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CAUSEBOX $24.95 Intro Box #2 Available Now + Spoilers


The Summer Welcome box from  CAUSEBOX has sold out and the Intro Box #2 is available now for $24.95! (CAUSEBOX is regularly $49.95) If you sign up for an annual subscription, your Intro Box is only $19.95!

The Summer Intro Box 2 is currently on sale! It contains 5 full-size products (guaranteed PMD Clean in every Intro Box!) with a total retail value of $150+. The price of the Intro Box is only $25!
If you sign up for an Annual Membership, you will be able to customize your PMD Clean and save an additional $20 on your membership for the year!

The Intro Box #2 will include:

Loved by clean beauty connoisseurs internet-wide, the PMD Clean is a smart facial cleansing device that helps firm skin while you deep clean. Using SonicGlow™ technology, this device vibrates 7,000 times per minute and features four modes so you can customize your skincare routine. PMD Beauty is committed to spreading brilliant confidence and they donate a portion of profits to charities doing the same. Annual Members choose between 3 colors: Blush, Teal, or Navy. The CAUSEBOX Team chooses for Quarterly Members — no matter what, you can’t go wrong!

This handwoven tote has reinforced handles, gorgeous striping, and a removable cotton pom-pom tassel! It is perfect for Farmer’s Markets, brunch dates, and days at the beach! 16″ x 10″.

altCooking was founded with a simple goal: to reduce plastic and food waste associated with the kitchen. These silicone stretch lids help you say goodbye to plastic cling wrap and can be used in both expected and unexpected ways. Save your glass of wine for later, cover a cantaloupe or just stretch over some leftovers and bring to work tomorrow. The altCooking lids are durable and leak free.

2 Additional Products $41+ value

Your Intro Box will contain the PMD Clean (Annual Members choose the color), the Altru Straw Tote, the set of 6 silicone stretch lids, plus 2 of the most highly rated products from past (*vintage) seasonal boxes. Our team will select a complimentary assortment for you!

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc.

Check out all of our CAUSEBOX reviews for more information about this subscription box!


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Comments (130)

  1. This is my first time getting a Causebox ever and the PMD was not included in my box. I received everything else: the straw bag, the silicone lids, the Wyld product and Stella and Grace serum. I contacted Causebox’s customer service several days ago but have not heard back. Does this happen frequently with causebox (inaccurate boxes, missing items)? How responsive is their CS? That PMD is the only reason I ordered this box. 🙁

  2. I got my box today.

    Green pmd
    Straw bag
    Stretchy covers
    Wyld sponge
    Grace & Stella serum

  3. I’m confused, how do you sign up for this? When I click the link it just says the Fall box is on sale. I don’t see anything about an Intro Box. Have they sold out already?

    • I think the Intro boxes sold out last month. Sorry you missed it. The Fall box looks good to me.

      • I got confused because the date on this post is 8/21 and I couldn’t figure out how people had bought boxes before that. MSA must have edited the post and it changed the date. Odd.

  4. I contacted Causebox regarding the info on MSA which previously stated there would be 3 additional mystery item, not the 2 which I see has now been changed. Luckily I kept a screen shot of the old info but it appears Causebox doesn’t care!

  5. Got my four intro boxes…..all of the PMDS were PINK>>>>>>clearly they are not shipping all three colors, but only pink. UGH.

    • Mine was navy!! But I know that yeah, most of the ones I’ve heard about have been pink.

    • I got the navy PMD in this box. My summer box had the pink PMD. Very happy with the welcome box!

    • I’m happy because I want the pink! My knowing my luck I’ll end up being the only person with an intro box who gets a teal one. (I hate teal.)

  6. Just received my box! The bag is nothing special and it’s ok with me cuz the rest was well worth it

    • Would you please list what you received. Mine is on the way and I would love to know what to expect. I hope you love your box!

      • Pink PMD
        Straw bag
        Stretchy covers
        Konjac sponge
        Stella .. don’t remember full name, hyularonic acid oil/ serum

      • Thanks for letting me know!

      • I just received mine today and I got the same items as Marie

    • Hi I received the same box! I ordered another one too that is on its way and I’m wondering if the 2 additional products will differ.

      • No they will be 100% identical. They shipped me four identical boxes.

  7. If anyone’s box ships pls post here !! Thank you!!

    • mine did!

    • Mine shipped yesterday. Should be here Monday or Tuesday.

    • Looks like mine shipped too!!! Finally!!

    • mine did

    • My box shipped today

    • Mine shipped too!

      • My box arrives tomorrow!!

    • Mine shipped, supposed to be here in two days!

  8. Did anyone get their cause box intro 2 yet?

    • No, mine hasn’t, website says will ship early to mid August.

      • Thanks 🙂

    • I haven’t received mine either!

  9. I am just curious. This post reads that 2 items will be added and the following paragraph reads 3. Anyone know if it’s two or three?

    Right under the flashing products:

    2 Additional Products $45+ value

    Your Intro Box will contain the PMD Clean (Annual Members choose the color), the Altru Straw Tote, the set of 6 silicone stretch lids, plus 3 of the most highly rated products from past (*vintage) seasonal boxes. Our team will select a complimentary assortment for you!

    • Should be 2 extra items for a total of 5 items per box. I won’t complain if it’s 3 though!

    • I kept the old screen shot of where it says 3 additional mystery items. However, when I received only 2 I contacted Causebox but they didn’t care and said it was MSA’s fault. I see this website has now changed it to 2 after my email. Not too impressed. I’ve supported the cause of Causebox as a member but it feels pretty disingenuous although minor but it’s more about the principle for me.

  10. Can someone please tell me the difference between the PMD and the Foreo Play/Fofo/whatever – besides the handle?

    • The PMD has more settings options, and two sides you can use – one for scrubbing, one for massaging! It’s also rechargeable, while the Foreo Play has limited uses and then can’t be recharged (that said, I think all other Foreo devices are rechargeable, the Play is the one exception?).

      Correct me if I’m wrong everybody, I might have some product names mixed up!

      • The PMD takes 1 double a battery, it’s not rechargeable.

      • Thank you!

      • Sorry, I literally meant once the charge depletes you can put new batteries in, as opposed to the play which, when the charge is done, it’s done for good! Sorry for the confusing language.

    • If you go on YouTube and search for PMD reviews, there are videos with people going into detail about it and some of them explain the difference.

  11. I already have the PMD and don’t need another. 🤷🏻‍♀️ So I’m waiting for an Intro Box #3.

  12. So I found out the PMD requires 2 AA batteries. I know some face scrubbers need to be charged every once in a while. This is not one of them. Shipping is also running behind schedule. My Summer 2020 box was supposed to be shipped before the end of June and it was shipped July 7. I just got it today 7/15 and I live in Chicago. So I think most of these boxes are going to ship out late.

    • It only requires one AA battery. One battery is included with the unit.

  13. I’ve never subscribed to Causebox so I’m not familiar with how the box/payment works. I don’t see an option on the site for just getting the Intro Box 2. I only see subscribing for quarterly or annually. Am I missing something?

    • It will kick off a subscription, that you can cancel, but your first “box” would be Intro 2 rather than next season’s full box. When you go to checkout if you see the reduced price, you’re on track for the intro.

      • So I will only be charged for the intro box at 24.99? That’s what I was confused about.

    • Yes, only the $25 total should show when you go to the checkout page for a seasonal subscription. Only the intro box is available at that price, but it isn’t a unique billing item.

      • Thanks again! I did end up getting it, and right after I saw that Clarisonic is being discontinued and already getting sold out, so I am happy to try the PMD before people flock to the alternatives!

  14. I must be the one weirdo that was hoping for the portfolio instead of PMD! I already have one and it’s great.

    • I definitely prefer the portfolio to the PMD! I have both. Portfolio for the win.

  15. Does anyone know what the 2 mystery items may be?

  16. I have a general question I’m hoping someone can help me with- are the 2 mystery items the same for everyone w/this box or are they different?

  17. Well, I just tried the PMD. Not a fan. I’m not certain what all the hype is over these things. I was excited to get it. It’s sleek and I understand what it promises to do. However…all it does is give me a headache, and that’s on low vibe with me being as gentle as possible, barely skimming my face. Gimmick in my book. Going to my next donation.

    • Darn, sorry didn’t work for you!

      I love mine, its so crazy about the headache thing because I feel like my whole head gets a massage lol. It relaxes and puts me in a good mood having my face vibrate & my whole head getting that vibration lol. Its like if someone were tapping on my face just like a spa

      • Aw, thank you. You know, you’ve given me an idea. I wonder if it would bother me (headache wise) if I tried it as a scalp massager? Maybe I’m just ultra sensitive on my face. I’ve never had a spa treatment/a professional facial of any type, so I didn’t have any idea of my sensitivity. Maybe I’ll give it another try on my face. It just seemed so severe, lol. Even my teeth hurt, lol.

      • Or try it in your body!! Can’t forget your chest
        Maybe legs for that cellulite & help tone legs
        I’ve used mine on my arms, lately I’ve gotten these bumps on my arms and helps my arms exfoliate and has reduced it a bunch 🙂

        Just a few ideas 😀

        That little thing is mighty

      • Thank you for all of the suggestions!

  18. Is there a way to look on their website to see if your box has already shipped? Or is it just through email only? I’m so excited to get my first box. I’ve been checking out the Causebox website but all I see is my basic info, my subscription, and then the spot to choose your items (which I did as soon as it was available). Don’t see anything to say it’s shipped. I was just curious as I didn’t even get the email to make my choices until like a week after it opened. Luckily I was checking this website out and saw a comment about making their choices, and I checked and saw it was open. I’m hoping it’s already shipped, since it said early-mid July shipment. So excited and can’t wait to get it!!

    • Once your box has shipped your tracking number will show under your account information. It will be a link you can use to track your box. I’ve always gotten an email with tracking too, but in case you don’t you can always find it in your account.

      • Perfect, thanks Cynthia! Do you know which tab it would show under? There’s 3 I see when I log in: customize my box, subscription and orders, and account details. Right now I don’t see anything, hoping it shows up soon though. So excited to get my first box.

      • It will show under account details and you must be signed in to see your information of course. Since this is your first box you probably won’t see much, but the tracking number will pop up once it ships.

      • Thanks so much, Cynthia! I totally would have thought it shows up under the Subscription and Orders tab. Go figure! lol

  19. Can I buy this box and cancel the subscription so I don’t have to get the next box? How soon can I cancel it? If I buy 2 boxes, does that mean I have 2 subscriptions then? I am new to sub world, and don’t know anything. Thanks for your help.

    • Yes you can purchase and then cancel. In theory, you could do so immediately after. Personally, I’d wait one day for the credit card payment to fully process and post but that’s just a me thing. You do not have to call to cancel. You can cancel online from your account page. You can have two subscriptions from the same account and yes, you would need to do so in order to purchase two boxes. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you!

  20. I totally bought four for gifts. You just can’t beat $25 for a PMD cleaning brush.

  21. Hello,

    Do you gals know how Causebox is shipped?
    Is it through Fedex? UPS? USPS?

    I had something delivered to my home but it was sent to the wrong address so I wasn’t sure what it may be! Hopefully, it wasn’t my Causebox 🙁

    • Mine come Fed Ex Smartpost and are delivered by the Post Office.

    • Mine came USPS this time.

    • FedEx Smartpost

      • Thank you ladies!!!

  22. So glad that I waited! I wanted the PMD but wasn’t drawn in by the previous offers. I do use silicone lids instead of plastic wrap, so I will totally use those too.

  23. Excited! Received my regular summer box today. It’s such a treat to unbox Causebox. The teal PMD is a beautiful color. I can’t wait to try it; I’ve never tried these devices. The bowls are beautiful and lids look great. Everything else lovely as well. They remembered to include my sunflower Bento box, too. I’ve got the portfolio box coming, and I’m thinking of getting this PMD box now. Help. Lol!

  24. I can’t believe you get a PMD for $25. The lids look like a good eco friend item. I already got the Summer Welcome box, so I don’t need more stuff.

  25. If I sign up as annual subscriber, could I skip a box? Will I get refund or extension?

    • You could skip and you would get an extension.

  26. Wow, this is a GREAT deal, I missed out on the Summer Box and the Welcome box, but $25 for the PMD Cleaner plus 4 more items! Love this!

  27. Has anyone used the ALTCOOKING HUB Set of 6 Silicone Stretch Lids? These could be game changer or could be large frustration. I would love to find out.

    • I purchased a set from Amazon (when I saw it as a spoiler for the Summer Box, I HAD to have it!), and I love using these lids so far. The key is to find a size that’s slightly smaller than the container, and make sure the outside of the container is dry so the lid stays in place.

    • I received them this week and used one. Very easy and so nice to see the smiley face 🙂. Didn’t have to get more dishes dirty or use a Ziploc bag. Makes me happy!

  28. Does anyone know of a coupon code?

    • Yes! Use code INTRO for $30 off (not an affiliate code).

  29. Urgh I am already getting the summer welcome box, someone convince me not to get this one too…

    • I just did it myself. Too good not to pass up. I’m thinking about sending as gifts too, because you just can’t beat it with the shipping costs

      • Same. I went ahead and got both. My PMD was already stolen by my niece haha

  30. Is it a total of 5 or 6 products? The post says two different things.

    • 5. The three above and two mystery items.

  31. I’ve Ordered 2 summer boxes and the other $25 box that had the Megan portfolio. The money has been taken for all 3 boxes but I haven’t received anything. Has anyone else received any of their boxes yet??? Thanks 😊

    • I’m annual. My summer just shipped.

    • It says the boxes will not ship until Mid August. Check the website. I also ordered both boxes and the Spring box, It’s not hidden. It will be a fun surprise, in August!

    • My marketplace order just shipped, but the Summer box hasn’t yet. I’m expecting that will in July as I was a new subscriber so I don’t think I’ll be in Wave 1 for shipping. I caved and got the other box with the clutch as well and that won’t ship until August.

    • I just signed up for this intro box and it said it would ship around mid August. I can’t speak for the previous boxes, but it seems pretty typical for a sub box. I’m so excited for this one though!!

    • I just got my summer box, but if it’s the welcome box they typically ship a month later so probably not until August.

  32. Does this box start a subscription or is it a standalone box? Thanks!

    • This box starts a subscription. It’s easy to cancel online if you don’t want anymore boxes.

    • It starts a subscription.

    • Ladies, thank you!

  33. Probably a dumb question, but could someone tell me if I can buy more than one with the same account, or do I need to start another account with a different email? TIA!

    • Yes! Just go back the the main page and click Get Started!

    • Get started works, but if you go to the your account section there’s a way to add a subscription there as well.

    • It only let me buy 1 intro box – it showed the next as $54.95.

      • On the subscriptions page it says “looking to add a subscription” under your current subscription just click there price changes at checkout but will show reg price under your new subscription because that is what they will be charging in the fall. Your price at checkout though will automatically change to 24.95 after a few seconds they have the intro promo code set to automatically apply. No other promos can be used. After you order you can press cancel subscription and choose the one you want to cancel, they are dated. Hope this helps.

  34. First I got the summer box, and then today happened… and I accidentally ordered this box. I mean, who doesn’t need another facial cleansing device and a cute straw tote for only $25, plus a few more items thrown in for funsies? Like the lids, I’m getting one set so I need another to match the first, right? It will be like stretchy lid backstock. I mean who doesn’t need stretchy lid backstock, it’s totally a thing!?!

    • Sounds completely reasonable to me! Like do I order 2 more ..the deal is too good

  35. Man! This is way better than the swell bottle one!

  36. How do you know which box you’ll get? I signed up last week when the first box was shown.

    • Then you’ll get that box, the first intro box with the Megan clutch. What you were shown is what you’re getting.

  37. Welp, this got me. I really regretted not getting the original summer box, but the Welcome box didn’t appeal. The straw tote isn’t really my style, but I’m thrilled to be getting the PMD for only $25, and the silicone lids will also definitely come in handy.

  38. I bought 2 to store up Christmas gifts. Either my sister and sister-in-law or my in laws are getting PMDs for sure…the straw totes will make great gifts, too, and the lid covers can be paired with something else as a gift. I’ll have all my shopping done by the end of the summer at this rate!

    • Didn’t think of getting these for Christmas gifts, that’s a great idea! I might be picking up another one now.

  39. I got the ALTRU Straw Tote in the Summer 2019 box and it fell apart the first time I used it. I was so disappointed. 🙁

    • I’d believe that, it looks super cheap.

      • I’ve used mine several times and it still looks new and it’s well made. Sometimes the QA for these handmade items lets poorly made ones slip through. I will say I liked it more that I thought I would. I don’t typically like straw, but the bag being smaller and 2-toned helped give it a little more style than the plain bags like the FFF one.

      • Those totes are even more hideous in person! When I opened mine it went straight in the garbage. I could never, in good conscious, give that to anyone else!

      • please consider donating it in the future, winnie! I like mine, someone out there would have been happy to have it 🙂

    • I love the straw bag I have been carrying a couple weeks and get tons of comments on it. I love love love it! Mine is great quality just wish it had an inside pocket.

      • I love this bag! Been using it daily for 3 weeks now, and getting compliments on it!

      • Are they all positive comments though?!

  40. If anyone’s interested, I just subscribed to the summer Earthlove and Women’s Collective lifestyle boxes! They seem to uphold their missions and values better than Causebox. Neither has a market but there are plenty of other places to buy things I suppose. I was a Causebox subscriber for a year so I have a pretty good idea of the quality (or lack of it sometimes) and the fudging of their values with certain box items (Grace and Stella, mass produced made in China mug, etc) . I also wanted to support a smaller company and I’m hoping the way these boxes speak to their customers on social media and elsewhere is less condescending and theatrical than Causebox, whose communications tend to resemble parodies of themselves. I might go back after a long while but it feels good to support these other boxes too.

  41. Picked this up just for the PMD. Everything else is bonus. I hope I get teal.

    • Does anyone have experience with the PMD and how it compares to the Foreo? I ordered a box to try it out… Been in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks and I feel like I deserve a treat. Any thoughts on this brush vs Foreo would be appreciated.

  42. I believe annual gets to pick between the kids or the felt letter board.

    • Lids….not kids! Lol

      • I believe you’re thinking the summer welcome box which has sold out

      • I think that’s for the Summer Welcome Box. This is the Intro box.

      • Pretty sure everyone would say no kids please lol

    • Kids? Yay, I’ll take another! Lol

  43. The make it so hard to resist these. So far I’ve got every summer box/welcome box/intro box. Uggggh

    • I totally get it!!!
      I got the core box/welcome box and I bought this one last night.
      These PMD cleansers are getting me, everyone is getting one for Christmas!

      • I know! It’s such an easy gift idea!

  44. Couldn’t resist, what a deal. Never gotten a causebox, looking forward to it!!

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