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Ipsy Glam Bag August 2020 Full Spoilers!

ByMSAAug 1, 2020 | 74 comments

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We have the full spoiler list for the August 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag! Your August bag reveal will be available on 8/2.

Here is the full product list for August 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag:

What do you think of the spoilers?

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

IPSY Glam Bag ($12 per month) is one of the most popular and affordable subscriptions around, and our readers have selected it as one of the top beauty boxes for the last 5 years running! IPSY Glam Bag connects members with five makeup, skincare, hair care, and other beauty samples each month, plus ... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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My August bag never arrived and I’m so mad because it contained much needed add-ons and the item I selected which are all no longer available. Customer service was like, well, whatever, we’ll send you out a new one with some “super great stuff” (i.e. whatever we have left). They wouldn’t give me a credit to use for add-ons, only a lousy 500 points to redeem for things that are also leftovers and always sold out. Grrrr


I just went back on the app to see if the add-ones after seeing everyone’s comments about it coming back because everythang showed pretty much sold out when I went on this morning and it’s completely different for me than some of the add-ons that were on there this morning. I mean some are the same but a lot of different ones too and nothing shows sold out now and it’s 2 pm here in NC! So some of y’all might want to try again and use the app. I didn’t have the same luck through their website.


I’m bummed out with Ipsy. I woke up early just to find most of the add on’s sold out. I found that odd since it was so early.
My bag is all skin care items and a brush.


The GBP subscribers got to see the add on from the 1st so by the time the GB persons got a chance, most of the good stuff was gone


Keira – this was not the case. There was a glitch on the website causing alot of the items to be shown as sold out. If you signed on a few hours later, the products were not sold out. I initially was bummed because I wanted the thrive mascara and the kitsch scrunchies which were both showing as sold out at 8:30am EST but then I signed on around 11am and I was able to purchase those items.


They’re open again! Check your email

Brennah Lockwood

Yea I’m not into skin care just because I have sensitive skin mine is all skincare as well except the eyeshadow I picked out.


Add-ons came back at around 10:20 EST for some people. Mine didn’t come until 10:35. I was still able to get everything tho. The glitchy OOS BS totally increased my FOMO and spending. :\

I got:

111Skin Bundle – probably should have said no, but I can gift it
SR Water Cream (yesterday too from my GBP)
Cake Curl Cream (yesterday too)
PureHeals Mask (yesterday too)
Dewy Tree Serum (skipped it yesterday but when I saw it sold out, FOMO)
Hey Honey lip tint balm (yesterday too)
Thrive mascara

Yesterday I got the above items plus:
Tony Moly Eye
Briogeo Mask
Glam Glow BE*

*I was able to get this yesterday as an add-on bc my GB had not been made yet, but not able to get it today bc it’s in my GB. I went back to my screenshot from yesterday and all the other 3 items I got in my GB today were available to me as add-ons, so this is kinda a plus if you really want more of an item to get it as an add-on before it is denied to you bc it lands in your other bags. Some ppl would see it as a minus tho, in getting dupe products.

I doubled down on the addons I really liked bc I didn’t know if my other account is gonna refresh soon enough.

I really wanted more Glam Glow, SR ICE and the Estate palette, but these are in my GB and in my GBP, so I have to try to get them in my other account, which has not even been personalized yet 🙁


Very happy with my bag for August, I picked the GlamGlow for Eyes. But had a terrible time finally getting to add-ons. When I first went to Ipsy website a little after 8:30 CST, I wasn’t even given an option for the add-ons. It only showed my Glambag contents. I fiddled around on the website and couldn’t come up with any add-ons. Ran over to MSA and this thread and read all the comments about add-ons showing and not showing and everything being all picked over already. Whew! I thought I was out of luck! About 9:30 CST I went to Ipsy website again and now was given the option for add-ons but it went in some kind of weird loop and just took me back to my Glambag. I hit the add-ons option about 10 times and kept getting the same loop. UGH! Finally, I went in and typed the Ipsy url and added add-ons in the url and finally got to the add-ons page. Gosh, crazy work to get there. I maxed out!!! Feeling good about it! LOL

Jen M.

Were you able to pick from the full list of add ons? When I went on to pick earlier this morning, they only had like 8 options!


I was just able to get on to access add-ons via the app. ALL products were available, nothing showed as sold out. This was at 9:25am Central.


Yep. My guess is they didn’t “reset” properly. Items likely sold out after GBP yesterday and, as other people noted below, they promised reserved stock for the other tiers but it wasn’t showing right. I tried to place an order earlier (when items showed OOS) and it was blocked, then it was totally down and now I was able to go in and see everything open. Glad my first order didn’t go through!


I was able to access add-ons around 8:30 eastern time. However, many items were out of stock and I was not able to get a few things that I wanted. Of course, since I have already placed the order, I am out of luck now that they have apparently restocked. I like Ipsy overall, but if there is going to be constant glitches and shipping problems (I just received my July bag 2 days ago), I may not renew my annual subscription.


Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking, that they didn’t “restock” the add-ons with the GB pool that was allocated to GB. When I went on early this am, the items I wanted were showing as sold out, so I just didn’t get anything. Which ended up being good for me, because I was able to go back once things had been fixed and get all the items I wanted. (PS – between GBP and GB, I spent WAY too much on add-ons this month, lol.)


Interesting. I wonder if Ipsy restocked? (I was on at 8:00 EDT this morning and there were *definitely* items showing as sold out.)


This is total BS! First everything was sold out and now everything is available but the people that already made their choices are not able to choose again! If I cancel now well my last bag include the little add-ons I did pick or will I lose those add-ons?


Sherri – Ah, thanks for the clarification. I’m glad Ipsy fixed the problem, but it’s unfortunate for people who already chose their add-ons and may not have gotten everything they wanted. (Everything I wanted was available, so I’m happy.)


Charlotte – there was a glitch in the system, which is why items showed as sold out. Once they fixed it, all items were available. Sorry I wasn’t clear about, I mean for my original comment to be an “all is fixed now” comment.


Yes, I was on earlier, alot of stuff was sold out. I just checked back and everything is available!🤗


The app glitched for me. It showed the bag but no add-on option. Closed the app and then it wouldn’t even show the bag. Third time – another 5m later – showed the bag (the same one, thankfully) and allowed me to select add-ons. Odd.


Ipsy posted that add ons are down! Check back later.

They had a glitch or something and removed the add on feature until its fixed.


MzBev & Mari — thanks for letting us know! I don’t have twitter so I didn’t see anything about it.


I opened the Ipsy app not expecting the add ons to be open but they were & came over here to read some comments, had added items & now it’s saying add ons are closed & my order didn’t go through…restarted the app & I cannot access add ons at all! Super frustrating & weird. I know add ons are not closed Ipsy …

Audra K

Same here!!! I had some good items I wanted and I kept getting the error message…and now it won’t let me choose any add ons at all. What in the world?!


I sent CS a ‘ticket’ about it but I should hear my response in 3-5 days soo that’s great. I hope they can fix it! One of the few times I actually wanted some add ons too! Let me know if it gets fixed for you! fingers crossed!!


They took down add-ons to fix a glitch. They posted on twitter.


I got 4 skincare items and and an eye shadow brush.


Me too, after saying many times that I don’t want skin care, or contour items (brush is a contour brush). After trying both GB and GBP for 2 months I’m done. This subscription is for gamblers only, hoping that ‘next time’ will be better.


Me too

Julie B

Me too. I chose the Tatcha mist and got the Murad cleanser, Hey Honey peel off mask, H2O+ gel moisturizer and Motd shader brush.


I am debating on adding a lipstick that I don’t need and probably won’t wear for a while.
But it’s so pretty lol.


Same. I chose Tatcha, and in additon to that I got a lotion, an eye cream, sheet masks, and a lip crayon.


Me too! I chose the Glam glow eye cream.


Me too and only got half my bag from
July, still waiting on the replacements and
My add ons were missing. Then tells me
They may have to substitute the items. I
Don’t think it’s your choice to sub add ons
Without asking.


Me, too.


Most of the add-ons are sold out. My bag is terrible, with a bunch of no-name crap except the Tatcha mist I chose. I assume this is because all the good items were chosen yesterday for Plus. They’d better figure this out, or no one is going to get the basic bag anymore. Maybe they’re trying to end the $12 one.


Supposedly there were a certain amount of add ons reserved for each tier.

Debra L

Add one were live at 7:30 am,the best items were sold out before it opened,now we either pay for plus bag,or we get second choice for add one every month..I choose not to be manipulated,I will never participate in add one again…and I bought every month before this.


So when do the add-ons start if it’s not even 7 AM CST and most of the things that I want are already sold out?


I get Plus, and at open of choice yesterday, I didn’t even have the Luna oil as an add on option.


…as an add on.


Second chance add ons will be on 8/14.


I’m done also,it was such a money grab ploy,but next month I bet they hide the sold out ones for plus…so they can try to pacify the Glam bag members..the thrill of add ons for regular Glam bag are gone forever,sad


Seriously I set my alarm for 5am (PST) only to find half the items sold out, including everything I was hoping to add on.


Update: I just checked again and was able to get everything I wanted to add on. Reading through this feed it seems like they had a glitch.


I was considering this subscription, but reading about people’s experiences with them made me reconsider: too stressful!


At least you had some add ons to look at. I logged in at 9:30am and didn’t even have an option for add ons. This is ridiculous. Did they reserve, like, 30 for GB subscribers? I was hoping to have to option to purchase some of the items that weren’t offered to Plus, but I was shut out.

So help me, if either of my bags has shipping issues, I am cancelling the lot. Done with all the excuses and “improvements” that aren’t necessarily improvements at all.


They changed everything,we are now second place to plus,either pay 25 a month,or never get good items again…I’m never participating in add ons again… manipulative.


Thanks for letting me know. I think it’s totally ridiculous especially since I never got the Sunday Riley Luna Oil as an add on from last month and now I’m seeing it available again and some people are getting it for the second time. I think it’s time for me to cancel IPSY and stick with BoxyCharm, Margo Elena and FabFitFun. I had Plus before and I didn’t like the unknown brands that we were getting so I canceled it but if they’re not treating everyone fairly it’s time to cancel this one too. Sometimes the add on’s was the best part of the bag.

Debra L Hamilton

They changed it,plus gets first choice yesterday,we are now the ugly step child…we get leftovers…either you pay 25 a month or get leftovers…I will not be manipulated to pay more,I choose nothing,and will not ever do add one again.


It’s 7:50 a.m. EST. Add on’s don’t even technically open until 9:00 EST. So how is it possible then that when I sign on to Ipsy add on’s are available but they are already sold out of so many items? Also, why keep them listed if they are sold out? Remove them and stop irritating me with the fact that I can no longer purchase them.


I was in at 7:30 am,all good items were gone,picked by plus the day before…This is the first time I added nothing,and I added every month…done..


Opening add-ons early is nothing new for Ipsy – I’ve learned start checking a couple of hours early on add-on day. But I’m betting the reason so many things were sold out already is because GBP subscribers got to pick their add-ons yesterday, when they made their bag choices. It seems that Ipsy is prioritizing GBP members for add-ons. I’m…not thrilled by that.

Debra L Hamilton

The add on site opened at 7:30…all the best products were sold out immy because if the change in Glam plus….now regular Glam bag is the ugly step child…either we pay 25 dollars a month or get second best every month…I choose nothing for the first time ever,and will never be manipulated to pay more.

Joy-Not the Other One

Okay so I’ve just discovered a problem with the new way the Plus bag is being handled. I bought 5 of these items in add on’s yesterday when I personalized my Plus bag. I can’t imagine that will take my add on purchases into account when making my regular Glam bag. I hope I don’t get a bunch of repeats.


Yep, I had mentioned that before. I was thinking – and others seemed to agree – that the best approach would be to save $3 add-ons for when GB contents were revealed. I did take the survey linked in the GBP confirmation email and mentioned this issue to Ipsy. I wonder if they will listen…


Yeah I thought about it yesterday when I was getting add-ons but I was like surely it will be different choices. Then I was scared to wait because I knew the stuff I would want would be gone if I did wait!! So I hope they do listen because I was really impressed with how the glam bag plus was redone. Hopefully it’s just kinks like any other thang new has and it will get worked out. Fingers crossed🤞🏼


Same!!!!! Annnnnnd I didn’t get a chance to choose my product like I normally do. They took the one that I added on yesterday and paid for and said that is what I chose!! Yeah I chose it as an add-on but I’m not gonna choose the exact same thang to go in my glam bag. Why the heck would I need 2?!? I might even like it!!


Prepare to be disappointed.
The two items I bought in add-one yesterday are now also in my GB. I’m canceling both bags after this month. I feel like I’ve been scammed.


I feel scammed because I never received my July GBP. They keep saying they are sending it. First they sent it to the wrong address (my address is correct).

Ipsy has done this two months in a row. I finally get a GBP but it is piecemeal stuff I do not want. I never get the bag I was shown.

I am beginning to think that anything that ships from California is a mess.


Why? No offense, but they stated outright that 1) add ons would be the same and 2) each tier of ipsy would have their own pool of add ons.

Not to be mean, but if you paid attention to how ipsy said this would work, you could’ve waited to choose your add ons AFTER your other bag reveal. It’s ridiculous to think they’d take your add ons into account when making your bag for various reasons (billing times, turn around time) but mainly because they’ve never done that in the past (I’ve gotten add ons in subsequent bags before). Ipsy didn’t scam you.


Yep, that’s why I didn’t pick yesterday. I was torn between the brush and the watermelon setting powder. I waited until today and found the brush was in my Ultimate. Glad I waited since I don’t need more duplicates than I already have!


Same here, didn’t buy, but had time to research and look up shades (ipsy’s are always unreliable, don’t know why). I knew if I did, there would be repeats. Love this new system!


No nail polishes again. Interesting.


I’m disappointed. Maybe it’s a summer heat thing and they are apprehensive about them possibly exploding.


Heat can ruin the consistency since the solvents can evaporate in 95 degree heat. With the delays and possibly having shipments sit in hot trucks, they might have just stopped shipping those in the hot weather because of product damage.


I know! I was really hoping to get once since I’m still choosing not to go to the salon.


They are an Ipsy offer today.


Super make up heavy list


I feel like it is very eye-shadow dominant!


Really?? I counted 25 items that weren’t make up related


Wow, so many good items. I really hope I get an Ofra blush… preferably the rose shade. 🙂


Really hoping for ofra or kaleidos!


The covent garden was in points.

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