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Ipsy Glam Bag, Plus, + Ultimate August 2020 Glam Bag Reveals!

We have the glam bag design reveals for the August 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag, Glam Bag Plus, and Glam Bag Ultimate!

Here is the bag design for each subscription:

Glam Bag

Your future is looking bright and shiny, just like this Glam Bag. The five deluxe-sized samples inside your silver holographic August Glam Bag are here to perk up your month.

Glam Bag Plus

Get excited—the all-new drawstring pouch (with an iconic holographic IPSY logo) is officially here for August’s Glam Bag Plus. Roomy and seriously handy, this bag easily stashes your five full-sized products and more.

Check out our post about the new bag and new personalization here.

Glam Bag Ultimate

Rosé all day…and the next day. Our August Glam Bag Ultimate gets a summery rose gold tint—perfect for storing your eight full-size products and four deluxe-size samples.

What do you think of the glam bag designs?

For the IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate:

  • New Membership for even more beauty picks. Glam Bag Ultimate is a new subscription with 8 full-sized & 4 deluxe samples, personalized for you, for $50/month. You’ll get to choose one of your full-size products with the new choice feature! 
  • There will be a makeup bag, every month.
  • You can now add up to 5 Add-Ons for your bag. Previously you were limited to 3.

This subscription is $50 a month. Sign up here!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate

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Comments (98)

  1. I’d rather have a bag with straps than a clunky zip up clutch makeup bag combo. I like carrying my bags without having to use my hands, & at this point, I need a purse more than another makeup bag lol. So it sucks that Ultimate is getting the shaft while Plus is getting more options & the totally different bag. I pay more for better & more…yet the $25 Plus is getting the better products & bags? Make it make sense.

    • Lol – matter of taste I guess! I was thinking how much more awesome the regular and ultimate glam bags are! The drawstring one looks incredibly boring, to me, and that was part of my decision to skip plus this month. Doing the regular bag instead, and for the first time ever, I may buy the ultimate bag as an add-on.

  2. I hate the drawstring bag with plus smh I will cancel and switch back to the glam bag regular if September is an identical drawstring bag and not unique every month.

  3. They are beautiful! I love the holo one!

  4. I wish they would send a bag like they first started out with, so the 3 tiers got a different sized bags. I NEED all the bags I can get. My local goodwill sells 1 small glam bag for 4.99. Online they sell glam bags for 10 or more plus shipping…I use mine to make for 8/9th grade girls and put pads, pantyliners, tampons and a makeup/skincare items, and during winter I try to find 1.00 pair of gloves or socks and add them into the bag and this one teacher keeps them in her room, so the girls know they can always go and ask for a bag and they are there. Our local schools dont give out or even sell feminine hygiene products for these girls, and honey, some families you can tell are struggling and the girls coming to ask for one is embarrassing to them, so it’s nice to also give them a couple extra things inside there for them. And it’s hard for me because I don’t have a lot of extra money, but to have these bags are honestly a lifesaver for me to give to them.
    These young girls actually CRY to get this little gift and you will see them carrying them around and using them months later. So for Ipsy to not send bags really bothers me because I don’t get enough to keep up because they are so expensive at goodwill and online…. I’ve seen some people say they have went to their local goodwill and they sell bundles of 10 ipsy bags there for 1.00, I would be THRILLED to find that kind of deal, because its expensive to buy the items to put in there for these girls as well and keep some always in that teachers room at all times, because I mean, come on…at that age it would suck to be at school and have a accident and the schools dont provide or sell anything for them…

    Please, please please ipsy, go back to sending the bags..even if you make it the same price and just allow some to opt out without a bag, so be it, but some of us account could use more bags and even trying to buy ONE for 12 dollars is super excited when you need enough to keep a steady flow of them plus to fill them for girls on top of it is too much sometimes.

    I think people think this drawstring bag is going to hold shoes and stuff and from everywhere I’ve read they said they would be lucky to get 1 pair of gloves inside them, and honestly, this is something people are not going to reuse over and over like a bag is.

  5. The drawstring bag is such a good idea. Anyone subbed to Ipsy for a while probably has more makeup pouches than they know what to do with. The drawstring bag can hold a different variety of items than pouches, make it extremely versatile. It can fit the bigger items that don’t fit in the bags you get in each tier. Could use it to hold hair products, like fullsize hairspray. Great for travel, keep a pair of shoes separate from the rest of your luggage. Laundry, bathing suit, hair tools. Most of which won’t fit in regular size makeup pouches, and cases. Another useful bag design and size for those needs beyond a pouch. A+ from me.

  6. I wonder if glam bag plus string bags will be different designs, it just same pink bag every month?

  7. To be honest I don’t like the drawstring bag at all. They tear up easily and don’t last no where as long as the old bags do. I do think think that the bags you put in the ultimate should be in the plus boxes and the ultimate bags should be totes.

    • So you think you should put the “cheap tote” in the $50 bag? Explain your reasoning, please because I would be interested to know why the most expensive tier should get the crappiest bag………..

      • I read it to mean a nice tote in the ultimate (not this drawstring thing)

  8. I like the new Plus drawstring bag it’s something new at least! I want the Ultimate bag hope it’s in add-ons.

  9. I love the new drawstring bag! It is one I can think of many ways to use. I never use any of their bags now. They go straight out of my box into the trash. Im excited for the new change❤

  10. Do you have to be a subscriber to the regular glam bag before subscribing to plus?

    • No, you do not.

    • No, all are separate subscriptions…unlike some other boxes 😉

      • Thanks!

    • Let me know how it goes. When I resubbed earlier this year for Ipsy I wanted to go straight to GBP but I got a message that stated I had to enroll first in the regular IPSY before upgrading. I was able to do both in the same month because I was able to get off the waitlist for glam bag plus on time. This was probably in March but I’m looking into re-subbing again lol.

      • The website looks like you can just sub to Glam Bag Plus, but when I select that subscription it redirects me to sign up for the original Glam Bag. I’m thinking either there is a glitch in their website or I am required to have the original subscription first.

  11. I love the drawstring bag, I can actually travel and put my items in those and easier to carry. I will definetly get a use out of the new bags, i never used the tiny ones.

  12. Honestly, I don’t care about the bags. In fact, I’d rather they get rid of them completely and either add another small item or knock off a buck or two from the monthly subscription cost. They just take up room and are really meant to be seen as a bonus item, not the point of subscribing.

    I subscribe for the actual items and like the idea of a partially chosen by me, partially curated by subscription. I know I’ll like 3/5 of the items, and might be happily surprised by the other 2.

    That being said, I think all the of the bags are cute and functional, though I already have more than I know what to do with of the smallest size. 🤷‍♀️

    • I agree. I am more excited about having more choices, don’t care so much about the bag. I do kind of hope that the bag is different every month, and doesn’t always say IPSY in big letters. I am also hoping it is big enough to put shoes in when traveling. That would be nice.

      • I’d love it if they gave you the option to decide whether or not you got a bag that month. The bags were fun when I first started subbing to Ipsy, but I’ve got SO many now that I would rather not receive one, unless I really like the design.

      • People that have been in the beta testing said you MIGHT fit a pair of gloves in it but shoes will not fit in there. I like the bags and need them to pack with feminine hygiene products for the local 8/9 th grade girls because the school dont have any for them if they need them and don’t have any for sale, so I pack them up with girl needs and then add makeup/skincare item for them to go to a certain teachers classroom as they need. I CONSTANTLY run out of bags and online people want ten dollars plus shipping for one small bag and my local goodwill wants five dollars for one of the regular small it’s always a struggle to keep them for the teacher anyway..

  13. I switched back to the regular Glam Bag and while I do think the bag is cute, I have more of these little bags than I can ever use. I wish I was getting the drawstring bag just to have something different. I can think of a million ways to use it.

  14. O my gosh ALL the complaining about the Plus bag! They can NOT make EVERYONE happy EVERY month because people’s tastes very so much! Guess what I LIKE the Plus bag. I think it’s extremely handy especially for summer. It might actually get used unlike the other 50 bags in my drawer that are too small to use for anything. Also HELLO we are getting 3 choices for Plus! I think that makes up for any kind of bag. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean everyone else will hate it too

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. Lol

    • Everyone has an opinion. Everyone’s opinion is valid for that person, whether it coincides with yours…or not.

      • I agree Alice. The whole point of a comments section is to Express our views. Why do some folk get mad at that? Plus I have a stack of sephora bags. No one wants them and you can’t fit that much in them. I loved the bags from ipsy GBP

    • I agree. There will always be two sides to one coin.
      I am blown away that we get to choose 3 of 5 items in a $25 bag, practically unheard of. Making Ipsy even more customizable and curated by the customer. Great move.
      As for the drawstring bags, Imo, I truly think maybe some people will change their mind once they realize how useful it is. Long time subscribers might be happy to get a bigger or more versatile bag as a change of pace. I’m excited to store fullsize hair care that won’t fit into other makeup bags I own. I’m even happier I can fit more taller or wider items inside for the donation bags I make!

    • So, people aren’t allowed to say they don’t like the bag because some people do like the bag? People always think everyone should tiptoe around each other’s feelings.

  15. Didn’t you get the email about WHY we are getting the bag?

    Things are changing in August, we are going to be able to pick THREE products and if I read it right, they are going to show us what two products they “picked” for us.

    There is a full explanation of the changes on their website.

  16. I’m not happy with the draw string. At least they could have used cute material. What did we do to get sent the back of the line. The other two are so cute and the plus bag is dulllllll!

  17. Well I’m bummed. I love receiving the bags every month and I decided this month to switch from Glam Bag to the Glam Bag plus since I was tired of tiny samples. And now they have those super pretty make up bags and I’m getting a flimsy drawstring… Hopefully the products cheer me up

    • You can still switch back to getting the regular glam bag and pause the plus; there’s plenty of time. That way you won’t get a drawstring bag (but you also won’t be able to choose 3 of your products).

      I honestly don’t care one iota about the bags – that’s not why I get IPSY. I’ve been subscribed for a year and I’m already overflowing with makeup bags – they’re coming out of the woodwork. I wish they’d stop sending bags altogether. How many makeup bags does a person need?

      • Yeah I thought about that but I’m excited about choosing the 3 products and getting full-sized items so I’ll give it shot. The bags were a nice little bonus but not a deal breaker for me.
        I’ve had ipsy for a year and a half and I use my bags for organization, etc. I’m just a tiny bit disappointed, but if the products end up being great, I won’t mind at all!

      • Does your guys timeline tell you that choice is tomorrow? (4glam bag) mine says nothing and I thought it was supposed to tell us in advance. It’s my first month and had it not been for this site I wouldn’t know at all about it being tomorrow. Just wondering if your guys timeline is saying anything

      • A lot of use need bags to reuse them to give feminine hygiene products to school girls, some say they pack them for nursing home ladies that like to get a little something sometimes….not everyone just keeps them and does nothing. It’s sad because goodwill on my area sells one tiny glam bag for 4.99 and online they want 10 dollars for one, or I’ve seen 15/20 for the ultimate bag alone. For those of us that struggle to get our hands on the bags so we can use them to give to others, if we can get the bags, or get the, for cheap (I’ve read some goodwill sells 10 ipsy bags for 1.00) It saves us money so we can spend money on desperately needed items like pads, tampons, panty liners, wipes, a makeup/skincare items and sometimes a cute pair of socks or gloves in the winter, maybe toothbrush/toothpaste and dental floss…it really gets expensive and adds up quick, especially when you realise how many 8th/9th grade girls come to ask for a bag (the majority don’t even take advice of it, and you can tell some REALLY need it and my local schools don’t give out or even sell pads or tampons) so for them knowing they can always go to that “one teachers room” and ask to pick out one bag, it REALLY makes a different for them, and then you see them months later carrying the bag and using it for many other things.
        So for some of us, its REALLY nice to be able to have the bags, and not have to try and buy them off people (the ultimate sized ones are ex6to buy from people) but it saves money so I can spend more on the stuff that goes inside the bags for them, and they don’t have to worry about being embarrassed to come ask.
        I have honestly seen some girls break down and cry after seeing just those basic little items inside. I know to some it might not even be thought about, but to some, it’s a huge deal. 🙂

  18. Uhhh .. Plus bag is soo ugly… Luv the other 2 bags.. So sad the plus bag is string bag now….

  19. I wonder if glam bag plus will be a different draw string bag every month or always the same ?
    If it’s always the same then I can gift it to some residents at the senior assisted living I work at they would like it. I just hope it’s different every month

    • I’m glad to see you are making use of your extra bags to help others. I work with young people and I put them in my “prize bag” (for example for everyone who got their homework done for a month, they can pick a prize from the bag, and a lot of the girls like to pick the makeup bags). I’m sure Goodwill would take the unused bag–there’s no point in letting them go straight to the garbage when someone can get use out of them.

  20. Well, okay, now I see them altogether it’s like two shiny apples. And a banana.

  21. Personally I don’t care which bag they use if they could do something about the poor shipping times.

    • Ipsy has always had mid month shipping times. Covid has set those shipping times back even further. With the changes coming in August they’ve already said it may take a little longer while they adjust to the changes. Ipsy has always been transparent about shipping times and just like Boxy they say it can take til the 15th of the month to ship.

      • I’ve been with ipsy for almost 7 year now, and NEVER had an issue with shipping. They switched this month from dhl/usps to this pitney bowes/usps and my box with 100 dollar plus add ons keep supposedly travelling around was in my town 2 times, instead of being delivered it gets sent to another town/state. Its absolutely insane. It’s not to to covid because they were doing amazing..its due to them trying to cheap out while making more money then ever with add ons/daily sales/second chance sales etc.

  22. If enough people cancel the Glam bag, for several months in a row, maybe Ipsy will get the message?

    I received my worst bag ever, this month, including another one of those lotions that you can barely get out of the bottle. I know I’m a grouchy witch due to the heat and isolation, but I was really let down.

    • That BASD lotion right? It’s embarrassing how teeny tiny that is… and its a’body’ lotion 😐

  23. The cases for the GB and the GBU are so pretty. I am not a fan of the sack in the GBP. I was sent one in a former GBP and I wrote them and they said they are going with a new design.

  24. Personally I’m very irritated because I love the plus subscription as a whole but I do NOT want that ugly drawstring that says IPSY on it. No way. So I skipped. And no, I won’t be subbing to another level to get the bag even though I love it.

  25. I don’t like the plus bag at all. It looks very cheap and literally worthless. Who is really going to put their makeup in a drawstring bag? This is like a laundry bag, not makeup bag. Ipsy needs to rethink this, I will stick around for customization but if it sucks then I’m cancelling and saving my money.

    • My thoughts, too. Plus was my favorite tier. I abhor the sack. I’m going to try one month of the tri-choice. I’ve got GB on annual; but, don’t plan on a renew. Ultimate cancelled. I’ve picked up Seenewskincare L&R, and Nourish.

    • I think one of the things about the new GBP is that you get charged before customization so you can’t skip if you don’t like the choices.

      • That part really stinks.

      • Yeah I don’t trust like that.

        Between the crap sack and mostly the fact that we’re locked in before choice, I don’t care that I can pick 3 items if I don’t have the option to skip if I don’t like the options.

        They burned me once on GBP and even my regular gb is just lackluster anymore. Thinking it’s time to take a break from Ipsy 🙁

  26. can someone please tell me if i join ipsy plus when do i join to get the august bag…i already have one, but i forgot the cut off date to join for the next month…and thanks..

    • Tammy,

      You can join now to receive August. The cutoff date for July has already passed. Ipsy has been telling this on Instagram.

      • thank you sunnyT….sorry i don’t have instagram…or any other social media.. but thanks for the info…

    • I signed on Jul and get the Jul plus bag. hope this helps.

  27. I have Plus and I really like this pouch and it looks like a good size. For me it will be perfect in my suitcase. I can put socks/unders in there or it can be the bag for chargers and electric stuff. Like others I don’t care for the branding but maybe I can get it off.

    • Looks like it’s printed on, doesn’t it? Oh well. I can probably gift it. All I want is that Murad sunscreen they spoiled. Please please please!

  28. I love the regular bag!!! If i sign up now, will I get this one first or will I get July too?

  29. Not excited at all about the drawstring bags as a Plus subscriber. I really like the other two bags a lot but I am not adding/changing my subscriptions. I don’t want just samples or a whole ton of product I can’t use up.

    • Same! The other two bags are adorable and then we get this crappy drawstring bag.. Uh no thanks. Can one of my pics be to get a cute bag? lol

  30. I hate drawstrings so this will be a cancel.

  31. I don’t mind getting the drawstring bag, I just wish it didn’t say ipsy on it.

    • I hate drawstring’s so this will be a cancel.

  32. If only my July bag get shipped ………..
    I am excited for pouch for GBP. I have no use for cosmetic bag anyway. They are too small.

    • Same

    • If it is 15 days or more, from the ship date contact Ipsy. Their shipper is really screwing up.
      They lost my May Box, it was the BEST box I was getting in months. Ipsy, blamed it on the virus but it looked like the label was created and it expired. They claimed they sent a replacement box of “awesome”, 15 days from the ship date went by. no box of “awesome”. Contacted them again, shipped another replacement.
      The replacement showed up, it was not a box of awesome, it had TWO products I received last year and one of the Add Ons, were missing. A few days later, another box showed up, same TWO products, that I received last year and the Adds Ons were missing. I contacted Ipsy a few times, the Add On was sold out and they gave me 600 for my trouble BUT they did not offer to replace the two old and duplicate products. I gave up,
      I hope this doesn’t happen to you too.

  33. I miss the holograph look for the bags on the GBP. I think the gbp is missing out this month and isn’t nearly as cool as those other bags. Sad day. The letting isn’t enough.

    • It doesn’t look like it here but I saw a video of the drawstring bag & IPSY is an iridescent silver.

  34. As a Plus subscriber who loves all things iridescent and holographic, I’m a little sad right now. Not that I need another makeup bag. I just want all the shiny things!

    • Same! I’m happy with the changes, I love a drawstring bag, but I would love it more if it were a shiny, holographic bag.

  35. I’m ok with these. They might make nice wet bags for the pool or beach.

  36. I love the new drawstring bags! I think they’ll get more use than the other style. I’m going to use mine to put my sunglasses in when i put them in my purse so they won’t get scratched.

  37. Loveee these bags!!!! 😘

  38. I simultaneously hate these bags and love them. I like the color better of the ultimate but I don’t get it. I will have to see them in person because I feel like they’ll either be crap or really pretty. Also really like the drawstring bag.

  39. Nothing special. I am glad I’ve already skipped the Glam bag and the Ultimate especially considering how much I I don’t like the July Ultimate bag that I thought was sooo cute and just had to have. Between it’s size and design, I rendered it useless and stuffed an old tee shirt into it so I can at least prop it up on my vanity and use it as cute decor.

    I’m still interested in Plus despite the drawstring junk based on product curiosity and choice abilities so I will give it a try come August.

  40. I think the new plus bags would be super handy. But I hope they arent that same pink every month. That would get boring quick! I think they should be on theme with the other 2. Or at least a different color every month.

    • From what I’ve heard, this is ‘it’.

      • Ipsy’s write up says the bag will be different each month and design to go with the theme.

      • Emma, do you think that means that just the “IPSY” logo will be the same material as the other bags, like this month. Omg, that would be ridiculous!

      • Lori, not sure. I was trying to figure out how the pink bag matches the other two… I guess if the lettering is holographic?

        I was thinking they probably meant the fabric making up the bag and logo color will go with the theme? I just don’t see how they could use the same pink bag month after month. (I mean, they could, I just don’t think people are going to like that.)

      • We’ll see, won’t we?!

      • Its difficult to see here but I saw a video of the drawstring bag & IPSY is an iridescent silver.

  41. I get classic and plus. Dislike both bags. They look really cheap.

    • My thoughts exactly.

  42. I’m SUPER excited for these bags!!! I love anything iridescent or hologram!! I’m actually really excited about the new bag for the plus too!! There are plenty of times I’m going places and have my makeup bag, hair stuff, etc and this would be the perfect bag to throw that stuff in. Because to be honest I probably have 40 of their bags just bagged up in my closet because I either didn’t like the design or they were to small

    • Exactly! I think this bag is a good size and perfect for summer

      • Right?!? Some people seemed bummed about it but I think it’s a good change!! I can think of tons of stuff I can use the new plus bags for. Heck I don’t know how big they’ll actually be from the pic it seems like they’re the perfect size to work as dust bags for purses and stuff!! Just seems more practical to me but that’s just my opinion

  43. The regular bag and ultimate bag are so much better than the plus cheapo bag. I’m going to stay this month for the personalization; if it works, I might stay for future bags.

  44. Love the bags for GB & GBU this time. The last two months the bags had zero appeal to me. I only subscribe to GB because I already have more products than I can use in a lifetime.

    • Agree. The past two months’ bags were awful.

  45. I like all three bags. Obviously, Classic Glam and Ultimate follow the same theme. However, I am intrigued about the drawstring bag for Plus, as well… something different.

  46. I like the bags better for the regular and the Ultimate but the products are more what I would like in the plus

  47. Super cute bags for glam and ultimate. Not sure how handy the plus bag would be.

    • Im in it for the product and not the bag. If they are offering top tier products and cutting the budget from the bag, im all for it. Bags are just dust collectors to me.

  48. The Plus bag is really cute. The other two? Not so much. They remind me of some hideous shoes I had back in the 90s.


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