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BoxyCharm Premium May 2021 Spoiler

BoxyCharm Premium August Full Spoilers!

Boxycharm Premium

We have full spoilers for the August 2020 BoxyCharm Premium box!

One variation includes:

Source: boxycharm

  • Sunday Riley CEO Vitamin C Cream
  • Ciate London New England Editor Palette
  • Dermelect XL Lash Volumizer
  • Fenty Beauty Fairy Bomb Shimmer Powder
  • Fenty Beauty Portable Contour and Concealer brush 150
  • Mac Cosmetics Lipstick

The choice items for August were:


  • Sunday Riley CEO Vitamin C Cream
  • Sunday Riley A+ High Dose Retinoid Serum
  • Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Primer


Source: boxycharm

Source: boxycharm

Ciate London The Editor’s Palette in New England

There were two other products visible in the video. These may also be spoilers for August:

What do you think of the spoilers? 

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.

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Comments (71)

  1. I just got my August box. I UPGRADED to premium. Well 5 items doesn’t seem premium. It shoud be 6 or 7 items.

    • I believe boxycharm premium gives you 5-7 items, based on value. I got 6 in mine and chose the $65 Sunday Riley CEO which will be my 4th jar because I love it. I’ve had months, mostly the base box where I didn’t use one single thing but months like this are why I love subscribing.

  2. I just got off the wait list for Premium…. so they billed me for September but apparently you don’t get to choose an item until the SECOND month. 😭😭 And I know ill get the stupid eye brightener that I already have a ton of samples for and don’t really like.

  3. Dang…I really wanted to leave Ipsy after 7 years but it seems like BoxyCharm has the exact same problems. Now I really need to think about leaving. Has anyone gone from Ipsy to BoxyCharm? What are your thoughts? 👍 or 👎?

    • I had all the boxes from both companies but have gone down to Ipsy $12 little bag and Boxy Premium $35. I didn’t have all 6 at once because I can’t afford that but for at least one month had all three of each. I don’t need so much of everything especially now because of the masks I don’t do a full face of makeup anymore and really just want skin care. I was disappointed with every single Ipsy collab so I easily canceled the two big boxes. On Boxy, I didn’t like anything in either $50 box even though it’s still exciting to get. I found that the $35 box is much better than the $25 box. I really view it as a club membership that gets me access to insider deals aka addons so that’s why I decided to save money on random boxes and keep access to both sites. The ipsy base bag really can’t be beat and I’ve ended up buying many of the products. The discount codes are great, too. This was very wordy!

      • Interesting. I have the small and plus ipsy and all 3 boxes. I’m about to downsize because I keep adding on add ons and spent lots more money…I have a horde of stuff and I honestly dont wear or use most if it, even with what I give away. But I’ve been trying to figure out how to cut it down and figure out what’s best to keep and get rid of when I like both for different reasons…still havent figured it all the way out, but I think boxylux will be the first to go.

    • Nice thing about Ipsy that started this month, is they now let you choose half your bag or more. Like I got glam bag plus ($25 one) and I got to choose 3 items and they chose 2 for me. So at least you are now more likely to get a variation you like. I don’t think Ipsy ultimate is as good as luxe, just because of all the sample sizes I got in my ultimate compared to no sample size luxe (or at least not supposed to be sample sizes in luxe…)

    • I have had all the boxes at one time or another. I currently get Ipsy Plus and all 3 Boxycharms. I didn’t care for Ipsy Ultimate because of the sample size items. I do think Ipsy plus or Ipsy base bag is the best way to go. It allows you add on privileges and access to sales and discounts without a big monthly financial commitment.
      I think I will also be dropping down to just Boxy Premium- it seems to be the best of the 3 boxes. The last 2 Luxe boxes were a dud for me as well as the base boxes. I have found that the add on sales offer better items than the boxes ( Or at least I can control what I’m getting) – Which means i’m getting useful, wearable items which I don’t always get in the box. So my advice would be to go strictly premium and take advantage of add on sales for additional product.
      I also have Fabfitfun which is probably my favorite box – I like the fact that it’s a mixture of lifestyle make up and skin care products. Also customer service is great and the items arrive well packaged, in tip top condition. Causebox and Margot Elana are also nice subs.

    • I have bounced from Ipsy to boxycharm and back. Ipsy has more skincare and Boxy has more makeup depending on what you choose. I am not sure what the problem is that you see.

  4. Called it. That Ciate palette is made in China.

  5. my box is awesome!
    No card but I chose the CEO moisturizer, 2lbs, 11x10x4

    1. CEO moisturizer
    2. Ciate palette
    3. Fenty contour/concealer brush
    4. Dermelect lash volumizer
    5. Milk Makeup gel eyeliner
    6. MAC lipstick 822 Spirit

    Does anyone know if Boxycharm will replace my palette with one smashed color?

    • Other than the choice item we have the same box. I would have chosen the moisturizer given the chance but I signed up too late last month. The box was a okay for me unlike last month which I was really happy with. I just don’t need another eyeliner regardless of the brand and I’m one of the rare people that doesn’t go nuts for all things Fenty.

      I did get the Ole Henriksen primer which I’m excited to try and the Dermelect lash was the most exciting thing in the box for me.
      I’ll stick it out another month since the Ole Henriksen facial is in the September box. What did you choose for September?

      • I chose the Marc Jacobs moisturizer even though I’m iffy about it but it’s worth a shot. I grab all the cleansers and moisturizers I can since they’re the only thing I actually use up! Highlighters come in every other box and masks come less often but last longer. This mask didn’t look great to me though so it was an easy choice. You?

    • Yes they will replace your broken palette. They will request a picture of the palette taken with the mailing label. I have had this happen in the past. Didn’t get an exact replacement, but a comparable item.

      • oh cool thank you! Now I don’t know why I asked here instead of just emailing them lol. Actually, I did tweet them and they ignored me so is email the best way to get to them? Ipsy responds to tweets so that must have been what I was thinking. Or insta?

  6. Seems my comment never got posted. Really disappointed in this box. Not sad that I will be cancelling. Tired of all the skin care constantly and then the make-up we do get being all ciate london china made rip offs, or bait and switching with other good brands but never getting them. I got a lash primer in my last box… now I am getting another lash thing? I would have been happy to get the setting powder, rather than ANOTHER lash thing which I say on my survey I don’t want at all! Then I stuck arounf for pop-up and they don’t have the thing I stuck around for in pop-up this go *sigh* I wanted another teami bundle. Oh well, bye boxycharm better luck with your other customers.

  7. I’m so over getting eyeliner. For me I do t wear it and it goes to waste. I have literally put everything I can to say stop sending me eyeliner yet here it comes every month. I wish Boxycharm would actually give me a product I’d actually use. I’ve already canceled my regular box it might be time to do the same for the premium.

  8. Boxycharm doesn’t make enough money to hire a decent photographer?

    • LOL i think they are from the person who runs this website…lol

      • Hi! The top image of the full box is from the BoxyCharm instagram (linked below the picture). The blurrier pictures below were from their social media product reveals and we just wanted to verify were the spoilers came from. We include product shots from the brands websites when they’re available but the palette hadn’t been released yet. I’ve updated the post to use a clearer image of the palette that BoxyCharm recently posted. Sorry for any confusion – hope that clears it up!

  9. I have been a subscriber for over 2 years and added Premium & Luxe to my account right away. On the first day Each month when choice drops I only get a link to chose for my BASIC box. The subs are all under the same account and are prepaid 3 or 6 m subscriptions. I’ve texted, long emailed, called and just keep being told to log on Boxycharm site on selection day. I’ve done that every time and never have been asked about my other box choices. Is there some kind of secret I don’t know? My boxes have been huge disappointments the last few months. Can anyone who subs to all levels in 1 account advise how to get my Premium or Luxe choice options page to choose. When I log in on choice day,it only lets me chose for the basic box. Their support tech only provided robot triggered tips that do not tell me why I can’t get access to my premium & Luxe choices.

    • The choice for each box is not on the same day. For instance, Luxe choice is tomorrow 8/10 and premium choice is Thursday 8/13. Since Luxe replaces the base box, if you are subscribed to Luxe there will be no base box choice at this choice round. Hope that helps 😊

      • Thanks for replying Madison. I set reminders on my phone and log in but there is no choice link beyond the basic box on my page. It’s happened EVERY MONTH for the last 5-6 months. They haven’t tried to resolve beyond giving me the basic instructions click on the link but there’s no link available. It’s ridiculous!

    • Alabama Alice choice days for each tier are on different days. You have to go to the site on each of those days to make your selection. Regular choice was Monday so you’d have to have gone on on Monday to pick. Premium is Thursday so you go on on Thursday to make your choice for your premium box. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a set time for choice to open so on choice days I start checking in the morning and keep checking back til it’s open. Make sure you’re logged in when you go on (sometimes I get logged out so I have to log back in) also try logging in and out once you know choice is open (it’s usually announced on social media) if it’s not giving you the choice button. Lastly sometimes you have to go to the 3 bars on the left top of the screen and use the drop down to access choice.

  10. I cancelled premium after last month orange jelly bag….I might resubscribe for the marc Jacob’s products… im not sure. I would.likento try the fenty fairy bomb shimmer.

  11. The insert card link doesn’t work for me. When I type it in, it says that I have to receive one from them to view it. Oh well 🙁

    I hope I get something Fenty. I didn’t choose anything, so I have no idea what my box will loo like.

    • Never works for me either ive been trying for at least 6 months 😆 mines 1lb.

  12. Are they really sending me an 8$ Walmart exfoliating glove and a Mac lipstick that they can’t get rid of from pop up? I got the bag last month too lol this is not cool ☹️.

    • I would rather have a 8 dollar Walmart exfoliating glove then the “dry brush” with big round plastic knobs coming out of it. It took me several minutes to figure out wtf I was looking at and after reading the bag directions SEVERAL times….I guess you are supposed to “dry brush” your dry skin?? Lolol. Only boxycharm

      • Yeah, I’m not getting that brush because I bought it in pop up once, it was like 4 or 6$. I don’t use it and idk how either lol just scrub 🤷🏻‍♀️. Awful.

  13. Box # 1 would be a PERFECT box for me, sadly I chose the other blue Sunday Riley…I sooo want the sparkle fenty and a mac lipstick. Those are my favourite along with pat mgrath

    • Sunday Riley A+Serum is amazing! I have been using it for awhile.

  14. Sigh. I just resubscribed. My poor credit card never gets a break.

    • You and me both. lol

      • Lol

  15. I signed up for premium on the 3rd and was charged on the fourth. I was unwilling to sign up in time for choice last month as I def did not want the July box. Fingers-crossed, my box will have some things I like and looking forward to September.

    • you will not get the July box. Since you were billed in August, you will get the August box.

      • Right on 🙂

    • I sucked it up and got July Premium even though there was very little in it to interest me (I did get the Byroe toner, which was one of the few things that caught my eye) so I could choose the SR A+. I’m happy to see that August looks like a much better curation for me. I hope you get a good variation!

  16. Someone posted on another thread that if you are logged in go to boxycharm dot com /insertcard and you can see what you got! It worked for me, I got #54. Which had the primer, lash volumizer, ciate palette, mac lipstick, milk eyeliner, and the fenty contour brush. My base box didn’t pop up though, only premium.

    • I just tried that on mine, I hope it’s true! It says I’m getting variation #56:
      Sunday Riley A+ High Dose Retinoid Serum
      Ciate London Editor’s Palette
      Dermelect Lash Volumizer
      Mac Lipstick
      Milk Makeup Gel Eyeliner
      Afterspa Slip-on Exfoliater

      • Thanks for the tip, Jenna! It worked for me, too. I’m getting version 55, which is the primer, palette, lash volumizer, lipstick, gel liner, and scrub brush. I already have the brush from another box at some point, and it’s… in my shower. I guess I’ll pass this one along to someone else who enjoys exfoliating. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • Ahhhh I’m so jealous. I missed choice and I really really wanted that serum. Honestly it’s a pretty solid box for $35 and I’m only meh about two of them. Great value though!

      • Insert card link worked for me and I got the same variation but after trying to post the info on my FB group which got declined, the insert card link didn’t work anymore.

      • I did the insert card thing too and we are box twins! Not crazy about the exfoliating mitt but I will use it.

      • Yes. The mitt isn’t exciting but I will totally use it, for me that’s better than getting bronzer or another highlighter. Super happy about the A+, I was resigned to get whichever but, this is what I wanted most. 🙂

    • Didn’t work for me 😩 It said:
      Hello, Charmer!
      In case you’re wondering, you will only see a Digital Insert Card here if you received a link from us to view it. Check for your insert card in your Boxy!

      • I refreshed that screen and it gave me box information

      • sometimes using a different browser works.

    • Didn’t work for me😩

    • Worked! Thank you! #49

    • I don’t get how you are doing this when your logged in

    • Thanks so much for the tip!

      I got #57. That’s the CEO, Ciate palette, MAC lipstick, Milk eyeliner, and the Fenty contour brush, & Dermelect lash volumizer. It’s my perfect bag!

    • Omg you are my hero! Lol it worked for me I got #56 which is…
      Sunday Riley A+ High Dose Retinoid Serum
      Ciate London Editor’s Palette
      Dermelect Lash Volumizer
      Mac Lipstick
      Milk Makeup Gel Eyeliner
      Afterspa Slip-on Exfoliater

      I’m pretty satisfied with everything For the most part. Would have rather got something else in place of the lipstick since I don’t wear it but 3 times a year but oh well. Does anyone know how to see what you got in the base box?? I get both but it only works to show your premium box?

  17. All of the products are revealed on the site under Reviews for Aug. Hoping for a good variation this month *fingers crossed*

    • 🤞 🙂

  18. I chose the A+ serum, but if my insertcard page is correct, I’m getting the serum, MAC lipstick (no color listed), dermelect mascara primer, and ciate palette. Instead of the fenty products, I’m getting a shower exfoliator and a gerard cosmetics eyeliner. I had to look up gerard cosmetics, I thought it was a fake brand direct from china. I’m still not sure, and besides the Sunday Riley, this box is once again a let down. I really don’t understand all the variations. I’d much rather get fenty products than a plastic shower glove and no name liquid eyeliner. As I’m sure anyone subscribed to boxy PREMIUM would.

    • I wouldn’t say Gerard Cosmetics is a no-name brand, I hear some great things about their products from the makeup artists I watch.

    • Eyeliner isn’t the most exciting thing to get, but Gerard Cosmetics is legit. I’ve ordered from them several times and my products have always been great!

      • Thanks for the positive info, Lena and Mallory. 😀

    • Gerard Cosmetics is based in Santa Clarita which is by LA. They back Kylie Cosmetics I believe they have something to do with her brand and they have been around a minute doing great things. Definitely worth trying.

  19. It’s like Fenty and Sunday Riley can’t even give their stuff away and I have to wonder if it’s because they have stock this is getting old. I hope my box has more skincare in it than these. I wish BoxyCharm had an all skincare box. I’m in it for the PopUp shop and add-ons.

    • There are many great skincare only boxes…..testtube, beautyfix (mix) and Sunday riley has a sub that’s 4 times a year I believe…plus a couple others as well.

      • I get other skincare boxes. I cancelled a bunch of lower end ones and instead I reinvested in higher end ones. I keep the this one for the add ins and pop up shop. You get such great deals.

    • Laurie,

      What high end skin care boxes do you get?? I’d like to try a couple more because I still havent found a system for my skin yet.
      I have nothing but PROBLEMS with EVERY boxycharm pop up. Like I dont know what it is about them, or if the warehouse where they ship from is bad or something, but from quality to shipping to broken/not showing up, popup have been horrible for me to the point I’m about to just skip them all together. I had essential oils leak all over, things shipped in envelopes that had too much weight that always had tire tracks over the yellow envelope, ripped envelopes with tape and only 2 out of 10 items in it, or you order stuff and it never shows up. I think it was the 3rd pop up I bought the 90 dollar luxie brush set with a cute pink zipper case..oh man, there were only 5 or 6 brushes I could use. The bristles were looped onto the ferrule, like luxie forgot to cut them. I tried to cut them and it just ruined those things. Lol. Then a few the handles were not glued to the ferrule and when I tried to glue or fix them, the part would not go onto the brush handle things without trying to bend and “shape it” so it would be crooked. Lol.
      I dont know if it’s just my luck or what. I’m DEBATING on the next one, but I don’t know I’d it’s worth stalking the site, then trying to frantically put things in your cart, then it’s like you don’t know if you will get your items, or if you do if they will be wonky, or shipped funny and smashed/leaked. And trying to get ahold of Boxy is like winning the lottery. Hahaha.

    • I do like a mix of both and I seem to get that a lot more with Ipsy Plus. With the new format I got 3 skincare items in my August box. Murad eye cream, Goldfaden MD scrub and 111 Skin booster. Out of both Boxycharm Base and Premium I did get one skincare product for August and that was the Minetan serum.
      The reason I signed up for Premium was there seemed to be more skincare items in it. Not one skincare item in there this month unless you count a primer or the Fenty brush they’re trying to get rid of. Ha Ha

      Overall, Boxycharm is mostly good and next month their skincare choices I’m really excited for.

      • Yeah, I’m a makeup junkie, so I love that. I get all boxy’s. That farmacy was good we got sent a while ago, I buy that every 6 weeks or so now. I live Sunday Riley stuff, so its nice to get it at a discount…imnjust trying to find a routine that actually works for me and not just keep moving onto the next product and for the life of me, i havent found anything. Lol. Sometimes i wonder if i am doing more harm than good with the skincare. Lolol

  20. oh great…can’t wait to get my sunday riley…i do love boxycharm premium…

  21. I want that Ciate palette!

    • From the tab on the site, it looks like maybe all premium subscribers are getting that palette? There are three “sneak peeks,” and the first one is the choice items, second is that palette, and third is the lash volumizer vs the loose powder. I hope it’s the case that everyone is getting the palette because I want it too! 🙂

  22. This variation is pretty solid

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