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Ipsy Glam Bag July 2020 Choice Time!

It’s time to pick one of the items for your July 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag!

Which product are you choosing for your July 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag?

Here’s a look at the July the bag design:

What do you think of the spoilers?

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! 


How do subscribers rate Ipsy?

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Comments (75)

  1. Oh my goodness, I’m such a fool! Ipsy emailed me on my deactivated account (from when you needed 2 different accounts for glam bag & plus) & offered me a free full size mystery item to resubscribe.

    Because, as I previously stated, I am a FOOL, I caved. Interestingly, I did get to choose a product from a reduced number of items. I picked the RE:P serum.

    … and since I had some points on the account, I went ahead & redeemed for the Way of Will lotion.

    … I only hope they don’t try to pull the, “oh, yeah, your free gift comes in the THIRD bag” nonsense.

  2. There are like 4 different things I wanted. I picked the Thrive because it’s full size and I have one already that I love in a different shade. Hoping I get the BB cream too!

    • Same here and it went live at 6am here. I really wanted to select the liquid eyeshadow, curl cream and bb cream. I took so long to decide and I’m hoping I get the other two in my bag.

  3. I had a hard time choosing my gb item! I wanted the Ghizlan Thrive lip liner, the balm blush and the bb cream really bad! I also would like to get the it brow pencil or the lip oil lol oh I wouldn’t mind trying the scalp pack either. I ended up picking the lip liner when I realized it was full sized.
    GBP was such a bummer! I fully expected the Luna oil to be a choice and it wasn’t. I logged in early too. I didn’t feel strongly about any of the other choices.
    I’m torn … maybe I’ll just get my gb and pause gbp this month. Gives me $25 extra for add ons lol I can make my own box.

    • Luna was a choice for plus because I picked it.

      • It was not a choice for a LOT of us.

  4. Cica serum for me, glad to see skin care as a choice item 🙂

  5. I chose the Verb cream😊

  6. Heads up: the Purlisse BB cream is not reef safe :-(. I’m letting IPSY choose for me this month for glam bag and glam bag plus and chose the Awake serum for Ultimate which I’m very excited to try!

    • Would someone please clarify on the Purlisse BB cream not being “reef safe” comment.. Thank you!

      • Patsy,

        I was curious and googled it too. 🙂 But its says “Terms like “reef-safe” or “reef-friendly” are typically used to identify sunscreens that do not contain oxybenzone and octinoxate, two common UV-blocking chemicals, that studies have shown can cause coral bleaching”

      • “Many of these products contain ingredients that can cause coral bleaching or that are toxic to some reef fish. Products containing benzophenone-3 (oxybenzone), butylparaben, octinoxate (ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate) and cyclopentasiloxane (cyclomethicone) damage the aquatic environment the most.”

        cyclopentasiloxane is one of the first ingredients in the BB cream, thus it is not reef safe. The other comment is correct in that those two ingredients are not reef safe but those are not the only ingredients that harm the oceans.

      • The BB cream also contains Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, so not great!

    • Mary one last clarification – basically there are 2 types of sunscreen: Chemical and Physical (aka Mineral). All sunscreens fall into one of those two categories, and occasionally sunscreens contain both chemical AND physical ingredients.

      Physical (aka Mineral) sunscreen contains the minerals zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. When you apply this type of sunscreen, it forms a physical barrier that blocks the sun’s rays from getting to your skin. These physical sunscreens are reef safe because they don’t contain the harmful chemicals that are in chemical sunscreens. The thing a lot of people don’t like is the way these physical (mineral) sunscreens leave a white cast immediately after you apply it, but there are a lot of brands making some amazingly thin and light physical sunscreens. And the white cast (which fades eventually) is there because it’s literally a layer of protection that will prevent the sun from penetrating your skin.

      Chemical sunscreens *absorb* the sun’s damaging rays before the damage can penetrate your skin further. Chemical sunscreens contain ingredients like avobenzone, octinoxate, oxybenzone, benzophenone-3, and several other [potentially] harmful chemicals that can damage our ocean’s reefs and fish, ocean mammals, etc etc etc. Some people have irritation and sensitivity to chemical sunscreens due to their (probable) harmful ingredients, which is why dermatologists always suggest physical sunscreens for those who have sensitive skin.

      Ideally, people who spend time in the ocean use physical (mineral) sunscreen, since it does not contain the dangerous, harmful ingredients that chemical sunscreens contain.

      Personally I use both types of sunscreen daily as I live my normal life and go to work, etc., but if I were to go in the ocean I would only use physical sunscreen 100% of the time.

      • Yeah, I definitely like mineral sunscreen better anyway because I have sensitive skin and experience stinging with some chemical ones. Also: water runoff is a thing, even if we’re in the city and not actually swimming in the ocean. Otherwise micro beads wouldn’t need to have been banned and glitter in cosmetics and other products wouldn’t be problematic. We wash off sunscreen in the shower or bath and unfortunately it makes its way elsewhere.

      • Wow – this is really helpful comparison. Thank you for the clarification because I always wondered the benefits of one type over the other.

  7. Selected the serum.

  8. I was all set to choose the Pixi lip gloss and then I saw those full size Thrive lipliners! Gosh, I couldn’t resist and picked the color Ghizlan. I hope I get the Pixi gloss in my bag or add-on as well as the Purlisse BB Cream in Fair. I want to cut back on add-ons this month as I’ve maxed out the past couple months. I did pick up the Scalp Scrub/Marc Anthony product duo in the Flash Sale. I liked several of the choice items this month and some nice choices in the Flash sale too but thrilled to get a full-size Thrive product in my bag! Great job, Ipsy!

  9. I chose the Thrive lip liner in Devin. Ipsy always sends me rosy nude lip colors, but I like deeper colors, too! SO glad to read on here that it is full size–I didn’t even notice.

    I really wanted the Ciate watermelon lip oil as I have never gotten it and missed it in add ons last month, but I thought it was more likely to be an add on than the Thrive since so many people already got it. I also thought they might not send me another lip product if I chose it and my favorite things to receive are color lippies! If Thrive is an add on, I will get the Ghizlan shade, too, so pretty.

    Also, am I the only one who is reminded of Jeffrey Epstein by the name Ghizlan? 🙁

    • It’s ‘Ghislaine’ that was the name of his procurer. It’s not an uncommon name in French speaking countries.

      • Yes, I’ve seen it spelled different ways, but same pronunciation. I lived in a few different European countries, but sadly, she is who I think of now. Bleh.

    • That’s funny we both wanted both the Ciate and Thrive in the same color. I was also wondering how the other shade looks or if it’s too nude for me. I didn’t get all of these choices as it was evening by the time I remembered to log in. I don’t get emails for some reason. I’m hoping the other items will be add ons too!

      • Crossing fingers! Good luck 🙂

  10. Anyone know anything about this scalp pack stuff? Or know any good products to get rid of bumps on the scalp, like in grown hairs?

  11. I wash’t offered the It Cosmetics brow pencil which is the only thing on there I would use. I end up giving away almost everything Ipsy sends these days. May be time to give up on it. It has been terrible for me for over a year.

  12. I received a Thrive lip liner recently in another box and like it, so I chose the other color.

  13. Lipliner in Devin. Not 100% sure on the color for my skin tone, as it was 6am PST when I picked, but excited to get a lip liner.

  14. I decided to pause my glam bag plus this month, and just subscribe for the regular glam bag. So not even 10 minutes later i got a notification saying that my card was charged $25. Not only was i irritated because we are not supposed to be charged until the last day of the month, but also because they charged me $25 for a $12 Subscription.

    • Same thing happened to me, Paige!! I paused GBP bc everything in it SUCKED (only options were like mascara and 6 eyeshadows), so I reactivated my regular glam bag and was charged for both!! $25 and $12!!

      • You need to contact Ipsycare and tell them that you were charged for both subscription s, the only sub that you should have been charged for is the regular Glam Bag, because once you activate a sub, you are automatically charged for that subscription, but should not have been charged for both.

  15. I must be on product overload…lol…so I will try the no pick theory to see if the computer can better stick to my profile…

  16. I got the glitter shadow. I figure I have more of a chance to get the BB in my bag. Hopefully I do. I’m tempted to skip. Nothing was really exciting me. I added the lip oil on last month or I would have chosen that.

    • HAHA, Shaylee I am in the same boat as you. I also chose the shadow as well.

  17. I picked Thrive lip liner in ghizlan. I had hard time deciding between colors but Ghizlan was plummy mauve and was closer to what I wear. I was so happy they had fun colors instead of boring neutrals and it is full size!

  18. pixi sheer rose for me! I really like color, can’t wait to get my box 😀

    • If you end up liking the gloss, it’s included in the Pixi Hello Glow! 3-pc. Skincare Kit and Pixi Hello Rose! 3-pc. Skincare Kit, which are awesome kits if you can get them on sale from Kohl’s or somewhere else (I think I got them in December for $15). I love the Hello Rose! set because the highlighter in the duo is outrageously gorgeous. 🙂

  19. I went with the Kokie eyeshadow, it’s full size and I’m always impressed with their products. Also, it made the most sense for me personally because I’m wearing masks everywhere these days so eye makeup is the one thing I feel I would get the most use out of.

    • I chose the bb cream, but I hope it’s available for add-ons, it’s so pretty!

      • I feel the same way about the bb cream lol, I was so torn between either that or the eyeshadow! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s either in my bag on in add-adds.

  20. I went with the Thrive lip liner in Ghizlan, the blushes and the bb cream weren’t options for me because im in the tan category lol but im always happy whenever i can get fs items in my regular gb.

  21. LOVE Thrive and I rarely get lip liner. This bag is a win for that alone, the rest is gravy!

  22. Is anyone having any issues with the flash sale? I went back in for another order but it won’t let me check out. Keep getting an error message .

  23. I wish I knew what would be available in add ons because I want a few things and don’t want to miss out! I hope they eventually start doing that…

  24. I cannot believe that I just intentionally picked a black eyeliner! But I’m actually really excited to be able to try the KVD liner without buying it directly.

    • I picked the KVD liner, too. I don’t have a black eyeliner right now, and I’ve read good reviews of this one.

      • It really is good! ☺️

    • I used to purchase this all the time at Sephora and it really is great in my opinion! I always would purchase the lock-it foundation too, I personally loved this line. It’s just been too pricey for me as of lately! 😩

  25. Hard choice this month but I picked the thrive lip liner. Hoping to get the BB cream in my bag or with add ons though. I also bought a Christophe Robin duo for $5 in the flash sale that popped up. That stuff is way expensive and I’m very pleased to get that plus another product for $5! Very happy with Ipsy lately!

  26. I picked the Thrive pencil in Devin because that’s a shade that I wear a lot, or wore a lot 🙁

    I actually liked a lot of the choices and I kind of regret picking the lip product since I have no idea when I’ll be wearing lipstick again. I might end up skipping anyway lol.

  27. Looks like a better month than last month for me. Several things that look good here. Nothing super stands out to me, so I almost didn’t pick. I decided to go with the Pixi lip gloss, though, as my mom stole my last one.

  28. First time I resubbed to Ipsy in years due to ~loving~ the bag design. I picked the thrive lip liner in Ghizlan, and hope to get the KVD liner in my bag, though now I wonder if I should have chosen Purlisse BB cream in Fair (I don’t even remember seeing that). But I’ve never found a foundation/ bb cream/ concealer that truly matched my super fair, super neutral skin and I’ve kinda given up on it. Embrace the blemish!

  29. I was tempted to choose the BB cream but that product doesn’t seem to be sold by purlisse anymore so if I liked it I wouldn’t be able to purchase it again. So I went with the Pixi lip gloss. I’d be happy to get pretty much anything but KVD liner and the curl cream in my bag. I hate that they have KVD I got a powder from that line last month.

  30. I picked the thrive lipliner, I hope to get the Purlisse bb cream in my bag!

  31. I selected that Ciate lip oil, even though I just received it with June’s bag! I love it and it’s $16 a tube, so…but now I think I had tunnel vision.

    • Same. I didn’t even see the Purlisse (maybe it wasn’t an option for me?), and now I wish I had chosen that instead.

      I love that lip oil, though.

    • I really wanted the lip oil last month so I picked it this month, but I think I’m going to end up skipping because I’d rather get Allure and I picked up a few things during the flash sale.

  32. There are some nice choices, this month. I went with the Thrive lip liner in Ghizlan. It looks like a nice, neutral color. I love getting full size items in my Classic bag.

    • I picked that to but I don’t think it is neutral it is plum mauve purply color . I might even try as eyeliner if I have to wear masks much longer lol.

  33. I got the IT taupe brow liner, and then wished I had picked the bb cream, so I resubbed a second account. Hopefully that means less add ons I feel compelled to buy. Ipsy match has been my friend lately so we’ll see! Excited for this and plus.

    • If you sub another account today, do you get to do choice on that one?

      • I just tried it, but it is not allowing me to choose. Maybe if you try with a different email it might work?

      • I re-subbed an inactivated account shortly after 9pm and it prompted me to choose!

      • Sorry, I meant i resubbed at 9am**** this morning and it still let me choose

  34. Picked Thrive liner in Devin! full size!

  35. Cool, I see a bunch of items I want to get during add-on days!

  36. Hard choice. Picked the BB cream to try but wanted almost all of these lol.

  37. None of this makes me regret skipping before choice time. Ah, well. Looking forward to August.

  38. I can’t get into the ap! 🙁

    • This is so aggravating!😵, I just opened my app and finally seen the products to choose from. I had to log out and log back in a couple of times. Try going online and see if you can get to your App that way., if that dont work, i would send Ipsy Care a message through Twitter or Facebook. I hope this helps, BTW, once you are able to get on the Ipsy site, if the choice selection is not there, log out of your account, then log back in, Most of the time i can resolve a lot of problems that i have on the Ipsy App or website by logging out ect.

  39. I dont see the choices on the Ipsy App!😠

  40. Skipped nothing I want and the bags are hideous.

    • Well aren’t you a ray of sunshine Lol

      • That cracked me up!, lol, “well aren’t you a ray of sunshine” 😂 I was taking a drink of my iced coffee when i read that, and about chocked, from laughing!!! 😝, LMAO

  41. Cancelled! Not really like the spoilers so far.

  42. Why does Ipsy offer me the correct shade for foundation or BB cream every single time, down to my undertone, and yet Boxycharm literally sends me the darkest shade imaginable and I’ve been with them since 2016? I am so impressed with Ipsy actually using my profile! Needless to say, I chose the BB cream. Wasn’t really feeling the other choices here except the serum (and the lip oil but I got this as an add-on last month, actually).

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