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Ipsy June 2020 Add-Ons Available Now!

ByMSAJun 2, 2020 | 78 comments

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The June 2020 Ipsy Add-Ons are available now! These are additional products you can add to your Glam Bag, Glam Bag Plus, or Glam Bag Ultimate subscription.

Here’s everything you need to know about Ipsy Add-Ons:

Add-Ons are available for 24 hours!

You have to reveal your glam bag spoilers to gain access to Add-Ons. To access add-ons, visit or the ipsy mobile app for your monthly Spoiler Alert. Once you complete the Spoiler Alert, you will see a selection of products that can be added to your bag. Select the products you’d like, confirm your order, and the products will ship with your glam bag

You may choose up to 5 add-on products per month. These items will be added to your glam bag or glam bag plus shipment. And shipping is free!

The Add-Ons will be a small selection of products, some of which are from that month’s Glam Bag assortment. Sample-sized products at $3 each. Full-size products are $12

Here are the Add-Ons!

Full Size ($18 each):

Full Size ($12 each):

Deluxe Samples ($3 each):

Which add-ons did you pick?

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to learn more!

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate is $50 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate reviews to learn more!

IPSY Glam Bag is one of the most popular and affordable subscriptions around, and our readers have selected it as one of the top beauty boxes for the last 5 years running! IPSY Glam Bag connects members with five makeup, skincare, hair care, and other beauty samples each month, plus a cute makeup ba... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Ipsy is my favorite box right now. The add ons are a STEAL. And I really like their daily deals.


I’m glad a canceled.


Hi! This is my first month doing Ipsy. I logged in today to see what was in my bag for the month; I had subscribed to the Glam Bag Plus. Not even one of the 5 products I’m receiving is one of the ones advertised for this month. I wasn’t expecting to get everything that was advertised but to have absolutely none of those items seems sketchy to me. Is this normal?
Any help/advice is appreciated, thanks!


Yes, it is normal. As you can see in this MSA post, this month, there are 63 possible products you could receive in your glam bag:

You can also find this information on Ipsy by clicking on the Glam Bag tab, scrolling down past your products, then clicking on the link that says “View all June’s products.”

To ensure that you get one of the spoiled items, you must pick a product on choice day.


I purchased several add-ons this month. I got:

– Cake Beauty Body Creme
– Suntique Sunscream
– Ciate London Lip Oil
– Sunday Riley Face Oil
– Sunday Riley Acne Treatment Mask
– Kensie Body Lotion
– Beau Gaudis Eye Shader Brush
– Cela Skin Scrub
– Pacifica Highlighter and Blush Duo
– Purlisse Cleansing Milk
– Maelle Beauty Blending Sponge


If anyone is subscribing to IPSY because of these “special” add-ons…save your money. All of the good stuff is sold out within the first 15 minutes. Every. Single. Month.


I put my alarm on to wake up at 6 AM PST (my time) thinking I would be early enough for add ons since most products I wanted were sold out the previous months, one of the things I wanted was the Sunday Riley oil and it was already (grayed) sold out! I couldn’t believe it, 6 AM and it wasn’t early enough. It looks like it started at 5 AM, why start so early? Only West Coasters can shop add ons and pop ups. I always miss out on good deals because of the timing.


I actually appreciate Ipsys timeframes! It’s one of the few companies that I can always get what I want from, I have to be at work at 6:40 am CST, add ons open for me at 6:30 am so that works great and their offers are up at 9 and my break is at 930 and they usually never sell out in that time! Most other companies seem to release things during the work day unfortunately and I don’t work a job that allows me on my phone/computer all day so I extra appreciate Ipsy!

Tara W

I’m on the west coast and I just have to set my alarm early twice a month. 4:30 am on the 2nd and 6:00 am on choice day. I really appreciate Ipsy having a known scheduled time and I’m usually able to go back to sleep.


Yes, they went live at 5am today. I stayed up because I couldn’t sleep and I just happen to check at 5am and there they were. Don’t know if this is a glitch or if they’re doing it at 5am. Sucks for us on the west coast.


It starts at 4:30 am PST.


I for one am glad they do it this early. For boxy pop up sales or any things like this I have to stay awake 24hrs to try and grab something, because I keep “vampire hours” and for once it’s nice to be able to log in and buy from something right before I go to sleep. I logged in at 8am Eastern time and i got the sunday riley oil…its nice to be able for one sub to do that with because on release days or pop ups or add ons, I have to stay awake for 24 plus hours and be all groggy and loopy with no sleep to even try and get something.


WHAT????? I set an alarm for 6 am because the Ipsy site tells: “Go to as soon as it goes live (that’s at 6AM PST on the 2nd of every month). And act fast: This page is only live for 24 hours or while supplies last.”
How the hell is possible that they started at 4:30?


Yes, I totally agree about Ipsy being much better than Boxy re setting a regular time for each event so that people don’t sit around and wait all day. However, they could set a time that could work for most people like 9 AM PSP / 12 PM ET (lunch time?) or 1 PM PST/ 4 PM ET or they could at least do 6 AM PST but not earlier, it’s just not reasonable at all to expect people to shop at 4.30 IMO.
But of course at any time there will always people it would benefit more than others.
For Trendmood, I don’t even try, I’m too slow for this kind of sale, I don’t check my phone regularly and I take a long time to go through my emails. And I don’t do social media so I do not follow any beauty sub for their announcement.
But my hat to you to get the Trendmood box in the middle of your class. 🙂


Sorry, I don’t see a link to reply to your comment, GM, so I’ll reply to my own — I personally don’t mind the time because it’s so regular. I know if I set my alarm for 4:30 am on the 2nd of the month, I’ll have the best chance of getting what I want. (Unlike Boxy where you gotta sit there for potentially hours refreshing!)

I work at a school in a classroom, so times during business hours don’t work for me — I can’t pull out my phone in the middle of teaching students to order a beauty box! 😂 This is why I’ve only managed to snag ONE trendmood box!


So even earlier than I thought. 6 was already way too early for me. I feel guilty for shopping beauty stuffs that early. All those sub boxes should really rethink their timing, it just not fair for us West Coasters.
I hope I will have the courage to cancel all those subs one day (soon) so I don’t have to chase around “dusts” and get upset when I miss them.


I agree, it’s uselessly early imo. I’m in the East and the timeframe is very early still! So it must be terrible for people on the West coast having to wake up at 4:30 am just to be sure they can have their picks. It’s very disrupting as it can take a while to select what you want. Just this morning I took around 45 minutes to chose my add-ons!


I have the same problem. I woke up at 6:20 am (PST), planned to buy a Sunday Riley oil but it was already sold out. I am extremely disappointed.


I’m so bummed. I woke up at 5:40am to see my bags and add ons, but there was a mistake with my bags (skipped regular instead of Ultimate), so I waited until they corrected it to do add ons and now the only ones I wanted are sold out. I missed out on those Maelle crayons twice now. I know there are much worse things going on in the world, but that’s partly why this means more to me now than usual–it’s one thing I have to look forward to. Oh well.

Joy-Not the Other One

MSA-Just a head’s up you can add 8 add-on’s now instead of 5…and have been able to do so for a few months.

Did anyone else notice they didn’t do the little “Pop-up” bundle sales this time? Usually after I finish add-on’s there is also the opportunity to buy little $5 bundles…did I just miss it this month?


I didn’t think about it until you mentioned it. But there were a few good bundles in the regular Shopper section where they typically only offer one or two deals each day. I always check after I do my add-ons and found a great set from Skyn Iceland and another that was a mix of products. The Skyn Iceland is probably sold out but they might have som of the other “bundles” in stock.


The flash sale bundles typically accompany the choice day selections.


That info with the different breakdown of sales really helps <3



Jamey, is it possible you’re thinking of second-chance add-ons?

There seem to be a lot of confused people in this thread, so here’s what I know:

– Flash sales always occur on choice day, after you pick an item (well, this is what Ipsy SAYS; the shop is usually up the night before Choice.) These are typically duos or larger bundles of items featured in past months.
– Add-ons always occur on reveal day (Ipsy says at 6am PT; actually its around 4:30am PT). These are typically individual items that are in the bags that same month.
– Second-chance add-ons SOMETIMES occur mid-month; this will contain the same/mostly the same items as regular add-ons.
– Pop-up sales are relatively new; I’m not sure if these will be a regular feature every month. They also occur mid-month, & typically feature similar items to the flash sale; sometimes they also have past Ipsy Offer bundles.

Hope this helps!


Mine have been toward the end of the month..


I believe the pop up bundles come a little bit later on in the month! ( Atleast I hope so)

Alessandra A Frey

Can you only access add-ons once?


Yes, once per bag. If you get the regular bag, plus, and ultimate, you can shop 3 times.


Only once unfortunately. This makes shopping for add ons very hard as I am not quick enough and it’s so hard to decide in one go which items I really want.


Once you’ve made your selection you cannot go back to the add-ons section and select more. However, if you receive multiple bag, you can select up to 8 add-ons for each individual bag.

Alessandra A Frey

Thank you! I’ll make sure I pick everything I want next month.


Damn! I waited a couple hours and the only things I wanted are sold out! 🙁 That usually doesn’t happen so quickly.

Julie B

I just got an email offer of buy one $3 add-on, get one free. Did everyone get this? I’m so overloaded with products I’m even having trouble choosing two add-ons.


I did.


I know I didn’t get the $3.00 discount. I bought 3 $3 add ons and 1 $12 add on and my total was $22.47! My mom has an account and she only added one $3 item to her add-ons, I feel bad that if I had seen this earlier I could have let her know to see if she was lucky enough to maybe have a $3 discount available to her 🤦🏼‍♀️ Smh lol

Joy-not the other one

I don’t know if this will help every one who is asking but I received the $3 discount because I signed up for annual a few days ago and Ipsy said if i did I would receive a free (well bogo) add on every month June through September along with a violet Voss creme brûlée palette. So i know that’s where my discount cane from.


Why do they do that inconsistently? If they’re going to offer it, they should offer it to everyone.


Agreed. I wasn’t offered a discount by email or in my cart. Didn’t purchase anything.


I didn’t get an email, but I did receive $3 off my add-ons. It’s not really but one get one free. It’s just $3 off your add-ons.


I didn’t get an email. I wasn’t going to purchase any add ons, but I was playing around adding a few that I was interested into the cart & it showed I had a $3 discount so I went ahead & purchased. Got the Ciate lip oil, Maelle blending sponge & Hanalei sheet mask set. Not bad for $6 I guess.


I didn’t get the discount which is a shame because I went a bit crazy with the add-ons. It’s a good thing I finally quit Boxycharm Premium. Especially because I got two of the $18 ones (KS Wrinkle Warier and FAB eye cream), two $12 (Ciate metal eyeshadow and LG spray), and a bunch of $3 items with each of my two bags (regular and Plus.) Most were skincare except for the two Beauty Crop eyeshadows. I hope they’re as gorgeous in person. Once in a while I get the Ultimate bag but I find I can usually spend less than the $50 (except for today) and be happier with the products I pick out myself. I don’t mind paying $25 or less for surprises but I can’t stand to spend $50 and end up with only a few things I like.


Between my two bags, i added :
-June’s Ultimate bag (LOVEEE IT)
-Sunday Riley UFO Oil (Im oily in my tzone and i get these little white heads so hopefully this will get it to go away)
-Sunday Riley Saturn Treatment Mask (Same reason as the oil)
-It Cosmetics Gel Lotion (Love throwing little moisturizer samples in my purse because my nose gets dryyy lol)
-Hey Honey Eye Mask (Im pretty much trying everything to find something to treat these dark circles)
-Pacifica Blush & Highlight (@ $3 how could you resist this????)
-Cake Beauty Milk Made Body Cream x2 (These smell sooooooo good omg but their shipping is so $$)
-Eye Shader Brush (you can never have too many tbh)
-Dermadeli Eye Oil (Im trying everything girl)
-H2O Gel Cream (throw it in the bag)


I grabbed a bunch of the $3 add ones:

Both of the Hanalei mask duos. Love sheet masks when the weather gets hot.

Soo’ae panda eye mask duo. Pop it in the fridge for a few minutes before you use it on a hot day, and it feels sooo good.

Pacifica blush and highlighter duo.

Soroci eye cream. I got this as an add on last month and really liked it. $3 for a 1/3 ounce eye cream is a great price.

I was tempted to add the Kate Somerville serum for $18, because my face loves that stuff, but I grabbed two last month, so I resisted.


Yep, it’s normal. Not sure where you saw spoilers, but this month they seemed to release fewer than normal. That being said, it’s not unusual to get none of the spoilers.


I added on the Laura Geller Mist, Phase Zero blush cus I’m interested in the shade, Maelle lip tint in Nectar (was tempted to grab both but I have way too many lip products already and ya kno, masks and all), and the Luxie Brush.

I’m glad the Dr. Brandt primer was in my bag already, I was ready to buy it in add-ons since I’m really looking forward to trying it and I needed a primer. Has anyone already tried it and have thoughts on it? 😊


Once again discriminated that’s the only way I can look at it from getting add ons… I contacted it’s I care I tweeted them I get this every month in still I could never get. I’m a glambag + Member since the day offered.


Not sure why it happens to me but I couldn’t do add ons either for the 3rd time…


Not sure why it happens to me but u couldn’t do add ons either yet again!


I’m sorry to hear, that’s awful. Have you tried different browsers by chance?


Has anyone tried the Context Matte Lipsticks? TIA!


Let me also say they don’t have a very matte finish though! Or at least that was my personal experience with the come clean shade


Thank you for answering my question, Kyxo!!


I tried the come clean shade and I loved it! Very creamy and buttery formula. I lost mine, I was so mad 🤦🏼‍♀️


They are now sold out of the Sunday Riley ufo oil— so bummed! My hormonal acne has been terrible lately. Do you know if they restock at all?


I went a little wild with add-ons. I picked up another Kate Somerville ceramide serum (my skin loves that stuff), the I Dew Care masks, the U.F.O. oil, both of the Beauty Crop eye shadows, a blush, and a lip crayon. I need to rediscover my self control.


I’m really disappointed the Tula suncreen wasn’t an add-on. I canceled my GBP hoping it would be.

I added on:

– I DEW CARE Mini Scoops Set (been wanting to try)

– SUNDAY RILEY U.F.O. Acne Treatment Face Oil

– CIATE LONDON Watermelon Burst Hydrating Lip Oil

– NAKED COSMETICS lip scrub (I think this is full size?)

– SUNTIQUE I’m Pure Cica Sunscreen

– YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE Superfood Cleanser (I’ve somehow never gotten this in a bag)

– DERMADELI Nourishing Eye Serum (I love Dermadeli and am intrigued by an eye serum instead of an eye cream)

Went all out to take the sting off having a bad bag this month. Possibly counter-productive, but oh well.


The lip mask isn’t full size, but it’s still a decent size for sure! I snagged it last month 😊


I basically subscribe for access to add ons (hello, fff and boxy pop up), but I haven’t done ipsy. How often do ipsy add ons sell out? Is it one of those things where you have to jump on as soon as it’s open to snag what you want before they’re gone?


If there is something you want that has been advertized in spoilers, then yes, you must long in as early as possible to maximize your chances, Normally add-ons go live at 7:30 EST (nevermind that Ipsy says 9 AM EST, it’s live earlier than that).


The only chance you have to buy add-ons is as soon as your bag is revealed. If you opt to skip add-ons at that point, you don’t get a second chance to add them later. (And it’s not like FFF, where you have days to choose. It’s the day when bag reveals go up, or never.)


Skipping add ons. The lipsticks are all pretty, but who knows when I’ll wear those again ☹️


Oooh, I tried looking up reviews on Ipsy for the Malle beauty crayons, but they are gone. Have you tried them? Are they good?


I haven’t tried the Maelle crayons yet, but they look like the LAQA & Co lip lube that I adore.

The Maelle crayon add-ons are a sample size (about half of the full size product), which are new to Ipsy, so they won’t have reviews yet. Here are the reviews of the full size:




I expected it to say 3AM when I cracked my bleary eyes open to glance at the time but it said 5AM (Pacific). I wasted no time getting into add-ons. Now that I’m more awake, I feel a little bit like I drunk dialed my add-ons and maybe should have waited for the $5 bundles. I added-on to my GBP:

SUNDAY RILEY – U.F.O. Ultra Clarifying Acne Treatment Face Oil (Couldn’t pass it up even though I only get occasional get a breakout.)

SUNTIQUE – I’m Pure Cica Suncream (I love Cica, hope it’s nice.)

SOO AE – Panda Eye Brightening Mask Set (Cute)

VERB – Hydrating Mask (I really wanted this last time and it wasn’t offered, love Verb.)

CIATÉ LONDON – Watermelon Burst Hydrating Lip Oil (I think I had this before and like it, have no idea where it went.)

SOROCI – Spot Light Eye Cream (I got this last month and really liked it. This size sells for $10 so it’s a good deal at $3)

I did kind of want to bypass add-ons entirely as an act of defiance to the lackluster reveals and ugly bags but then, fomo. I justified it to myself saying at least I already skipped my reg glam bag this month so I’m spending less money altogether than I usually would by picking what I like.


So, we can still buy add-ons separately even on the months we skipped regular bags???


Only if you have another bag active, in which case you would access add-ons from that tab. For example, I usually get both the glam bag and the glam bag plus but this month I skipped my regular glam bag. I still had access to add-ons under my glam bag plus but not my glam bag.


Sheesh, I really butchered some of my sentences. Smh, lol.


I’m so bummed. This is my first Ipsy and only two of my items will I ever use– an eyeliner and the moisturizer I chose. They also gave me powder blush in bright pink (bad color, I don’t use powder blush) and a primer I got in Test Tube that I totally broke out from immediately and one of those beauty sponges. I don’t wear foundation. Waste of $$!


I’m set to receive the same lackluster roundup. I do personally like that primer but I already have a couple tubes of it on backup. The zombie blush, sponge and eyeliner feel very low value. At least the Tula, which I’m excited to try, pays for the rest of the bag.


Ipsy gets better at customizing your bag after you’ve had it a couple of months and have reviewed a few products. Hang it there a bit and it should improve.


I love lip crayons, so, like a fool, I bought the Sugar pencil and both Maelle ones, even though I also redeemed reward points for the full size Maelle crayon yesterday. I’ve been wanting to try the Beauty Crop shadow in Halo for a while, so I snagged that, & the Sur.Medic & Pureheals moisturizers are each half an ounce (sometimes skin product samples are only a third of an ounce), so I got both of them.


Not sure why my first comment didn’t reply to you, but are the Malle crayons good? Thanks!

Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.