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Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the July 2020 Glam Bag Plus!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus January 2020 makeup and beauty subscription box review

July 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

And here are all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Plus this month (Each Glam Bag Plus Box includes 5 of these):

This subscription is $25 a month. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to learn more!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

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  1. Like so many of you, I’ve not received ANY info on 1 GB and 2 GBP.

    They charged me for GBU, but there has never even been product put up to say ” This is your bag” and I closed that bank account because of charges from New Beauty ( some division of the company- IDK what or why as I am not their customer).

    So, in looking at what they have put up, I am still lacking 1 GB and 2 GBP, both with the Sunday RIley Luna oil.

    I’m pretty ticked off about that oil!!! I’d never pay that for it, and was truly counting on getting it because….. I paid for it on July 1 or before.

    I don’t see HOW this is going to end well. Honestly, it’s all so messed up with so many customers not having bags shipped or even with a designated shipper or date, I don’t think they can make it right.

    I expect them to refund for all that’s not yet shipped out, and the likely root cause has to do with the SR Luna Oil quantity available to them in total. I don’t think they had stock to fill the bags, then to deal with the add ons.

    I hate it but if this continues, IPSY will be a memory along with PSMH. They were my first two sub boxes in 2012. Unlike IPSY, I’ll never get over the pick me up that PSMH always deliverd!!

    I still have my swan drink holder in its box, and the first PSMH pink screened tote. I cherish my box of ” maybe later” PSMH items. 🙂

  2. I just received my June gbp yesterday without add-ons😂😂😂 Never mind July, who knows when that will show up!! I know that covid19 is causing these issues, so have to be patient.

  3. Glad that I came here to read the comments. I got a few add-on’s and my July Plus bag is still shown as “assembly”, so it hasn’t even been shipped yet. I guess that’s happening consistently with a lot of us. Patience is a virtue! Patience is a virtue! WHERE IS MY BAG??? Lol.

  4. Still in order fulfillment. I’m getting impatient seeing all these people receiving Luna as an add-on and my bag with it as a choice isn’t even packed.

  5. My bag is held up in New Jersey since the 9th and they have already pre sent info to St. Augustine Florida 6 days ago. Don’t like this new shipper Pitny Bowes. I’ll be choosing my choice item for August on Monday before I even get my July bag, whenever that happens to be.

    • Yeah Ladies..My bag still has not left the warehouse…I have emailed and emailed… same excuses..wonder if they ran out of products? This very well may be the end of Ipsy for me..

    • I’m having the exact same issue! Pre-shipment info sent to Cocoa Beach,FL USPS on the 14th. Since then not a peep, prior to that it was in NJ on the 8th & 9th so it makes NO SENSE TO ME. I ship things all the time with USPS and I’ve literally sent something from CB Florida to Washington state it departed on the 13th & arrived on the 18th. So Covid or not there’s DEFINITELY AN HUGE PROBLEM with Pitny Bowes. Also the day I received my tracking email it linked me directly to my Ipsy App where it clearly stated my estimated delivery date was Monday the 13th. Which seemed like business as usual for me, although the next day all of that disappeared & we were all left in the slow boat @ the mercy of Capt Pitny Bowes!!! Yo ho ho ho🏴‍☠️🦜

  6. Anyone else’s GBP being held hostage by some random middle man delivery service? Mine has been held at a local warehouse (Pitney Bowes, not USPS, FedEx, or DHL) for 8 days here in Indiana. USPS tracking still says it’s in NJ, their tracking says they sent USPS the pre-shipment info (which USPS has had since it left NJ on 7/8) 2 days ago and still nothing…I’m getting frustrated at this point.

    • Same. I’m in Indy too and I’m in the exact same situation with the Pitney Bowes people. It is weird. We usually get pretty good shipping times, especially when something comes from the NE.

      • You gals are lucky, mine hadn’t even left their warehouse…I’ll probably get it in August 😥

    • The same thing happened to me for my June GBP box. It shipped on the 8th but didn’t receive it until the 23rd. When I contacted customer service, they told me it was due to COVID delays.

  7. Anyone else not receive their July bag yet? I contacted IpsyCare — and they say it is still in the warehouse…..

    • I haven’t received mine either, I contacted them also and haven’t heard back yet but noticed I have 600 more points randomly! The extra points would be nice if they’d actually put new stuff to redeem! I have a palette that redeemed that should come with this bag and I’ll be interested to see if they include it!

    • I haven’t received mine either. Mine says that it was picked up and in transit to the DHL hub with no updates for 7 days. I contacted customer service and they gave me a generic response about Covid.

    • My GBP July bag has not even shipped yet. I live in the Northern VIrginia area. I am baffled at how long this is taking. I ordered an add on a few days ago and that already shipped. When I contacted their customer service I got the generic response of packages being sent in batches at different times of the month. I have been a subscriber since this past March and this is the longest I have waited for it to ship and I get add ons most months added to my box

  8. Other than picking my item each month I don’t like to know what’s coming until it gets here. My box arrived today and I think I may be one of the few that is good with what I what received. My pick was the IL Makiage color boss eyeshadow. I received the Ciate London Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer, Awake Glow Pill Super Serum, Ofra Cosmetics Donut Glaze Highlighter, and Nature’s Cartel shimmer gloss.

    The only questions/complaints I have is that the Ofra highlighter has a cheap case compared to the one that is sold in stores which made me question if it was a knockoff and the lip gloss has a cheap petroleum smell to it. If I only add up the value of the first three items I still got a $95 bag for $26. If I add in the highlighter it bumps my bag to over $120. I’m not going to count the lip gloss since I can buy a near identical one that tastes and smells better for $1 at most dollar stores. I did one add on so I could get the Purlisse Match Green Tea primer/moisturizer. I LOVE the Purlisse moisturizer but it’s normally too expensive for me to buy so I love getting it in boxes or as an add-on.

  9. I am happy with mine
    Luna oil
    Tarte mascara
    Yensa lip oil
    Realher eyeliner
    Ittse pallate

    • Edit to add bag value is approx $212

    • I got the same version but I’m not super thrilled because half the items that Ipsy picked are identified rarely for me (mascara and eyeliner) and I only have 3 categories listed as rarely. I got mascara in my last Ipsy bag so that’s way too often for a product I rarely want. Oh and the Yensa lip oil, I just got it in Allure. It seems like the least they are going to unload products to major sub boxes they could switch up the flavor. Lots of people hate fake watermelon smell.

  10. Ipsy 2nd chance addons are up. For those that still wanted the SR Luna, it is there.

    • I’m not interested in the Luna SR oil but I hope everyone who wants it gets their chance. The rest of the add-ons were pretty disappointing to me. Have the August bag reveals even happened? Seems late to me

    • It is sold out now again on my selections – I checked at 11:30 am. I didn’t know there would be second chance add ons today. I am still waiting for my July box to ship.

  11. Initially I decided to skip this month after picking Sunday Riley on choice day.
    I ended up skipping to my Moms dismay.
    Unbeknownst to me Luna oil is her favorite.
    On the 3rd. of July I messaged Ipsycare and within an hour I was charged for this months bag. I figured I’d probably not receive my choice item since I skipped initially. However, to my surprise (and my Mom) I received my reveal today (July 9th) and will be receiving the Luna oil. I was shocked at the quick response and the opportunity to surprise my Mom with a free Luna oil! I’m receiving

    in my bag…

    1) Sunday Riley Luna Oil (choice)
    2) Tarte Sea surfer curl mascara
    3) Duft & DOFT eye cream
    4) Il Makiage brown single shadow
    5) Nature’s Cartel Lip Gloss

    • We are bag twins!!! Congratulations on getting a great bag this month

  12. Dang, it seems like IPSY is getting a nose dive. I’m really disappointed in their selection. Total lack of originality.

  13. My box is total garbage:
    Ciate London – Watermelon burst primer
    Awake Glow pill super serum
    Tarte Sea surfer curl mascara
    Purlisse Beauty Matcha green tea antioxidant priming moisturizer
    Complex Culture Contour blush brush *my pick*

    I’m not sure which is worse – the reg glam bag repeats or the full sized stuff that make no sense.

    • I have the first 4 items in my bag as well and the 5th is the ofra highlighter. I’m thrilled! The matcha primer is a repeat, but something I use on a daily basis, so I’m happy to get another.

    • That sounds like a stellar box to me. They’re all ideal products – not sure why you think they’re garbage.

      • Primer and serum were tagged as rarely in my profile. But this entire box is full of things I won’t use- I could try to sell it, but most likely will rot in a drawer. Yes, the brands are not bad, and the full sized items are lovely. If I could use them….

    • Yours is WAY better than mine…I’m starting to think they know who will pay for add ons and give them junk

      1. MÍDFLOWER MÍDFLOWER …Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask (Set of 3)
      2.IL MAKIAGE…..Color Boss Multi-Dimensional Eye Color in Eyes on the Prize
      3.TARTE ….SEA surfer curl™ volumizing mascara
      4.TULA…..Protect + Glow Daily Sunscreen SPF 30 Gel
      5.REALHER…Eye Am Amazing 24HR Eyeliner in Black
      Total junk. I’ve got an eyeliner a month now for the past 7 month, masks are on my “opt out” and SPF I can’t use because I keep “vampire hours” so I am not awake enough when the sun is out to even use it.
      I spent like 93 dollars in “add ons” this month to get a couple of the items I really wanted to try. If i would have known my plus was going to be THIS bad, I would have chosen the complex brush to at least get 1 item out of the 5 I will keep.

  14. I’m so irritated with Ipsy.. Been an Ipsy subber for 8 years now, skip boxes here and there, but I specifically wanted this months box for the Sunday Riley. I was on at 730am and it was not an option for me. I emailed customer support and told them I wanted the Luna as my choice item. They emailed back and said due to it being OUT OF STOCK they could not offer it as choice. Next day, add-on’s open up, guess what’s there to buy for $18- the out of stock oil.. SERIOUSLY?! Then I come on here to see what is going on and there is a bunch of people saying they didn’t want it, didn’t choose it despite being a choice and they’re getting it. So mad right now….

    And my bag items only total $132 this month bc they’re all cheap. I forget what the Ipsy bags are supposed to be worth but I’ve had the $10 bags be worth more than that! I don’t want a single thing in this entire box either except that oil.. Now I’m not complaining about paying $43 for it- that is a deal. I’m just frustrated with Ipsy’s BS with it..

    If any of you ladies are looking for something from this box- mine will be on the swap site later this month LOL

    Box: Ciate London Primer, Lavido face mask, Tarte mascara, Real Her Eyeliner, and green eyeshadow..

    • I know you don’t want to hear this but here goes: Ipsy buys a certain amount of stock for boxes and a certain amount for mystery boxes/hauls/add ons. Thats why you see it available in add ons, they depend on ppl buying it so they can recoup money.
      I think they can make some changes so folks can get a high value item more frequently than whats occurring now. Your luck of the draw this month wasn’t great, I feel for you. I got up at 530am to see if Luna was available for me and it was. I was shocked cuz last time regarding Good Genes it wasn’t a choice item , I had to buy it at $18.
      I wonder if they have our boxes mapped out several months ahead of time, I believe so. Better luck in August 😉

    • yeah about 50% of us had the same issue you did, Luna wasn’t offered as a choice (OR even as an add-on option later). So, you’re certainly not alone – if you read through the comments you’ll see many, many others like yours where we all had the same thing happen.

  15. Ipsy has a complex culture shadow brush available for only 600 points- I just snagged one. Just FYI!

  16. The picks I got were not that great. I’m more excited for my 8 qty $3 items. The add ons were way better.

  17. I’m not mad at my box this month! Just hoping it doesn’t take forever to get to me! I got the:

    Duft and Doft eye cream
    ILMakiage shadow in news flash
    Nature’s Cartel Static lip gloss
    Tarte Sea surfer curl mascara (I almost got this in the $63, 7 piece kit from them, good thing I didn’t!)
    Ahava essential day moisturizer *my pick

    Purlisse illuminating BB cream in light medium
    BDB best sellers kit *I’ve never tried this
    Dominique cosmetics rustic glam palette *so excited for this!!!

  18. If anyone is getting the complex culture brush and wants to swap let me know, I truly love those brushes but don’t get Ipsy anymore. I’m on the swap site.

  19. I’m getting Tarte mascara, Tula sunscreen, a BDB brow thing, one of those single eyeshadows in a shade that I forgot, and the clear gloss. I know I was happy when I saw it…More makeup than skincare as usual and I’ll use it all!

  20. Ashley if you leave your email address we can talk about sending you mine, I’m getting the OFRA glazed donut and don’t think I’ll use it and would rather someone get it who really wants it.
    Do you also want the Il Makiage eyeshadow in the brown shade? Lolol. I’m getting that too and probably won’t use it.

  21. My bag is:

    Complex Culture brush (I thought I had it, just have a similar one)
    Duft and Doft eye cream (always up for one)
    Nature’s Cartel lip gloss (shimmery meh)
    Tarte mascara (no surprise, usually up for mascaras)
    Il Makiage in Alter Ego/purple (choice item)

    The Luna oil was on my add-on list. I passed because I’m not that interested.

    I went a little nuts on add-ons and got the Awake serum; at $12, it was worth a shot at that price. Also Grace & Stella body cream (love lavender), Foxybae hair mask set (my hair is so dry being in AC all day(, and a deluxe sample of the SR Wrinkle Warrior cream.

    I also cashed in points for a NYX liquid lip, but the email I got today was a little vague as to which box it would be in. I’m thinking it will be August, but I’m not that worried about it.

    I’m not super-excited for this bag. It’s heavy one eye stuff, which is okay given the circumstances. Other than that, meh.

  22. I feel kinda bad cause they’re saying that there is inventory problems and not everyone is getting the bag for this month… It’s a really cute bag, one of the few that I’ve gotten since I signed up in April that I really like and see myself using…

    But in my bag, I’m getting:

    IL MAKIAGE Color Boss Multi Dimensional Eye Color in News Flash
    NATURE’S CARTEL VCR Static Lip Gloss
    TARTE SEA surfer curl volumizing mascara
    TULA Protect + Glow Daily Sunscreen SPF 30 Gel
    DUFT&DOFT SalmonVgene Hydro Active Eye Cream

    Add On:
    Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

    I was soo happy that I was able to catch the Sunday Riley add on (I got it cause I randomly woke up at 7am and an hour later as I was laying in bed trying to catch another nap, decided to check my bag on my phone and BAM, I was able to get it.) This is gonna be the 3rd SR product I’ve gotten and I’m slowly becoming obsessed with the brand

    • I’m getting the same items!

    • Chay, I didn’t realize there was inventory issues but if I get a bag I would happily send it to you 🙂

      • That’s really nice of you but I’m getting the bag myself 🙂
        I feel bad for the ones not getting it cause of how nice it looks and apparently a lot of people want it.

      • Send it to me please!! I can send you something like masks, I do not use them and I am getting the hyaluronic acid ones.

    • I’m one of the ones who isn’t getting the bag and I’m furious. They’re sending me one I absolutely hate. I told them to keep it so I don’t have to throw it away. I also hate almost everything else they’re sending me. Thank heavens I was able to choose the Luna oil or I’d be cancelling for sure.

      • How do we know beforehand if we are getting the bag or not??

  23. I was not given the choice for Sunday Riket and I was bummed. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I’m getting it in my bag! Yay! I’m thrilled!!

    What I’m getting:

    Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil
    Tarte Sea-Surfer Mascara
    Itse’ Eyeshadow Quad
    Tens Lip Oil
    Real Her Eyeliner

    All in all, and considering other variations I’ve seen, I am very happy with my bag and can’t wait to try the Oil!

    • Riley, ha, so excited I didn’t proof it.

      • I didnt have it as a choice, and I didnt pick anything and I am getting the worst bag I’ve ever got in 7 years from them. I did spend 93 dollars in add ons..I got to add on the Sunday riley oil, and the Anastasia of Beverley hills jackie Ania pallette with abh liquid lip set

    • Im getting this same box, and I had the option to choose SR. Very interesting!

      • Yes it is. Makes you wonder if the choice makes that much of a difference, after all. I mean, if the people who didn’t choose a particular item get it in their bag anyway.

  24. I subscribed to Ipsy Plus because I wanted this bag SO BAD. But I got my reveal, and I’m getting a prior month’s bag. Apparently they didn’t make enough of these. So if you don’t want your bag, let me know. I’m on swap, or I’d be willing to buy it from you. Thanks!

    • Heidi, I think we ‘met’ while discussing birthdays and you said you were born same time as my late daughter, Heidi. I’m supposed to be getting this style bag. I’ll be glad to send it to you! Email me: alicerachal at yahoo dot com.

      • Awesome! I am indeed that Heidi, and glad to make the connection. Thank you so much!

    • I skipped this month, but if they send this month’s bag to me, next month, I’ll send you mine. I’ll come back to this post and see if you want another one…that’s IF (and a big IF), they send it to me on the wrong month. Who knows with these subscription boxes, though?

  25. So I am not getting the advertised purple theme bag but the green bag from April. Ipsy’s excuse is they had issues with their inventory. Eventually they said I may he able to buy it as a mystery bag. I tried to question that and how that was fair. All of my items but the Sunday Riley are repeats. I never got them before but they are from previous months. I have had nothing but issues since switching to Plus in May. I am giving them August and then I am going back to the $12 bag or going to Boxycharm.

    • Same! I purposely signed up for Ipsy Plus, just to get the bag. They told me they sent me an email letting me know I was going to get a different bag (which is a complete lie), so there was nothing they could do.

    • Hi Jess- I signed up in April hoping to get the April bag, but my first bag was May. So if you want I can swap with you, I am getting the purple theme bag this month. Email is mrspumpkinsquash @ yahoo

  26. I newly signed up and was charged on the 1st for Plus and Ultimate. I have been a regular bag member for months though. Is there a reason I don’t have a reveal yet on the upper tier bags? Would have been great to know before add-ons. I loved the bag designs, even though I don’t travel, retro pastel colors make me happy. Unfortunately, I am not excited for product possibilities this month, probably wasn’t the best month to try.

    • I signed up for the regular glam bag and I also have the glam bag plus….they still have not shown me what I am getting for the regular bag and they would not allow me to add any add ons under the regular bag this month…hopefully next month it will be different??

  27. did anybody get the sunday riley face oil? I have two bags and I did not get one..

    • I didn’t have it as a choice option, and did not get it in my bag, either. I have oils as ‘often’.

  28. I was sads because SR was not a choice for me so I had them choose. Woke up at 5 am PST to add-on the Luna oil then went back to bed but couldn’t sleep. I’d noticed the Awake serum in my bag and couldn’t recall what else was there and it was driving me nuts. Anyway—-

    Ciate Watermelon burst primer
    Awake glow pill serum
    Billion Dollar Brows (already have, not sure if this is a repeat or the other is from Boxy)
    Il Makiage shadow Eyes on the Prize
    Tarte sea surfer mascara

    Add on: Luna oil

    Really happy about the Ciate and Awake. The eye shadow is pretty and will pair well with one of my mini palettes. I like most of the Tarte mascaras. My eyebrows are so sparse I have to literally draw them in, so I prolly need another brow kit.

    • I got the Billion Dollar Brow in taupe also. It was in our Ipsy box recently. I emailed Ipsy about it. With so many things still available we should not be getting repeats. I chose the Ahava daily moisturizer because the SR oil wasn’t available and here it is in ADD ONS. I brought that up as well. I guess I’ll see what they do about the repeat item. I also got the Pixi Petra spray which I’m just whatever about and the AWAKE serum which I do want to give a try. The last item was the Il Makiage shadow in the lightest shade which I’m happy with. Their makeup is great quality.

      Are you going to contact them about the repeat item?

      • Regarding the SR being available as an add-on but not as a choice item: The reason why that happens is because Ipsy is a business 1st and foremost, their goal is to make money. if they simply allowed everyone who wanted one to pick Luna as a choice item then they would be losing money, to avoid this they only allow the item to be a choice for so many people, the rest can buy it at a reduced rate which is a plus 4 you because you now get it cheaper than buying at retail price and a plus 4 them cuz they make some money from all the sales.

      • Actually Tiffany, some people did not even have the SR oil as a choice, even if they were on the site the moment choice started. I had it available and that’s what I chose, but I would have been really upset if it wasn’t even an option for me. Especially since I have oils set to often, and others who also have that setting didn’t get it.

        I reallllly hope this isn’t gonna be a thing with ipsy, where they decide who gets a choice of which item based on their profile, because they are clearly not getting it right. I noticed other people had options I wasn’t given either….and I was on at 9 est. Lame!

  29. I canceled. Glad I did. Based on the bags people are listing, it seems like there’s no chance I would have avoided getting stuff I don’t want.

  30. Does anybody want to swap an E41 brush or even the entire brush set for a Tarte double take eyeliner or an after sun spray from my FFF box? Please email nnysfillerbunny @ gmail if you’re interested. I really want the brush but I dont want to pay $25 for the set and I won’t use the after sun spray.

    • I caved and bought it.

  31. If anyone does not want their Ofra highlighter, I will gladly buy it from you!

    • Ashley, just FYI: IPSY Offers is selling the “Glow-Getters Set” for $16 and it includes an OFRA highlighter along with 4 other items.

      • Thank you so much for the information! Sadly, it’s actually the Star Island one. Bummer!

    • Hi again Ashley,
      Are you specifically looking for the OFRA x NikkiTutorials Glazed Donut?

      • Errmmm,

        Yes, that is correct.

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