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NewBeauty VIP Beauty Box Available Now!

NewBeauty has a VIP Beauty Box available now!

UPDATE – This is now sold out

You get the VIP Beauty Box when you buy a ticket for the NewBeauty Virtual Event:

Get your VIP Beauty Ticket now! This ticket comes with a beauty box filled with more than $600 in products from our favorite brands as well as exclusive VIP access to our NewBeauty LIVE virtual event on Wednesday, September 9th at 8PM EST.

You’ll also be entered for a chance to win thousands of dollars worth of giveaways during the live event! HURRY—prices will go up in less than 24 hours!

  • Boxes will not ship out until September
  • Limited quantity, while supplies last
  • Limit one per customer

Are you going to get a NewBeauty VIP Beauty Box?

If you are interested in signing up for the regular New Beauty Test Tube, it is $29.95 a box plus $8.95 shipping. Ships every other month. Check out our reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

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Comments (90)

  1. I got the box as well.. The juice beauty lip stick is definitely old smells rancid. The oils from it are on the outside of the stick , like old lip stick does. I was worried about the other things being old as well? Its a good value for 99 though. Im fighting getting the next one. Fomo

  2. There was a FedEx label issue which caused it to appear no movement on box but mine arrived yesterday to fiancé house since they no longer ship to PO Boxes. He was sweet enough to bring it over late last night so I’d have it for the virtual event tonight. New Beauty has had great Customer Service when I’ve called to update address and get tracking info. I already bought the November VIP box and it states last one for 2020. Don’t forget price will go up in 24 Hrs. I can’t believe I waited to
    Open box-so I like me but it was really fun to wait
    Here’s a little more info in case anyone’s interested about September’s Box:
    Dr Dennis Gross peel is a 5 pack extra strength and it’s a 0.5 Oz sample of acne gel.
    Bangor power ampoules are 1% Retinol
    16 oz hand sanitizer is made by Dr Denise -love her.
    Was glad Grande lip plumper is Clear
    My Marvis toothpaste is Aquatic Mint trave tube
    Sunday Riley Luna oil $55
    Glo Drops $125
    Eminence body cream $68
    Dr Brandt microdermabrasion $79
    Dr Perricone 1 can of Hydrogen water $3
    Beauty stat Vit C $80

    Sara Happ lip scrub $24 I got brown sugar- needed this
    Juice lipstick in Sonoma shade is only product I’m not into but I’m a purple lipstick girl.
    Plus other stuff already listed.
    Everything I got was in great shape and new packaging with inner seals(except mini Marvis?)
    I can’t wait until next box and I hope they have them in 2021 as well. Congrats to the lucky winners and thanks New Beauty for bringing us a great value and a little time with the creators. I’ve met Dr Dennis Gross and Dr Denese before at a QVC event and she is so kind. Dr Gross corrected me on what I thought was slight rosacea and he is just brilliant.

    • I bought the November one too! I think next time I will try to wait to make it more fun. There were a few products that I figured I would give away until I watched the live event and got excited to try them lol.

    • Was there Elemis eye mask , Mara face oil and Foreo mask ?

      • No, those items were not in the box! They had giveaways and I remember there being the Elemis eye mask and that Foreo mask tool though.

  3. The live event ended around 9:20! I won a prize package tonight as well!! Let me tell you it made my week!

    • Omg that’s awesome!! Which one did you get?? 🙂

      • Isabel, I got the Mamonde set. The details were so fast as she was describing items that it will be a nice surprise to see what comes in the mail. I just remember it was a block of goodies not in the VIP box.

    • Jody, I won one of those too, I have no idea what was in the set either. I agree it was announced very quick!! Congrats!!!

  4. I just got a text that said I could purchase the November vip box. Anyone else?

    • I did. I was weak and got one.
      There was enough value for me in the September box that even if there a couple of duds, it should be ok.

      • Same here, I’m weak and FOMO got me.

  5. I got mine none of the products as advertised. Total did, old stock, already received in other test tube boxes. Huge let down for $100. No value in this box. I pray they just made a mistake and can fix it.🤞

    • Why do you think they are old stock? All the expiration dates I found were pretty far out.
      One item had a number on the bottom which seemed like a past date (K072120A) so i called the company directly. I was told that this particular product just launched so could not be expired yet. Even though the number looks like a date it is probably the batch or manufacture date.
      I don’t want to spoil anything for people who are waiting for the reveal tonight so I am not naming the product.

    • What do you mean none of the products as advertised? It was a complete surprise what was in the box so there weren’t any products advertised… I didn’t think it looked like old stock and nothing that I know was already in a box. I mean, some of the same brands of course, but it looks like different products. :-/ I thought this box was amazing and just signed up for the November one too.

    • I was mainly disappointed in the Luna. Not because of the product itself, but I just got a giant bottle of Luna from Ipsy and I haven’t opened that because I’d just opened a new bottle. I would have loved to have any other Sunday Riley product. But for $100 I can’t be too picky. Just a little disappointed that I missed out on the new SR product in the last box and instead ended up with a third bottle of Luna.

  6. I also received mine today and opened it. It was a good thing I did bc one of the item had disassemble and leaked around the box. Otherwise items seems ok. Not sure how I feel about this box until I watch the event.

    • I had the same thing happen! A hair product bottle leaked until it was completely empty. It destroyed most of the other packaging and some products. I’m hoping that they will make it right

      • Oh no! That’s worse than mine. It was also the hair product. Mine did leak but not the whole bottle. So I was able to clean it up and a good amount of other items was wrapped up separately. But they did ask which product it was so hopefully they will replace it. 🙁

      • I got the exact same thing. I contacted CS 5 minutes after I received it 2 days ago, waiting for a solution since . The shipping box itself was wet and started to tear up. I opened it right away.

  7. I just opened mine! I’m happy with it too 🙂 A couple products are duds, but otherwise I am excited! I wish there was a place to talk about this lol.

    • Can anyone tell me what is in this box. I got the last one and liked it. I missed this one …by the time I clicked on the email, it was sold out. Now I’m curious what I missed out on.

      • Here are the products:

        -Grande Lips, Hydrating Lip Plumper clear gloss
        -Dr. Dennis Gross, Acne eliminating gel and alpha beta extra strength daily peel
        -Dr. Brandt, microdermabrasion
        -Juice Beauty, Satin Lip Cream in Syrah
        -Beauty Stat, Universal C Skin Refiner 20% vitamin c
        -Glo, Bio Renee EGF Drops (epidermis growth factor cell repairing serum)
        -Sunday Riley, Luna oil 0.5 oz
        -Marvis toothpaste (ginger mint for me)
        -Eminence, stone crop countouring body creme for cellulite
        -Sara Happ exfoliating lip scrub
        -Doctor Babor, Power Serum Ampoules
        -Philip B, detangling toning mist
        -Ecovir, Hand sanitizer
        -It’s a 10 miracle hair mask
        -Contours Rx (some type of instant eyelid correcting strips that you put on with tweezers for hooded eyelids)
        -Dr. Pericone Hydrogen water

        Just got done with the live event! This was my first time buying one of these boxes and I think I will try to sign up for it every time.

      • I got the contoursrx eyelid things in another box at some point (don’t remember whether it was a test tube) and they were very meh. Otherwise I was pretty satisfied with what I got for $100, although I’m not totally sold on the idea of hydrogen water. Also, I now have enough hand sanitizer to sanitize most of Dallas, and my hair product also leaked slightly, but just enough to ruin the packaging on the Dr. Dennis Gross daily peel.

  8. I signed up but didn’t get the box yet. Where do I find how to get on the live event?

    • Hello, you may reach out to us so that we may check that out for you at (888) 974-6042 or via email at [email protected]

    • I was sent an email confirmation with links back on August 18th.
      Depending on when you signed up, you should have gotten an email with all info.

      • Lee. Thanks so much! I looked and found the email same date you got it!! I appreciate the help.

  9. I don’t think any of us will get the box before the event 🙁

    • Mine was just delivered! So excited.

    • I just got my box and was surprised to get it. They say on the box not to open but I did. The box before this one was way better than this one now I was very unimpressed with it but that’s just my experience.

    • My tracking number showed only as label created last Thursday but I just got mine. So there is hope 🙂
      I was bad and opened my box. I am much happier with this box than the last so it seems to really depend on what products you are interested in. I am very pleased. Definitely worth the $99.

      • We apologize for that. If you could give us a call at (888) 974-6042 to speak with a live representative or email at [email protected] to assist you with that info.

    • Please reach out via email at [email protected] or by phone at (888) 974-6042 to speak with a live representative to assist with verifying the status of your box. We’re looking forward to hear from you.

  10. I just got my shipping notification. Hope it gets here by Wednesday….

    • I’m still waiting for my shipping notification. Hope it gets here in time.

  11. It says it’s $99 for a limited time but then below it says it’s 125. What’s with the price difference?

    • The box started out at $99 for a limited time. The original offer states that the price would go up at some point.

    • Hi Rebecca,

      We truly apologize for the inconvenience, unfortunately, it was a limited-time offer and has since expired. However, this ticket comes with a beauty box filled with more than $600 in products from our favorite brands as well as exclusive VIP access to our NewBeauty LIVE virtual event on Wednesday, September 9th at 8PM EST for just $125 ☺️

      • Hey just wondering when this box is going to ship?

  12. Looks like the price has gone up to $125

  13. Yay! Just bought one now! Thanks everyone for the tips!

    • We can’t wait for you to receive your box 🙂

      Make sure to tune in for our LIVE virtual event on Wednesday, September 9th at 8PM EST.

      • When is the box supposed to ship? Will it arrive in time for the event? I purchased the first day it was offered but haven’t gotten any kind of shipping notice,

      • They said this to me on IG “Hi there! The VIP Boxes will arrive a day or so before the event 😊 we will all unbox together during the event! can’t wait to see you there!”

  14. I tried to sign up for third $99 box but it is only for Americans and I am Canadian. 😢😢😢😢

    • Hi Sheila,

      Yes, unfortunately, we currently ship within the continental United States only. We apologize for any inconvenience!

  15. They’re open back up just for a limited quantity of tickets!

  16. Just got one!! Hurry!!

    • We look forward to you receiving your box ☺️

  17. Hi Carey,

    We’re truly sorry for the inconvenience, unfortunately, the PRE-SALE VIP TICKET is sold out! However, we’re re-releasing 300 VIP tickets while supplies last!

  18. Right this minute the VIP box is back in stock.

  19. I missed out on the 1st box because life got in the way (in a good way 🙂 ), then I saw the text for this 2nd box yesterday right when it came through, but I mis-read it and thought they were selling actual tickets to something for $99, and I was like… uh, no. lol! When I looked at it again this morning I was like, doh! Well, hopefully 3rd time’s a charm with this box. 😀

    • Just got a text…box is available again. I’m really trying to talk myself out of it. But ohhhhhhh, $600 worth of goodies for $99

    • Ok this is literally exactly what happened to me! I missed the first one because I was doing something and in that short amount of time it sold out. I got a message about the 2nd release and thought it was for the live they were doing and ignored it. And then today I didn’t waste any time when I got the text lol… I’ll wait until September to get my box, this made me really happy! I was just like please take my money NBTT! I’ve been a subscriber for several years and they rarely disappoint.

      • Yay! I’m glad you got a box! 😀 I didn’t see today’s text until 1.5 hours after it had been sent, and I was still able to grab one! woo-hoo! I’m patient, so I’m more than willing to wait until September to see what we get. 🙂 I saw unboxings of the 1st box, and I thought it looked pretty good, so I have high hope’s for this one. 🙂

      • Luna where did you see the unboxing? I have been looking for one, this makes me so excited! Yay for us, I agree I am more than willing to wait until September if it means we got one.

  20. This text arrived 8:47 pm central on 7/29. It could mean more will be on sale later? I didn’t buy one, because the first one had too many items I don’t use. Without spoilers, that’s all I can go on. It was available for about 12 hours before selling out

    BeautyPass: PRE-SALE available for 24hours while supplies last. Get your VIP Ticket to NewBeauty Live on September 9th

  21. I watched the New Beauty Live event last night so got a text with a link to to buy. Figured I would take the plunge and hope for the best. $99 is a little rich for me right now but FOMO got the better of me 🙂
    I think the email implied that the price would be going up. Maybe they will release more later at a higher price…

    • May I know how good was the event? I was hesitant to download zoom and watch. Was it worth it?
      Would appreciate any input. Tks.

      • It wasn’t anything too great. Basically, there was a host (don’t remember who she was) who would talk about each product and then they would then go to a person who represented each product. Each “guest” only got a very short time to speak so they couldn’t do much more than explain the product/s. There really was no demo or tips. In their defense, it was only an hour long so not a lot of time to fit everyone and everything in. I bought the next VIP box so I will probably watch the next event in September.

      • I enjoyed the event. The Foot Nanny founder did a demo on a foot model(not a real person) that sold me on the product. I didn’t win anything but they did give away $10,000 in prizes!

      • I liked the Foot Nanny, too. She had the best demo and personality.

      • OK. Great! Thank you for the input. FOMO got me to click the submit button last night before I went to bed. I hope I won’t regret it. I never bought any box without seeing spoilers, but I’m usually happy with most items from Newbeauty, so let’s see.

      • Hi Lee (and GM Forever!)
        Thank you for giving the run down on that event. It sounds like my idea of low-level torture. I would gladly pay for the box, but would be begging them to not make me watch the 1 hour event. Although I do think the foot model part would have been kind of hilarious….

  22. Pretty sure I would have gotten this; noticed this posting a couple of hours ago (shortly after it went up), but… was too late.

  23. Did anyone participate in the live event last night? They were supposed to have thousands of dollars in giveaways. I wasn’t able to tune in because of poor reception where I was at last night. I did at least get the text about this second VIP box after the event and another one with a link to promo codes. Just curious what the event was like for anyone who connected?

    • I liked it because the manufacturer representatives and/or founders explained the products and how to use them. There are only 3 items I’m passing on, was going to be a lot more than that. The doctor rogers restore healing balm is actually hydrogenated castor oil. I didn’t know that was a thing. I can’t wait to try it. The klorane rep actually showed how to use the non aerosol dry shampoo by actually doing his hair with it. Yes, the after was nice. The doll 10 founder showed how to use the palette in under two minutes. I would have passed the product on if I hadn’t seen how easy it is to use. The dr dennis gross meltaway cleanser is a new product and this is a full size sneak peak. The foot nanny explained that the dry buffer has to be used prior to washing or soaking your feet. The glytone hydra lipid uv sunscreen rep explained that it can be used before makeup and also on the body. That wasn’t explained on the product box. The grande glow is the same product in the July Test Tube (of which mine has not shipped yet :(.)
      It was my first Zoom meeting and it was basically watching the show. No complaints from me.

      • Thank you Ren and Lee on the event details. It said they were giving $10,000 in product giveaways. How did they do that – were people called out during the event? I’m definitely looking forward to tuning in to the next one in September!

      • For the most part, they announced the winner/s in between the segments. Sometimes they would have the winners turn on their cameras and speak. At the end, they announced the winner of the $1700 grand prize. Except for the grand prize, prize values probably ranged from about $100 – $750.

  24. I’m so glad this is sold out because I buy these things and then use like 2 or 3 items. Yet I still buy them. Sigh.

  25. I got this recent VIP box, it had spoilers of many of the brands included and showed pics of 5 or 6 items included. I did not pre-order this one as no pics or spoilers of any brands, the RV was less too!!

    • I don’t recall any other New Beauty VIP boxes recently…

      • There was one about 2 weeks ago, it sold out in 32 min i believe.

  26. Twice now I missed out on this..wasn’t meant to be

    • I think I read that this is a save the date message. Box will be sold on 9/9 I think it said ?????

      • Upon further inspection…I really don’t know what I’m talking about. Sorry for the confusion.

  27. Well that’s twice I missed out on this..wasn’t meant to be!

  28. It’s $99 and people are just buying it sight unseen? And to top it off boxes will not ship till September?..

    Eh, I miss the good old days with the $30 Beauty Report boxes… 😔

    • I miss the beauty report boxes too. Are they not doing them anymore?

  29. I got the text about this yesterday…. late to the party MSA lol

    • As usual. Do they have other jobs and just blog on the side? Truly wondering why everything is so late.

      • I don’t know about Meghan, but most (all?) of the reviewers do have jobs outside of MSA, yes. (I am admittedly not privy to MSA’s finances, but I would be incredibly surprised if it could support more than one or two full time employees. Even heavily monetized sites often can’t afford full time staff writers.)

      • To answer Charlotte, MSA supported 6 fulltime employees, plus other reviewers a couple of years ago, before the business was sold. Sadly, I don’t see most of the reviewers anymore…

  30. How is this a spoiler?

  31. Sold out! 🙁

  32. It says sold out? Or is this not available yet? lol

    • This was still available for purchase while I was posting it but looks like it just sold out. Sorry about that!

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