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The Beauty Box by Bombay & Cedar Review – June 2020

The Beauty Box by Bombay & Cedar is a new beauty subscription box from the folks at Bombay & Cedar, featuring 5-6 clean, vegan, and cruelty-free products each month. They promise makeup, skincare, beauty tools, and more from a mix of indie and well-known brands with a value of over $100.

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This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

About this Beauty Subscription Box

The Subscription Box: The Beauty Box by Bombay & Cedar

The Cost: $31.95 per month + free US shipping, or save with longer subscriptions.

The Products: 5 to 6 deluxe and full-size beauty products that are clean, vegan, and cruelty-free with a retail value of $100+.

Ships to: The US for free, Canada for $5.95, and internationally for $10.95

The Beauty Box by Bombay & Cedar June 2020 Review


The box comes with a booklet of information that lists out the products and highlights some of the brands.


Collagen Dry Mask Pack by CLE Cosmetics, 10 masks – Retail Value $15.00

A dry mask is something I have never used before. After reading through the instructions on the box and looking through the product page on the CLE site, I was intrigued, to say the least! Each mask is comprised of 100% medical-grade cotton gauze and embedded with Acacia Collagen, Marine Collagen, and Natto Gum Collagen. All three types of collagen work to provide nourishment and hydration to your skin while also lifting. To use the mask, you want to grab the Lifting Mist that was also included in this month’s box as it activates the moisture within the mask. Once you open your mask sheet, spray the smooth side of the mask with the mist, place the mask onto your face and press down, then spray more of the mist all over until saturated completely. Leave the mask on for about 15 to 20 minutes and then remove it. The mask instantly felt super tight and tingly on my skin, almost like a nose pore strip. As I removed, you do feel that sort of peeling that you would with a nose strip, and then I did a little rinse to get any excess pieces from the mask off, and then finished with my usual night time skincare routine. When I woke up in the am, my skin felt super tight and pretty dry. That feeling really lingered for the entire day, but my skin didn’t look dry at all. I felt like my skin was glowing while being super smooth, and honestly, it looked incredibly smooth, dare I say flawless! My face looked plump but in a good way like I just had an incredible skin treatment. I wasn’t so sure about this product to start, but after seeing the results that I got after only one use, I think I am sold!


DART Pomade Stick by R+CO, 0.5 oz. – Retail Value $19.00

I used to use an Aveda pomade stick when I was in middle school and always loved it so much! My hair was on the shorter side back then, but it always worked well for styling. A pomade stick works best on damp or dry hair (I always used it for dry styling), and you can either apply directly to your part or add some to your hand to style through lightly. This product is vegan, cruelty-free, and made with castor seed oil, candelilla wax, and jojoba esters. The scent is incredible with a light fruity sweetness paired with leather and a deep woodsy fragrance (my favorite). My hair right now is very long and super curly so I mainly used this on my second day after washing to tame flyaway hairs and give smoothness to my part. I also used this on my son’s hair which is long and super curly, and it honestly did wonders for his curl! It made for wonderful definition while making it look smooth.


Facial Toner Lifting Mist by CLE Cosmetics, 1.69 fl oz. – Retail Value $21.00

This lifting mist is incredible! Honestly, I love facial mists and use them daily so I’m always excited to add a new brand to my lineup. This mist is used to activate moisture in the dry mask pack, but you can also use it in your daily skincare routine. I love using a mist all over my face after washing and then I spray some in my hand over my moisturizer and oils before applying to get a super nice consistency. This product is super interesting to me because its main ingredient is Snow Mushroom. According to the CLE site, Snow Mushroom is a powerful plant-alternative to the popular hyaluronic acid, and thanks to its tiny particles, it absorbs into the skin easily and can aid in reducing inflammation. So interesting! This mist has become a quick favorite for me, adding a ton of moisture while giving me a smooth, plump glow to my skin.


Blush Oil Stick by TokyoMilk – Listed Value $24.00, Retail Value $26.00

Blush sticks are my go-to in the summer months when I have a nice healthy glow to my skin. I think oil blushes are a great way to achieve that no makeup, makeup look that really speaks to me in the warmer months. This stick is super creamy while still being light and super easy to blend. It is made with mango butter and apricot oil so that you can easily glide to apply. I’ve been doing a quick application and rubbing lightly with my fingers to get just the right amount of color (you can go light or heavy depending on what look you want to achieve), and the color really lasts throughout the day without feeling the need to reapply. I do wish the color was slightly less red because red blushes tend to bring out the overwhelming amount of red tones I already have in my skin, but I think it works well since I can blend a lot if needed. This blush is my new go-to right now!


Soft Brush with Travel Case by Baseblue Cosmetics – Retail Value $17.00

Who doesn’t love receiving new brushes?! I am always excited about brushes and love the process of selecting one for each step in my makeup routine. This brush is super fun because it comes in its own travel case, making it easy to toss into a makeup bag safely and the case itself acts as a nice little stand. The handle is super long and slender, making it really easy to hold, tap, and blend with. The brush is super plush with non-shedding fine bristles. I used this to apply blush, but you could also use it for highlighter or powder.


Mineral Eyeshadow Trio by Cougar Beauty – Listed Value $29, Retail Value £29.00 (about $36.77)

My Mom used to use mineral eyeshadows when I was younger, and I always loved playing with them because they were easy to apply. All of these years later and I still feel the same; mineral shadows go on so smoothly and are easy to work with! The mineral powders are silky and lightweight, while still providing great coverage that you can build with. Each pack comes with three different mineral shades and a double-ended eyeshadow applicator. I loved that the brush was on the smaller side, making it easy to work with while being able to flip it over to use another shade to create a full look. The Cougar Beauty minerals are free of harmful chemicals and preservatives so they are easy on your skin and eyes. I am loving working with these shadows to create a light look or going bold with the emerald tone like in the above picture (I was getting ready to go to the pool so I wanted something light, but wanted to still pop without using eyeliner).

Verdict: The Beauty Box by Bombay & Cedar was a big hit this month! All of the brands were new to me, allowing me to really learn and discover new products. Receiving two products from CLE Cosmetics that can be paired together was so much fun! It helps that the lifting mist can also be used daily on its own, a winner product for me this month! The dry masks were incredibly unique; I’ve never used a dry mask and reading about how the cotton of the mask is infused with collagen was so interesting. While I was skeptical at first, I’m already excited to use the dry masks again because of how great they made my skin look. The oil blush was another favorite for me, allowing me to do full makeup without feeling too overdone, especially on pool days, and allowing me to achieve a nice glow. The pomade stick worked well to tame my flyaways, but I was most impressed with how it defined and smoothed my son’s long curly hair! I calculated an estimated retail value around $127, and at $31.95 a month for this box, I would say that is an incredible deal. This box is a great way to treat yourself with unique brands that focus on providing clean beauty products, and it would make an amazing gift to a girlfriend that is always looking to find her next magical beauty product like myself!

To Wrap Up: 

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? July boxes have already sold out, so if you order today, you will receive the August box. July Beauty boxes are expected to ship by July 22nd.

Value Breakdown: This box costs $31.95 with free shipping and I calculated a total value of $127, which means you are paying approximately the following per item:

  • Dry Masks: $3.77
  • Pomade Stick: $4.77
  • Lifting Mist: $5.28
  • Oil Blush: $6.54
  • Brush: $4.27
  • Mineral Eyeshadow: $7.29

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The Beauty Box by Bombay & Cedar

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Written by Taryn Lowman

Taryn Lowman

Taryn’s passion for subscription boxes started when she was gifted a monthly Birchbox. She is excited to discover more Mom and baby boxes to share with her family!

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Comments (18)

  1. I thought the curation was pretty good this month! I saw the bright red Tokyo Milk blush stick and thought Oh No! So bright! But it looked really lovely as a lip balm, leaving a nice cherry-colored stain afterwards. I was able to blend it down for blush too. The color looks kinda overwhelming in the tube, but it was a happy surprise to find I could use it for a beautiful lip balm!


    No card in my box this month, which was taped shut — odd for their pull-tab boxes. Don’t know if my card fell out, or if I got a weird variant this month.

    – Clé lip powder in Barbie Pink (choice)
    – Mai Couture highlighter sheets in champagne (choice)
    – Willa Face the Day Tinted SPF 30
    – Skin Chemists charcoal teeth whitening gel
    – Organic & Botanic Mandarin Orange Correcting Facial Serum
    – Revelé heated eyelash curler

    The only real “hit” for me in this box is the serum.

    • Yup! same for me for July.

      -Cle lip powder in red cherry (my choice)
      -highlighter sheets in rose gold (my choice)
      -willa face tint spf 30 (haven’t tried it yet, but it’s mineral, not chemical, so i’m excited as I prefer that)
      -orange face serum (this is by dr. botanical, which i like. however, it has neroli oil in it, which could irritate my rosacea)
      -heated eyelash curler (i have been wanting to try one, actually, but felt a little foolish buying one full price. now it’s mine, lol)
      -charcoal teeth whitening gel (Skin Chemists makes my favorite cooling/nonsticky lip gloss, so maybe this will be something i like too.)

      I actually thought this curation was fun and a good dollar amount for the 3 month deal i’m using as a sub right now. My least fave is probably the highlighter sheets, but I might be able to swap those. Everything else I will try. It’s a lot of stuff for the price and I’m happy with it!

  3. This box was pretty good for me. I’m a sucker for getting fancy hair care in boxes, & R+Co is right up there with IGK for me in terms of products I could never buy at full price, but love to try! I’d also wanted to try the TokyoMilk blush stick since Ipsy sent it out a while back. I don’t like sheet masks, but I love face mists, so that wasn’t a bust for me, either. The eye shadow set I wasn’t super thrilled about — I feel like what I already have in my collection is better — but I’ll give it a shot, eventually. Similar feeling for the brush, but I’m definitely curious to find out if the case will work with some of my other brushes (if I ever travel again).

    Though I don’t like sheet masks because I can’t stand the sensation of having it on my entire face, I really like the idea of a dry mask + adding your own mist. I know there are so many types of sheet masks out there that getting a pack of 10 of the same thing might get a little boring & possibly even overwhelming. If you have different varieties of mists/toner (which, if you’re subscribing to beauty boxes, you probably do!) then you could change up the masking experience every time if you wanted.

    • Thanks so much for your thoughtful feedback!

  4. Sadly, this was a 100% miss for me as my first box. To add insult to injury, I thought I had subbed to the lifestyle box. I’m not sure how I made that mistake (no, I was not under the influence of anything) and now I am hesitant to try with this company again. I’ll just enjoy the reviews instead of experience total disappointment on receiving their shipments…it’s better for all involved.

    • trust me, be happy you got the beauty box by mistake

    • I’m so sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy this box. Thanks for your feedback!

  5. I love the travel case for the brush! Almost wishing that I had signed up for this box. Great reviews Taryn and Luna- thanks for sharing your experiences with the box. I have been on the fence about ordering this box for a while and might try it when my wallet recovers from Covid (in general lack of funding, not Covid+) and 3+ weeks in the hospital.

    • Thank you so much! I hope you can begin to order this box for yourself soon!

  6. I didn’t care for the dry masks but I’m using the mist on its own. The eyeshadows didn’t seem very pigmented and I have other loose minerals like Larenim And Bareminerals that are much better. But I do appreciate the variety and surprise of new products in this sub. Without any of the drama and complaints and envy that goes along with the bigger subs. They got me to sub with a great deal on a six month sub and I might just stay with them.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful feedback!

  7. Unfortunately, this box was a bit of a bust for me, but a winner for my mom so I can’t complain. 🙂 I probably would have gifted the whole box to my mom if she hadn’t talked me into keeping a couple of things because she felt guilty “taking” my whole box, lol. I prefer pre-saturated sheet masks, so I gave the dry ones to her, and even though I really wanted the mist (and she tried to make me keep it) I gave it to her since it was part of a set (I know other mists could be used, but I wanted her to experience the masks like they’re intended to be). I won’t use the pomade or eye shadows (since I don’t wear eye shadows), but I did end up keeping the blush since I saw somewhere that it could be used on the lips, and I did like the color for the lips. I kept the brush but I don’t really see myself using it since I like a wider head for blush and it’s too small for powder (I like a huge bulbous head for powder). I see myself trying to gift this back to my mom eventually, lol. I can’t wait to see what’s in next month’s box!

    • The box was a bust for me too. And my mom is halfway across the country and doesn’t “do” beauty products, so I didn’t have that option, lol. I don’t use product in/on my hair, I’m not comfortable with loose shadows (and even if I were, I got green which is a big no for my coloring), the blush stick is too bright for me for lips and I don’t like cream type blushes, and I have so many brushes that this one in a somewhat odd size didn’t make the cut. I did keep the masks and mist, mostly for the curiosity factor, although I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m glad to see Taryn had a good experience with them. So most of my box went up for swap. Still, I feel that B&C does a really good job at offering more unusual items that you don’t typically see in a sub box, which is something I definitely appreciate. But yeah, sometimes they may end up being a miss for a particular individual like this month’s items were for me.

      • I agree about their curation. 🙂 Even though last month’s box wasn’t for me, I’m still looking forward to future boxes as I also love how they include products that haven’t been featured in other boxes. I also love the surprise element it has too! It usually takes a few misses within a 12-month period for me to totally write off a box as not being a good fit for me. 😉

    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback! I’m glad your Mom was able to enjoy the products, and totally hoping for a solid box next month!

  8. Taryn, you are so cute. Thanks for a great review.

    • Awww, thank you so much!!!

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