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BoxyCharm Premium August 2020 Choice Time!

Boxycharm Premium

August 2020 BoxyCharm Premium box choice is now open! 

The choice items for August are:


  • Sunday Riley CEO Vitamin C Cream
  • Sunday Riley A+ High Dose Retinoid Serum
  • Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Primer

Which product are you picking?

The August box may also include:

Ciate London The Editor’s Palette in New England

There were two other products visible in the video. These may also be spoilers for August:

What do you think of the spoilers? Which item are you going to pick?

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.


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Comments (40)

  1. I just came to double check which box I selected the CEO cream. I finally decided to cancel one of my boxycharms because I’m lucky if I use two items per box. Some, I haven’t wanted anything at all! I’ve gotten two ultimates, the Fenty and whatever this last one was and Fenty was ok but this last one stunk for me. It’s so silly that I keep spending money I barely have hoping it’ll be better next month! I just broke up with my boyfriend for the same reason so now I’m breaking up with the base box and ultimate lol. It means I’ll have more money for addons which I feel is the real reason to subscribe to any box.

    • I hope that the break-up (s) is/are not too painful for you and that you find the right partner and perfect box for you soon!

  2. Dang. I’m all about that A+. Wish I had premium now. *sigh*

  3. i still haven’t got my base or premium box yet…anyone else in this boat..

    • haven’t got my tracking number for my july premium box but i got my base box

  4. I chose A+. I have a CEO I’m saving for winter, because I enjoy the extra rich cream then. Most of my add-ons have already shipped! I’m pretty excited with premium right now

  5. I choose the retinol product and the lash volumizer. I didn’t get the babe lash product so I wanted something for my lashes. I know you can also use it on your eyebrows. I have plenty of translucent powders. I don’t need another one. Also two faced products are always in TJ Max for cheap.

  6. Because of a mess up on boxycharm part I was allowed to pick two choices this month. They sent me a link a few days ago and it was the TF powder or the derm whatever it is, mascara I think. I picked the powder and today I picked the SR A+ I’m hopeful my Aug premium is gonna be good. Lol

  7. Whats up with all the Ciate London products? Is it just me – because I can’t stand these products and we seem to get these on the regular.

    • I am so sick of the Ciate London products too!!!!! Cheap junk, give us more diverse products and product lines!!!!!

  8. Hi! Do you have to have the regular membership to get the premium box? I would love to get the A plus serum but don’t want to get regular and premium box. Thanks!

    • For the first month, yes – you have to get both. After that you can cancel the base box and just keep premium.

  9. These are very nice spoilers! I wish I needed products because I would love any of these.

  10. I dont think they send out notifications via email anymore on choice. They post on thier website almost a month in advance when the choice dates will be for each box each month. Usually the same time between the 13th-20th.

  11. To MSA team,

    I did not get any email alert for this although I signed up for alerts and usually get them as soon as you post. Not sure what’s going on.
    The last alert I got was about a week ago I think.

    • I had the same experience as GMforever.

      • Fabulous choice items. I picked the SR CEO Vitamin C Rich Hydration cream because I’m going to receiving the SR A+ Retinoid Serum in my Ipsy and I already own the Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Face Primer. So, I’ll be stocked up on some of my favorites for a bit:)

  12. I re-joined at the beginning of July for the A+ and chose it. I still haven’t gotten shipping notification for the July base or premium boxes, but judging from comments about them, I am probably not missing much. I really like the A+ serum and I know it won’t go to waste like so many of the items I get from sub boxes. Anyone else still waiting on shipment from July?

    • I got my premium just today and still waiting on my base box as well. I never get tracking info, so it just shows up when it does. Lol

      • Thanks for letting me know. I hope yours shows up soon.

      • No problem!!! I hope you get yours soon and you’re excited by what shows up!!

  13. I almost missed this! miraculously two hours later all the choices are still available. I hope there’s no glitches, I got the SR A+. My other choice was the Too faced powder(second choice given from the TF coco contour debacle last month)

  14. I choose the SR A+….at least I know I won’t spend $35.00 and feel like a used plastic bag for August.

    Both Basic and Premium were horrible for me in July. That orange Plastic cosmetic bag that hurt my eyes opening the box and for $20. retail value was a sick joke. Shame on you Boxy. This month is redemption time, Lucky you Boxy for now ….lol

  15. Why do I have to pick my choices long after everyone else even though I have subscribed to these boxes for years?

    • What do you mean Hilary? Are you not getting to pick for Premium today?
      Choice for August Premium was for everyone today, I wasn’t sure on the time exactly, so I kept checking the site – I don’t think I ever get an email. If you didn’t get an email, you can still choose too, like j did. Everyone should have had the same fair chance to pick out their item for Premium today. The same thing goes for the other tiers though, they’ll have a certain day announced and if you are subscribed to that tier, you choose when everyone else chooses. That is one of the only things “fair” with boxy imo lol. Personally, I’m most irritated with their bait and switch or just my continual bad luck (like I wanted just lord jones this month, I could have gotten any other products and been okay as long as I had gotten one of the lord jones – instead I got the actual box variation shown here, that has like every original spoiler minus Lord jones and Saturday Skin). So I’ve got another box of stuff to figure out what to do with and then I go and purchase the item I really wanted on sites like Merc and Posh at a discount lol. Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite grateful I can do that, as I wasn’t financially able to do that for quite a while, and right now things are pretty rough out in the world.
      I’m quite happy today to have gotten to pick A+, it’s been hands down my favorite Sunday Riley product I’ve ever tried and a retinol that seems to give me results without all the peeling. Highly recommend it. Also, recommend it if you find good genes or the CEO products (minus the oil) are too thick for you.
      Sorry for my long rant Hilary, I hope you’ve been able to make your choice and get what you want today.

      • I got to pick today, but last Wednesday for the choice for that one I wasn’t informed and by the time I got to see what was available most of the shades of the Born This Way concealer were gone. Last month I didn’t get to pick anything at all. I don’t have time to keep refreshing the Boxycharm site to see if I’m lucky enough to get something good or get a good add-on before it sells out of certain shades. I guess I am just frustrated with the price I pay and lack of communication from Boxycharm with picking my choices.

    • The middle shades of born this way were gone QUICK. So I dont think they had many of them. I was shopping quickly and then by the time I chose the conclear, my shade was gone so I hope I can make work what I have. And if the formula works for me, then at least I know I can use it and will buy the color that does work for me.

      • Hilary – I understand what you mean completely. I’m sorry you didn’t get to choose last week. I have chucked these boxes up to the equivalent of a lottery scratch off, you win some, you lose some. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but if you look at this way, you are less likely to be so disappointed. I mean no offense at all, I was very upset about no Luna oil with GBP, so I truly get it. I just try to have that outlook as these boxes are supposed to be fun, surprises, treats, etc.
        I also definitely suggest you screenshot your choice, whenever you do have the time to make one. Just to cya. I don’t like that they assume everyone is on Instagram or whatever other social media platform. Instead, I usually set alarms on my phone, every half hour or hour, but I am now a disabled engineer. If I was still working, I would struggle to find the time to be checking the site all the time.
        Imo, I think that they do not announce
        /schedule a certain time of day ahead of time and just the date because it will break their website. Back when they rolled out pop up and they had a certain date and time scheduled, the site went down every time. Which was even more infuriating than a non-communicative company – to me it is. I really really think this is why it is the way it is.

      • AH,

        That is EXACTLY why boxycharm does not announce time for “pop up” for that they claim ..”well it’s called a pop up sale” and then they do it for add ons as well, and they never have it at the same time for the same reason…it will crash the site. My thing is, they had add ons open the same time as choice..they should at the very least do that at different times, but I wonder if they are using that to work on servers to see if they can get more traffic without crashing, but then again its Boxy, I don’t really see them updating servers and spending money unless they absolutely have too.

  16. I picked A+ , hoping ceo would be an add-on.

  17. I went with the primer because I do not have it,and I still have three bottles each of the other two items.

  18. Grabbed the Sunday Riley CEO Vitamin C Cream. I have and its so good and thick and rich and creamy and luscious and smells good and…..haha its the best

  19. I got the CEO… I have to say, whenever I see the Dermelect mascara, it makes me think of “Derelicte” from Zoolander!

    • I’ll derelicte my own…..

  20. The dermalect and too faced powder are definite variations. I know this, because I was able to make two choices this month due to not receiving the correct palette last month. I chose the Too Faced powder and then today the retinol serum.

  21. Got the Sunday Riley A+ High Dose Retinoid Serum (with my original subscription) and the Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Primer (with my new subscription I added last week, secretly thinking I was going to be waitlisted). Love the Sunday Riley CEO Vitamin C Cream but I already have two stashed away for the winter months. Wonderful if you have dry skin and don’t mind the the orange scent. Super excited about August, plus it’s my birthday month which only makes it better!!!

  22. I also chose the A+. I have a CEO moisturizer I still haven’t even opened, and I have more primer than even Tammy Faye needed in the 80s. I also had another choice, due to the Too Faced contour palette screwup, between the Dermalect lash volumizer and the Too Faced powder, so I chose the lash volumizer. I just hope I get the Ciate palette!

  23. I picked the A+ although I think all 3 were good options.

    • Me, too. I have all three, but I know buying the replacement of A+ will be the costliest, and need replacing soonest, so that was definitely the right choice for me.

    • Me too. I have a ceo in my stash and hope I can get it and even the primer as an add on later.

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