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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

Ipsy Glam Bag May 2021 Spoilers

Ipsy Glam Bag July 2020 Spoilers!

We have spoilers for the July 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag! (Thanks for the heads up, Heather!)

Here are some of the products they are sending this month. Not all subscribers will receive all items:

  • Sunday Riley Juno Antioxidant + Superfood Face Oil
  • IT Cosmetics Brow Power
  • Pixi by Petra Liplift Max in Sheer Rose
  • Purlisse Illuminating BB Cream
  • Hempz Citrine Crystal & Quartz Herbal Boxy Moisturizer
  • TheBalm Cosmetics Will Powder Blush in Worth the Wait
  • Jules Smith Beauty Eyeshadow Duo

What do you think of the spoilers?

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.


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Comments (87)

  1. I’m all down for buying the ultimate bag just for itself. Esp travel. They would look so cute together

  2. so I ordered my Ipsy bag for the first time in may and it came for the month of June will I have to do something to get the July bag? or will it come and just charge my card since im all ready signed up ? let me know …

    • Since you got your June bag you WILL get your July bag and the following months. Unless you pause for the upcoming month you’ll keep getting your bags until you cancel your subscription!
      I always check here for spoilers befor they hit my account with the charge. This way I can see the spoilers and decide if I’ll like the items. They don’t show every item you might get but it does help! Just be sure to review the items you get in you GB because that is suppose to help for your future items they pick for you! Also make sure you update your Profile if you feel that you’re getting things you don’t like! I update mine from time to time.
      Good luck, have fun and Welcome to IPSY!

  3. Can I earn points for referring a friend even if I have this month paused?

    • I believe so!

      • I did and it worked!

  4. Where are the Ultimate spoilers?

    • I was wondering the same thing!??!!

  5. Heads up second chance Add on sale just went up…

  6. The spoilers look good! I’m not super crazy about the color combo on the bag but the design/idea is cute and I love that little airplane zipper pull.

  7. Want the Sunday Riley thing. The rest looks…meh.

    I’d skip this month, but that bag! Finally, something cute and fun!

  8. I would love to start seeing newer products.
    Different brands

    • Ummm none of these are repeat products! 🙄

      • The Pixi lip gloss is definitely a repeat.

  9. I’m pretty excited for July! These spoilers plus the gbp spoilers look great so far! Can’t wait to see ultimate’s spoilers. Fingers crossed all 3 bags knock it out of the park. 🤞🏼

  10. I received an email from Ipsy trying to get me to renew my GBP and it had spoilers for GBP. It was Awake Power Serum, SR Luna oil, an Ofra highlighter, Playa New Day Mist, Ciate london watermelon burst hydrating primer, Tarte Sea Surfer mascara, and it looks like a single eyeshadow that I don’t recognize.

  11. Not sure if anyone is interested, but I got an email from TRENDMOOD stating that they are relaunching their Volume 4 Trendmood box today @ 10a PST / 1PM EST! For anyone who may have missed out and enjoys Trendmood 🙂

  12. I didn’t see anyone say anything about the brow pencil. I’m interested in that! Has anyone tried it before? I looked it up and it says it’s just one color and that it just depends how hard you press. I want to know if it would look okay on me. I have light skin and black eye brows. I hope it would match well.

    • Hi Aubrey,
      I have the full size version and it’s one of my faves! Use a light hand or heavier hand to make the color work for you! It’s great quality!

    • Hi Aubrey,
      I think you’d probably find it a bit light. I can use it with a fairly light hand and get something close to the ABH brow wiz in taupe. Pressing harder, it is about the same as the ABH in soft brown, if that helps? Great product for application and staying power, though. As part of a glam bag, there’s not much downside if you decide you don’t like it. It’s a great deal and worth a try, unless you are going for a strong black brow.

      • Thanks for the replies! I might try it! My eyebrows have been patchy recently so I started using them, otherwise I wouldn’t have even tried them but the one I have now is just elf brand and its deep brown and the color is perfect but I’d like to try one that stays on longer and is a better formula! So we’ll see how I’m feeling when it comes july if I can pick this as my choice item! Haha

    • Aubrey I use the same ELF pencil for my brows and it is PERFECT! I keep trying other (more expensive ) things but I always come back to my ELF!

      • Interesting Joy! Thanks I’ll keep that in mind!

    • I like it in terms of easy application. The way the tip is shaped helps a lot with applying and its really easy to use.

  13. Well, only one bag on each of my accounts has ever shown up. I think it’s a game they play sometimes to get me ( or us) to buy more add ons. If you can’t see what’s in 2 other bags, likely there will be duplicates between curation and add ons.

    Anyway, I feel really ” forgotten” as a long term customer with 4 bags not showing for June.

    The things I can see, I DO LIKE!!! 😉

  14. I love beachy them stuff. The bag is so beachy. 🦄

  15. I was billed late (on the 2nd) and even after contacting CS, my bag reveal still isn’t up. Meanwhile, my Plus bag will be here tomorrow. Has this happened to anyone? When does it usually show?

    • One of my bags didn’t show up at all they said the would send me a new one but couldn’t guarantee the products would be the same😳

    • Same thing happened to me last month. They told me the reveal would be up in 3 days, mind you it didn’t show until it was shipped on the 27th! 😡 Their customer service has gone down hill, all you get are canned responses now.

    • Yep. I’m only subscribed to the regular Glambag. No access to add ons. Still can’t see what’s in my Glambag. I was actually billed twice. Once on May 24th, and again on June 2nd. I’ve sent 5 different emails and the response is generic with a small personal touch saying they are sorry, aware of the problem and working on it. On actually added a link and suggested I shop Ipsy offers. I have replied to each one and get no reply.

  16. Do we think the Pixi lip gloss will be full size? I’m leaning this way if it’s available to me for choice. Full size is $14 on the Pixi website.

    • I received a Pixi LipLift sample from Ipsy previously, it was 1g. The fullsize on the website is 2.7g.
      I thought it to be a generous sized sample which lasted me awhile.

    • One of my bags didn’t show up at all they said the would send me a new one but couldn’t guarantee the products would be the same😳

    • I had the same one they are promoting on Ipsy and I loved it. I plan to get it during add ons. Is quite lovely. Its not full size but will last a long time

  17. I’ve been loyally subscribed to ipsy for over 4 years. Even though this is my favorite sub and only sub at this time, they need to make some serious changes with their BS ipsymatch algorithm and more importantly, Ipsy needs REAL CUSTOMERS SERVICE REPS!!!
    I still can not see what I am getting in my June Glambag and was left out of add ons.
    I have written in 4 different emails at this point. All are the same exact generic responses with a personal touch added. One even flat out said that if you don’t like, cancel. What?! You should be fired! Another one told me to purchase even more Ipsy offers so I can entertain myself with those instead??? WTH?! Lol!
    Well, first of all, it’s been 3 weeks since I did purchase an ipsy offer and it didn’t even ship until last Wednesday and has been sitting somewhere out of route for 4 days.
    On top of that, I was charged twice for that Ipsy offer and charged twice for June’s Glambag.
    Check your bank accounts!!!

    • If you’re having these issues, why on earth would you continue to use it? Just cancel and have your bank or CC company do a charge back.

    • I have my bag on pause due to an overload in shopping and it won’t let me access meanwhile, if not I would be better at helping. How are you contacting them, through your own email app or through the link in the app???

  18. I’m always happy to get Hempz and brow products so long as they are on the darker side.

  19. Off to a great start! I’d be perfectly content to get all of these items except the brow product as they are always way too dark for me.

    I REALLY hope I receive or can add-on the Purlisse because I was supposed to get their original BB cream in my Boxyluxe this month but got an email informing me they will be sending me the wrong color (hasn’t even left the warehouse yet) so they’re giving me a $12 pop up sale credit to make up for it. Normally I would just chalk it up to Boxycharm disappointing me as usual and suck it up. But one of the reasons I gave them one more month was because of this particular product. I’m having a very hard time finding foundation for my ever changing aging skin. I got a sample of the Purlisse from Ipsy and couldn’t believe I finally found something that blended in perfectly instead of requiring me to mix it with another shade. I haven’t purchased it yet because of the price tag but now I wish I’d just cancelled base and Luxe along when I finally gave up on Premium.

    • Have you tried the balms Balm Shelter? I’m in the same boat that you are as far as aging skin. It blends amazingly.

      • Dani and Amy, thanks for the recommendations! I, too, have struggled to adapt to my changing/aging skin. I miss the skin positive effects of higher estrogen levels, but am glad to be (almost) rid of the periods, ha!

    • I didn’t get the Purlisse in my Boxycharm this month, but tons of people did and they are going for like $12 on Mercari if you want to grab a brand new one without paying full retail.

  20. if i order today, it will come july or june box?

    • It will be june!

  21. Most interested in the Purlisse BB cream (if it comes in Fair) and the Pixi gloss. Hope one of those is offered in choice to me and can add-on the other one.

    • If you want both and there’s a choice for both, I’d choose the gloss. The BB cream I’ve seen so often and it’s been an add on when I’ve seen it. Hope you get both. 💜

  22. These spoilers look great! I’m always excited about trying a new Hempz scent. I love their lotion.

  23. Cute bag! Fingers crossed for the Pixi gloss!

  24. I maybe in the minority, but I love those little hempz body lotions. I hope we get to try some long wearing/transfer resistant makeup now that we’re all wearing masks.

    • Check powder pacts + setting sprays, I use a powder pact with NYX dewy spray and my mask doesn’t smudge my make up after putting it on and off multiple times.

  25. I’ve wanted to try a Pixi lip product forever,but I’ve just been cheap or something lol.

    (Hopefully, I’ll be able to wear lip products sooner rather than later).

  26. Pretty good spoilers. I’m interested in trying the B B cream and what I don’t get in my bag add to it.

  27. Great spoilers so far, I’m up for getting any of these…if not all of them! The bag is nice as well!

  28. Only thing is want is the face oil and I don’t need any. Skipping again

  29. I’m all over the Hempz body moisturizer, The Balm blush, It cosmetic brow item and Purlisse BB cream. Great spoilers!

  30. Ipsy in a nutshell: purlisse, sunday riley, the balm and all the discount makeup you can find at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Harsh, but they need other brands like Smashbox, Tarte, Bobbi Brown, Charlotte Tilbury, etc.

    • They always do Tarte though, I got 2 items last month. Smashbox in subscription boxes has gone down generally from what it used to be like 5 years ago, demand is not as high which is a shame because I love them. FFF, Rachel Zoe, Popsugar can get away with Bobbi Brown and Tillbury because of price points. Maybe for the high tiers, but I think they would give you a small product when you can have a full pallet of a moderately priced brand.

      • The Charlotte Tilbury lipstick sample I received as a Sephora points reward is the tiniest fancy lip sample I have ever gotten.

        Although to be fair, I’m never gonna finish that one either. LOL.

    • Boxycharm is worse. They only difference is that they buy the products wholesale themselves. You get discontinued products and colors, damaged items, and products without boxes or even seals sometimes. Plus mysterious “other” versions of products with different ingredients than the ones on the company’s website. I can honestly say in the six years I was with Boxy (until last month) and the seven with Ipsy, I have never received anything expired, damaged, without a seal or box, or in a crazy shade 90% of people wouldn’t wear from Ipsy. And I have received many more new to market products from Ipsy, even if they’ve often been from repeat brands. If nothing else I feel way more confident what I get from Ipsy will be safe to use and not used or tested by anyone else.

      They may get a little redundant with brands but at least they spoil enough products to give you an idea if you want to skip without having to go back on a waitlist. And they don’t just send the best stuff to Influencers and the like. Best of all, despite Boxy’s claims, Ipsy does actually try to customize at least some of your products.

      And no I don’t work for Ipsy or have any affiliation with them whatsoever. I’m just a major beauty sub addict with years of bags/boxes to go by.

      • Oh Lord, Boxycharm. I’ve heard so many bad things about it that I can’t bring myself to try it, haha. I absolutely love Ipsy though!! I am thinking about upgrading to either plus or ultimate.

      • My own horror story goes like this…. Ordered a six month sub near the end of the month of November. Never received a November box. No biggie I thought. My December box came soon enough. I was new to sub boxes and enjoyed the first couple, but after 4-5 I definitely thought I should cancel. Too many of the same types of products in shades I would never use. I read that you should wait until after you received your fifth box to cancel. This is the interesting part…. They renewed me for an additional 6 months before I received my fifth box. I emailed to say whoa…. I want to cancel, and they said too late this is your sixth month. I said NO, this will be my fifth month. They said I should have received a box in November, and they could see that they NEVER sent the November box. Instead of refunding me for an additional six months that I became extremely bitter about, they said they would send me a leftover box from the previous November, five to six months later. I cannot believe this was their mistake and they would not own it and refund the second six months. They are incredibly shady and horrible customer service. I would never recommend them.

      • Sorry. If not obvious, I am referring to Boxycharm, not Ipsy.

    • So why would you continue to sub? Or alternatively, why bother commenting on a service you don’t use and are not interested in?

  31. Ipsy in a nutshell: purlisse, sunday riley, the balm and all the discount makeup you can find at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Harsh, but they need other brands like Smashbox, Tarte, Bobbi Brown, Charlotte Tilbury, etc.

    • Actually you might get your wish! I read an article in my news feed the other day with the IPSY CEO and it said that because of COVID a lot of prestige brands that have declined to work with IPSY in the past are actually trying to be featured now. So I guess we will see!

    • They have had several Smashbox and Tarte items.

    • I actually got a Tarte gloss in my glam bag, a tarte lipstick in my plus and a Smashbox eyeshadow palette in my Ultimate last month.

    • Ipsy has had Tarte and Smashbox quite often. They’ve also had Bobbi Brown, Estee, Tatcha, and other high end brand, but it’s a $12 bag. Even if you were to purchase five beauty items at TJ Maxx, it would likely cost more than $12.

    • last mo th was like all tartes new line. Let’s not forget it cosmetics, 111skin, huda, murad, juice beauty, etc. Not every product needs to be the same old high-end products every other sub offers. I love discovering new brands that don’t have the huge price tag just for the name. I go into it oown.inded and honestly try new products I never heard of or products I never thought were for me. Sorry maybe I am alone is this but I don’t wa.t the same boring stuff from every sub. The whole point is to try new things, figure out what I like, what is worth the cost. I finally got boxy for the first time last month and it was all junk I never heard of except for the glam glow mask.

  32. Looks a lot better than last month!

  33. I actually would be good with any of these! And would love to be able to have them as an add on soon!

  34. That Pixi lipgloss is my favorite from ALL of the glosses I’ve tried in my many years of beauty boxes. I forked out $18 for the full size and it’s almost empty. I hope that is a choice item.

    • I love it as well!
      I’m hoping it’s an add on!

    • Really?! I quickly dismissed it but nowyou’ve got me curious. What made you like it so much?

      • The color is really perfect for just a little tint, and I feel like it would be universally flattering. I don’t wear lipstick very often, so a good gloss is always needed. I love the peppermint, and it’s really moisturizing. I’m not sure if it did anything as far as plumping, but that wasn’t important for me.

      • Yes! When I got it in a bag, I was initially scared off by the “plumping” descriptor — which I usually associate with stinging & burning sensations. This is not that! It’s basically a sheer mauve gloss with a hint of peppermint scent. It really isn’t even that Glossy, since it doesn’t have shimmers or glitters in it, which also makes the texture nice.

        tldr; I let my mom borrow mine & she never gave it back. ;___;

    • Omg me too! I actually really like this sneak peek anyway!

  35. If only I *could* escape!

    • 😂🤣 I feel you on that!

  36. I actually like all of these products. And would be happy if this was my bag.

    • I thought the same thing! I would be thrilled if my bag has any 5 of those 6 products. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted all the spoilers before.

      • Me too! Everything is good. I was debating about skipping my bag next month, but not after seeing these spoilers!

  37. Hoping I get the face oil or that it’s a choice for me! 🙂

  38. Hoping the SR is choice!

  39. I like the bag a lot. I don’t know where’ I’ll be escaping to as my summer vacation was cancelled.

    • I understand what you mean my summer as been cancelled too it seems like this bag that says escape is just taunting us because we can’t escape no where. It seems like the fall is cancelled too hell it seems like life is cancelled.

  40. Fingers crossed I get the BB cream😊

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