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FYI – Target Beauty Boxes Have Ended

FYI – Target has announced the end of their Beauty Box: 

After years of helping you discover your favorite new products, our Beauty Box program is ending to make way for something new.

You can check out their collection of Beauty Minis and Beauty Gift Sets. Plus, the June Target “Beauty Trendsetters” Beauty Box is still available:

The Box: Target Beauty Box – Beauty Trendsetters

Beauty Trendsetters – From celebrity makeup artists to Instagram’s hottest influencers, emerging brands are proving to be an industry fave—high quality and unique, it’s no surprise why. So obviously, we had to get in on the trend, too! We tried and tested, and then again, to hand-pick the under-the-radar products that are changing the beauty game.

Cost: $7

The Products:

  • LUMIFY® Redness Reliever Eye Drops – .013 fl oz
  • Honestly pHresh Prebiotic Deodorant Sea Mineral – 39 G
  • tenoverten Rose Polish Remover Wipes – 1 cloth
  • Yuni Travel Shower Sheet Body Wipe – 1 wipe
  • Tanologist Drops Sunless Tanning Treatments – .02 fl oz
  • Rae DeStress Capsules – 5 Days of Supply
  • Waterless Dry Conditioner

Check out the list of subscription boxes you can try for $10 or less!

Target Beauty Box

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Comments (59)

  1. I think Birchbox will be the next subscription box to be discontinued. As a company they haven’t really put any new merchandise in the shop since the virus took over. They’ve had one kit and one limited edition box. And, they’ve been discontinuing things left and right. And, just letting things sell and not restocking. So, I really believe they will make there last box ever September. Since, they already have August box planned and Sept. is their Anniversary as a company. So, I think that’s when they’ll call it quite’s.

  2. I wish Target had went out on a high note with an incredible box.

  3. I thought the first 2 years of Target Beauty boxes were stellar. Especially, the holiday box from that year. I remember it being chalked full of makeup for $5.00. Then they became hit or miss. Until, finally they became pretty awful. However, I actually miss the days they used to send a makeup bag chalked full of samples. Back, then you paid $5.00 in shipping cost and the sample bags were free. Most, probably don’t even remember that program because it pre- dated beauty box subscriptions. In fact that program with Target even pre-dated Birchbox.

  4. I’ll miss the Target boxes!

    I suppose that I should be glad that I am saving money what with Macy’s, Sephora Play and now Target going.

    Any word on whether the Macy’s box is ever coming back?

  5. Even though I had stopped ordering regularly, I’m sorry to see it end. It made a great Christmas stocking stuffer!

  6. Sorry to see this! I looked forward to new boxes each month. Hopefully they’ll do something like Walmart and do quarterly or seasonal. I remember when I used to spend $10!
    I really hope they come with something better as they say….. Let’s hope!

  7. I personally won’t miss this one…they started out great, but with time I lost interest and stopped buying. It’ll be interesting to see which boxes stand the test of time.

  8. This really seals it, guys. The sub box game is over. Give it 12-18 months tops & they’ll all be gone. It was really fun while it lasted though! 😥

  9. Bummer! The Target box definitely had its ups and downs, but they had a few really strong boxes recently, including sunscreen and the nail care box. I was hoping they were on the upswing for the long-term.

  10. That truly stinks. It was cheap and always had at least one new item I liked.

  11. Anyone remember when these were free?

    • I remember when they were free, came with a makeup bag, and were much better! I have only purchased one in the last several years.

    • YES! That program even pre-dated Birchbox. I remember the free samples would come out quarterly and u’d just pay the shipping price.
      And, the samples even came inside a makeup bag!

    • I even still have the Cheetah print makeup bag. Which, was the last free sample bag they ever sent out.

    • Sorry I know this is the 3rd response. BUT, the other thing I remember is you had to be lightening fast on the computer. Because, those free sample bags were always gone within 5 mins. I remember it being like a game because you never knew when they drop the bag. Since, it pre-dated Sub boxes and subscription addiction didn’t exist. And, the first free sample bag pre-dated smart phones lol. I think the first bag came out in ‘07 or ‘08. So, it really was a lot harder to secure it. I lost out quite a few bags due to having to hit re-fresh or the back button my laptop. lol good-times.

  12. Bummer. I’ve only ordered a couple. I always seem to have a couple of bucks on a gift card, and this was a nice little treat ☹️

  13. I used to love the Target beauty boxes; but they’ve really gone downhill that last year or two. I used to always get the men’s boxes for Christmas gifts. I’m sad they’re gone; but I honestly haven’t bought one for at least a year.

  14. I’ll bet Birchbox is one of the next to go.

    • Agreed. I think they’ll end their subscription boxes in September. Bc, they already have Aug. planned out. And, Sept is their Anniversary month as a company. I’ve been paying attention and BB hasn’t been re-stocking anything, they’ve been discontinuing quite a bit too, along with not really coming out with anything new for their shop.

  15. 😦😟😨😰😢😭😓😩😫😞😑

  16. That was one of my favorite boxes ! 🙁 whyy

  17. Oh no, I’m so disappointed the Target beauty boxes are ending. I enjoyed them and being able to check out the latest products. Bummer!

  18. I hate to say this but this virus has completely taken over everything,I would not doubt it if by the end of the year all of our subscription boxes were completely done and over…..It is so sad what is happening in today’s world,I am so sad to see all the stuff going on today,and I am sad to see all of our boxes ending.

  19. I believe they mentioned they are making way for something new!

  20. WTH?? And another one bites the dust. I didn’t get every box, but I got a lot of them over the years. They were such a deal for $7. The May sunscreen box was excellent, I got several. And they were great stocking stuffers at Christmas. I just ordered the remaining June box, bc it’s the last one. 😢

  21. I am sad to see Target Beauty box go… like others say, it was hit or miss for me, but I liked the option of just getting the boxes I wanted each month. The price point was also nice when you don’t want to spend much. Let’s see what comes next.

  22. The sunscreen box was on point. I hope the “make way for something new” will be just as good.

  23. I am so bummed about this! I’m relatively new to the sub box world so I didn’t know the “good old days” of the Target beauty box, but overall I think they’ve been great. Sure, not every one was a complete winner, but for $7 shipped it was a super affordable way to treat oneself and try out some new things. I’m very curious to know what the “something new” is going to be!

  24. 😪

  25. I went looking for the July box for my birthday and was sad to find out they were cancelling. This is the first box I purchased and how I found this page. I loved that it was only $7. Hopefully they will do special boxes for the holidays or quarterly.

  26. WOW! Hello Monday. That’s not news to start a week with. I love the Target boxes. I now use so many items I would have never known about if it hadn’t been for my little treat box. Bye, hopefully not forever.

  27. I LOVED getting these boxes… sometimes more than Ipsy or others 🥺

  28. These Target Beauty Boxes saved me a lot of money, especially when I tried a sample of a product, and it went straight into the trash. This saved me from paying for a full sized product that I would have ended up disliking.

  29. So sad, I enjoyed a majority of the boxes I bought and always looked forward to seeing what was in them each month. 🙁 I hope they are coming up with a better idea to replace this box.

  30. Why, baby WHY???!!! 😭😭😭

  31. It’s no real surprise. Gone were the days (for some time now), when Target beauty boxes would sell out quickly, because they were so good. The past 8 or 9 months have been so-so. Hopefully, they’ll bring them back, in the future.

  32. I bought two of the boxes with the vichy and cera ve and I still have one of the boxes unopened. I guess it’s a collector’s item now lol

  33. Aw bittersweet 🙁 I loved a lot of the target boxes, some were not as great but they were always a steal with an amazing products

  34. These boxes were always a hit or miss. Still sad to see it go.

    Though the subscription box trend is dying down they are still a great way to try something new and/or get your hands on a higher end item at an affordable cost. Hopefully when COVID starts to dwindle subscription boxes come back swinging. I know a lot of businesses are drastically cutting costs and sub boxes and/or the items in the box are what they are cutting first. I am sure many of these sub boxes are having difficulty obtaining quality products at a reduced rate.

    • This is what I’m hoping…sub boxes have allowed me to try out some higher end products at a price I could actually afford. I’d hate to see them go away, especially for skincare

  35. I am so disappointed. I really looked forward to these. They had some great boxes this year! The sun care and lip care boxes for example were an amazing value.

  36. I am disappointed too. I was looking forward to checking this one out. I bought the nail one last month and my girls and I had so much fun with it. I haven’t always purchased one, but looked forward to see what they had each month. What a great way to try something new without breaking the bank, and I loved the coupons too. I don’t know if Target decided they were more hassle than they were worth or what. Unlike the subscriptions requiring a purchase each month, these were month by month, no obligation. I am bummed.

  37. That’s sad another well priced beauty box goes away. Like so many others have said, these were a hit or miss. I was able to find many new favorites through this box.You were able to see the contents before you purchased ( also a plus). I also liked to order extra boxes for gifts and stocking stuffers. 🙁

    • Yes, agreed. I hate boxes with disappointing mystery variations.

  38. That’s a shame; the Target Beauty Boxes were exciting to look forward to each month. I hope what they are coming up with is truly better.

  39. I’m not surprised, they went downhill and I haven’t bought one in years. It says making room for something new, so maybe something better will come will along 🤷🏻‍♀️

  40. Finally this box is out of it’s misery. I must admit, I got quiet a few over the years but mostly out of boredom really. A lot of them were lackluster.

  41. Omg! I did the ugly cry when I heard this! “Making room for something better” what could be better than this?

  42. Welp, another ones bites the dust. Such a shame. This one was hit or miss for me, but I usually looked forward to qt least seeing what was offered. The death of sub boxes…..sigh.

  43. Bummer! These were so great for so many reasons…

  44. Also sad about this–was expecting a post for a new one today :-(.

  45. I will miss seeing the monthly offerings. I enjoyed these themed boxes. I enjoyed being able to choose if I wanted to purchase one or not. My favs were the Men’s boxes for my son and husband. I also really enjoyed the African American natural hair box from a year or so ago. Was hoping they would do one like that again.

    • I didn’t even know Target did a beauty box until the curly hair one. From then on, I’ve been hooked! Like others have commented, they’ve been hit or miss recently but I still looked forward to seeing the new boxes each month. Bummer.

  46. What?!!! I just came here to see if July was out. Now I’m sad. 🙁

    • I know, right!! I think it hurts more cause we were so excited.

  47. Awww…I was looking forward to seeing what was in this month’s box. I’ll miss this one a lot.

    • Me too! I was wondering what products would be in July’s box. Found my answer.

  48. Bummer. So many ending. Sub life is getting boring.

  49. Oh that stinks, this one was always one of my top faves because of the variety of samples and the amount of them. This sucks.

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