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BoxyCharm Premium July 2020 Spoilers Round #2!

ByMSAJun 15, 2020 | 55 comments

Boxycharm Premium

4.3 overall rating
1975 Ratings | 221 Reviews

We have a new spoiler for the July 2020 BoxyCharm Premium box!

The July box will include:


Source: boxypreview

Morphe X Manny MUA Glam Palette

The choice items for July were:

  • KENIA ONTIVEROS BEAUTY Blush and Shine Kit
  • BROW BAR BY REEMA Hollywood Icon Face Kit – Drama Queen

What do you think of the spoilers? 

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.

BoxyCharm ($25 per month) is one of the most popular beauty subscription boxes that we review, with lots of loyal customers. They promise 4-5 full-size beauty products each month from a variety of both indie and established brands, with a total retail value of over $100 in every box. The beauty item... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Sarah Grace

I know! It really makes me mad they seriously had to take out the mirror really?!?


For those of you saying we should be grateful are missing the point. I get boxycharm to try indie or boutique name brand items. Morphe is basically drugstore. I don’t think anyone would be happy getting a box full of Milani items when you are expecting to be exposed to new brands.

And the “specially manufactured for Boxy items” are whack. I have never been happy with the quality of these items. In this case they were creating the palettes with no mirror but using the full price of the ones with mirrors to go to their value threshold. That is dishonest.


It seems like all the influencers who don’t pay for the box get all the good stuff and the ppl who pay every month get whatever is left over I think I’m cancelling after June is up.


After the huge let down of base box and then seeing this for next months premium spoilers… I have a feeling we will get nothing but past boxes leftovers in premium again. So far both items will be going in my giveaway to friends/family box. If it wasn’t for wanting early access to next pop-up I may actually cancel my premium like I just did my base box. But I am giving it til next pop-up to turn around or die (unsub completely). As it stands, I just want the great deals on certain things that pop up in pop-up then I may just say bye to boxy until they get their crap together.

Kate of Spades

Honestly I’ll be subscribing only for pop-up sale months I think. It’s my 3d month with boxycharm and I can’t see why to pay 25-35$ for that. I got dark brown Sweet STX lipstick (I’m fair-skinned and blonde) which in addition was broken and I had to put the pomade back in a tube. It looked like melted chocolate on my lips and made me look 10 years older)) Plus lip liners, after I’ve specified no lip products and mostly skin-care in my box please. While some people got awesome skin-care boxes, however they chose make up preference in their quiz. July spoilers are not even up yet and I will cancel the box if they don’t show up in time.

Angel H

GlamWithSuzan swatched the Brow Bar face palette on her YouTube channel and it looks gorgeous. Elizabeth Wolfe used the highlighter from the Manny palette and it also looked good. It’s also on her YouTube. You guys should check it out before canceling.

Kate of Spades

Morphe has huge 10 dollars palettes on sale, which means it is quite a poor quality. Not interested in premium box at all


actually the palette is quite good except for one shade, i own it and used it a few times.


It actually doesn’t mean that – only that those are palettes they are discontinuing.


I’m still not regretting cancelling all 3 tiers last month. Boxycharm has really gone downhill.


100% cancelling Premium. Not worth it in the slightest. I haven’t gotten a shipping notice yet for June’s box, so I’m holding my breath for at least the Glow Recipe Avocado Sleeping Mask.

I’d cancel Base too, but realized too late that I got auto charged for a 6-month sub back in March, so now am getting Base until October.


Latest spoilers look good (to me), but what are the odds of getting them? 🙃 I still plan on canceling.

– Saturday Skin Pore Clarifying Toner
– Byroe Bitter Green Essence Toner
– Lord Jones CBD lotion
– Lord Jones CBD lotion (fragrance free)


If it wasn’t for the pop up sales, I’d quit. I hate all these ugly pallets. This month’s add ons weren’t too swift either. I’ll see how the July box goes and will probably quit.


I will stick it out for next pop-up. So far these spoilers are not my cup of tea though… eww morphe.


I love Manny and already have this palette. It is “ok”. I think I paid $14 (with Reward points) for it at Ulta in December. I will give to a local charity. I too hope there is a PREMIUM skincare item to balance the box out. My June Boxy Premium was great.,,everything was usable, May and April Premium boxes were not spectacular.

I do agree that with all the variations in boxes, it is tough to rely on PROMOTED products being in your box. In April’s Premium, I was expecting a palette and instead got a Honey Mask I didn’t want:-(


Premium has went downhill!


Glad you posted this. Canceled immediately. Morphe is not a premium brand. I was already bummed at Choice but this is just insulting now.

Whitney Earl

OMG!!! I KNOW!!! There’s NEVER been a time where I didn’t want ANY of the choice items. That was until I saw the ugly palettes for July. So why is the Morphe palette shown for July , when we picked from 3 totally different ones?? Think it’s time to say Goodbye to premium!!


Add me to the list of cancellations.


Would like to have the Manny Palette, but a dollar to a donut they are just trying to throw a nice product out to reel people in. Then when you get your box the disappointment and feelings of being duped set in. No, I will continue with Ipsy, less drama.


You can get the Manny palette for like $10. It did not sell well at Christmas time, and I have seen it on Morphe for half-off and in Ulta. I bought it and it’s ok, nothing spectacular.


I totally agree about BoxyCharm constantly pulling a bait and switch and not being worth the hassle- it’s why I unsubscribed several months ago and refuse to resubscribe again. I also find Ipsy more reliable.

This palette isn’t all that nice though. It’s a Morphe palette that sells for $10, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it does end up being universal. I wouldn’t want it personally, but if others do, I could totally see them putting a cheap Morphe palette in every box, lol.



Malissa M

This was exactly the kinda spoiler I needed to finally cancel. Morphy in Premium?!? Really, And I’m not knocking morphy, they have some decent products but they are NOT premium. Going through my makeup, I’ve realized not many things from Lux, Premium or base has made it into my everyday life so at this point it’s just been FOMO keeping me around. Done!


I feel like body should call it something else other than premium. Like boxy extra or something. How premium can it be for $35? It’s getting people twisted. If they really want a “premium” option they should raise the price, lower the subscription numbers, and focus on quality.

Julie B

I chose the Brow Bar palette but was expecting some nice skincare or name brand lip or face item to balance it out. But two palettes? I don’t understand this curation. $35 a month times 12 is too much money to spend on non-premium products.


I get Boxyluxe. Asked for S’well bottle. Did not get it so cancelling Boxyluxe. It’s a rip off. That is the only item I wanted and got a bunch of other stuff I did not want.

The site would not work for me to choose and I emailed them and still didn’t get it. I wasted my money


To me all these boxes will always be a gamble. Sure times have changed since 2012 when I first started getting boxes, but it’s still the sane business models. I never get attached to an item because againsts hundreds of thousands of subscribers, the odds won’t always be in my favor lol. The choice products to me for any box are a gimmick. Its easier for any brand to give credit and an apology email rather than re-order a product that is limited.


It always says on my account items are limited. My regular boxy, was so bad, I have 3 box palettes. The only product that paid for my box was my mascara. I’ll be getting my premium on the 18th. I bet I don’t get a product that we have seen. I’m canceling.


Boxy what is going on?!

I cancelled Luxe and Premium in May. The June boxes were terrible. They advertised amazing base boxes for June. They showed all sorts of eyeshadow palettes. I didn’t receive one. 🤔 I was given a mini Laura Geller cream lip/cheek palette. It has 3 colors in it and they’re small. This palette would maybe sell for $15.

These July spoilers are terrible. The first spoiler is from an unheard of brand. Now a palette from Manny. Most people don’t want 2 palettes in one box. Manny was also caught up in the same drama as Laura Lee. Boxy stopped working with her, yet they’ll work with him? Why?

Mary GT

I agree. I got that tiny Laura Geller palette also, and am not impressed. A few got those gorgeous Shared Planet palettes and I don’t think the Laura Geller palette is in any way equivalent. I hated my June base box, and the July premium is off to a sad start indeed. I am thinking of cancelling both!


I love Manny and this feels much more wearable every day then the Life’s a Drag palette we got in the previous boxes.


Hmm I’m not really feeling these spoilers. Is there a way we can skip a month?


Nope. You’d have to cancel.


I already have this palette! That’s the hazard of buying so many palettes AND having so many subs. Not Boxy’s fault though. I will give this to someone else and make their day! I still love getting palettes in the boxes and miss them when they aren’t there.


If with You Bonnie..Subscribers Might NOT get Palette they’d Prefer BUT for Money💁🏼‍♀️NO ONE can buy “Any” of the Products given & Walk out of Ulta/Sephora under $25-$35 (or even $50 for Luxe) for SAME Products! I’m just Happy Boxycharm is Still In Business! It’s awful the Comments Everytime Boxycharm makes a Post! I like Yourself GIVE unwanted/Bad Coloring for My Complexion to Less Unfortunate. I Work w/ Teen Domestic Violence Victims & GIVE lil Goody Bags to them just to make them Feel Special. We all Know IF You look Good you’ll FEEL Good! I don’t know HOW Boxycharm does it w: Soo Many Customers ‘ Matching/Guesstimating WHAT Everyone Truly Loves & Not Run out of Products! HUGS to you for Thinking of others too by Giving! ALOT of Customers Purchase Boxycharm JUST to Re-Sell on Sites! (Reasoning NEEDING Price Sheet w:Every Box)
IF you GIVE in LIFE~ it comes Back to You in Another Form of Happiness Later.


Right on, J…I work 2 jobs and there are women and teenagers who like makeup, but don’t love it like I do. They are always happy to get my dupes.

I love that you make bags for people!! I do that too, but it’s usually people I know. Often they just need random acts of love because they are going through challenging times. I should do more for organizations like you are though.

And some people just love to b*tch, and they come to a group or a board where they will find their own kind. Misery loves company. I get subs because they are fun. Period. If they weren’t fun and were causing me to feel this type of negativity, why would I pay money for that? I would cancel.

Keep on putting sunshine and positivity out there!


Didn’t know eye shadow palettes had genders 🙃


Is there male makeup? Manny MUA is a makeup artist. Probably a lot more females than males have used this palette.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.