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June 2020 Allure Beauty Box Available Now + FULL SPOILERS!

Allure October 2019 beauty subscription box review

If you sign up now, your first box will be the June 2020 Allure Beauty Box

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The June box includes:

  • Starskin 100% Camellia Nourishing & Brightening 2-Step Oil Sheet Mask –OR– TONYMOLY Intense Care Snail 24K Hydrogel Mask
  • Purlisse Watermelon + Charcoal Purifying Cleanser (full size) –OR– Context Vitamin C All Day Eye Cream (full size)
  • Yensa Super 8 Lip Oil in Pink Shine (full size)
  • Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb Aloe Vera
  • Dashing Diva Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Palette (full size)
  • Shangpree Gold Black Pearl Eye Mask


And new subscribers who subscribe in June will get to choose their Tarte New Member Gift: Color Splash Lipstick in Cruisin’ , Amazonian Clay Mascara -OR- Lights, Camera Action Mascara!

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get the free gift! 

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (77)

  1. I love the june box items so much I ordered a second sub through Amazon. July is looking good too so I’ll be happy to double up on that one as well 🙂

  2. Am I the only one who absolutely cannot open the lip oil, not even with a jar-opening tool? !!!

    • That’s how I got mine open. I saw that someone else broke theirs…

  3. I am not sure if anyone has tried the Dashing Diva gel press ons but omg I tried it today and i love it!!! It wasn’t too hard to pick my size and it so fun and relaxing to do my nails 😀

    • Coco I’m equally as obsessed – I’ve already gone to their website and ordered several other styles. Mine have been on for 4 days and they look as good as they did right after application. Where have these been all my life?!?!? It takes a minute to get the hang of it, but even the ones that aren’t perfect look pretty nice from far away. I *LOVE* them!

      And this item was the one I was least excited about – come to find out, they’re my favorite thing in the box!

      • Ok this is probably a stupid question, but there’s a layer of silver foil in the packaging. Is that part of the application process or the packaging? I’m confused. I use color street nails all the time and love them, but super excited to try another brand, and these are so pretty. Just can’t figure out what to do with the silver foil, lol

  4. I am actually so happy with the box this month–I wasn’t sure at first, but it’s so nice and I can’t wait to try the nails! Purlisse is a favorite of mine and I am so excited to use the cleanser! Although I have received cleanser in my GB+ so I really hope the stop with the cleansers for a while, as I am totally stocked for now. Lip oil is surprisingly nice! I am not much for glosses and sheer/shiny lip products, but this is hydrating and I rather like it. All in all, I am pleased with this month’s selection. It reminds me of why I ordered in the first place, I love being wow’d by the unexpected! I appreciate the variety Allure provides.

  5. I’m so happy! I subscribe directly from Allure and I received the Purlisse and the Starskin.

  6. I just got my Allure box today (I get it directly through Allure). Instead of the eye masks (which I wanted, bummer), I got a sample tube of La Roche-Posay active C10 Vitamin C Serum. According to the booklet, the eye mask vs. serum was the one variant item.

    • Same here.

      I would have preferred the eye masks over the serum, since I don’t get a lot of dark spots.

      Mu box arrived today.

  7. I am so annoyed with allure. It’s literally my favorite box and have recommended it to my friends. I called and upgraded to annual this month after being a member since January 2018. I received my box today and received the eye cream and snail mask that I have received in the box in the past! What was the point of upgrading if I’m getting repeat items?! They (Customer service)assured me this wouldn’t happen if I kept the same account and didn’t sign up with a new email to get the free $200 plus bundle. Now I don’t even know why I upgraded!!!

  8. Does anyone here order directly and from Amazon? Is there benefit to this? I do love having more variety!

    • I am wondering if Amazon offers the new member gifts? It doesn’t look like it, but I could be wrong…

      • Yes, if you’re a new or returning customer and you subscribe through amazon you can get the bonus. I’m not sure if you can cancel and then resubscribe to get the new member gift, or if a certain amount of time has to pass. I stopped subscribing in Dec ’19, then resubscribed through amazon in May ’20 and got the new member gift.

      • I signed up through amazon and didn’t get the free gift. But their shipping is fast and reliable.

  9. When does this ship? I ordered on May 19th. So I know I should be getting the May box but it is starting to seem like a long time.

    • I ordered in the beginning of May and got a May box. I just got the shipping notification for June this morning but when I checked, it said it was delivered yesterday. I’m just waiting to get dressed to run over to my mailbox since ours arent at our houses here where I live. Wish all the other boxes I’m waiting on showed up before I was notified.

    • I just got my June box today and there was a metallic shard of something floating in my Yensa Lip Oil, so check your lip oils before you use them! I emailed Allure and am waiting for a response.

  10. How many items and in how many boxes will we get the belief cream?! I swear they switch a name up in the title and send the same thing put for the past 3 years. Wish they would figure out something else to send.

    • I just watched the unboxing video (the presenter is adorable), and if the video can be believed, everyone will be getting it.

      I think the total will be six items.

  11. Was surprised to see that Amazon has a completely different variant this month. Eye mask or a vitamin c serum. I’m ok with that, but I haven’t been subscribed for long. Does that tend to happen when subbed through Amazon? I still prefer them since it’s easier to skip or cancel and most times I know exactly what is in the box before I’m billed.

    • I don’t recall the box through Amazon ever having a variant. I really hope I get the serum; can’t stand eye pads.

    • Someone just got their box and they got same things here except Purlisse is guaranteed

    • I think for Amazon, everyone gets the same exact box. They show you what is in the box once the month starts.

  12. Omg nooooo I thought the cleanser was definite and I just ordered through their site, and not Amazon 😭😭😭 I’m so sad now this really true?

  13. I guess I’m in the minority here, but I rather receive the eye cream because I’m drowning in cleansers already and they take forever to get through! Fingers crossed.

    • Same

      • My amazon box came today- super fast after ordering. I love everything! The belief moisturizer isn’t very light – good as a day cream but at night I need smthg heavier. The lip oil is moisturizing and the cleanser is a great basic. Looking forward to using the other items. Great box this month!

  14. Subscribed through Amazon! I didn’t realize there would multiple items that were variants.

  15. Omg I didn’t even read that about the purlisse not being in every box! That is such b s . Thats why I kept my subscription this month. I’m so mad how can they advertise the purlisse by itself before bill ling and then after they bill everyone they say now it’s variation. I lm cancelling for sure if I get the eye cream witch we have gotten already anyway. Repeat no thank you

    • If you get an eye cream, you should contact Allure and ask for Purlisse. They should mail it to you. I believe it says somewhere on Allure site that you are not supposed to get repeats. I got a repeat last year when I was subbing directly through Allure. I contacted them and they sent the other item.

      • Yes, Allure guarantees no repeats. So if you get one in your box they will mail you the other choice. You shouldn’t get it though.

      • What about if I resubbed and I have received that eye cream before. Do u think they’ll send me a repeat? I’ve also received that tony moly snail mask and that’s in variation with the starskin mask. I want the starskin!

      • Yes Yolanda, even if you cancelled and resubbed you won’t get the same item. There’s only one glitch, if you resubbed with a different email address then the systems won’t sync up all the products you’ve received.

  16. Hello,

    How do you guys know which box variants will be in the Amazon box vs buying it from Allure site?


    • Amazon has what you get in their box posted on their site. So if you go to amazon and search for allure beauty box subscription, scroll down and select the box, then again scroll down, they have what comes in June box listed. I tried it on my phone. Not sure how it works with direct subscriptions.

    • From what I can tell, there is only one image of products showing at Amazon and whatever is showing is what you will receive, so this month, it’s Purlisse and Starskin mask.

      • Thank you!! I just saw on Amazon, I have been subscribed to them instead of the Allure website. I was going to cancel Amazon and subscribe to Allure site IF they had the Purlisse on Allure…but guess I don’t have to do anything 🙂 Now I can check on Amazon about the boxes & what we will get.

    • When you scroll down on amazon allure box on Amazon website. You can see what’s included in this months box.

  17. This feels like such a bait and switch, no one likes the variations. That’s why I signed up for Allure over Ipsy.

    • Allure has had variations for a really long time. It’s not like they just started

      • Agreed, but this month is a bit much.

  18. I hope I get the Context C. I go through Vitamin C quickly, but cleansers take me forever and I already have so many full and sample size ones. Hoping for the Starskin face mask, just because I’ve tried the tony moly one before but would be happy either way.

    • The way the unboxing video went, everyone gets the Starskin

  19. I was just about to buy all my sisters a gift box because I love the Purlisse cleanser. Not at all happy that’s it’s now an “OR”. Will check on Amazon.

  20. I signed up this morning only to realize the Purlisse became an “OR”. I received the Context in a previous Allure box, and they’re generally pretty good about not sending repeat products. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    I haven’t seen it mentioned, but they also have a nice 3 piece skincare set if you gift a subscription. It has a Caudalie cleanser, an Ole Henrikson scrub and a GlamGlow mask.

  21. Why can’t Allure get its act together? When the full spoilers were published by MSA on May 12, the Purlisse cleanser was a definite thing for all subscribers, and the eye cream was a variant with the eye mask. Now, suddenly, the cleanser is a variant with the eye cream.

    Is it REALLY that difficult to provide accurate information Allure? Very irritating, and a poor way to treat your subscribers and prospective subscribers. It pisses people off!

    • The box on Amazon looks like it’s an exact match for the earlier spoilers.

  22. Cancelled my subscription with Allure and signed up with Amazon to guarantee I get the Purlisse!

    • I really hope they don’t try and make the serum next month a variant! I will be so disappointed!

    • How will signing up with Amazon guarantee the Purlisse?

      • The variation through Amazon has the Purlisse. It’s pictured on Amazon’s website.

  23. Hmm, now that I think of it, I would have also preferred the hydrogel mask – that’s my favorite type of masks!

  24. Amazon Box will have the Starskin Mask and the Purlisse cleanser. It’s listed as that for the June box on their website now.

  25. Oh f*ck that! The Purlisse cleanser is now an “or” product. If I get this sh*t eye cream I’m definitely canceling….not happy at all!

    • That eye cream is amazing, at least for me! Best eye cream I’ve used. Not only good for immediate depuffing and lightening but really improves skin long term. I’ve put it in my pregnancy kits last two kids so I can get rid of my post-birth racoons eyes for photos, and bought several to give other new moms.

      And since it’s full size, one tube can last a long time. I’ve taken a break from it for a few months to sample other eye creams from boxes and nothing else so far compares (there were algenist and dior creams that we’re good but not enough sample to see long term results.) And my puffiness/dark circles are coming back so I might open another five of the Bit C Context cream to fix that before trying other samples.

  26. Of course the Purlisse is a variant 🙄

  27. Not particularly I interested in this month’s box except that Context all day Vit C eyecream which is my favorite. Only I’ve gotten a couple times in boxes and bought quite a few as new mom gifts since it’s great for long term skin improvement and amazing at emergency depuffing. Not sure I really need another for a while since one of the full size tubes lasts a long time!!

  28. The Purlisse and Starskin are on amazon this month!

  29. I tried commenting earlier so hopefully this works but if you go through Amazon to recieve your box it shows you will recieve the Purlisse watermelon cleanser and the Starskin Mask 🙂

  30. If the Context eye cream was guaranteed, I would get this.

    I don’t understand why they keep doing “OR” on different types of items.

    Maybe I’ll see what the Amazon version is and then order.

  31. When did the Purlisse turn into an “or” product? It’s literally the product that made me resubscribe. And lord knows I have enough eye creams. Ugh!

    • Me too, including a couple of the Context that I’ve got in boxes or bought. But it’s my favorite 🙂 Doesn’t just take care of the dark circles and puffiness but has long term results on fine lines and skin health so eventually less dark circles even without it.

  32. So the Amazon page for ABB updated for the June box. It says you’ll get the starskin sheet mask, purlisse cleanser, yensa lip oil, belif aqua bomb aloe vera, dashing diva nail kit, and shangpree eye mask OR la roche posay vitamin c serum).

  33. Amazon shows the variation with Purlisse

  34. Not really happy that the purlisse cleanser is not a definite thing… 🙁

    • Same.. Vitamin C was shown as variation with eye patches so I was all set to sign up to allure.. I will get it from Amazon instead.

    • Same! I hope I get the purlisse

    • Amazon has updated this morning showing the Purlisse in their version of the box, so that might be the safer bet.

    • The Amazon box has the Purlisse cleanser.

    • If you order through amazon it’s the star skin and purlisse options 🙂

    • Agreed! Context Eye Cream was an item in last year summer box I think and I still cannot finish it! If I receive it again instead of cleanser, I’ll be bummed

      • It’s full size so yah it lasts a looong time. I bought several for new mom gifts though for their hospital bags s it works well on post-birth dark circles and puffiness.

      • Yeah.
        I ended up getting 2 of that box and I used one once and had a really bad day, so I decided it was cursed. Silly, right?

        Not super excited about any of these, though I thought the eye mask was originally a variant.

  35. Very nice. My ideal box would include the Starskin mask and the Purlisse mask. Fingers crossed.

    • If you order through amazon it’s the starskin/purlisse option 🙂

  36. I can’t wait to get this box. I love Allure

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