. I put I’m in my 40s I going to change it. And maybe I’ll get my boxes to.

  9. Did anyone else had problems using their add ons code for $12 off? I tried several times but it said code is invalid whereas I copy pasted it from the email as it is.

    • Yes. I am unable to use the $12 coupon too!
      What’s more, I tried to reach the support, but previously there is a submit email feedback page now I can’t find it on the website anyway.

      • They changed things so it’s almost impossible to send them a message through their new system. God boxy is so unbelievably scammy.
        Thank god I have their old link or I’d never be able to get through to them. Hope they don’t change it in the near future.
        Send one here—they responded to me a few hours later.

      • Thanks Liz for your link!
        They also sent us a new $12 coupon the next time.
        Also I found we can talk to the robot to submit the ticket but I miss the previous way.

    • Were you able to use your coupon code or did they fix that for you? Im having the same problem.

    • I just received an e-mail with a new $12 code that worked. But I agree all the good stuff is gone

      • I also got an email with a new coupon. But for me the first coupon also worked so I used both of them. Do you they will refund me for the first order?

  10. It doesn’t look like my comments are posting. But I signed up at the end of last month so I’ll be getting August and September. I am really confused about how the add ons work . I realized that I need to upgrade to get the add ons but wondering if I upgrade now will it be too late? Will I still be able to pick things out?

    • Yes, if you upgrade to Boxyluxe now you will have access to add ons today. I did it this morning and it worked.

      • Hi, After upgrading were you put on boxyluxe waitlist? Been wanting to upgrade but not sure if i will be receiving the actual September boxyluxe or just be put on waitlist.

      • Hi, After upgrading were you put on boxyluxe waitlist? Been wanting to upgrade but not sure if i would get actual September boxyluxe or if i would just be put on waitlist.

  11. I apologize is advance lol I am just so confused. I signed up for boxycharm At the end of last I should be getting the August and September boxes..and now realizing in order to get add ons etc I need to upgrade I think. It says the add on opens tomorrow. If I upgrade now will I still be able to do the add ons? If so I am also wondering if it’s worth it?

    • Today is early access for add ons, all members will be able to shop tomorrow. You don’t need to upgrade…

    • Also, yes, you’ll get both August and September boxes.

      • Thank you so much for your help. 😊

  12. The Farsali is in the add-ons sale for $9. Not sure about the other choices.

    Looks like a cancel month for me. There are no items that my goblin brain says, “yes, want!”

    • Lol. I agree it’s a skip month for me too.

      • I was grateful that nothing was calling my name. I needed to skip because I have too much!

      • Can you skip months? I thought you either had to be a member or cancel altogether??? If I can skip please let me know how!

  13. I got Farsali serum. I have so many cleansers and was curious to try serum. Also, picked up tomato serum as add on, really wanted that.

  14. I chose the DOC concealer because I’m curious about it and would probably never try/buy it otherwise. I bought the Murad cleanser in add-ons. I have a slightly different version that I bought a couple years ago that’s actually nearly finished and it is my all time favorite cleanser; $9 is a steal. That said, I also really want to cancel most of my subs because I have so much, it’s truly unreasonable. Thinking of just keeping Ipsy Plus and Boxy Premium (maybe) and letting go of Ipsy base, Boxy base & Luxe and Allure.

    • I am also getting near the point where I have to let subs go for a while. It’s just not possible to get through everything, even if you have a relatively modest lineup of beauty boxes. I haven’t decided if I will completely cancel my Boxy subscriptions. I may keep Premium, depending on the spoilers. The last two boxes were really good for me.

      • Yes! I really wish you could skip months in Boxycharm, sometimes it’s everything but exciting.

      • I totally wish there was the option to skip a month!

      • I have a question, How are you able to print off the cards for the premium boxes? I just received a premium box and it came with no card. What am i supposed to do to figure our product and cost when there is no card?

    • I love the murad products, but I can just never pass up a serum. Almost picked the cleanser as a add-on, but remembered I already have way too many products as it is. I know I have too many products but I always end up feeling FOMO. It makes me feel so much better to see everyone is on the same boat. I am definitely going to try to slim down my sub boxes for 2021. I would be so interested to see which boxes people are keeping and which they decide to cancel.

      • I’m only keeping Seenewskincare and Ipsy Plus in beauty boxes. Ipsy Plus will be my next to go.

    • Girl, same. I have all those same subs and it’s starting to get kinda crazy and my husband is about to kill me. I splurged and got trendmood last month and I thought he was blowing steam out of his ears. I’m going to downsize down to ipsy GBP, Allure and boxy premium and ditch Ipsy, Ipsy ultimate, boxy, boxy/boxy luxe, Walmart, fff, etc. The rest is just…too much.

      I do love getting stuff all the time, but I’m looking at it like I am just contributing to a larger problem of over excess and consumerism. I have started to get nicer products that I don’t want or use and collect them to twice a year donate to my local women’s shelter. A lot of the women have nothing and left all of their makeup and skincare at home to get out of a bad situation. It gives them products to boost their self esteem and look presentable for jobs. I highly suggest anyone who is sitting on a lot of products to do the same.

      • Liz, thank you. As someone who in my past has been on the receiving end of these donations, I can absolutely confirm how much these donations are appreciated. From people who have never worked, leaving abusive situations with children, and trying to find a job to now support their families on their own to those like me and my children that lost everything we over owned just to flee to safety and had to start completely over-and then the many other circumstances in between or outside of those parameters, these donations really do mean so much. Not only do they help to restore and build broken confidence, they really do help to brighten the days of those going through many very difficult days.

      • Mine too, he hates them. I want to cancel most of them and surprise him. I’ve been so tempted to tell him but, mum is the word until I do it, lol.

  15. I picked up the Farsali Quench. With quarantine, I’ve been spending a lot more time playing around with my skincare than makeup, so I didn’t need another concealer right away.

    • Same! I just wear concealer so no one notices I’m actually a zombie. But I’m not spending tons of money on my skincare to end up with clogged pores thanks to “maskne”.

  16. I chose the DOC concealer. So glad we can choose our shade.

    • Same! I still have to look human on videoconferences so I am glad to get a concealer. It has great reviews.

  17. Choose the concealer. Already have a new tube of Murad waiting in my drawer. The serum can’t use do to ingredients.

  18. i picked the farsali quench….does anyone get the luxe box..and do you think its a good box with the products you get? i get the base and premium..thinking about getting the luxe..details please..

    • Tammy G. No. Save your money! I just cancelled on Friday and I did so because it was absurd the inflated prices BoxyCharm uses. For example, everything that I received in my boxylux for September could be put together for less than $50 on the October add ons. It’s really ridiculous

      • Daniele – I never thought about that but you are absolutely right. I couldn’t believe the 111 Skin Care Gold Masks were only 12 dollars in the sale but in the Luxe box they claimed 135 00 value!? I think you’re right, maybe the best way to go is just get boxy base and pick and choose add ons in the sales.

      • thank you ladies…i needed that..because i spend to much already…and i do see the add-ons ….but they do have a good amount of products……thank you all..stay healthy.

    • I agree with Tammy, save your money. If there is anything you really really wanted from the Luxe box you’ll probably find it next month in Add on’s and eventually in Pop up with a price tag of $6 or $9. For example, today with early access I found EVERY SINGLE Luxe product. I’m going to cancel by the end of November so I can keep taking advantage of the early access feature, but that’s it for me.

    • I agree with them 100%!! I used to get all 3 and the luxe was a huge let down for me every time!!

  19. Too Funny. In the add on sales there is that silly Orange overpriced plastic cosmetic bag that was $20.00 of our box value a few months ago…..anyway it’s now $6.00 but they have taken down “All” reviews, not to let others know how most of us felt that received it and so very unhappy we were. ….lol. I kept going back daily to see what others wrote and some got pretty hostile about it. The comments were very entertaining and gave a good daily laugh. Lets see if they have any luck to sell it now for the still over priced $6.00. Don’t fall for this cosmetic bag of garbage, much better items on sale to spend your $6.00 on.

    • Yes! I was pissed when I found all my luxe box products in add on’s totaling way less than they make you think it’s worth. I’m keeping the luxe subscription until late November so I can still take advantage of early access and Add on’s. But I’m tired of Luxe!

    • It really pisses me off that they sent us that damn bag. I know I had posted a comment on there so it irritates me that they took the comments down. They have lost their minds if they are even trying to sell them for $6!

  20. I am choosing the Murad when it opens for me. I love that cleanser, and am almost out.

  21. Was kinda curious about the farsali serum since it hasn’t launched yet, but ended up choosing the dose of colors concealer which has amazing reviews. However I’ve been so tempted to cancel my subscription, if spoilers don’t get any better I might be saying goodbye to Boxycharm. I made sure to shop Christmas gifts for my sisters and mom with Add on’s but this might be it!

    • Smart thinking to go ahead and get some Christmas gifts. I need to be thinking ahead like you – LOL!

  22. I chose the Farsali Quench. What about you guys? I liked the choices this go round! It was a tough choice between the Murad and the Farsali. I’ve been thinking of cancelling one of my subs. I have BC Base, Premium, and Ipsy Plus. I’m going to see how they pan out for the rest of the year and then make my choice on which to cancel.

    • I was super curious about it but I think I need more a good concealer than more skincare. I’m also thinking on cancelling my boxycharm, we’ll see if October spoilers get any better. I do hope I don’t see another eyeshadow palette in my box, I have millions that I’ll get rid off for Christmas.

      • Let me know how the concealer is! I’ve never tried anything from DOC other than their lip products (which I love). I have been using the Shape tape and the Shiseido concealers lately so had plenty of concealer at the moment. I totally relate — I’m definitely on palette overload. Luckily my mom loves getting my extra palettes – LOL.

      • I hope I get pallettes from GOOD brands. I love trying out different pallettes and formulas…and inwoukd rather makeup vs, tons of skincare…since I have so much skincare they send I give away as fast as I get it because I have 20 cleanses open. Lol

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