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The Clean Beauty Box June 2020 Full Spoilers + Coupon!

ByMSAJun 3, 2020 | 29 comments

The Clean Beauty Box
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Clean Beauty Box is a bi-monthly themed assortment of organic beauty items. We have the full spoilers for the June 2020 box! (Thanks for the heads up, Luna!)

The theme for June is Sublime Glow and each box includes:


OKOKO Cosmétiques L’Élixir de Pureté Clarifying + Firming Serum with Dragon’s Blood Extract – $109 value full size

A deeply hydrating, firming face serum supercharged with Le Sang du Dragon, a taspine-rich tropical resin from the Croton Lechleri tree.

The ultra-light, fast-absorbing and oil-free formulation addresses redness and irritation, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and protects against environmental stressors.

Skin feels immediately soothed, plumped and revitalized with a matte finish.

  • Daily skin clearing + firming serum: Refresh and revive the skin.
  • Soothing + hydrating overnight mask: Apply 2 pumps to skin and leave overnight.
  • Radiance-boosting treatment: Fade the appearance of scars and dark spots.
  • First Aid essence: After sun skin care to soothe and reduce irritation.


  • DRAGON’S BLOOD EXTRACT (CROTON LECHLERI) is rich in protective antioxidant phenols to address the look of scars + imperfections.
  • NIACINAMIDE helps to restore the skin’s barrier function. 10% niacinamide improves skin’s look and feel, brightens dark spots/skin tone and revives skin’s healthy texture.
  • WILLOW BARK EXTRACT  is a natural source of salicylic acid that gently exfoliates, unclogs pores and reduces congestion.
  • GREEN TEA LEAF is a known antioxidant with anti-aging properties.
  • CUCUMBER EXTRACT soothes and hydrates.
  • POMEGRANATE ENZYMES promote gentle exfoliation and cellular renewal without irritation.
  • BETA GLUCAN soothes irritated skin.


OKOKO Cosmétiques Sublime Balm Multi Purpose Beauty Balm with Tomato Seed – $22 value travel size

This one packs a punch both in efficacy and color. The velvety, whipped balm works as a moisturizer, night balm and emulsifying cleanser.

Fermented willow bark, pomegranate sterols and bisabolol join forces to maximize skin moisture, reduce the appearance of redness and fortify the skin’s moisture barrier.

The fast-absorbing, weightless texture melts into the skin for a bright and smooth complexion.


  • LYCOPENE FROM TOMATO OIL  helps prevent the breakdown of collagen, promotes smoother skin, and has gentle brightening effects.
  • POMEGRANATE STEROLS  increases hydration, moisturization and enhances barrier function.
  • KNOWN ANTIOXIDANT ASTAXANTHIN  helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • BETA CAROTENE FROM CARROT RESIN  promotes healing.
  • MANGO BUTTER  is deeply moisturizing, supports UV protection and promotes cellular rejuvenation.
  • WHITE CLAY  gently refines.
  • CALENDULA  an emollient that is healing, soothing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and helps to reduce acne.

The Subscription Box: Clean Beauty Box

The Cost: $83.90 for 2 months. Shipping is free to the contiguous states, $10 shipping to Hawaii and Alaska, and $15 shipping + taxes and duties Internationally

COUPON: Save 10% off your first box with code MSA10

The Products: 2-4 full sized organic, natural and cruelty-free beauty items

Ships to: U.S., Canada, and International

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What do you think of the Clean Beauty Box spoilers?

The Clean Beauty Box is a themed bi- delivery of 2-3 full-size, clean, conscious and cruelty-free skin, hair and body care. Each product is carefully vetted with the intent to create a meaningful self-care experience, from unboxing to application. Working with both established and rising brands they... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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I went to see new skincare website to sign up. The box is sold out with no way of purchasing for next box. They keep having a pop up showing all these different names that are currently buying subs. Super ingenious!


@ Meso and Jess. I messaged See New on Facebook and they replied with….. we will be restocking the May/June box on 6/20!


I noted that too, but I’d been emailing with them since Thursday and the customer service was great. They restocked the box this am and let me know ahead of time and kept me updated! Head that way quick if you’re still interested!


I went through and did a year of previous box comparison between Clean beauty and Beauty Heroes and for about the same price, Beauty Heroes consistently gave more product per mL/oz and I found their products more useful. With that said, this box looks pretty amazing 😍


That’s awesome you got that box at 40% off! I usually jump on boxes that catch my eye when they come out, but I also occasionally go through stubborn streaks of being good only to regret it later (lol). But, there have been times where I got lucky and I was able to get something I missed out on cheaper later on. I love it when that happens! 🙂

I signed up to Beauty Heroes when spoilers came out (on Monday, I think) to a 3-month plan and I already got my box today! I’ll be skipping Pearlesque this month. It’s been a long while since I got a Pearlesque box. The last one that caught my eye was the Native Atlas box, but that came out when I was on a no buy during the holidays, so I missed out on it. 🙁 However, I am locked into a 3-month sub with Detox Box thanks to last month’s spoilers, so I can’t wait to see who they’re featuring this month!

Are you getting the May/June See New Skincare box? They’re featuring 5 full size Kahina Giving Beauty products retailing at over $300, and the box is only $44! There always seem to be some discount codes floating around for that box too. 🙂 I did an annual with a 25% off code, but I think there was a 30% off code too!

Tanya M

Luna, pretty good. Working at home until Sept 1 and then option every other week off site. This boxes have been amazing of late. I was too late for Boxwalla so made sure to resubscribe for August. Lol. I may have to do a cool down but it won’t be right now. Oh, and I got the Potenci serum at40% not the entire box. I think many wanted the box for the serum, they had a sale at Moss. Cant wait for what Detox has for us this month and my eye is on Laurel and Reed. I didn’t renew the Bombay and Cedar beauty box so last box. At least for now. I am really enjoying all the great boxes. I think I got mixed up because the Caroline Hirons box madness and grabbed the Wrong kit but I’m happy I got it. Lol. And love the De. Gross pads! I think you got her kit 2. I’ve even talked myself I tot that Breo box .. lol I will just add the money I had for Trendmood because twice I’ve tried and failed on that one …Hope you are well and enjoying this nixes as much as I have been.


I forgot to mention that I did renew my Bombay & Cedar beauty box when they had that recent 25% off offer. I’ve really enjoyed their first two boxes (I should be receiving the 3rd one soon, yay!), so I took a leap of faith and re-subbed to a 6-month plan. I can’t wait to see what we get for May!


I’m WFH through August too(!), then I think it’ll be a slow phase in of everyone returning to the office through the rest of the year with a new added option of WFH part time on a permanent basis which I think is pretty cool. 🙂 The way your work is doing it sounds nice too!

I also sadly missed out on Boxwalla’s box. I’ve always wanted to try Ninni Organics, so I would have definitely got that box. Hopefully they do one of their one-time boxes where they merge two past boxes together and include it. I’ll have to see what else is included before buying it, but that’d be nice if that was an option. 🙂

I got May’s Laurel & Reed box, primarily for the Leahlani serum. I recently finished a bottle of the Graydon Fullmoon Serum that was included, and enjoyed using it, so I didn’t mind getting another; however, I ended up gifting it to my mom so she could try it out. And ya, getting one of those CH kits was complete madness(!), and I think I only scored kit 2 because I was constantly rotating between the two kits seeing if the site was working, and it just so happened it was working when I clicked kit 2, so I madly added it to my cart checked kit 1, but it said it was out of stock, so I checked out. I even attempted to get kit 1 when more kits briefly came back in stock at 1am my time a week or two later, but I didn’t have a smart strategy down to quickly get one so I missed out. It’s cool though. It’s all part of the “game”. 🙂 Speaking of… I missed out on the recent Trendmood box too because of that Shopify outage/glitch a lot of people experienced. Did you miss out because of that too? Just asking because Trendmood will be sending those of us impacted a code to get “VIP early-early” access (before regular early access) to their next box. Those of us impacted just had to fill out a form on their site with a screenshot of the email we got saying our payment couldn’t be processed. I don’t know if I’ll take advantage of it, but I filled it out just in case 🙂 Finally, speaking of those DDG pads, did you see that New Beauty was giving away (I think) a 7-day pack of them through their Beauty Pass program? I have a plethora of those pads I need to use, but I couldn’t say no to free! 😀 btw, that’s awesome you got that serum for 40% off too!


Luna- thanks for sending me down the See New Skincare road! I had never heard of it. I just ordered a two-box sub this morning, and my Kahina box already has a shipping label. Good to see MSA will soon be reviewing it too. I love getting a box and seeing how other people respond to it. 🙂


SAME! I hadn’t even heard of this box except for the comments on MSA on Detox Box and Clean Beauty Box threads. It looks so good. I have an absolute subscription addiction and already get way too many boxes (especially skincare) but I love them. I am just now discovering MSA and am so happy to get to talk about sub boxes and products with all you lovely people!! Thanks for all the great info Rachel and Luna (and well, everyone!).


Yay! It’s such a great box 🙂 (if you like the brands they feature, that is 😉 ) I still remember seeing it when it first came out featuring Skin Owl (which I love!) in their first box, but skipping because it all seemed too good to be true (lol), then I completely forgot about it until I saw someone mention it in the comments last year, then I quickly subscribed 😀 , but was kicking myself hard for having missed all of their other great past boxes. At least I was able to purchase the Graydon box before it sold out. Whew! Have fun with your box!

Megan K.

Luna! Hi! Sorry, excited because we just ordered the See New box for review. I am obsessed with the Kahina Giving Beauty brand so it was the perfect time to take the plunge. Their Beldhi soap is life-altering. Looking forward to trading notes. 😉


Yay! That is great to hear Megan. I really feel like the MSA community will benefit from knowing more about their box. I’m so glad Luna told me about them but wished I had known about them sooner. Thanks for all the hard work you do 😍


Awesome!! I’m so happy (as I’m sure quite a few others will be too 🙂 ) to hear that MSA will be reviewing See New Skincare! I just got my box yesterday, and I’m always floored with how much product they include… and they always include a personal handwritten note (that’s more than a short “We hope you like the box!” or something like that… although that would be appreciated too!) in every box which adds a really nice personal touch to it. 🙂


Luna- I’ve never been so excited for this months SeeNew box. I’m in awe we got 5 products for $45 and from an amazing brand! I still can’t figure out how some of the sub boxes make money….

Tanya M.

and Luna yes to Seenew… I am loving the masks. Kahina is another fantastic brand I am getting to know and loving. I will grab the soap Megan mentioned from BH or Petit Vour store because of the discount. It is truly amazing discovery.


I hear ya! See New Skincare has quickly made it toward the top in my list of faves beauty subs. 🙂

Enjoy your box! 😀


This is a reply to Tanya M 🙂

Hey girl, hi! 😀


So how many dragons did they have to kill to make this serum? LOL, joke. Sorry, it just came to me and I thought it was funny

Megan K.

I giggled. <3


I’m so happy I’ll be receiving this box!


Wow, this one looks great doesn’t it?

I’ve never tried this sub before and I’m a little confused. It’s bi-monthly (comes out every 2 months?) and the cost is $83.90 for 2 months. So does that mean we get one box or two? Lol.


Thanks for the replies guys. If it’s still available tomorrow I think I will get it.


I think MSA’s post should say “boxes” instead of “months”. The Clean Beauty Box’s site says “boxes”. 🙂


I think the April/May box review explained it better:
The Cost: $41.95/box with free shipping (minimum commitment of 2 boxes, billed as $83.90 every 4 months). Save with a one-year subscription.

Bindi Shah

If you get 2 boxes wouldnt it be 4 months since they come out with 1 box every 2 months? If thats the case this would be expensive ($84 for $130 worth of products) compared to other box values. Looks very interesting and want to get it if you actually get 2 boxes for the price.


Dang it, these green beauty boxes are getting me this month 😀

Tanya M

Luna, I feel as though I got the skincare jackpot with this month. I thought the serum was more a bit expensive but thrilled since I have heard fabulous things. I missed the CB box last summer when she had the Potenci but grabbed it up at 40% off and just about out of it, so timing is amazing. BH is killer too and who knows what detox Market has in store for us. I have 2 more days to decide on Pearlesque. My work at home skin is thriving!

Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.