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BoxyCharm Premium July 2020 Spoilers Round #3!

Boxycharm Premium

We have more spoilers for the July 2020 BoxyCharm Premium box!

The July box may include:



Source: boxypreview

Morphe X Manny MUA Glam Palette

The choice items for July were:

  • KENIA ONTIVEROS BEAUTY Blush and Shine Kit
  • BROW BAR BY REEMA Hollywood Icon Face Kit – Drama Queen

What do you think of the spoilers? 

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.


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Comments (50)

  1. Welp… just got my July Premium and I got the ciate setting spray which has the worst spray nozzle ever, a morphe palette (I’ve never been interested in morphe), the perricone lipstick, the Kenia palette, and (seriously??) a makeup bag?! I am sooooo disappointed and I was not counting on being disappointed this month.

  2. Unfortunately we only get one..the cbd or the Saturday skin or the other toner

  3. Yes July might be what makes me cancel both or all I should say and just keep my ipsy glam bag at least they respond and if you receive the wrong thing or its broken they send a replacement not boxy they have scammed me out of earrings eyelashes and tons of money from shipping I’m done plus I’m not in my 20s and it seems to be going that age way

    • Yes! I’ve had that feeling for a long time that this doesn’t feel like it’s for grown women at times anymore! My sister says it feels like something she’d want to give our teenage niece. And in fact shes who gets all the garbage we can’t use. And boxy has always sent me replacements of most things. About 90% of the time. But as two people were discussing under my comment below, what I’ve really been turned off by is the sub-par quality and old items. I noticed in my popup order that a brush set I’d ordered looks like it has chunks cut out of it. Skincare items came in their Xmas packaging. Enough is enough. He’s just insulting us by buying up old/defective stock the company can’t sell and hiking up the price to sell us at a “discount”. I cancelled all three. July will be my last month with them. Already signed up for different beauty and lifestyle boxes that I think will make me much happier. The older I get the more I don’t need the same things as the masses anyway. I like some really great up and coming indie brands and one of my lifestyle boxes uses only products that come from small women owned businesses. It makes me feel like I’m not just lining some dudes pockets and feeling like I’m not getting anything in return but frustration. Lol. I hope others know it’s buyer beware when they stick with boxycharm.

      • I’m with you all! I have 2 teenage girls, and lately I keep maybe an item, and give the rest to my girls and their friends. Also, whenever there is a problem with an item.., (like the repeat wander beauty blush palette that they were selling in pop up for $4) they give me a few charms that are pretty much useless. They don’t give enough charms to even order anything.. their charm room items go for the highest price. I can’t buy an item with $12 in charms!

      • That is odd. Boxy has always replied to me and as long as I showed a picture with label/box/package along with broken item (or just other items and not showing missing), they let me keep the wrong items while sending out replacements for the ones they got wrong.
        Only reason I stuck with premium is due to that. That and the fact that there is an item I want to buy during pop-up so sticking it out with premium til then.
        My base box was so bad last month it made me quit base though. Boxes before it had been subpar too.
        Btw, if you ever have trouble getting help with boxycharm, even if it is a customer care issue, use the [email protected] email they have on the site. It always got me help faster than the customer care one xD

      • My response is to Maggie.. (it didn’t let me reply direct? Lol) thank you for the info! They actually have always responded to my emails with broken items! However, they just keep sending me repeat items. When they do that, they give you a few charms.. for me, the charms always seem kind of useless. Especially when they only give you a few. Not enough to purchase any of the better items. I’ve been salty tho ever since I received the cover fx palette in the wrong shade. Everyone loved the light/medium so much, and the dark was way too dark to work on me at all. At that time, they sent a ton of the wrong shades, and ran out of the light/medium so we got stuck with charms.. I’m still with them for all 3 tiers.. I need to stop complaining, and just get rid of it! Lol

  4. Im kinda bummed about the palette I bought if for $10 at Morphe 🙁

    • Yup, the choice items and that palette have kind of already ruined this box in my eyes.

  5. I can see why she’s not happy with July’s option. I mean, the $20 Morphe palette doesn’t seem like it should be in a premium box. That’s the one items I’m not looking forward too. Since it’s not an exciting palette to work with due to color selection. I’m also not a fan of manny mua. The other stuff I’m fine with.

    • That palette barely sold, and is the crumbiest of Morphe quality! It started out on sale for $15! Definitely not the Natasha Denona, or even leftover Fenty items that we all signed up for in the beginning!

  6. Yeah I actually recently got Saturday skinno bad days set for $40 which has the moisturizer cream the eye cream the rub a dub and the essence mist, and I got the water glacier cream in pop up last month so I actually was planning on getting the toner and the 2 serums this month.
    I have this thing where I tend to lean towards buying gift sets so I can try tons of things from a brand and last month glow recipe came out with their new sets so I got all their products minus the avocado sleep mask which I got in boxy it worked out perfect. This month I picked Saturday skin so I’m hoping I get the toner that would make me so happy…I always wanna try new brands but I never can choose what products I’m a gift set Junkie a hahah

    • How do you actually USE all of it and know what works and what dont if you buy that much?? Lol. Are gift sets sample sized or regular size??

  7. My June premium was shameful! I’m just mad at myself for still paying for garbage and old stuff. I was going to cancel but man I REALLY want that Lord Jones! I tried a sample recently and it totally helped my joint pain. At $60 a bottle it’s cheaper to keep my premium an extra month. But if I’m not getting that, I’m not excited about two palettes. And honestly want to cancel all 3 tiers. I stay because I love the discounts I get thru boxy, but I’m not loving anything I get from them anymore. I used to be able to give away the 1-2 things I’m not going to use, but now there’s only 1 or 2 I’m actually using and the rest I can’t even give away because the boxes are so damaged and look so shoddy that I’d be embarrassed to give it to anyone. I ordered $150 worth of stuff from the popup shop and my huge box came totally opened and crushed. All items were intact, but the packaging on a few was so badly damaged that I can’t even give my daughter the couple things I got for her bday and still need to go find her a few other things now. I’m just feeling totally letdown every month. There’s too many other subscription boxes on the market now for me to keep paying to feel ripped off monthly.

    • That’s how I felt about the $250 order that I had, totally stupid of me to do! Somehow, I also noticed the expiration dates…I had several that were either expired in 2019 or were about to expire this July! That seems totally shady to me. I’ve emailed them and not heard anything back. Plus, my Becca palette was broken and the box was actually ok on that one.

      • I ordered about same as you on the pop up and it took over a month for me to receive the box came all torn and smashed and I didn’t even get everything I ordered. To top it off they did not include packing slip and ordered so long ago I forgot what I had ordered went into my account on their website and noticed I was missing about 6-7items they sent me wrong colors on the earrings I purchased.. and only after I emailed them they issued me a refund for the wrong amount and won’t even reply to them. I totally disappointed with boxycharm I was paying for both premium and base subs I just cancelled the base but I’m thinking this might be the last month of getting boxycharm for me. For sure I’m not ordering anymore from their pop ups or add ons.

      • A,
        They never include a packing slip. You should go into your email and look at your order receipt to see the things you ordered and keep track.
        I’m starting to think the things they sell for the pop ups are things that did not pass inspection for the brands and or about to expire and Boxy gets them for a huge discount.
        In one violet voss pallette (I bought both but didnt get a one) everyone that got theirs had the same white shade cracked and broken. I really believe they are getting deals on things that are bad or maybe not made right to the companies standard.
        I also bought the essential oils, still in box in plastic and all 6 had leaked out and all over the place. That’s not normal. I believe there was something wrong with the seal and Boxy most likely got them cheap to resell. I’ve read many people having the issue with the oils.
        Every single boxy pop up I’ve had issues. I’ve ordered every popup and I’ve had 3 envelopes sent with tire Mark’s and ripped up, things broken or not right. I also one time bought the Luxie brush set that had the pink case?? The one that was like 400 retail and I paid 85 I believe….when I got it several of the brushes were missing the top parts where the brushes were supposed to be and it was just the handle in the slot, ones that were together like a brush, the bristles were looped over in the shape of a U like they needed to be cut or something and when I tried to cut a couple of them, they were uneven and wonky and only like 2 or 3 were actually usable. I sent so many photos and emails and I BEGGED to send them back to get a different set that was in a better condition, after MONTHS they told me they were out of them and could not exchange them and gave me 20. Back on my card and basically told me I should be happy with the case and 2/3 usable brushes and I could watch and buy them again…well if they were out, how could I buy them AND they kept my money…..low and behold, the very next sale they had the EXACT set they couldn’t exchange for me because they didnt have anymore….so yeah, I seriously think they are buying junk and messed up items to sell them at a discount.

  8. Yawn 🥱

  9. Wow I love these spoilers. Lord Jones is such a holy grail brand, plus Saturday Skin has never let me down.

  10. So far not super wow’d for July. We will see if I keep my premium sub (last sub through boxycharm as my base box was so bad it was instant cancel) after next pop-up. Frankly speaking, lip balm month would have been nice if they added 7 items like they claim premium could have up to in it. Would have been the perfect month for it. They should be happy I decided to stick around for next pop-up because Morphe is like drugstore make-up quality, no business being in premium.

    • I dont think they care anymore if someone stays or cancels, because others will always come in and take our spots sadly.

      • I think your right… very sad.

  11. I almost tried to subscribe! … Thankfully they don’t accept Pay Pal credit.. so get to save my money and continue to pay off my card. LOL

    Been awhile since I got caught up in needing a box.

    Maybe the future! After I pay off Paypal, I’ll get a Discovery card or Master Card for Travel emergencies.

    Truth be told even though I want this.. I do have a lot of stuff I need to use up first.

  12. Did anyone heard anything about base spoilers? It’s about 10 days till billing left

  13. Would love to try the CBD lotion

    • I got it from Sephora. Idk how o feel about the cbd hype but it helps the tendons in the back of my foot tremendously. Would totally recommend!!

  14. Eh.
    Wish we could skip a month, like Ipsy

  15. I buy Lord Jones products and it’s ex-pen-sive.

    • Their products are beneficial to me. They have been one of the original stars in the CBD platform, so I am surprised to see them in this box. I do hope everyone will receive one of their products. Too bad it won’t be the gummies, but those would be perishable, so that would be a no-go. I’ve trusted them for years.

      • h, you’re not helping my FOMO!!! 😄

      • Oooh how I WISH it were gummies!! Marijuana is still illegal in my backwoods state and people are getting arrested still, which is crazy. So getting gummies in a box would be AMAZING to try out!!! I bet that’s why they don’t send them because of states like mine.
        I dont like combo pallettes, and I dislike Morphe as a company and dont have them in my college at all, but this don’t look too bad. If it’s anything like Mannys other 2 pallettes I have, I will keep it and not gift it. Looks like a nice fall pallette.
        The other pallettes I’m worried about because people researched them and said plastic was in the formula…and they are “no name” brands. I missed choice anyway, but it makes me nervous to even gift it to someone else if that’s the case.

  16. Well, now that I’ve clicked the links for the Lord Jones and Byroe Bitter I’m thinking I’d like to try them. The cooling sensation of the Lord Jones will be welcome in July and August! Hope I get the scented version, sounds interesting.

  17. I’m so glad I cancelled my subscription with them. Too many variable items and it seems to be gearing more to skincare. You can only have so many serums, lotions, and cleansers because either you end up with enough to open your own store or you get bored. At least with makeup, you can create different looks. I miss the old Boxycharm.

    • I haven’t had any regrets at all about cancelling a while back either.

      I kind of feel the opposite of you about skincare though- I can go through skincare very quickly. A toner, serum or cream I can use up in a couple of months and I have multiple steps in both my a.m. and p.m. routine. Makeup on the other hand- I can’t remember the last time I panned a blush or eyeshadow palette and once you get a certain size collection, you’re just getting colors you already have over and over again.

  18. Only think I want is the lord jones lotion… I don’t know.

  19. Would love to try out either of the toners or lotions!

    • Dude I would totally trade you if you got the Saturday skin tone haha. That’s all I want sooo bad!😔

  20. So it looks like everyone is going to receive one of the toners one of the CBD creams,The Morphe Palette and your choice item,I am curious as too what the other two items are.

    • Did you hear/see that somewhere? I was kinda thinking we’d get 1 of the 4, bit I like your option better lol

      • Lol No I did not see that,but I am hoping,and it seems like the logical thing to do,but then again this is Boxycharm.

    • Gosh, I wish that were the case! I’d stay subbed if we were guaranteed Lord & Jones — it would make an excellent gift for my mother, who has arthritis. I’m too skeptical about CBD as an ingredient to shell out $60 from the get-go, though.

      I know that Lord & Jones has a cult following, & the page for their CBD lotion doesn’t have any outrageous health-benefits claims, so that kinda makes it seem even more legit to me.

      • Elf has a cbd cream for $18

  21. Nothing screaming premium here. Bad premium box last montn, I’m still salty. Probably cancelling premium for now.

    • Are you kidding? We got a two faced palette, the avocado melt, a nars hippie, I got a skin &co body wash, and a KVD liner (tropper) next month a CBD cream that’s worth $65, Saturday Skin toner thats $38. Some people are hard to please. Just cancel and save us all the headache of reading your comments.

      • Meso,
        That is the beauty of this site…we are all different, we like and dislike different things and it’s okay to share those here. I for one, like to read comments and I come here to read comments , more then to see what I could be sent… I hope your day goes better.

      • Bold of you to assume all of us will see those spoilers in our boxes considering boxy is notorious for showing items one nevers sees in their box if you have under 9 thousand subscribers or followers lol ..this last premium many people received a runny nars lip almost empty zoeva eyeshadow primer..a tarte pal instead of the too faced and a watery shower gel that leaked all over their boxes. Not everyone’s experience is the same and many are locked into their 6 months nonsense because of their bait and switch. So I doubt this person is “crazy” 😂 I’m glad your box was good though…really..not everyone gets lucky 😩

      • I liked my June box, but you got to admit that May was just down right horrifyingly bad.

  22. Nothing is wow’ing me for July. Im hoping for that 1 item that I really want, to be spoiled, before I decide to cancel. I wouldnt purchase any of the 3 spoilers so far, so it’s looking like a boxycharm breakup for me, even though im 2 years in.

  23. Well so far the only thing I want is the Saturday Skin toner!

    • I love this brand – everything I’ve tried is great!

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