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BoxyCharm Premium August 2020 Choice Spoilers!

Boxycharm Premium

We have spoilers for the August 2020 BoxyCharm Premium box!

The choice items for August will be:

Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Primer

Sunday Riley CEO Vitamin C Cream

Sunday Riley A+ High Dose Retinoid Serum

What do you think of the spoilers? Which item are you going to pick?

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.


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Comments (34)

  1. Hey! I subscribe to Boxy Luxe and Premium. I am able to select choice for premium but not luxe. Does anyone know how you make a selection for the second subscription? I am not able to select the above choices. I reached out to customer service with no response. Thank you!

  2. I’d love for them to give a roundabout time. It’s 3pm on the 15th and still nothing. I mean they moved the dates and still nothing. Boxycharm seems to be slipping a little bit lol.

    • I got an email from them last week that it will open up at 2pm EST on 7/20 and it did.

  3. All of these look like me!! I really hope that these are actually an option for add ons or something. The spoilers are always elaborate and then when it comes down to the box you get like one item that was promoted lol I want the Sunday Riley High Dose Retinoid Serum 😩

  4. I let them choose every month and I’ve been getting fantastic boxes!

  5. WOW!! These are some awesome spoilers. I’d LOVE to get the SR A+ and the OH Primer. Someone said a while back that depending on what you pick in the choice, will depend on the rest of your items in your box and what you will get. Does anyone know anything about this? Bc I REALLY want that primer and the SR A+. I am a Primer JUNKIE for sure. I have like 5 different brand new primers that I haven’t even opened bc I have so many of them. But, lol, that is how we find out what works best for our skin types….. Or this is me justifying having so many. Lol

  6. The spoiler is good, but I am a little bit hesitate to join back because last two months’ product really sends me away.

  7. I’m never one to complain about Boxy because it’s the greatest value out there. I just have one question. I purchase Premium every month and it is wonderful. Just curious about something if you don’t mind. I would love to see products from Hourglass and am wondering if I should go back to the base box. The Morphe eyeshadow palettes are what I figure should be in the base box. I’d like to hear what you think?

  8. Can I get all 3 please?! Great spoilers!! 🙋

  9. That retinoid cream is A+. I tried it out in New Beauty and think it’s better for oily skin than the vitamin C cream

  10. Like the products, but I am pretty hip to boxy’s moves, reel you in, then when you go to choice, quickly their sold out of what you want and you get stuck with products you can’t use. Been there done that. No thanks!

    • I would love to get the Sunday Riley items. All the choices look great for August, but recently cancelled Boxy luxe for just that reason. The items I most wanted were sold out within hours of choice opening up. I will stick with the basic Boxycharm box for a bit longer, but depending on how it goes may need to take a break. (Plus they send such lovey pallets, but I have so many more than I think I will ever be able to use.)

    • I’ve been with Boxy for awhile and since choice started, I’ve never not been able to get my choice item. But you have to look at like a bargain sale. It’s high priced items that we get for the cost of the box. If Sunday Riley was sitting on a store shelf on sale for $35, do you think there will still be some there hours later? Doubtful. I set an alarm for myself and go on when choice starts. I do the same for the pop up sales and still miss out on things that sell out in minutes. I dont get mad at Boxy because I wasnt quick enough to get the most popular items.

      • Jenn- well said! I hate seeing people complain about not getting something they want, then turn it around and blame the company because they missed out. Everyone gets the same information about when it starts and the items. Enough with the sense of entitlement!

      • Harlow× jen,
        Most of us know it’s a bussiness. BUT the thing is they should not advertise the way they do and say x box will get A everyone will get it and then after they charge people, or even later on in the month run out and try to switch up the wording. That is not entitlement at all. It’s called bait and switch.
        Also, do you even know how boxy works?? Their “pop up sales since they have started ALWAYS has issues, I’m starting to think they buy brand rejects or stuff not made right and get it at a cheaper rate.
        May 11th, I placed 2 orders the first showed up in an envelope (which should have been a box and packed right) 3 of 20 items made it to me and they only gave me a tiny bit of m money back. This was after 3 weeks on multiple platforms to try and contact me. The 2nd order just never showed up. It’s taken 6 weeks to just FINALLY get my credit back after trying to contact across multiple platforms…my 3d order I placed on the 15th because they added essential oils, every. Single. One. Came leaked out because of how they were made. I did not even receive a third of liquid in my bottles…no money back, no charms, no credit… no anything.
        Placed an order in charm room for the ofra liquid lip about 2 weeks ago, just got an email saying they reason, no nothing. So these people still have money I’m owed that I will NEVER see or get back and yet I’ve been with boxy for every. Single. Box. For 6 maybe 7 years now?? On ALL 3 tiers and support the, through the crap times and the plauge.
        At some point it’s not about entitlement or upset because something was sold out. Look on their platforms about people trying to get help or replies and they ingore them. Its ability crazy what boxycharm has become vs what it used to be. So you cant say people are just making things up or upset because this or that when there are legitimate things going on and constantly going on they wont address or fix.

      • I am still sad about the May base box choice. I had picked the glamglow mask (that yogurt one) and ended up throwing it away without using it because it didn’t come in it’s box and there was no seal on it. The texture was a little on the liquidy side as well and I just couldn’t trust it. It was a real pity because I love Glamglow.
        On the side, I am always able to make my choice as well. But I have to put on my ninja mask and sign in secretly to do it while at work due to time they post choice xD always during work hours for me.

      • Maggie,
        Mine was the same. It was unsealed, but it was thick and yogurt like. I dont know if I am going to use it or pass it to a friend.

  11. When is the choice date?

    • Premium Choice is Thursday, July 16th

  12. A+ all the way. The SR cream is too heavy for me and I still have a lot of primer to go Thur in my stash.

  13. I want that primer!!!!

  14. I’ve been eyeing Boxycharm Premium for a while, but never subscribed to Boxycharm before.

    So yesterday I subscribed to Boxycharm Basebox ($25/July). I requested to be added to the Premium list… waited about 5 hours and got confirmation I was getting moved off the waiting list and getting the current premium box ($35/July).

    I’ve now canceled the base box, and I am staying signed up for the August Premium Box.

    Not totally sure it was worth it though because to get the August Premium Box I paid ($25+$35+35)… so $95 and two of the boxes I’m not getting a choice on. Hopefully I’ll like the random things they send, and fingers crossed they send me my choice in the August box or I’ll be very grumpy.

    • That just tells you how bad premium has been xD all the cancellations making room to the point where the waitlist is nonexistent! August does look good with these choice items though. I am just scared of what trash they are planning on adding in.

  15. Now this box screams Premium,it is about time Boxycharm woke up…..I have like two each,of both of the Sunday Riley products,so I am going to go with the Primer.

  16. A+ is great stuff, but there’s no way I’d deal with Boxy just to get a little discount.

  17. I’ve been eyeing that primer. This is a pleasant reveal. 🙂

    • How much is this primer do you know?

      • The primer cost 38.00

  18. Well crap, I want them all lol.

  19. All great options here!

  20. Yea you have to subscribe to boxycharm you have to have basebox in order to sign up for premium

    • I get only premium

  21. Do you need to be subscribed to Boxycharm yo get premium? Thanks!

    • Yes you have to be subscribed to base box for at least the first month

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