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CAUSEBOX $24.95 Intro Box #3 Available Now + Spoilers

The Summer Welcome box from  CAUSEBOX has sold out and the Intro Box #3 is available now for $24.95! (CAUSEBOX is regularly $49.95) If you sign up for an annual subscription, your Intro Box is only $19.95!

The Summer Intro Box 3 is currently on sale! It contains 5 full-size products (guaranteed Pixie Mood Crossbody in every Intro Box!) with a total retail value of $150+. The price of the Intro Box is only $25!
If you sign up for an Annual Membership, you will be able to customize this vegan leather crossbody and save an additional $20 on your membership for the year!

The Intro Box #3 will include:

A timeless everyday crossbody with a detachable strap — can be styled up or down. Made to last, out of premium vegan leather, high end detailing, and an innovative interior made from recycled plastic bottles. Annual Members select from either Honey, Gray, or Black.

Intro Box #3 will include one of the following:

This 10-piece white and rose gold brush set is made from 100% vegan, and cruelty-free, high quality, hypoallergenic fibers and there is a perfect brush for every use. The set comes in custom-for-CAUSEBOX vegan leather pouch, and proceeds from la beauté Soi products support three causes: ASPCA, Unicef, and The Nature Conservancy. **Annual Members will choose between the Makeup Brush kit or the Letterboard.


The classic, tried-and-true felt letterboard in a new palette to add a minimalist, chic twist. With subtle, sand colored felt and black letters and symbols, it is perfect for making statements, posting mantras, and leaving inspiration for yourself and others in your home. **Annual Members will choose between the Letterboard or the Makeup Brush Set.


3 Additional Products

Your Intro Box will contain the Zoe Crossbody (Annual Members choose the color) and the Makeup Brush Set or Felt Letterboard (Annual Members choose), plus 3 of the most highly rated products from past (*vintage) seasonal boxes. Our team will select a complimentary assortment for you!

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc.

Check out all of our CAUSEBOX reviews for more information about this subscription box!


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Comments (72)

  1. I ordered this box in May…. C’Mon Causebox. I was told it would go out in June, then July then the beginning of August.. It’s now Aug 7th and “still awaiting shipment”.. By the time I get the summer box the fall boxes will have already been shipped.

    • I’m so angry about this. It’s really ridiculous that my summer box is still awaiting shipment when the welcome boxes have been shipped and they are creating these intro boxes. Really effin ridiculous.

    • Mine original non-welcome Summer box just got a shipping notice and I ordered in May. I cancelled. I didn’t want to be billed for Fall without ever receiving my 1st box. I was so looking forward to this as a FFF replacement, but the shipping cycle just seems wacky with all the various intro boxes shipping before the standard subscriber box had been sent.

  2. I want this intro box 3, if i purchase this do I HAVE TO subscribe for the annual or can I just purchase this box to try it out. I am not looking into subscribing for more than just this one time. Thanks

    • You can buy this intro box as seasonal and cancel your subscription, just do it before the next billing cycle (no clue when it is) or you will billed for the fall box. For canceling, you can do that from your account page. Hope it helps!

  3. I have a question about choice items. Have any of them ever sold out? Or are you able to get the items you want for choice no matter what you pick? The reason I’m asking is I was just checking out the FFF page and I saw multiple people talking about how they were able to get their first choices and others saying that when they went back later it would tell them specific items were now sold out.

    I’ve wondered this before, because I used to get Boxycharm and if you didn’t make your choices as soon as the selection dates opened, there was a chance the items you wanted could be sold out. So if you’re able to get your choice items with Causebox no matter what, I’d say that’s a great difference between them. I’ve had people tell me I should try FFF, but I saw the items up for the fall box and none of them really impressed me. They have too many selections. Each choice items had like 5 or more items to pick from. I kind of like that Causebox just does a few items. The only item from FFF that I’ve wanted, was that Dapper James tote with small scarf from the summer box. Didn’t really like any of the other items.

    • Hey I just picked my custom options for this box and they were all available as advertised. Not sure how it works as time goes on but just thought I would share.

  4. SO MUCH AGITA regarding this box! Last year, I bought the Cyber Monday offering that I did not receive until well after the holiday, which was such an inconvenience since I had booked a family vacation to the Moon and had planned the box items as holiday gifts for the martians. I had to rebook the space shuttle and it cost me so much money that I am now living in the Causebox. Luckily the weather is warm right now.
    P.S. All the above is BS except for the part where I ordered the Cyber Monday box and it took a WICKED long time (as we say in Mass) to arrive. I don’t think I will ever order from Causebox again. Of course, I got laid off 5/1, my job is gone, I’m not getting any response to the resumes I send out and the Federal Government just cut my allowance- so I can’t afford it anyway! Please note- this is all meant as a mock rant and not a ‘poor me’ post- I’m one of those people that has to joke so I won’t be depressed.

  5. I have been waiting 3 months for my box. They had no problem taking my money right away though. I will not order again. In my opinion, terrible company.

  6. I specifically subscribed due to an article on this site that said the box included the PMD and a Zoe bag, the causebox website indicated that was the box I was getting also, today I noticed it’s been pushed to a second box which is completely false advertising both on this website and causebox.

    • The 3rd box did not advertise the PMD. Only the handbag and brushes and/or board and the 3 surprises.

    • I saw and subscribed to the box with the Pmd and a bag that is not the pixie Zoe but a straw bag-“welcome box 2“ I suppose. Which version of these (Too many, imho )welcome boxes was the one you saw?

    • The box you are talking about is summer welcome box. If you subscribed during the active times of that box (Summer Welcome Boxes (for those who joined between 5/19/20 12:01pm – 6/12/20 12:57am), you should contact customer service. Sometimes MSA will have an article about the box but the box might be already sold out at the time of the posting.

      Also how much were you charged? There’s a huge price difference between the welcome box and the intro box too ($50+ vs. $20+)

  7. Just wanted to let people know they’re shipping out the summer welcome boxes now. Got my email confirmation yesterday. So excited to get my first box! Apparently they shipped it 2-day shipping through FedEx to Canada? Wasn’t expecting that. Should be here Monday.

  8. If I want to cancel my Causebox sub, do I just click the “Unsubscribe” link from the “subscriptions and orders” page? I only signed up for the Intro box #2, and don’t want any more boxes.

    • Yes.. It is very easy to unsub. 🙂

  9. I started this sub with a Spring welcome box, unfortunately it only had one thing from that current box spoiler so I was disappointed to miss a certain item but still loved the box. I am happy I got the original Summer box. Almost purchased #2 into box from this round for the portfolio, sad I missed it.
    I wonder how many intro boxes they will do until the Fall box?
    $55 is steep, maybe I should cancel and just try my luck with a better deal after the Fall spoilers come out. I know I will resubscribe since it is my new favorite box.

  10. I hope this one doesn’t sell out before Friday. I want to get an annual subscription because I want to choose the color of the purse. So, I’ll have to wait for payday to plunk down an annual fee… Now to decide between the black and the honey…I just don’t want the green one… Plus, I want the makeup brushes rather than the felt board…

  11. Do these intro boxes ship out right away? Or does it take a while?

    • These won’t ship until August, but my regular Causebox hasn’t shipped yet (did receive an email saying they were trying to get all the regular boxes out in July, but might not be until early August), so the timeline for these may be optimistic.

      • Thank you.

      • I haven’t received my regular summer box yet. I wonder when customizations for the fall box are since FFF is starting there fall customizations next week.

  12. Does anyone have the “gray” version of this purse? Does it look green in real life the way it does in the picture?

    • I have the gray one from the Spring box. It doesn’t look green. It’s a pretty gray. I like it.

    • I don’t think the gray purse I received in the Spring Box is the same one in this picture. The one from the Spring Box was light gray and almost looks white in pictures. It’s a great purse regardless of the color.

    • I’m pretty sure that the email I got from Causebox listed different colors. I think that green one was called “sage”.

      • Thank you everyone for the replies!
        I think you are correct that this is actually supposed to be listed as “sage” and not gray.

  13. I ordered box 2 (I think). It’s supposed to have the PMD. But my order confirmation does say box 2 anywhere. I’m hoping I get the box I ordered

    • On their FAQs it says if you ordered by a certain time before the 17th, you’ll get intro box 2. They really should specify in the confirmation email which box one purchased!

  14. Anyone know when they’ll start releasing spoilers for the Fall box? I just subscribed about a month and a half ago and my first box will be the Summer Welcome Box. So I’m not really sure how early they usually start showing spoilers. The Fall box ships in September or early October, right? I know I’ve seen some reviews for the previous Fall box and they were posting them in September. But anyway since it’s now passed the middle of July, I was just curious as to when we would start seeing spoilers for the Fall box. Can’t wait!

    I’m getting a bit antsy, but I think it’s because previously I was subbed to Boxycharm and that’s monthly so I’m used to seeing spoilers often. As Causebox is only quarterly it’s hard not to want to see spoilers more often.

    • Spoilers will probably come out in September and shipping in October 😀

      • Seriously? But they were putting up spoilers for the Summer box in May, and boxes started shipping in mid-late June into July. I was hoping we’d start seeing some Fall spoilers in a few weeks, if they start shipping them out in September.

        Hmm, alright I just went back to the fall box on this site to see if I could find anything and it seems they were putting out spoilers August 21st last year. Still a month away. Man, it’s going to be a long wait. That sucks. Oh well.

  15. They are shipping the Summer Boxes, I have mine for a week now and it is great. The bowls are worth the wait, I even went to Ebay to get myself another set.

    If you are waiting for your box, so know you’ll like it:)

    • Yrp. I received mine last week.

    • I’ve had mine and my Marketplace order for awhile now. Love everything…those bowls did not disappoint! In fact, I got an incorrect item in my Marketplace order and I even received my replacement already!

  16. Do NOT want that letter board. Every morning, I’d wake up to find a message from my household telling me to clean the house.

    • LOL

  17. I like the purse, but I already have the brushes and letter board. Suppose I could give those as gifts. Hmmm…

    • I’m the same. Love the purse so wouldn’t mind another. I noticed it said grey (I have grey) but it’s showing as green everywhere which I would love. But yes. Letter-board and brushes I don’t need again. Still think I’m gonna sign up for the purse though.

  18. OK, so they are trying SO HARD to get rid of that felt letterboard thing. NO ONE WANTS THAT, Causebox!

    • Guess that makes me no one, because that’s exactly what I want and what I’m choosing.

      • Yeah, that was my choice for the summer welcome box. Lol. I ended up buying 2 sets of similar silicone lids I found locally for $5 each, so I chose the letter board. I think it can be fun to use and a nice decoration for the house. Guess not everyone thinks so.

      • I do like the letter board- but I also know I would love a green purse- I think it looks green, too! Seem like a good dinner board or chore board to me! In our family ( 5 kids) we used both!

      • Fair enough! Enjoy!

    • We use ours A LOT.

    • If that were true, they would’ve put it in the first intro box 🤷‍♀️ They had no way of knowing they’d sell out of intro box number 1 and 2 before Fall box stuff.

  19. I miss the days of buying mystery boxes from them

  20. My regular summer box still has not bee shipped.

  21. This boxes irritates me 🙂 . They put all these intro boxes and my regular summer box still has not been shipped.

  22. Looks like it. Looks like they are competing with FFF on that level, trying to get as many new subscribers as they can before getting the current paid subscriber boxes out in a timely manner.

  23. How on earth is that felt letterboard worth $45? lol!

  24. This box looks horrific. You would not even be able to sell it at garage sale for $1 per item.

    • Really – i like everything on i t- but I cannot find a way to get # 3 only #2 on their site

      • I emailed them and customer service said it was a glitch on the site, but if I ordered today, it would be #3. Hope this helps!

    • Your idea of horrific and mine are quite different. What is it about all of these items for $25 makes it “horrific”? Am I missing something? Literally $5 per item, how can you beat that?

    • I just bought 2! These purses are so well made. I already have one and get compliments on it daily. That alone is worth more than the cost of the entire box.

      • Agree! I love mine! The purse alone is worth the cost!

      • Agree! Also, I wipe down My cognac-colored bag with alcohol after I come back from errands and it doesn’t get damaged (at least in my own experience).

      • I guess I’m in the minority. I received the purse in black in the Spring (?) box and it just smells like cheap vinyl. It still smells, like 3 months later. Just can’t get past that to carry it.

      • I agree with KC. My purse is very stiff and smells weird, even months later. So weird that when I took it to the medical office for a blood draw people kept asking what that strange smell was. The lack of flexibility makes it look very odd when I carry it. At this point I have it stored in the garage, hoping it will eventually air out.

      • Did you have to open another account to get a second box?
        I’d be super tempted to get a second one of I knew for sure I’d get two different colors of the purse.

    • So now there is a thing called internet

    • I disagree and have other ideas of what horrific would look like.

  25. Are they going to put out 20 Intro boxes? 🙄

    • Vangie, it sure Looks like it. Looks like they are competing with FFF on that level, trying to get as many new subscribers as they can before getting the current paid subscriber boxes out in a timely manner.

    • Until they run out of that felt letterboard! If that ever happens. Yucch.

      • No one wants that letterboard. Blech!

      • I do. I want a SECOND one.

      • Fair enough! Enjoy!

      • Thank you!

    • Oh, that explains it, thanks!

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