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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus September 2020 Spoilers Round #2!

We have Choice and Add-On spoilers for the September 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!




YENSA Silk Bronzing Base and Brush

AVANT SKINCARE Collagen Intense Radiance Activator Serum

SERAPHINE BOTANICALS Sakura + Sage – Vegan Eyeshadow & Blush Palette

GOLDFADEN MD Brightening Elixir Protect + Repair Brightening Serum


TARTE Big Ego Mascara in Black (sample-size Add-On)

BEAUTYBLENDER Bounce™ Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation in shades 1.20, 2.10, 3.25, 3.70, 4.20, and 4.60 (full-size Add-On)

JUICE BEAUTY Green Apple Brightening Eye Cream (full-size Add-On)

FARSALI Serum Trio in Rose Gold Elixir, Unicorn Essence, and Liquid Glass (full-size $25 bundle)

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

YENSA Silk Bronzing Base and Brush

This lightweight silk cream bronzer is infused with eight age-defying black superfoods to give you a natural and healthy sunlit glow. It blends into your skin seamlessly to make it look like you’ve just come back from a long vacation in the sun.


GO-TO SKINCARE Fancy Face Oil Cleanser

Cleansers that strip your skin is not a vibe. This luxurious cleansing oil leaves your skin nourished, supple, and super soft. It gently dissolves every bit of makeup (even long-wearing faves and stubborn eye makeup), sunscreen, oil, and grime.

GOLDFADEN MD Mist RX Daily Nutrient Facial Mist

Keep your skin quenched and happy throughout the day. This ultra-fine mist infuses an extra boost of minerals, skin-nourishing antioxidants, and nutrients anytime it feels stressed or dehydrated. You can even spritz it over makeup to keep it looking dewy and vibrant while setting your look in place.


Face makeup is only as good as its tools, making this beloved blender a must-have. This fave is made with super-soft, exclusive, latex-free foam that quickly blends makeup for an easy application and flawless, skin-like finish. Once wet, this sponge becomes mega soft and mimics pores to create a natural application easily—no pro skills required.

AVANT SKINCARE Glycolic Acid Rejuvenating Face Exfoliator

New season, new skin. This gentle exfoliator is designed to refine, brighten, and renew your complexion. Glycolic acid dives deep to help treat fine lines, acne, blackheads, dullness, and oiliness while Proline helps promote firmer, glowing skin.

What do you think of the spoilers?

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

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Comments (108)

  1. I was finally able to see my choices about 40 minutes ago. Their picks were the Centella eye cream and the Goldfaden serum. I picked skincare for the rest: Murad Vit-C moisturizer, Cela scrub, Dr. Botanicals sleeping cream. Was tempted to get eyeshadow pallets that were listed for 2 of my choices, but I go through shadows very slowly.

  2. I had the Yenza bronzer as a choice but I went with the Laura Geller spackle mist instead since I got the Trestique bronzer stick chosen for me. I didn’t see the beauty blender as a choice nor their foundation as an add on. I was going to choose the Avant exfoliater but it wasn’t an option either.
    Overall I’m happy with what I chose.

  3. I am SO bummed about my bag! I got on the app right at 9 and didn’t have even half the choices listed for choice or add on’s 🙁 seriously I had to pick things I don’t want and won’t use (I will just gift them) I really should have just skipped this month. Not one thing in my bag I’m looking forward to and the Laura Geller setting spray was an add on, I used my points over a month ago to get this spray and I still haven’t received it :/

  4. Just made my choices and was so disappointed that the Yensa Bronzer was not an option for me, especially since Bronzers are on my list of things to receive often. It was only available as an ad-on and I passed. Another Glam Bag plus I am not excited for. Many of the items in my choice, were items I’ve received in other bags. UGH

  5. Very confused right now. I have been paused for months and decided to get September and when I logged in this morning around 7:35 eastern it says choice is sold out….has this happened to anyone else or Am I totally missing something here???? For the plus. ????

    • Thats really weird, i logged on at 6am CST and was able to make my choices and choose my add ons. I was super disappointed that the Beauty Blender Foundation was not an add on option for me. That was the one add on I was really looking forward to. Did anyone have it as an add on option?

      • I also really wanted the Beauty Blender foundation but did not have it as an add on! I got the actual Beauty Blender as one of my 2 items Ipsy picked for me. So would have loved to try the foundation.

      • I did not and was also disappointed.

      • I didn’t have the Yensa Bronzer as a choice only an add on and no beauty blender at all. Disappointed. I really wanted that bronzer but I refuse to pay the add on price because I’m like whatever about my whole bag. 3 of my choices were items I’ve received in previous bags. So much for personalization.

      • The Beauty Blender Foundation was only an add-on option for me under my regular glam bag, not my plus.

      • No, That’s the only reason I didn’t skip this month . Not even sure Beauty Blender was actually an option at all.

    • At 7:45 Eastern choice was open to me. Man, I crafted a bag that suits me great. Happy dance here.

    • Logged in at 8:30 and choices already sold out. Why do they say choice is available on the 2nd and 3rd?? Not happy.

      • I am glad I am not the only one in the dark here. I am really upset- I hate wasting my time and money. I sent a note to Ipsy, their response time is usually after the fact so we shall see. I am PMSING so I am trying not to blow this out of proportion. Lol.

    • Same here. This is very disappointing. Ipsy specifically states that choice opens at 9:00 am EST. For choice to be sold out before it is even supposed to open is just wrong. This is my first glam bag plus and I am emailing them. I am seriously considering cancelling.

      • I’ve been trying for over an hour and keep getting the sold out message too. I emailed Ipsy about it. This is so irritating, especially Now when $25 could really be used for something else more helpful.

    • I did notice 3 items were sold out but it was for Add Ons. I couldn’t see what they were. I have to stop buying so much so I only got two $3 items this time. Each of my choices had at least 4 items in them and nothing looked whited out for me. Just logged in like 20 minutes ago. Sorry you had bad options.

  6. So I didn’t receive the Goldfaden Scrub I was supposed to get in my last bag. Contacted them and they said they were sending it out. Great! Well, opened the package, and it’s some cleansing Gel Balm from The Beautiful Factr instead. At least it smells good…..

  7. between wearing mask when out or staying home, i really dont wear make up anymore other than my brows and mascara. I really have no need for bronzer, foundation or even the bb sponge. I have been skipping the past 3 months and probably will skip this month. starting to feel like i might as well just cancel all together.

  8. I skipped a month on the regular bag but I think I’m signing up for plus. May be in the minority here, but I love these spoilers!

    • I love these spoilers too! My GBP has never disappointed me and these spoilers look fantastic imo. Im also loving the add on spoilers. I’ve been wanting to try the Beauty Blender Foundation for a while so ill definitely be adding that on

    • I don’t care for these spoilers but I’m all in. These spoilers are only a few of the many items that will be available. I know I can find things that I’ll love. That’s how it was last month. This new format is awesome, in my opinion. And one item that they spoiled as an add-on last month was actually an item that they selected for me (one of the the no-choice items). So I’m not worried at all. Five full-size items for just $5 each? AND you get to pick three of them? No-brainer.

      Excited and counting the days. This is now my only beauty box, so it seems even more special to me. 🙂

      • I totally agree. I can always find something that I like/can use and other than Allure beauty box, this is the only one I receive. It’s a nice pick me up with everything going on right now. Plus, my skin has never looked so good!

    • I’d love to have all the things in the September spoiler packages,

      • Me too! I would truly be happy with any and/or all of these in my bag!

    • Yep I caved lol done and paid lol

  9. My GBP arrived opened too, but everything was inside somehow and was ok. They need to tape the pink mailer if they’re going to do that! I am going to email them. The Seraphine palette, I received in my Ultimate 2 months ago. I would like the bronzer, Goldfaden anything and I could always use an extra beauty blender. I looked up the BBlender foundation shades on Sephora and found my closest match to add on if available, so I’m ready!!!

    • Curious – how did you feel about the Seraphine palette? Have you used it at all?

      • I have the Seraphine palette and I really like it. The colors aren’t something that would normally catch my eye but they ended up looking really pretty and I use it a lot. Medium complexion, dark hair and green eyes btw.

    • Great idea about checking out the BB foundation shades ahead of time. I think that I also got a sample of this from Sephora not too long ago that I should check out before selection time.

  10. Will the BEAUTYBLENDER Bounce™ Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation be the 25 dollar add on or the 18??

    • It’s on sale at their website for $28.

      • How much will it be on ipsy?? Their their system confuses me…like the 25, 18, etc …it would be nice to know…like the fasrali is 25…will the foundation be 25 or 12??

    • @Jamey no one knows. If Ipsy doesn’t release that info, how would anyone here know?!

  11. The Farsali is the only thing that kept me from skipping.

  12. This is an easy pass for me. There’s nothing here I need or want. That’s not to say there aren’t some good offerings here, just not for me. I’ve been neglecting myself and have quite a back stock of skincare, which is why I sub to begin with. I definitely don’t need more makeup, so I’m going to discipline myself and say no more until I start using what I have regularly. Yeah…and you watch, next month they will spoil my favorite skincare brands and that plan will go out the window.😂

    If I were swapping more, I’d be more likely to keep getting my boxes monthly. How are things going over on the swap site? Are there a lot of swaps happening? Is the post office delivering packages timely and without complications? I don’t get any requests these days, but to be fair it seems like I always do better when I pursue the swap. Just curious, I’m almost afraid to try the postal service, I know they are overwhelmed.

    • Did you know you can skip months? I also have a huge amount of product and I have started unsubscribing a lot of my subscriptions. I kept Ipsy because I can skip.

      • Yeah, that’s what I did, just went in and skipped the month. I love that they make it easy to skip when you need a break!

  13. In reference to why there is no availability to use your Ipsy points except for an 1800 point palette…. All point items redeemed prior to September 1st are included with your September bag, if points are redeemed Sept 1st or later they will not ship until October’s bag ships. How I see it, you obligate yourself to an additional month subscription just to get your point items. kinda the same way your billed and charged before you can make your monthly choice. Not enough spoilers shown each month to know if you want to skip or not. It’s all a game of chance. Even with all said Ipsy does have the Best box out there for the value, what I don’t use always gets gifted and appreciated. For me it’s always a Win Win!

  14. I love all of these products!! I hope some of those add ons are choice options for me 🤞

  15. And skipped! As much as I love the new choice plan, it doesn’t matter if I don’t like any of the choices. 😫. Hopefully next month will be better.

  16. When August spoilers came out, it said the coffee bean cleanser was an add-on, but it was an option for me to pick, so I’m hoping some of these are options and not just add-ons as well.

  17. This is off topic but has anyone noticed that the choice selection for redeeming points is sub par. They used to have atleast 10 products and only one or two would be sold out. As of right now there are only 5 products to choose from and FOUR are sold out. Unless you want another palette then it’s tough you know what. I have been saving my points for so long to get something nice and now their selections are how Boxycharms look!

    • I’ve definitely noticed! I did redeem 600 for the complex culture all over shadow brush last month, so it’s very hit/miss.

    • Check it on the 1st. On August 1st they had several new items up there. I’m hoping for something good soon, as I have points about to expire. (Sept 9th)

  18. So I’m not understand thing….I’m instead in the foundation, though it looks like they might not have my color….but dont they have use pick 3 things or something and have 2 according to our profile?? I’m confused……is this all the add ons??

    Can someone please explain this to me??


    • The foundation, Farsali, juice beauty, and the mascara are add-on options. You will still select 3 of your items from 3 categories and they will select 2. The other items shown are possible choice items in the categories. Hope I explained that ok.

      • Okay, so they don’t show us what those items will be anymore?? They are just going to show some of the add ons??

    • Hi Jamey, to answer your second question about choice item spoilers, all of the products labelled “Choice” (above “Add-ons” in the spoilers) are the choice items:

      YENSA Silk Bronzing Base and Brush
      AVANT SKINCARE Collagen Intense Radiance Activator Serum
      SERAPHINE BOTANICALS Sakura + Sage – Vegan Eyeshadow & Blush Palette
      GOLDFADEN MD Brightening Elixir Protect + Repair Brightening Serum

      There will obviously be more once Sept. 2nd arrives, but these 4 products are being spoiled now.

    • Hi Jamey,
      To answer your second question, the items under “Choice” in the list above will be potential choices for people getting the Glam Bag Plus. The items under “Add-Ons” will be potential add-ons for people. There will be more options in both categories but they probably won’t come out until Sept 2nd when it’s time to choose/add for your GBP.

      • Thank you!!! Do you know or a guesstimate of what the blender foundation will be?? The 12, 18 or 25??

      • Hi Jamey, I don’t know how much the BeautyBlender foundation will be for an add-on, but I hope it’s only $12! It could be any of the 3 “full size add on” prices: $12, $18 or $25. Hopefully it’s only $12 because if it’s any more than that I probably won’t go for it! 🙂

  19. I REALLY want the Goldfaden Serum. I sure hope they offer it as a choice for me.

  20. Hi all, does anyone know if I sign up for Plus today, will I receive the September bag (and also be able to participate in choice)?
    Thank you!

    • I’d confirm with CS as their website says they can’t guarantee you’ll get the current month. However, as choice is the 2nd, you’re billed prior, and there’s no waitlist, there’s a good chance you’d get Sept if you signed up very soon. Good luck!

      • Lj choice for Premium starts on the 1st and runs through the 2nd. It’s best to go on as early as possible to make sure things are available

      • @stacy you’re wrong. It starts on the 2nd at 9am & runs through the 3rd.

      • Premium is Boxycharm. Ipsy moved choice for Plus to the 2nd to try to avoid duplication of add-ons for those who get multiple tiers.

    • Vickie, I just signed up for plus today (8/27) and when I hit the confirm/submit button, the screen showed up with the message: Here’s What’s Coming, Your September Glam Bag Plus. You haven’t been billed yet. We’ll bill when we’re ready to make your bag. It’ll arrive around September 10th-30th.
      Hope this helps!

  21. I decided to skip September GBP a while back. I might have made a different choice if the BeautyBlender foundation, Farsali, & Juice eye cream were spoilers for items that you could receive in your GBP.

    I’m definitely not gonna pay extra $$$ on top of what I already pay for my Ipsy sub to buy them as add-ons.

    • Spoilers come out through out the month so it’s best to wait to skip to see all the options. These are all spoilers for September except for the sample mascara (it’s saying it will be available as an add on since it’s not full size) With 3 choices you have a good chance of getting what you want. If you’re interested in those items I believe you can unskip and still get the September bag

      • Weird that this is only showing 4 items as choice and the rest as add ons when YouTube said these were all going to be choices except the small mascara, hmmm I wonder which is correct

      • For the August box, the 111Skin serum was spoiled as an add-on, but it was one of the two items ipsy chose for me. So I’m not so worried about their designations.

        There were plenty of choices that they didn’t spoil at all and I was able to craft a bag I absolutely loved even though the spoilers did not excite me. It will be fine! And fun! 🙂

  22. I wasn’t sure if I should pause Ultimate this month as I wanted to get the Goldfaden Serum which I picked as my choice item. And today I see spoilers for GPB and the Goldfaden serum is also a choice for GBP???
    So what’s the point to get Ultimate if we have same or less choice than GPB? Who’s in charge with Ultimate at Ipsy? There is zero logic in what they’re doing.

    • Ultimate has more items and yes some items are also available in Plus but not all. They’ve always said some items would be available in all 3 tiers and some items are specific to one. You’re still getting more items in Ultimate and SOME items that aren’t available in other tiers. It just happens that the item you’re interested in is available in both. It makes perfect sense.

    • Ultimate doesn’t mean higher tier products. You’re paying more money for MORE products.

    • Ultimate = 8 full sized and 4 deluxe sized products
      GBP = 5 full sized products

      You get 3 more full-sized and 4 additional deluxe sized products with Ultimate. The Ultimate’s deluxe sizes are even available in the regular Glam Bag.

  23. Okay, apparently this new Choice setup has really hooked me, because I know in my heart that I should cancel this month but OOOOHHHH I WANT TO CHOOSE, haha.

    ipsy is so good at keeping us hooked, whether we want to be or not! XD

    • I feel the exact same way. My goal was to skip but the new method has me hooked!

    • Same! I used to skip a lot, I’d get the regular and pause the plus or vice versa depending on the spoilers. Now, I don’t think it’s actually possible for me to pause 😂 I MUST make my choices! Zero control, I just HAVE TO 😂

  24. good to know I can add on the Go-To cleansing oil if it doesn’t end up on my bag. I don’t want the bronzing base, but the brush looks very nice.

  25. Not overwhelmed with the choice items. I already have the Seraphine palette and they seem to just be overstocked on those as they are constantly repeating it and offering it in bundles and add-ons. I hope there are more spoilers before the end of the month. At this point, I’m probably just cancelling this bag too.

  26. my ipsy bag has been sitting for two weeks at DHL in NC. i wont even get my aug bag in aug. and last time they had great preview options, they weren’t available to me unless i wanted to pay more as an add-on. i also don’t like that unlike their reg glam bag, you cant see what your pick options are before you decide whether to skip.

    you have to skip by the 31st, and the pick options are on the 2nd or 3rd. so if you dont like what you have to choose from, its too late to skip. thinking about cancelling ipsy altogether.

    • They changed the choice dates to the first because they are letting you pick 3 items. It’s not Ipsys fault DHL is having delays in shipping. All delivery services are experiencing delays right now especially USPS. A lot of times tracking won’t update so just because it says it’s still in NC you may still get it. My tracking showed my package was in Ohio when it was delivered.

      • I have experienced delays and lost items on every USPS shipment for a while now. Its very frustrating when they just keep saying my package is in route. Can you imagine if they make us use mail-in voting for the presidential election? It would be a mess not to mention voter fraud

      • I griping to my husband about how Ipsy stuff sits at the DHL terminal in Stow Ohio for days and he suggested to me that DHL might be waiting for enough packages to accumulate that it’s worth sending a truck with them.

        This seems reasonable, but it makes me wonder why they don’t just hand off to the Postal Service in Ohio and save the delay.

  27. The add-ons are way more exciting than the choice items, which is unfortunately NOT the point.

    I’ll still stay in and not skip the month. I’m hoping that there are products that excite me in the choices and haven’t been mentioned. I don’t even mind repeats from last month if they were not offered to me in August (looking at you, Murad sunscreen, hint, hint).

    This will give me a good idea of whether the spoilers correlate with the offerings ipsy makes to me. We’re still in the epxloration/data collection stage, after all! LOL

    • Adding to my comment: I checked the August spoilers (which did not excite me) against what I was actually offered for choice (and found exciting), so I’m not worried. There are plenty of products in choice and I’ll find things I’m happy about. I didn’t even get offered most of the spoilers, and one item that was marked “add-on” was an item that ipsy picked for me. Good track record so far!

  28. I didn’t receive all my August picks so I hope I do this time for September. I emailed IPSY customer service and they said they would be sending them but haven’t received yet. I didn’t even get substitutes, just two missing items that I paid for! If I don’t get them when I get my September bag, I’ll be signing up for Birchbox or Boxycharm!

    • Birchbox is terrible. Boxy charm is much better! Imho

    • Dont waste your money on Birchbox. You rarely get full sized anything, its alot of hair stuff, lip balm and repeats. I signed up and paid for annual when I started. Literally couldn’t wait to stop receiving them. Check out the Allure box if your looking at the same price point as Ipsy Plus and Boxycharm. Boxycharm is good too.

    • I’m still waiting for my August GBP to arrive, I’m wondering if all of my add-ons will be included because I keep hearing that people didn’t receive their add-ons.

      That said, September looks amazing to me and I can’t wait until Sept 2nd when we get to choose! WHOO HOO!

      • My whole plus was stuffed into a pink envelope that could not be closed with my add ons and plus stuff. It showed up open, wet and smelled like a sewer, ipsy claims they are out of every single add on and is going to refund me and will send me a ipsy plus box. I’ve never had this issue before. If they would have kept to the box style, none of my issues would of hapoened.

    • Try Nourish! Great box.

    • Hello there,

      Boxy Charm is another can of worms that you might not want to open. I had all the Boxycharm subscriptions. I’ve gotten dirty products, used products or just plain cheapie products. The worst thing is with them would be their customer service. They will ask for pictures and when you give them, they stop emailing back. Or they reply without reading your full email. I’m out of over $80. July’s Premium box had oil all over the products, used dirty products and mold on them. My basic subscription for August was worse. I have yet to have them replaced. It seems like they take care of influencers and their paying customers are taking a bet.

  29. So the previous spoiler section won’t be in the choices? I was most excited about the oil and facial mist, the choice items aren’t as appealing to me 🙁

    • Exactly! Me too! Was so excited about the mist. I wonder if these are just SOME choices…? But we won’t know….

    • They’ve shown like 4 possible choice options- it’s not an exhaustive list. Doesn’t mean the other items from the previous spoilers won’t be choice options on choice day.

  30. It doesn’t look bad, but the items I’d want most are the previously spoiled beauty blender, facial mist and cleanser, and now i’m wondering if those are going to be among the items that ipsy picks for you, which I historically have bad luck on.

  31. I’m excited for September’s GBP and the add ons. I’ve been wanting to try the BeautyBlender Foundation so ill definitely be adding that on

    • Do you already know your exact shade in the BeautyBlender brand foundation? I’m just wondering if my exact shade isn’t offered,should I still get the closest match possible and maybe add some white formula by LA Girl or NYX if it’s too dark?

      I’ve heard it’s a good formula (BB) but the dispenser is annoying. Have you already tried it?

      • oooops just saw that you said you’ve wanted to try it so I know the answer to my question, lol. Sorry!

      • That’s very few shades being offered. I know what shade I am and none of those are close. Disappointed because I did want to add that on. I got the Wander Beauty In light this month and while it’s a little light, but I was able to add some Cover FX drops to make it work.

  32. can’t wait to pick out my items…

  33. Don’t want any of the items, but I want the cute little corduroy bag lol.

    • I’m getting all three for the bags this month no matter what’s in them 😂

    • Search the bag on ebay after they ship. You can probably pick it up for a few bucks. I lost my Gudetama bag a few years ago and got another one on ebay for 5 or 6 bucks.

    • At first i was annoyed by the bag, i thought we would get the exact same bag every month. Now i like the bag. Plus now my sub fits in my mailbox so i actually get it instead of being in a larger box that sits in sorting for 2 weeks. That isn’t ipsys fault i just have a lame local post office.
      I really enjoyed getting to choose 3 items too. So there goes me saving money haha

  34. I had FOMO so waited to skip but after seeing this 2nd round of spoilers I am definitely skipping.

  35. I decided to skip this month and since everything I like is an add on, I think I made the right decision.

    • I think it’s interesting that they’re spoiling add ons. If I’m reading right, they really only gave us one new spoiler of things that could be in our bag? I’m a little bummed they did it that way. I’m definitely keeping this month bc I’m sure I can find some items I’d like but I wish they would have shown us some choice items!

      • They did. They are the first group above. It does say choice, but I totally missed it at first glance.

  36. Umm, things just took a left turn and September looks fabulous!!!

  37. Dammit….lol. I changed my option to skip this month because I truly have too much but they just reel you back in with these fabulous spoilers. I must stay strong 💪

  38. A lot of these say “Add On”, so they are not a part of the plus?

    • Omg you’re right. My mind only saw that for the mascara and didn’t see the others. Phew still skipping now, thanks 😅

    • No. They will be add-ons. The ones under choice will be in your three choice groups. You pick. The ones that don’t say are more than likely some of their picks.

  39. If I get the items Im interested in this would make me very happy!!

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