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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus September 2020 Spoilers!

ByMSAAug 4, 2020 | 148 comments

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus
4.2 overall rating
247 Ratings | 33 Reviews

We have spoilers for the September 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!

Here are some of the products they are sending this month. Not all subscribers will receive all items:

YENSA Silk Bronzing Base and Brush

This lightweight silk cream bronzer is infused with eight age-defying black superfoods to give you a natural and healthy sunlit glow. It blends into your skin seamlessly to make it look like you’ve just come back from a long vacation in the sun.


GO-TO SKINCARE Fancy Face Oil Cleanser

Cleansers that strip your skin is not a vibe. This luxurious cleansing oil leaves your skin nourished, supple, and super soft. It gently dissolves every bit of makeup (even long-wearing faves and stubborn eye makeup), sunscreen, oil, and grime.

GOLDFADEN MD Mist RX Daily Nutrient Facial Mist

Keep your skin quenched and happy throughout the day. This ultra-fine mist infuses an extra boost of minerals, skin-nourishing antioxidants, and nutrients anytime it feels stressed or dehydrated. You can even spritz it over makeup to keep it looking dewy and vibrant while setting your look in place.


Face makeup is only as good as its tools, making this beloved blender a must-have. This fave is made with super-soft, exclusive, latex-free foam that quickly blends makeup for an easy application and flawless, skin-like finish. Once wet, this sponge becomes mega soft and mimics pores to create a natural application easily—no pro skills required.

AVANT SKINCARE Glycolic Acid Rejuvenating Face Exfoliator

New season, new skin. This gentle exfoliator is designed to refine, brighten, and renew your complexion. Glycolic acid dives deep to help treat fine lines, acne, blackheads, dullness, and oiliness while Proline helps promote firmer, glowing skin.


AVANT SKINCARE Collagen Intense Radiance Activator Serum

A sunny disposition deserves equally bright skin. This serum will give you just that with Collagen to promote elasticity and Lecithin to help hydrate, replenish, and repair your skin.

SERAPHINE BOTANICALS Sakura + Sage – Vegan Eyeshadow & Blush Palette

Beautifully formulated in a range of wearable, everyday essential shades, this 100% vegan palette delivers a smooth, creamy payoff that feels as good as it looks. Evening Primrose, Sage Oils, Oregano, Lavender, Sakura (Cherry Blossom), and Rosemary extracts help keep your skin gently hydrated, soothed, and glowing.

What do you think of the spoilers?

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is a monthly makeup and beauty subscription box - each month includes 5 full-size products! You’ll also get a makeup bag once every three months.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Wondering if there will be more spoilers. If not, I will be skipping.


I keep checking back for more spoilers too. I hope they post more before they charge us.

Jacquelyn Wood

Have you tried boxycharm? They have a base box for 25 and premium for 35 and the option to to do Luxe every 3 months turning base box into an ultimate box. I love it. I get so many known brands and some unknown but they are really good.

Jacquelyn Wood

July box was kinda crappy but August was amazing. September looks blah. I have so much skin care products that I don’t even use or gave tried a few times but didn’t like. I feel im giving away more items than im keeping. I also do both boxycharm boxes and though I always favored ipsy over it im starting to feel like I’m going to just stick with boxycharm instead. My profile states I want more makeup over skin care yet I only get one makeup item in glam bag and glam bag plus. Wasting my money at this point. Going to do this month since I tried canceling and thru offered a free month but if it’s still the same stuff im canceling. Boxycharm gives more makeup and well known brands as well.


My first plus bag is September. I’m excited about all the options. I’m not a big palette fan, but I adore skincare. I use almost all the products I get from subscription boxes. I would guess that I finish over 90 percent of the products I receive. I don’t understand why people complain about getting products that they don’t want. If you aren’t up to experimenting with different product, why get a subscription box?


Hi. Can anyone tell me when would I need to sign up to receive September’s bag? I don’t want to sign up too early and get August. Thanks.


I would say September 1.


So I just got my august glam bag plus finally and I am missing 1 of my add ons I really wanted and 1 of the items I chose and they gave me 5 items I didn’t order, all stuff I don’t want! I emailed asking for my correct items and saying I will send back the incorrect items as I didn’t open/touch them in any way I just want the items I’m entitled to but they tell me that those items are sold out and there is nothing but they can do! Like that is complete BS! How is it my fault they messed up! I’m thinking they ran out of the stuff and gave me extras to make up for it! I just want the correct items but they won’t help me. Now I’m thinking of canceling bc I all the stuff I really wanted is the stuff that is missing. Has this happened to anyone else? Also do they put the products in the drawstring ag cuz only 3 of my products were in the bag the rest were in the envelope and the envelope didn’t seem to be closed very tight. I think they should stick to using the boxes to ship, it’s more secure.


The wrong bag thing happened to me in June and they shipped me a new bag with what they considered comparable to what I should have gotten (only two items were still in stock), let me keep the original stuff, and put 600 points in my account for my trouble. Maybe try complaining again and hope to get a more helpful response?


Normally, I would agree to give them a break but this just happened to me where I ordered SPECIFIC items (not a mystery bag) and instead of NOTIFYING me that they oversold and giving a refund (disappointing, but I get it that sometimes they run out on flash sales), they shipped random sample size products (I ordered a set that included a full size high value item and that item was left out and subbed with a .25 ounce sample of unknown brand). I contacted them assuming they would either refund me or ship the correct item (didn’t know it was sold out at the time – just thought it was a mistake) and they offered to credit me $3!!!!! That is laughable!


Deedee624 things happen. I’ve worked in warehouses and it’s not easy. It sounds like your order was mixed up with someone else’s so someone else got the stuff you ordered and you got the stuff they ordered. They don’t “run out of stuff and give extras”. There is nothing they can do. If they are out of a product they can’t magically make it appear. Give the customer service agent a break, they didn’t pack your order and give the overworked warehouse workers getting used to new corona protocol a break for making a mistake. They having been using the envelopes for regular glam bag and orders for awhile. Only the items that fit in my drawstring bag were in it and the rest were in the envelope. Boxes aren’t necessarily anymore secure as they get squished and bust more than the envelopes.


I completely agree – they should refund her money and let her keep the products she received. She’s wasted time and money on things she didn’t order.


They could give her a refund though.


Stuff happens.


I already received my August…but still waiting for the July plus 🙁
I love the items in the August bag, and the bag isn’t bad, but i’m pretty bummed we (the GBP) are now getting only drawstring bags. I really wanted one of the holographic bags..they looked AWESOME!


Jennifer USPS has been a nightmare lately, actually all shipping services have been having issues. I actually LOVE the drawstring bags! I have a huge drawer full of the zippered bags that don’t get used but I’ve been using the new drawstring bag. No matter what Ipsy does with bags people always complain


I ended up donating all of my bags to an organization that was making personal care Kits for low income women.


Could someone give me Dimensions on the drawstring bag? I can’t tell how big it is, and I have someone I want to give it to if it’s big enough (September). Thanks so much!


I didn’t get my July bag until about 10 days ago! It was being handled by Pitney-Bowes. I hope they don’t use them again. I did get it fully refunded and my points I spend on the VV pallet back, at least.

I really like the drawstring bag! It fits my whole face in there with room to spare! I keep it in my tote that goes to work with me every day. I do wish I had added-on the Ultimate bag. It really is pretty! Maybe I’ll splurge in a month or two and buy a July Mystery Bag when they become available.

I hope your bag shows up soon!


No sunday riley in september??????

Wendi Dawn King

I like that all the products fit in the new bags.


Yeah, I received my GBP surprisingly early which was great and that’s where the greatness ended! I only received 3 out of my 5 products. I’m missing 2 of the ones I chose! The 5pc brush set AND a luminizer primer! I did get all 3 of my add ons so I guess that’s a good thing to actually receive what you pay for. I know sometimes items are not always available, but I didnt even get 2 substitute items! I’m waiting for a response email from IPSY. This is the first time this has happened. Even so, still disappointing.


Mine was opened, and the postal person had the nerve to even open the Huda lipstick and sample it, breaking the seal. Also, they have been opening the sides of the BoxyCharms (Base, Plus, and Luxe), then folding back together, one side is so loose and barely holding it closed on one side. It’s disgusting. They have already had Federal indictments at my postal station. They think it’s their right to just shop and sample whatever they deliver.


Dear h,

I’m so sorry to hear about your mail violation. After hearing your account, now I’m beginning to wonder if that’s where my 2 missing products went or if IPSY never packaged them. I suppose I’ll never know. These mailer envelopes aren’t sealed up with any tape so hard to tell if they are tampered with. With all the financial cuts and dismantling of the USPS, it seems workers would have very little time to be rummaging through our packages!


I ordered the July plus bag. My box arrived with the tape in the wrong spot. My box was 100% empty. My add ons were gone, along with every item, including the SR Luna oil. I was so upset. I wonder if something similar happened to me. I know it isn’t our local post office though. I live in a tiny village. My mail goes through Hebron, KY and they’re notorious for mail issues.

Tiffany Nicole

My GBP came yesterday! Super happy with it, I even got my add on SR Luna Oil. I actually like the drawstring bag, its different and thats nice after subscribing to Ipsy for so long and having countless makeup bags. I’m loving the Ciate Watermelon Burst Pressed Setting Powder and the Huda Demi Matte Lipstick in Feminist (it looked brown in the Ipsy pic but its actually a muavey shade that I love). Now I’m just waiting on my regular glam bag to ship


I got my August bag! It hasnt been this early in over awhile. I got all my products and everything was packed safe too.


My GBP never updated from “on route to DHL,” but then it showed up in my mailbox yesterday. I was shocked how quickly it arrived.

Also, happy accident, whoever packed my bag must have been sleeping on the job, so they gave me two Luna oils even though I paid for one as well as a duplicate mascara (one of my picked for you products). Don’t mind if I do.


Unfortunately, people who ordered and paid for add ons aren’t getting their items because they are being careless and sending them to customers who didn’t pay. I bought three of the Sunday Riley add on products along with several other items and did not receive any of them. Very frustrating!


The same happened to me instead it happened with the face scrub I got. Definitely okay with this happy accident!


🤦‍♀️ I really hope this gets better before September. Once AGAIN…Too many REPEATS!!! The Avant Ive received via Ipsy and every other sub box!!! The palette was just in July’s box!!! 🤦‍♀️ Not looking good….


I love these spoilers. I switched from the regular glam bag to the plus due to these spoilers. I can use everything on this list. I want all but the palette since I like singles more than palettes. I feel palette can be overwhelming. The other stuff is great.


🤦‍♀️ I really hope this gets better before September. Once AGAIN…Too many REPEATS!!! The Avant Ive received via Ipsy and every other sub box!!! The palette was just in July’s!!! 🤦‍♀️ Not looking good….


I haven’t bought an actual “beauty blender ” brand for a while. I’ve used cheaper ones and stocked up, I was about to buy a few bb brand, but I’ve been reading that people said for the past 7/8 months something has changed about them and they don’t clean well, they rip easy, and the application is different…has anybody else had this experience?? I have red about it a lot in my places online….they say they look and somewhat feel the same kind of….but I have not bought any….has anyone else had issues??


I bought original BB about a month ago and it’s ripped a little after the very first wash, it’s my first bb and I don’t know the difference, but blends well, I love it. But I think for that price supposed to be no issue, sponge is expensive!🧽


Thanks. My older B.B “name brand” ones work great and held up great. I could use mine 4/5 times a week and wash it 2 times a week for a couple months and it not rip. I have no clue if that’s “normal” or not either, but after 1 wash I would think that’s not “normal “. That’s one of the complaints some were chatting about in comments and other places online. I was also reading some online reviews and Sephora and a few people there mentioned something about it. So I wonder if they changed something or did something differently. I’m on the fence about buying a name brand one or just going with a real techniques one, which I’ve had good luck with.

Christa H.

My GBP already shipped!?!?! I’m in shock… but they used DHL again, so we will see if it gets here before the last day of the month🧐🤔


In total shock…my mail just came with my GBP in it!!!! It shows it’s still assembling!!! This could spoil a girl!! Also, I love everything!! Thanks IPSY, looking forward to never canceling!! I have been with Ipsy for many years and GBP since it started and I have never been this impressed. Thanks again IPSy ps I even redeemed points and got my item (the eye brush)!! All I have left to say is WOW


To my complete shock I got mine today too!! I am beyond excited!!! I got to choose 3 products, it already came, and I’m LOVING the new drawstring bags!!!! Way to go Ipsy Plus!!!


I got the email that mine shipped. (DHL) My timeline still shows fulfillment too. Its already on the move and shows delivery for Wed. Hopefully it will be here then. Still waiting for my reg. bag to ship. (Unless it has but isn’t showing it yet, who knows!)


My bag arrived on Friday via FedEx. This is the first time I ever received my bag through Fedex. My regular Glam Bag shows no movement.

Tiffany Nicole

Mine shipped already as well but they haven’t actually handed it over to DHL yet. It says “En Route To DHL” since the 3rd. I’ve seen several other people say they got the shipping email and it said the same thing but their GBP already arrived so I’m really really hoping that’s what’s going to happen with mine too. Fingers crossed that that’s what happens for both of us


Mine still says it’s in fulfillment and I received mine yesterday! Hopefully this is how the plus will be from now on and I received all my choice products and add ons:)


Easy skip. I already have 2 great August GBP coming lol


They’re arriving tomorrow!!!! App still doesn’t mark shipping. I only knew because of an email yesterday that showed it was in transit since Thursday


Got one bag Saturday and one today. The one today was missing an item AND had a random item instead of my choice.


I’m not sure I would get this one seeing the spoilers so far, but I cashed in my points on some fun stuff and don’t want to lose it


Not terribly interested in any of these.

Will probably skip for the first time ever.


I’m very excited for these!! I hope for my choice i’ll be able to choose the Face Hero cleanser and the beauty blender!!


Ehh…there just isn’t anything here that really grabs me. I love skincare, but Avant doesn’t interest me, I also love Goldfaden, I just don’t need a spray and kinda wish it was a repeat of their eyecream I loved. I’m not going to get upset over a beauty blender, it’s the brand name and they sell for $20. I welcome some variety and would actually like to see more beauty tools that aren’t brushes and some hair products that aren’t dry/volume/hold hair sprays. Some masks, oils and conditioners would be awesome. Maybe I’m just overloaded, but I’d like to see some of the body products that are in our profile quiz, yet are never in our boxes. I’m sitting out this month, I just don’t need any of this.


Meh, not really interested in more skin care AGAIN. Skincare is all the rage in all the boxes anymore it seems. Tired of it. I am glad I cancelled again after they messed up and didn’t skip last month like I wanted to and clicked the skip a month button with email notification that it would.


I wish they would have 1 bag for makeup only, 1 bag for skincare only and 1 bag for both. I bet logistically it might be a nightmare at first, but they’d end up making a killing because many people would want both.

I’m with you, though. I don’t like trying tons of different skincare products–they seem to mess up my skin. I’ve tried SO many eye creams I lost count and have yet to find one that really does anything. After being on product overload with skincare, I simplified my routine to like 2 really basic, simple products (vitamin c and spf during the day, rosehip oil at night- that’s it!) and my skin looks better than ever. Go figure.


I totally agree!!! I am so sick of skincare. Every box in the last few months has been skincare and very little makeup (including Boxy and Allure). I love items that have SPF, but a lot of makeup items include SPF as well. So this is a vote for makeup, please. Lori, that was a great idea about splitting the bags. I need to work my way through my massive skincare collection. If I’ve had a product for awhile I will use it on my hands or décolletage or as a body lotion. I give a lot away as well (not the older stuff).


Hey guys! I subscribe to the GBP, but i have been really tempted to try out GBU. To anyone who has both, which one are you usually more happy with? I love the fact that the GBP is now offering us to customize our bags, and am okay with what i am getting this month. But, honestly out of the 3 products i picked, i honestly only really like/wanted one of the products. The ultimate looks intriguing due to getting double the amount of stuff as the GBP and a little higher end stuff than you would usually get in the GBP. Thanks in advance for any opinions.


Paige, I agree with Tiffany. Stick with GBP, where you pick three of the five, and then spend the extra $25 to buy whatever add-ons you want. This means that you get a bag that you really love (because only two products were chosen for you, and who knows, you might like at least one of them!) With Ultimate, you only pick one item and may get a huge stash of stuff you don’t like or can’t use. GBP is the better value for your $$$.

Also Beth

Paige, I’d say it really depends on your goals for subscribing! If you’re trying to get specific kinds of products/pretty picky, Plus is probably more worth it for you because you’ll probably get at least one product you adore for every $25 you spend (in my experience). Personally, I have an obsession with palettes right now, so I go for Plus instead of Ultimate, because I want to get at least one palette for every $25 I spend (I know, I have a problem…). But if you’re in it for the pure, traditional sub box approach of wanting to try a variety of new things, Ultimate (or even regular) is great for getting a huge variety of surprising products you likely wouldn’t buy for yourself otherwise. In my experience Plus is consistently satisfying and predictable, whereas Ultimate tends to have at least one item per bag that I have zero interest in (shoutout to peel-off masks, EW) and 2–3 that I never ever would have picked for myself but end up obsessed with (Murad eye cream! My new favorite moisturizer with SPF! My absolute holy grail bronzer!).

Ultimate feels like a surprising, fun gift to me, Plus feels more utilitarian. Maybe that’s silly, but I choose Ultimate when I really want a treat, Plus specifically when I love a spoiler or four!


That is the same way I was seeing it! Lol. Ultimate as being more of a treat certain months based on seeing some good spoilers etc. Who are you telling, I also have acquired an obsession with pallets and that is usually what I always am hoping for over pretty much all else lol. Thanks for taking your time, appreciate the input.


I really do love my Glam Bag Ultimate!!! Like this month I am getting both the Sunday Riley and the 111 Skin. Those 2 products are worth way more than the cost I am paying plus they are both products that I use… I am pretty sure this next month I am skipping the Plus bag since non of these spoilers are speaking to me. But, on the other hand I will be getting my Ultimate since I am loving the spoilers for September. I might just be one of the rare people that really does get good products in my Ultimate.


Makes perfect sense to me. I guess it really does come down to being on top of the spoilers and going based on that. Thanks!


Plus is SO MUCH better. I get all three, but usually skip Ultimate. Even the months where the spoilers are tempting, it never feels worth it when it arrives. There are many (not all) products in Ultimate that you can add on or that will show up in your other 2 bags, though this month was the first that I saw a noticeable exception to that. The Sept spoilers so far look like it could go either way–meaning like past bags where the only difference is you get more stuff (quantity of items, not better quality) OR like August, where there were a couple nice things you couldn’t get in other bags or add ons. Even if you want to try it, I’d wait simply based on all the repeats that are showing up right now unless you’re really new to ipsy.

I personally think they are going to get rid of or change Ultimate soon since Plus is really killing it and there’s less reason to pay for Ultimate unless they really start stepping it up. Hope this helps!


You’re very welcome! That’s what I do, skipping most months unless the spoilers look great or I need a little something special.

Hope you enjoy it 🙂


Thanks Lori! I think i will just try it out once as more of a treat, opposed to subscribing every month. If i love it, then i may reconsider as far as a monthly subscription.


I am fairly new to Ipsy, i have only gotten it for the last 4 months so, so far no repeats. I think i will maybe try it out for one month and see how i like it, as more of an occasional treat instead of a month to month thing. $50 is pretty steep for taking a huge risk of getting crappy items. Thank you for your opinion!


I don’t like Ultimate because it’s barely customized to your profile at all.

Tiffany A

Stick with GBP, if there’s anything you really want you can more than likely get it during the add on day and you might even save a little money


Thanks for your input 🙂



This is extremely underwhelming. Luckily, I can skip.

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