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New Subscription From Bombay & Cedar: Seasonal Lifestyle Box Available Now + Coupon!


There’s a new subscription box from Bombay & Cedar available now – Seasonal Lifestyle Box! (Thanks for the heads up, Amanda!)

You asked for it! We listened! The Bombay & Cedar Seasonal box is here! Our quarterly box, delivered 4 times a year, is a wellness & lifestyle subscription box featuring vegan and cruelty free, full size products including skincare, books, home decor, tech, gourmet goodies & other products carefully curated for the discerning woman who lives a life inspired.

Now through 8/21, use coupon code SEASONAL to get a free mystery box when you sign up for a subscription!


What changes have been made to your boxes?

We’ve launched our Seasonal box! This box will be delivered 4 times a year. We’ve also decreased the price of our Monthly Lifestyle box and made some billing and shipping updates.

When will the Introductory Seasonal Lifestyle Box pricing increase?

You have until August 21st to lock in your price for the life of your subscription. Pricing will increase from $59.95/box to $74.95/box for Quarterly subscriptions and from $54.95/box to $69.95/box for Annual subscriptions.

Where is the MINI Lifestyle box?

We’ve decided to discontinue the MINI Lifestyle so we can put our resources into the launch of the Seasonal Box and to catch up on shipping.

Will you still offer Limited Edition boxes?

Yes and no. Right now, we have no plans to continue with the Limited Editions boxes we offered twice a year. We still may offer curated one time boxes or brand takeover boxes a few times a year.

Why did you make these changes?

We consistently receive three types of feedback every month. 1) “I wish your box was seasonal. Monthly is just too many products.” 2) “For a monthly box, your box is so expensive. I wish it was cheaper.” and 3) “I wish you offered free shipping.” We’re hoping these changes will address all of these issues.

What is the new pricing for Monthly Lifestyle box?

Previously, pricing for the Monthly Premium Lifestyle box was $49.95 plus $6.95 US shipping. We’ve decreased the price to $44.95/box plus FREE Shipping! Yay! Retail value will now be at least $100. Previously, it was at least $120.

What are the new billing and shipping updates for the Monthly Lifestyle box?

We’ve updated the billing and shipping dates to correspond with the current month along with help us catch up on shipping. The billing, shipping and cut off dates will now be in the current month rather then overlap over two different months.

Please note: We have not yet made this change with the Beauty Box. We’d like to see how it goes with Monthly Lifestyle box before we update both boxes.

I’m currently a Premium Lifestyle Box Subscriber? What will happen to my subscription?

You will be automatically moved to the new lower pricing. If you have a prepaid subscription, we can either offer a partial refund of the difference or offer extra BC Points. We will email several reminders during the rest of August asking your preference. If we don’t hear back we will automatically send the partial refund. Please do not email us your preference directly. We will send you a survey asking your preference in the next day or two.

I’m currently a Mini Lifestyle Box Subscriber? What will happen to my subscription?

Because the pricing is higher than your current subscription price, we don’t want to automatically move you to the new pricing without your permission. We will reach out to via email asking if you’d prefer a refund or if you’d like us to upgrade your subscription.

If you have a prepaid MINI subscription, we can either offer a refund of the difference or offer extra BC Points. We will email several reminders during the rest of August asking your preference. If we don’t hear back we will automatically send the partial refund. Please do not email us your preference directly. We will send you a survey asking your preference in the next day or two.

Have there been any new changes to the Beauty Box?

There are no current changes being made to the Beauty Box.

Will Bombay & Cedar Essential Oils be included in both the Monthly & Seasonal boxes?

No. Our oils will still be included in the Monthly box but will not be included in the Seasonal box.

Why did you launch a new box when you’re behind in shipping?

We’ve postponed the launch date for some time now but decided we could no longer hold off with the Fall season around the corner. We also wanted to be able to simplify our Monthly Lifestyle Box to help us catch up on shipping. Our Monthly box contains a lot of moving parts, is very detailed and is curated like a quarterly box. In order to adapt to current times, we realized we had to simplify what we were doing every month.

The Subscription Box: Seasonal Lifestyle Box by Bombay & Cedar

The Cost: $59.95 per quarter

FYI – *INTRODUCTORY PRICING! Lock in your price now. The Seasonal Box subscription prices will increase from $59.95/box to $74.95/box on August 21st, 2020.

The Product:

  • 6 – 9 Full Size Products in Every Box
  • Packed with a retail value of over $200
  • Hand Curated to Enhance Your Lifestyle
  • Skincare, Books, Snacks, Home Goods, Activities & More

Shipping: Free U.S. shipping. $15.95 Canada per box $23.95 International per box

Good to know:

  • Ships 4 times a year in September, December, March & June
  • Automatically every three months (Annuals renew yearly)

What do you think of this new subscription box? Want to see it reviewed?

Bombay & Cedar

How do subscribers rate Bombay & Cedar?

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Comments (37)

  1. Did anyone receive an email about the partial refund for a prepaid subscription yet?

    I have a 6 month with the 25 percent off promo, and I am curious on if the math for the refund will be correct… for 4 months I should be refunded shipping and the difference of 25 percent off the new pricing.

    It’s concerning they are billing for September already without getting details worked out for the refunds. Email on 08/16 said refund info will be sent within 2 days and it has been crickets since.

  2. So…I thought the part about billing and shipping in the same month (for the monthly Lifestyle Box) meant that they wouldn’t bill me for September until September. But I just got billed for it today? (And of course my August box hasn’t shipped.) Anyone else?

    • I just got billed for my monthly box as well – at the reduced price BUT I was charged shipping, which according to the info above, I should not have been charged. Were you charged shipping? On 8/22 I did get a shipping notification (although it’s still in pre-shipment), but that may be for the last month of my (now cancelled) beauty box sub.

      • Ugh, yes I was! Hadn’t thought to look at the total. Lower box price but charged shipping…Guess I’ll need to contact them…

      • Hey Jill, you wanna ask for me too? LOL j/k. Yeah, looks like I’ll have to reach out to them as well.

      • Hopefully if a few people contact them, they’ll realize the error and issue a refund for shipping…

      • OK, I just emailed them, both about the shipping charge and the billing in August for September. Will update here when I hear back!

      • Just updating that I heard back from them. The shipping charge was in error, and they’re processing refunds for everyone. They said it should go back on my card within 3-5 days (not sure if timing is the same for everyone). No response to the part about being billed in August for September box though. But at least we’re getting refunded for shipping!

      • Thanks so much for the update Jill! I do see in my account that the payment status for the box is “partially_refunded,” so they must have processed mine (although it’s not yet showing up on my credit card, but I do know refunds take time to show up).

    • Thank you everybody. I had the very same issue, and sent them an email, but have not heard back yet… I’ll have to watch my cc for the next week and hopefully everything will be taken care of… For now. I am pretty sure I’ll close out my monthly box, if I can figure out their billing cycle… I get billed for three boxes at a time and it always throws me off guard to get billed before I even receive my last two boxes from the previous billing.. I understand the craziness of shipping right now, but billing should be done right and that email we were supposed to receive that never came… That should’ve been written and ready to go before they even said it would be coming. Oh well, what are you going to do. This is one company I’ve always trusted, they’ve ashtrays been honest, so I’m expecting them to do things right.

  3. the code isn’t working, bummer, they would have had me!

  4. Dang it, I just saw this, and the bonus code doesn’t seem to be working. 🙁

    • Same. Now I don’t know if I want to take the plunge….

  5. I took the plunge at $219.80 for 4 boxes and the $100 bonus box. Hope I dont regret it. I have never subbed to this box but wanted to and thought it was too expensive.

  6. I’d be super curious about whether they plan to include more/higher-end products in this quarterly box, or if this is just a rebrand/higher-price on the monthly box.

  7. I bit the bullet as I have been impressed with their curation and thinking about signing up for some time. Although I kind of hope they do not include too many books … I take out a ton of books from the public library and usually don’t much like the books I have received in sub boxes (except for Chrissy Teigan’s cookbook, that was a winner for me).

  8. Is the box customizable?

  9. hmmm yeah when I get the July box I paid for in JUNE I might have more confidence in this.
    Paying for somethng two months before you actually receive it galls me

    • I received my July box a few days ago, and it’s lovely. They sent an email several weeks ago letting us know that one of the items that was supposed to be in the July box had been delayed. The email I received stated:

      “We planned on having all July Lifestyle boxes shipped by August 10th but were just notified one of the products will not arrive until August 14th.

      Rather than delay further, we’d like to give you a choice of when your box will be shipped. We can either ship your box now without the delayed product and include in your next box or we can ship your box when the last product arrives.”

      I’m not sure what decision they made for those who didn’t respond. I know you can go into your account and check on the shipping status. If it says “fulfilled” you can click on the order number, which brings you to a page with a tracking number. Clicking on the tracking number brings you to the USPS tracking info page. If your July box still shows as “unfulfilled”, you might try contacting them to ask why.

      I don’t mind so much that they’re a bit behind on shipping right now. I do eventually get my boxes, so I try to exercise extra patience during the crazy upending that everyone has gone through over the past 6+ months. And my Bombay & Cedar boxes truly bring me so much joy when I open them.

      I hope you get your July box soon!

  10. Done. I wonder when we’ll get the mystery boxes? If they will ship with the subscription or separate?

  11. Couldn’t resist. FOMO with temporary deal. I dropped my sub a long time ago and have bought the mystery boxes. Looking forward to this quarterly sub.

    • Me too. I kept wavering between quarterly and annual, and the FOMO for the free box got me to pick annual. Their choices have been excellent lately, and I’m hopeful.

  12. I’m tempted by this. I’ve been really impressed with their lifestyle box lately, but the price was just too much for me personally to spend on a monthly sub. A seasonal box with an even higher promised value is very appealing.

    Really hope we see a spoiler or two before the end date for locking in the lower price.

  13. I’ll probably sub now to lock in the price. I’ve only been a subscriber to the beauty box, and have been impressed with it, but couldn’t justify the cost of adding on the monthly lifestyle box, so this idea sounds perfect for me. Also, I don’t need more essential oils, so very happy to hear they won’t be included.

  14. I’m not a subscriber, but I SO appreciate a company with this level of transparency and consideration for the customer! I applaud them!

  15. Curious if we will be able to pause the seasonal box?

    • It shows in your account you can skip shipments just like the monthly one.

      • Thanks! I only have the beauty box and had not looked into skipping since the full spoilers are never released.

  16. I’m a monthly subscriber and wondering how the changes in billing/shipping will work. I’m finally due to receive my *July* box tomorrow. I was billed for that at the end of June. I paid for my August box at the end of July. Does that mean they’ll wait till September to bill again? Think I’m sticking with the monthly box for now, particularly at the lower price. Hoping we’ll still get to customize.

  17. With the exception of the oils no longer being included in the monthly box what kind of product/value difference are we looking at for the monthly? I think it’s great that the price has been lowered and the shipping eliminated but will the overall quality change that much? I do like Bombay and cedar but I always felt like the price was a little steep for the products included…

    • I read it that the oils will be in the monthly and not the seasonal.

  18. Are the products in the seasonal box going to be different from the monthly box for the specific month? Because I am thinking of keeping the monthly one and, if the products are the same, skip for the month when there is a seasonal one.

    • Hi Gabriela I sent them a message last night asking them if we get the beauty and monthly lifestyle box,would we see any duplicates in the quarterly box…..As soon as they answer me I will let you know on here ASAP….I want to sign up for this one,as long as there are no duplicates,I have been looking for something to replace the Popsugar box,since they are no longer around.

    • I sent them a message asking the same thing,and they said no duplicates,the items will be different.

  19. I’m pretty intrigued by this. I wonder if there will be customization options for the seasonal box? I just canceled their beauty box (I’m on massive product overload on the beauty front) and signed up for the monthly lifestyle box, but now I’m thinking the seasonal box may very well be a better fit. Hmmmm….

  20. Will they release spoilers?

  21. This announcement and offer came at the prefect time for me. I unsubscribed to the monthly yesterday for all of the reasons they listed.

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