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CAUSEBOX Summer 2020 Box FULL Spoilers!

We have the final spoiler for the Summer 2020 CAUSEBOX!

FYI – The Summer 2020 box has sold out. If you sign up now, you will receive the Summer Welcome Box. Check out the latest Summer Welcome Box spoiler here

The Summer Box is stuffed with a range of products that will add a splash of self-care to your summer. We curated a collection that showcases the best in ethical and sustainable brands, highlighting companies that are not only doing the right thing, but are also delivering the highest caliber products. This season’s selections are worth over $250.

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc.

Use coupon code SUM20 to save 20% off your first box! (Regularly $54.95 a season.)

The Summer box includes:

Grace & Stella Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Fun fact: hyaluronic acid is actually a sugar naturally produced in our bodies, found on our skin, in our joints, and in our eyes! It attracts water, keeping our eyes moist, joints lubricated, and skin supple. As we age, the amount of hyaluronic acid our bodies naturally produce decreases alongside our collagen production. That’s where Grace & Stella’s miracle serum come in.

The Hyaluronic Acid Serum included in every Summer Box locks in moisture to leave your skin pumper, dewier, and more hydrated, reducing the appearance fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes.

Super lightweight and perfect for all skin types, you can seamlessly incorporate this hydrating, vegan, and cruelty free dream serum into your skincare routine with just a few drops between cleansing and applying nutrient rich moisturizers and facial oils 

Shot by CAUSEBOX member @simplysobol on Instagram.

The 6th spoiler was a choice item:

Malu Day Cream SPF 30 from honua skincare


Essential Oil Roll-On Duo from Savhera Wellness


Fringe Earrings from Matr Boomie

This box will also include:

AltCooking Hub Silicone Stretch Lids – Set of 6

Leftovers thanks to all that cooking you’ve been doing at home? We’ve got you covered — literally!

Maybe it’s a stretch, but we’re coming to you with back-to-back spoilers this week. *It’s a holiday, after all.* In every core Summer Box, we’re including a Set of 6 Silicone Stretch Lids from AltCooking Hub! 🥳

Whether this is a product that’s been on your list for months (🙋‍♀️) or your ears are perking up hearing about it for the first time, keep reading to learn more about why we’re so over the moon to be including it.

We’re always on the hunt for better alternatives, especially to single-use plastics, and these ultra-stretchy, clingy, and convenient silicone lids are designed to replace the ziplock bags, plastic wraps, and aluminum foils that we find ourselves reaching for so often in the kitchen. They’ll conform to any shape (round, oval, square, rectangular — you name it!) to create a secure, leakproof seal that you can put in the microwave, refrigerator, freezer, AND dishwasher!

AltCooking Hub is in the business of finding alt(ernatives) to everyday kitchen essentials, taking normal household items and innovating products that helps improve our quality of life while all preserving our environment.

And for those wondering: yes, they’ll even fit the Set of 3 Bowls 😍


Prepare to be amazed when your Summer CAUSEBOX arrives, strangely heavier than usual, and includes a Set of 3 Nesting Bowls! “HOW DID THEY DO IT!” you might even hear yourself say aloud.

This set was custom made for CAUSEBOX in collaboration with Pepper + Vetiver and with a two-tone, watercolor design and includes a large salad bowl, a medium cereal bowl (for all the cereal you’ve been eating for dinner), and a small dessert bowl. Use them for a big, colorful salad or an ice cream sundae, to display your jewelry or knick knacks, or, simply place them on a shelf to admire!

Pepper + Vetiver believes that home isn’t as much a place as it is a feeling — a feeling of belonging, centering, comfort, and love. Incorporating the right home style and decor can allow you to create a warm, welcoming and comforting environment with a positive influence on your mental and physical well being!

They also believe that this sense of belonging should extend beyond the walls of the house you live in, and support the Malala Fund in their effort to provide girls from all cultures and backgrounds with a sense of belonging, comfort, and opportunity in this world.

More than 130 million girls are out of school, and with the Summer Box, you support the Malala Fund and ensure that every girl has the opportunity to learn and lead 👏


Nanaka Juice Cleanse Citrus Bath Salts OR Doctor Rogers RESTORE® Healing Balm

Go on a juice cleanse — without the celery juice! Introducing a new end of the day ritual: grab a book, light a candle, add Juice Cleanse Citrus Bath Salts from to a relaxing bath all to yourself, and soak it up as vibrant citrus oils polish and brighten the skin for a fresh-pressed juicy glow, while epsom salts remineralize and detoxify the body and calm the mind.


Become the friend you wish you had — the one who always has good advice, a stick of gum, and RESTORE® Healing Balm on hand! This multitasking miracle worker (the Healing Balm, not you) is good for just about everything: chapped lips, flyaways, eyebrow styling, cuts and scrapes, eczema, dry nails, and so much more.

So, which adventure will you choose? Annual Members, start brainstorming — customization is right around the corner!


PMD Clean (Blush, Teal, or Navy) $99

The PMD Clean is featured in every Summer CAUSEBOX! Bring the spa home to you – with the ultimate self-care tool! It firms, tones, and lifts by breaking down dirt and oil from within your pores at 7,000 vibrations per minute! Its flexible wand allows you to deeply clean in the difficult spots (like your nose), and it is made from ultra-hygienic silicone, which means it’s waterproof, antibacterial – and you’ll never have to replace expensive, wasteful, disposable brush heads!


Every Summer CAUSEBOX includes the Feya Candle Co. Reed Diffuser ($35 value) in your choice of scents!

Bergamot & Grapefruit or White Tea & Ginger — which will you choose? There has never been a better time to fill your home with the fresh, clean fragrance of summer.

🍍Flip over the reeds to refresh the scent — lasts for a year!
🍊 Made from recycled materials
🍉 Vegan, Cruelty Free
🍇 Meals are provided for every Feya Candle Co. product sold

What do you think about the spoilers?

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Comments (107)

  1. Hello everyone,

    I ordered this box but have yet to receive it…anyone else?
    Or have they all been shipped out?


    • Hey, see my comment 2 below yours. Never subscribing again. No shipping notification and no clear answers when I reach out to customer service.

      • Hi Amy, thanks I see now!
        Well at least I’m not the only one :/
        The thing is I bought the summer box and the summer welcome box
        And guess what? I’ve already received the welcome box but not the regular box

        I thought it was weird because they said they would ship the regular box first

    • I haven’t received mine either. I subscribed during the brief window on May (?) for the actual Summer box (not the other intro variations). Their website says all boxes shipped in July, with a few boxes shipped in early August. Mine is still “awaiting shipment.” Pretty disappointed.

    • Go to your account. Shipping notifications are very clearl there and have been updated today.

    • I just got mine today! I’m in California and I subscribe only when I’m like the box.

  2. I’m surprised we haven’t seen a review of the summer box.

  3. First time subscriber here who signed up in May to get the regular Summer Box. No shipping notification and they seem to be just pushing back the expected ship date. At first it was “by end of June”, then “mid July”, then “end of July”. When I followed up again this week they said “some will ship beginning of August”. But after beginning of August rolls around, I’m sure they’ll extend it to mid August.. then end of August. They also seem really non transparent about the whole process. This will be my first and last box from them assuming I ever get the first one.

    • Same experience here. I purchased this box on 5/15 and haven’t received it. I have no Idea how to get a hold of them or where to find out what’s happening with this. I definitely don’t want to be charged for a fall box, and I’m concerned that I will be. I also ordered two others in mid June, the summer intro box number two, and have heard zilch on that as well. I understand that Covid slowed everything down, but they took my money almost three months ago. I’m not getting what I paid for… I don’t even know how to cancel. Yikes! Do not recommend based on the fact that they have been completely silent other than charging me for the three boxes total I originally ordered.

    • I’m annual—have been for a while—and just got my summer box today!

    • On your account page,there are clear, specific shipping windows. Updated today.

  4. I am an annual subscriber and my summer box is stating still awaiting shipment. I also have subscribed for my 3 girls, seasonal not annual and I received all three of theirs over a month ago. So angry. Thinking of cancelling. Love their products but this is ridiculous.

  5. I am an annual subscriber and still haven’t even gotten a notification that my box has shipped and my fabfitfun FALL box is opening for customization next week. At this rate the CAUSEBOX will be a full season behind and I won’t get it until September. I’m pretty disappointed in how long this box takes to ship – although I love the products, the shipping time is insane.

  6. Just got my first ever Causebox today, the Summer 2020, and it is AMAZING! I knew the facial massager was coming, but I purposefully resisted looking @ spoilers. I LOVE the nesting bowls, they are my favorite colors and a lovely surprise. The diffuser is new to me, but I enjoy fragrance.
    Let me just say each and every item is something that I will use and I will absolutely enjoy.

  7. Ugh!!! After Edition all this time my box was missing the Restore item when it finally arrived today! Love everything I actually received, but very disappointed that something is missing. Not a good start to this sub.

    • Did you receive the bath salts?
      You’re supposed to get either that or the restore but not both. 😉

      • Nope, neither. Apparently it was just missing. I contacted them and they did reply the sane day. Said they are sending the balm out right away. Very excited about that because I was really hoping to get it. A skin product I can actually use on my super allergic skin!

  8. Got my box on Saturday. I’m happy i didn’t get earrings! I was planning to gift several items and mostly bought it for the PMD. The bowls and lids are a nice bonus and I’m not disappointed by the essential oils either 😉
    I got the pink PMD, essential oils, and bath salts for the variation items (bergamot diffuser).

    • I received my box yesterday with the teal PMD, the repair balm, and the sunscreen. These would have been my picks if I were annual: I got lucky this season! I would probably have picked the white tea diffuser over the grapefruit one (I’m probably the only person on this planet who’s not a fan of grapefruits), but I love bergamot, so I just hope the Combo works for my picky nose. I am restraining from opening the bottle because I have already 3 reed diffusers in use and I might move out soon (I want to save the diffuser for the new place).
      As for the other items:
      -I tried my PMD and it works (I was worried since some people appear to have received defective units). I ordered another box because I wanted to gift one to my sister. I wish causebox would ship internationally…
      – the bowls are lovely. I received the medium one slightly chipped at the base, but I didn’t contact CS: I think I can live with that tiny imperfection lol
      -the lids came with a strong chemical smell, but I soaked them in soaped water for a bit before washing and It disappeared. I tried one of them on a bowl and I’m very pleased with both adhesion/covering and the ease of use.
      -all the skincare hasn’t been opened and I can’t comment on it, but it arrived perfectly intact.

  9. I adored the bowls! Even though they are made in China … they are outstanding! Loved the restore balm… I’m so allergic to sooo many things that this was wonderful ! The same goes for the serum. I will be ordering more. Skin machine feels nice…. but not really sure the benefit. Lid holders will be used and the earrings are cute! I may add some beads to mine with embroidery thread.
    Well done!

  10. My box arrived today. I’m pleased with the items I got (seasonal so no choices). My only question is the diffuser. It is still sealed and does not seem to have leaked but the bottle only appears half full. Is that how it’s supposed to be?? I’m not familiar with this brand but any others I’ve bought have been more full.

    • mine was half full too! I think that is totally normal 🙂

  11. Just picked up my box from the post office….I love everything! All time favorite Causebox!

    • Was very excited to try the PMD, but it does not turn on for me. I had the battery that came with the device and it did not work, so I put in another battery. Still nothing. I looked on their website and tried putting the bottom on tighter, but still nothing. Very disappointed.

      • Mine didn’t work either. I am very disappointed as well.

      • I find that there are a lot of complaints about the PMD not working. I’m wondering if they are buying up defective stock. Most of those Swell bottles from the spring welcome were defective as well, with blurred and defective art on the bottles. Perhaps they are getting a good deal on unsaleable products.

      • hi! i had the same problem but when i peeled off the pink & white wrapping on the battery that it came with i was able to get it to work just in case you haven’t tried that (:

    • Opposite here. REALLY wanted the sunscreen or at least earrings but of course got two more roll ons to add to my collection from sub boxes I never use and have no one to gift them to. I’m guessing most of us are pretty burned out on these type of rollers and would be delighted if sub boxes would stop sending them. They must be very cheap items for them to obtain.

      Got the grapefruit diffuser I can’t use because I have cats (citrus is very bad for them, even breathing it in I learned recently), another all purpose balm to add to the dozens I already have when I really wanted the bath stuff because baths are pretty much my hobby. And not that it matters that much because it will definitely be gifted since it doesn’t play nice with my skin, but I got the only PMD color I didn’t care for—the navy. It just stinks that they won’t at least let you choose two items. Or even one. I just would not have paid 50 for the bowls and lids. I didn’t need the hyaluronic acid as I have more than enough serums right now. This is the second time I’ve rolled the dice with this box and both times I got the worst variations.

      Of course to be fair I have an annual sub with FFF so even though I get to pick five things my Summer box which I was over the moon about got lost. I finally got the replacement they promised would be identical almost 3 months later and it’s not only wrong as far as my choices, they completely failed to include my extra choices and add-ons that added up to over an additional $200. Definitely not looking forward to battling it out with someone in a different country for who knows how long to get my money back. I’m sure by now the items I was so excited about are long out of stock. I think maybe the universe is trying to tell me to say goodbye to sub boxes.

      • I feel ya! Of course you got two variations that I would have wanted lol. I got the teal PMD (wanted the navy) and I got the earrings and wanted the roll ons. I also got the balm and wanted the bath salts. Disappointed in my box too but since I only like maybe 1 out of every 6 boxes that they offer I definitely don’t see a need to go annual. However, I might be more inclined to purchase a box if non-annuals got a couple of choices.

  12. Summer box has me hooked! Received everything here in Toronto, Canada, perfectly, via FedEx, and this is my new sub box obsession.

  13. Just got my Summer box yesterday and I am soooo happy!
    Also my first “real box” after loving my intro box for Spring and it did not disappoint.
    I love the blues and greens on the bowl set, very pretty. Already used them for chips, salsa, and guacamole last night. They are the perfect snack size and came with covers for what we didn’t finish. Excellent.
    The earrings are both current and versatile. White tea and ginger scent is light and lovely. Can’t wait to try my Pmd, and already a fan of Grace and Stella.
    Well done Causebox!
    My only regret is not buying two! I appreciate the thoughtful curation. This box really said Summer to me. Can’t wait to see what the Fall box will be like.

  14. I chose the sunscreen because it has just zinc oxide (I’m allergic to chemical sunscreens) and had no ingredients that bother my skin, at least when I checked the ingredient list on the company website back when the item was spoiled.

    I got my box today, and swatched the sunscreen on my inner wrist. Within ten minutes I was intensely red and itchy. Okay, wash it off, then grab the box and double check ingredients. It’s a totally different formula! The second ingredient is now oat bran, which I’m allergic to.

    Apparently the company is changing their formula to stop using palm oil. Okay, great, but that needs to be disclosed by Causebox! It’s frustrating enough that Causebox doesn’t give ingredient info when you customize, but this is so aggravating.

    And I can’t even donate the sunscreen now, because it’s been opened! I guess I’ll see if a neighbor wants it who doesn’t mind that I’ve used a little bit, it’s a pump after all.

  15. Just got my summer box in a fun colorful box. Already used my PMD Clean and I feel so much better after a stressful week too. I was skeptical but am so pleased. The bowls are the right size too.

  16. Just received my Summer box n I am blown away. The bowls are so pretty and very substantial. I picked the diffuser, white tea n ginger, that has a very fresh fragrance and the roll on essential oils which will definitely help the moods, calm n energize.
    I have the bowl covers so they’ll b gifted, picked the Restore balm, using it on my dog’s feet since the ointment is so soothing. PMD will go into the Blue Santa bag since I still use my Foreo.
    This was my favorite summer box since I have all the towels, totes, sunnies, etc I could ever use. Great curation.

  17. Received my annual subscription box today. It came in a regular cardboard box instead of the usual bright decorative box. Anyone else have this experience?

    • No, mine was in the pattern that was described in the booklet. Sorry you missed it. It was similar to the postcard but with more orange and a sand background.

    • Yes, mine came in a cardboard box too. I think it was because I had the bento box from last season included as well. They had issues with getting yellow bento boxes for the spring box and as a result offered to sent the yellow with the summer box.

  18. Annual member and still waiting for shipment…

    • Annual member as well. Still waiting and very disappointed. I hope you received yours.😊

  19. Just received my box today, and I love it! I’m seasonal and this is my first core box (received the Spring Welcome Box in May, which I also loved!). I seemed to have received all the same items other seasonals have posted about: white tea diffuser, pink PMD, bath salts, and roll-on essential oils. Even though I didn’t get to customize these, I’m very happy with them! The bowls, lids, and serum are also nice and I liked reading about the companies in the booklet.

    I really appreciate the premise behind Causebox (being more sustainable, importance of giving back, and empowering marginalized voices). The curation of the box is also a great mix of useful items and pampering items. I can’t wait to see what’s in the Fall box!

  20. Got my shipping notification for the Summer box today. Expected delivery 07/03. So pumped!

    • Apparently mine is never going to ship…it still says ‘awaiting shipment’. I did get my market order today though!

      • I’m seasonal and mine is still awaiting shipment too.

      • Still waiting for mine to ship as well.

      • I’m annual, mine shipped 6/21. Should have received today, but box is now in the all to familiar FED EX Smart Post ping pong pattern, arriving in Orlando, then sitting all day, then departing Orlando and 24 hours later arriving in Orlando again and sitting for a day.Have had one Causebox go from Orlando to Tampa (where it should be transfered to my post office for delivery) and back five times over six days before it finally got delivered. Box was decimated. Hope that doesn’t happen this time especially since this is one of Causebox’s
        best boxes in a while.

  21. Just received this box today. I received all of the items that I was hoping for, and the color (Pink facial brush) and scent (White Tea), and the choice item (essential oils). I am so happy. The bowls are beautiful and the silicone covers are so useful. I will use everything in this box. Way to go CAUSEBOX. Home run.

    • Are you an annual? I am and no shipping notification yet.

    • I’m also an annual, and I haven’t received shipping info either. It sounds like Pennie is not an annual since she got the variations she was “hoping for” (vs those she would have been able to choose otherwise).
      This happened last season as well – people who made a seasonal purchase received their box before I did, which I (snobbily) am really, really, annoyed by.

      • I’m annoyed by that too. It should be a perk of annual membership to get it first!

        I guess the one off boxes are easier to get ready to ship though since they don’t have to worry about people getting the right items they chose but it seems backwards.

      • I am annual and I am always one of the last people on earth to receive my box.

      • I’m an annual member. Got shipment notification today. Delivery on the 2nd.

      • Stiiiiill “awaiting shipment” for both my market orders AND my annual box. Why don’t they start putting the packages together as soon as they receive the orders, and then just slap on the shipping labels according to their “mid to late June” timeline? They’ve had my order for over a month. It shouldn’t take this long to get shipping info.

    • My box just arrived and I love it all! Such high quality items. I’m an annual. Ironically my add ins arrived the same day despite being shipped separately.

  22. Anyone know when these will ship? If I haven’t gotten any notification.

    • I got a notification today that my Market add on item has shipped, but still see that my normal box has not shipped.

  23. I ordered an intro box on May 8, 2020, then received it on June 11, was very pleased (it was really great!). Super fun intro box. I also made a Shop Order on May 23, with no movement, which I totally understand given Covid. I never mind waiting for FFF or any sub box if they get it right.

    However, I upgraded to annual on May 31 in order to be able to customizate the regular summer box, was told I would get my customizations on the regular summer box via e-mail (which I have archived). Now I am being told by customer service that I will get the summer welcome box instead. Note I made the mistake of upgrading via e-mail and not by the dashboard. I’m asking for an annual refund now, because I don’t like the Summer Welcome box

  24. The more I look at the summer box the more excited I get! I’m excited to try the PMD. I did not select the Grace & Stella serum in my FabFitFun box, so I’m excited to try it. Hyaluronic Acid is always great to moisturize your face and for preventing wrinkles. I like the idea of using reusable lids. I can always use another set of bowls and they are blue which is my favorite color. I would love to get the earrings or spf in my box. If I get the roller ball, I will probably give it away. I already got a diffuser from my FabFitFun box so this will go into storage until I run out of my other diffuser liquid. I like reed diffusers so I’m glad to have a new fragrance to try. I would probably use the bath salts more than the balm. I have gotten that balm in a past FabFitFun box and it didn’t do much.

    • If I get the bath salts I’d be happy to trade you for the balm!

    • Así happy to trade earrings or spf If I get them, for the roller ball! I’m not an annual sub so I don’t get to customize.

  25. I just signed up for a yearly subscription a couple weeks ago. But I have a question about pausing/skipping. My first box will be the Summer welcome box. With the yearly subscription I’ll receive 3 other boxes: fall, winter and spring. Say I don’t like the fall box and skip the fall box, that means I’ll then receive the winter 2020, spring 2021 and summer 2021 boxes, right? So I’ll still get 4 boxes, but just skip one and get the next season’s box?

    Also, if I do skip a season, will I still be charged for another year come June 2021? Thus a year after I signed up? Or will I be charged for a new year after I receive my final box of the 4 (so if I skip a box, then I guess it would be fall (September/October) 2021)?

    And one last question, can you only skip a box once a year/subscription? Or can you skip multiple boxes – like say I don’t like fall or winter this year?

    I’ve looked back at previous boxes, and I loved or at least liked pretty much all the items in the boxes from last year and this year, so I can’t imagine not liking a box at all – which is why I bit the bullet and just signed up for a whole year. But I just wanted to get some more clarification on this skip feature Causebox has, and what it means for yearly subscribers.

    • Yes you still get 4 boxes, it extends your sub into the next season. Not sure if you can do it more than once.

      You should ask them directly about the billing questions, [email protected] to get the correct information.

      • Good to know, thanks for the help!

    • Their customer service is great, I’d contact them. Your account details also say when your renewal date it.

  26. I’m so excited for this box! I admit I also had a moment of dismay when I saw that this box had the reed diffuser since I got not one but two from FFF already but man I am NOT mad about everything else in this box!!!! The PMD Clean and the Bowls are my fav… loving the bowl covers as an extra awesome addition that compliments another item in the box… I don’t always feel a theme with boxes but I do this time. I can see this awakening all senses in a luxurious night of self care! Big bowl of ice cream or popcorn in front of the tv after a relaxing salt bath and an intense facial cleaning with the pmd and hyaluronic acid treatment… and the fresh scent of bergamot and grapefruit in the air or the scent of the aromatherapy on your wrist! I have to say I do appreciate how well curated this seems… I see the thought that went into it unlike this season of FFF which was a huge hodgepodge of all sorts of things with no direction. (Don’t get me wrong I loved my FFF items but CB does seem more focused at times).

    • I am super excited about this box too! The bowls look gorgeous; I have already looked them up to see if I might want to purchase some more (they are $49 regularly, with a 10% off coupon available). Too bad the swap site isn’t up and running…I could find more through a trade!

  27. I just got my intro box, after having to email to find out where it was. I got no update on shipping, what a huge disappointment. I really wanted to like this this box and cancel my boxy cham and luxe. My box had one skin product, 3 scrunchies, a fake silk scarf and a fake clutch thst smells aweful along with a pretty swell bottle. I know so many people who got some great things. My box seemed to have leftovers ……all this could have been bought from TJ Maxx under the cost of the box.. This was what I thought would cheer me up after covid 19. I see the summer box looks fun but what realy comes in it …. I recieved no choice of even one product.

    • Right, but you got the $25 intro box. These spoilers are for the regular box.

    • The fact that you can’t customize the items makes it so you are just buying a mystery box of crap that there’s a high probability you won’t like.
      I’m not ordering another seasonal box. If I can’t afford an annual, or can’t customize under their current options… no thanks!

      • No, it doesn’t. You should probably just stick to TJ Max.

      • Not really. I’m a seasonal subscriber and I can’t customize. I just look at the spoilers. If the items aren’t something I’d want, or I really don’t want the randomized “choice” items then I don’t get it. If I like everything enough and want some fun I’ll go for it. No mystery here, though some people enjoy mystery with sub boxes.

    • You received the $25 intro box, not a core season box that costs $55. This box is like a mini Causebox meant to give you an idea of the types of products Causebox includes in their seasonal boxes. They didnt offer any choice items in this box since it is not a regular seasonal box. The Swell bottle alone was worth the $25 since they retail for $30+.

  28. Is this the entire contents of the box? Will there be items that are a surprise?

    • No, this is all 7 items.

  29. Happy happy joy joy!

    Very excited by this last spoiler – my skin has been excessively dry lately and this sounds like it might be just what I’ve been needing.

    I love everything in this box!

    I splurged on an annual subscription this past winter and am so happy that I did. Perhaps CB should consider accepting Afterpay, Quadpay, or the like, for those who are willing to commit to the year but don’t necessarily have the $ available up front to do so?

  30. My first causebox and it’s a great one!

  31. For people complaining about FFF also having this serum in its summer box – pretty sure box companies don’t consult each other when curating. I do sub to FFF but I did not choose the serum. HA serum is a staple for me so I’ll gladly give this one a try.

    • Yep, I regretted a little that I picked the diffuser for the summer FFF and Causebox’s diffuser actually fits better my style, but I totally understand both boxes are lifestyle/home/skincare focused and it’s my choice to subscribe to both.

  32. What a bummer… already received this in FFF. I would prefer the welcome box

    • Kendra I’m getting the welcome box but prefer this one, I’d be happy to swap you the whole thing!

      • Thank you! But I already secured a swap that doesn’t include extra shipping. I hope you find the swap that you want the most!

    • What is FFF?

      • Fab Fit Fun box.

  33. My spring intro box finally shipped this weekend! I was giving up hope. I’m excited to see what is inside other than the guaranteed Swell bottle!! I’ve been doing FFF for a year now. This is my sample box to see if I want to switch to Causebox exclusively.

  34. They boxes are always so amazing. This one is no exception. I so appreciate the quality items, so many other sub boxes have so much junk nowadays.

  35. Does anyone know which box I will receive, if I forgot to cancel after getting the Intro box?

    • You will get this box.

  36. I love everything. Some people are upset that the same serum was in another subscription box. Some of us don’t have the luxury of having both boxes so I’m glad they had the serum

    • Agree. It’s a new product for me. Thrilled.

  37. Anyone else noticing the overlap with fff lately? I chose the serum in my fff box (it makes me break out even though I have dry skin). Wish I had known to choose smthg else but maybe I can use it like lotion on my legs or smthg.

  38. Looking forward to my favorite causebox since I started subbing two years ago!

  39. Well the serum and choice 3 are a bust, but the rest of the box is fabulous!!
    The bowls and PMD are worth the cost easily for me!

  40. I am so frustrated. I don’t particularly like this serum, which I already got in my summer FFF box, and I don’t understand why a subscription box would choose a product identical to one already included in another subscription box. I would’ve skipped this box if I knew the same serum was in both boxes, and now I likely can’t because the deadline has past…so I’m stuck trying to find a way to get rid of a serum I don’t like or need. I subscribe to both Causebox and FFF because I feel like I get good variety from both…but if they’re going to just start using identical products, I’m going to have to choose between the two.

    • It is weird and disappointing that they did the same item in two, but if you’re a FFF member you can easily trade whatever you don’t want on the Forum, and honestly even with the people who are getting the serum in FFF and also getting Causebox summer there are still 6 other items, 5 of which I’m excited for in this summer box so it’s a bummer but the box as a whole is still a definite win!!

    • Respectfully, these boxes are being curated at the same time by different companies. Expecting them to make sure they offer items different enough to appeal to people who are able to subscribe to multiple boxes seems unreasonable.

      There appear to be many people who would very much like to get the summer box but, because it is sold out, they’re now getting the Welcome box. I can’t imagine you’d have a tough time cancelling so that someone else can get the box reserved for you.

    • Subscription boxes don’t usually curate with each other. There are certain companies that wind up in boxes more than others, but causebox and fabfitfun aren’t consulting each other about these things.

    • Hi, I will buy your box from you for more plus shipping or swap with my welcome box. I missed the summer box, It was in my cart, went back in the evening and it was intro box instead. Let me know. I will happily pay.

  41. I’m excited! I was regretting not picking it for my FFF box! Now I’m can try it!

    • I am also excited for this as I did not get it in my FFF box either, now I get to try it after all!

  42. I cannot wait to get my box!

  43. What a great last item! I wasn’t expecting such a strong final spoiler.

  44. amazing box. Does anyone know when these will ship?

    • Hopefully soon now the final spoiler is out. I skipped the spring box, but I’m super excited for this one. Their website says mid to late June.

    • From my account page: ” If you are an existing member or purchased between 5/11/20 3:14pm and 5/19/20 12:00pm you are still on track to receive the original Summer Box — begins shipping mid-late June and on a rolling basis thereafter. “

      • Thanks very much for posting this, Sharon in SE TX! I need to remember to take screenshots when I’m relying on information.

    • All I know is my intro box still has not shipped. So I am thinking they are going to be behind.

      • I take that back…just got notification that my intro box shipped lol

  45. Great box!

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