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Allure Beauty Box July 2020 Full Spoilers Update

Allure October 2019 beauty subscription box review

FYI – We have an update for the July 2020 Allure Beauty Box spoilers.

The July Allure Beauty Box will include:

  • Peach & Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum (full size)
  • Beautaniq Beauty Butter Lip & Cheek Balm in Peach Blush (full size)
  • OSEA Ocean Cleanser
  • Dr. Jart Every Sun Day Mineral Sunscreen OR Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger. Grass Calming Gel Cream OR Sunday Riley Ice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream
  • LAPCOS Charcoal Sheet Mask
  • Avarelle Acne Cover Patches

*The spoilers previously included a full-size Cleo Noir Twist Up Eyeliner in Purple that will no longer be featured in the July box. This product will be in a future Allure Beauty box.

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, June will be your first box:

  • Starskin 100% Camellia Nourishing & Brightening 2-Step Oil Sheet Mask –OR– TONYMOLY Intense Care Snail 24K Hydrogel Mask
  • Purlisse Watermelon + Charcoal Purifying Cleanser (full size) –OR– Context Vitamin C All Day Eye Cream (full size)
  • Yensa Super 8 Lip Oil in Pink Shine (full size)
  • Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb Aloe Vera
  • Dashing Diva Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Palette (full size)
  • Shangpree Gold Black Pearl Eye Mask

New subscribers who subscribe in June will get to choose their Tarte New Member Gift: Color Splash Lipstick in Cruisin’ , Amazonian Clay Mascara -OR- Lights, Camera Action Mascara!

Allure Beauty Box is $15 a month.

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (107)

  1. I subscribed for the first time though amazon. It’s showing that it’ll ship between 7/20-7/28—does anyone know if it usually arrives earlier than the estimated range? Thanks!

    • I don’t know specifically but I do know that people who get amazon generally get their boxes sooner than through allure.

    • It usually arrives by the 18th ish for me as long as it was ordered on the 1st! They’re usually my first monthly box to arrive. If you just subscribed after the 1st it will probably take a little while longer.

  2. This is such a great box for 15.00. There are some months the value and product mix blows Ipsy Plus and Boxy Charm away (which are both $10 more). I always look forward to getting this box.

  3. Looking forward to the Dr. Jart product. I wound up buying some more (already have three of his full-size items that I bought myself). I was chatting with someone high up at one of the major makeup shopping destinations (think stripes) about an injury that left a scar, and (s)he told me that Dr. Jart is the one brand that (s)he buys for family above all other brands for skin repair. That sold me on the brand, when that person has access to every well-known brand. I hadn’t noticed anything earth-shattering when using it, but I’ll give it a second chance now and actually use what I’ve bought in the past and now.

  4. If I don’t get the Sunday Riley I may be canceling. I’m Never able to get ANY SR products from anyone because they’re sold out immediately. I LOVE Allure and Dr Jart as well but I can get them from other boxes and private sellers.

    • Wow…I think I have the entire Sunday Riley line from sub boxes. Some is great, some is meh. Nothing horrible though.

    • The SR is an variant item that will mostly get sent to new subscribers who haven’t already received it (it was in a past box).

    • Test tube beauty box for July has full size of Good Genes

  5. I hope I don’t get the Dr. Jart Tiger cream stuff; it’s essentially useless and I had high hopes for it. I’ve liked other Dr. Jart products I’ve tried and still use their jawline sculpting kit. Looking forward to trying the glass serum.

    • I LOVE that cream on my rosacea. Happy to trade if it works out that way 🙂

  6. The Allure box is by far my favorite sub box. I’ve tried a lot (petit vour, boxycharm, sephora box when it was still a thing, etc) they’re always very high quality products. I’m obsessed with the watermelon cleanser it’s the perfect jelly consistency and my skin loves it, feels super clean after. Can’t wait for the glass skin serum

  7. Looks like a solid box either way. I think Allure has been putting out the best boxes of the pandemic era. All the products are easily usable, which to me, is so much better than several makeup items that will hardly be used. Will be looking forward to the eyeliner later!

    • I totally agree! Definitely my favorite box these past few months. 🙂

  8. Dang! I wanted that purple eyeliner too! Allure-please read our comments & send us one in future box

    • Same! I really wanted to try the purple eyeliner! So Disappointed!

    • I was looking forward to a NOT black eyeliner too, but still a more solid box than 99% of the others

    • I’m with you. We get so many black eyeliners that I was really excited to get purple! Ugh.

  9. I went to look at reviews for the Peach and Lily serum and got so excited for this. So I added another sub 😊 Figured there were extra spots from people canceling

  10. I sub through Allure and Amazon, so I will just pause the Amazon one for July. The eyeliner, weirdly, was the item I wanted most. The rest of the items are fine, I just don’t need or want two of each one. Fingers crossed for the Dt. Jart sunscreen and not the Sunday Riley.

  11. first they were offering first month for new subscriber for $10. then they cancel this offer when I subscribed they charge me $15 from the first month. then they promise to add seven products in beauty box that decrease to six since last two month and they started to add six item as a sheet mask.

    • From their website:

      Let us deliver a small bit of comfort, creativity, and connection — from the Allure team to you. Get 5+ monthly makeup and skincare picks from our editors, delivered to your doorstep ($70+ value for only $15).

      -Top products selected by Allure editorial experts (we test more than 50,000 products a year)
      -Always free shipping
      -At least 2 Full-Size products in every box
      -New member gift: A bonus gift valued at $15+
      -A mini-mag with tips and exclusive offers

    • It’s still an amazing value

  12. I’m hoping what happened with the eyeliner was that when Allure got back to the Cleo people about how many were needed, they were not expecting the quantity needed and couldn’t ramp up production.

  13. Did anyone receive the Dashing Diva Gel Lip Palette? I received my box today but no lip palette. It’s listed here saying it’s in June’s box. Thanks Ladies!!!

    • Never mind!!! Dashing Diva is the nail appliqués. I’ve never used those so I didn’t pay attention🤦‍♀️!!! Thanks!!!

    • Do you mean the nails? Dashing Diva does nails sets.

      • I got those and I found it mildly amusing that their packaging and the Purlisse cleanser box were just a little too big for the standard Allure box.

  14. I could see to get upset and want to cancel over any of the full-size products Not in the box but would never thought people would get so upset over a purple eyeliner! I wanted it as well but no big deal. If I wanted it that bad I would Just go buy it !

    • It’s unusual for a box to have eyeliners in colors other than black, so we maybe got a little over-excited.

    • I subscribe through Allure and received the eyeliner instead of the eye masks. It is a dark, lovely color. I really like the eyeliner so much better than the mask(s), because I’ll use this several times vs once.

      • How did you receive the eyeliner? These are spoilers for July, which nobody has received yet.

  15. Just curious, when can we expect spoilers for the August box?

  16. I am disappointed about the eyeliner. Was looking forward to my first makeup item from Allure! Hopefully they will feature it or another makeup item in the near future! It’s still a very good box, though I thought they would replace it with another item.

  17. I just got my June box and the shangpree eye patches were not there. Instead they sent a 5ml LaRoche-Posay active C10 anti wrinkle concentrate. While I am excited to try this product I’m wondering why the change, and if anyone else got something different as well??

    • I got the patches. Was it a variableitem i wonder?

      • I know that the Amazon box indicated that the eye patches were a variant.

      • The only variant was the eye patches versus the cream.

    • Did you get an Allure booklet with your box? If so, on one of the pages I believe it says on the bottom (under the picture of the eye masks) that the box will include either the La Roche Posay serum or the eye masks.

    • Yes, this was always noted as a variant.

    • I subscribe directly through Allure and received the anti-wrinkle concentrate–verrrry tiny tube.

    • I also got the VitaminC concentrate so you’re not alone 😊

  18. I’m going to cancel. On skincare overload, so I only want makeup these days.

  19. I’m disappointed since I was really looking forward to that purple eyeliner. I’m also surprised they just eliminated it instead of substituting something else in its place. After the spoilers were released, I decided to sign up for Allure for June and July instead of Ipsy. I realized that I usually don’t use half the products I get from Ipsy each month, but for just a few dollars more I was guaranteed a bag of things I would love. Now I’m not sure what to do 🤷‍♀️

  20. Still a super solid box. I was very excited to try a purple liner, but oh well. Just the P&L serum worth way more than the $15 I pay, can’t complain.

    And it is not like they tell you right before they bill you. 2 weeks is enough time for those people who want to pause or cancel.

  21. I would have loved another people eyeliner from Allure but I understand. I ordered toilet paper from Amazon on March 16 that just came yesterday 🤣
    I have 2 subscriptions as the skincare alone is worth it for me.

    I’m thrilled that the lip/ blush color is peach as I have ligjt to medium olive skin and light green eyes. Cooler tones look awful on me but peach works.

  22. No eyeliner?


    I also don’t need acne patches since, thankfully, I don’t get pimples.

    Thes rest of the box is okay.

    • Hi Pink5,
      I read in another thread that you also don’t get dark spots. You lucky person! 🙂
      What’s your secret?

      • Sheer luck.

        I’m pale, but I don’t spot. I’m also in Michigan, so I don’t get nearly as much as your part of the world does.

  23. Crossing my fingers that the Peach & Lily serum doesn’t end up being an “OR” item!

    • I think it’s in every box but sadly I don’t think I can wait for July. I use several times a week It’s amazing but I think it takes a couple of months of regular use before you see the “glass skin” effect. I think Allure has been killing it lately. I don’t mind a back up of P& L.

  24. ok, did some looking around and the only thing i can find is a color by that name by Doucce cosmetics. i found a trademark for the name that leads nowhere listed as owned by the mars company. and the was a twist up eyeliner by that name in black that was in topbox but they said it was shady looking. just had that name and NOTHING else on it. it sounds like an ali babba special so maybe it was pulled for a good reason.

    • It will be in future box though.

    • Good point. I had not thought of them pulling it for that reason, just assumed a supply issue and that the box already met the value without it. I would rather not get it than get something of questionable origin or quality.

  25. My first box took 3 weeks. My monthly ships in the 10th of every month.

  26. I’m surprised and disappointed that they didn’t replace the eyeliner with something else, but it’s still a pretty solid box. I don’t use eyeliner, but I was planning on giving it to my bestie.

    • The Acne Patches are a bonus item so I guess it evens out.

      • The patches were a “bonus” item when the eyeliner was still in the box. Once the eyeliner was taken out I think they just left the “bonus” tag on there and hoped no one would notice.

        I do feel like this box needs something else. The peach and lily is awesome but there’s too many face masks, etc and it feels like we aren’t getting as much as we should. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I still think allure is the best bang for your buck but do wish they would have replaced the weird eyeliner of questionable origins.

  27. I’m nearly certain the Peach & Lilly makes me break out every time I try to use it on my face. I have two bottles of it from an Ulta sale. I’ve taken to using it on my hands mixed with a little lotion after my morning routine — no problem there. Might try adding it to my body lotion and see how that goes. It’s been very freeing using lesser liked face products on my body. I feel less wasteful.

    • OMG I don’t know why I didn’t think of that! Using face stuff on the body – that’s like, a game changer for subscribers like us who have a large backstock of products. Thanks for the advice!

    • I did that with a Purlisse serum I had that my face didn’t like.

      It made my hands look soo much better.

    • Yes, as a long time sub box addict, I’ve been using face serums/lotions on my body for years. My arms are so smooth. No more little dry bumps on the backs of my arms.

    • Why haven’t I been doing this??? 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  28. This looks like a good box to me. I am tempted! (especially for $15!)

  29. I am glad I skipped the purple eyeliner was only thing tempting me.

  30. i signed up for a 3 month gift subscription a couple of weeks ago and haven’t heard a thing. When are June boxes supposed to ship for new subscribers?

    • They ship at different times during the month. 1st box always takes a long time. I think on Allure site it says 20 days or so for the 1st box

    • My first box and my second box arrived on the same day. I first ordered around May 19 and called to make sure I would get the May box. And it didn’t come and didn’t come. And they processed my June payment. I called again, just to make sure I would get May (I really wanted the May box lol!). Then May and June boxes both arrived on 6/16. So I would second whoever said that the first box can take a very long time and the others are more on a regular schedule.

    • I have 2 subscriptions. One through their website and one through Amazon. Both arrived yesterday (Tuesday).

  31. Would have been nice if they replaced it with something but no biggie. I’m interested in the Peach and Lily serum and that more then pays for the box.

  32. I’m a little sad because I really wanted to try it. But hopefully I’ll see it in one box soon!

    • Me too. I was so excited to try a liner that wasn’t black. But I still think the box looks good and I am going to stick with them a while. I have so far received May and June and I am thrilled with both boxes. I will definitely give them a few more months and hopefully that liner will show up soon!

  33. The purple eyeliner was the one thing I really wanted! Well I’ll stay positive it will be showing up in one the next 2 boxes.

  34. I was really looking forward to the purple eyeliner. I hope I like the serum. Too bad Osea contains ingredients I’m allergic to

  35. Would never wear purple eyeliner anyway so works for me!

  36. Good! Who uses a purple eyeliner?

    • I do constantly. Black is too harsh for fair skin particularly in the daytime and not very flattering. I stick to browns, burgundies, purples and grays. Purple and burgundy particularly make my eyes pop. Go on and live a little and give it a try, lol.

    • Young people? Lmao
      I’m fact, I gifted my MIL some purple eyeliner and she loved it. She’s in her 60s and definitely doesn’t like to dress/style “too young for her age”…a sentiment I don’t agree with but whatever lol

    • Excuse me, I love and wear purple eyeliner. It makes my eyes pop and its fun. Makeup is fun and doesn’t have to be boring neutrals and black eye liner.

    • I’m 53 and have been wearing purple eyeliner for over 20 years. I wear green, blue, purple, brown … black is the only one I don’t want to see.

  37. It’s a solid box, for sure. Allure is one of the beauty boxes that really held it together beautifully, during this pandemic. They’ve done a fabulous job. No complaints at all. I’m looking forward most to the Peach & Lilly serum and the Beautaniq Beauty lip and cheek balm. 🙂

    • I agree! I’ve been thrilled each month

  38. Has anyone receive their replacement moisturizer from the May box?

    • Not yet, but I recieved an email yesterday that it was shipped to me.

    • Not me. I haven’t even received an email. I contacted them through instagram and they were supposed to get back to me and didn’t.

      • i also did through messenger but no answer.

    • No. I sub through Amazon and wasn’t going to bother contacting them. But then got an email from Amazon to send a message to Allure which I did. They replied through Amazon that they will be sending out a replacement. Nothing since.

    • Not yet. I received an email from Curology on 5/26 stating they are “working” on my new moisturizer, but that’s the last I’ve heard.

      • Me too!

    • I completely forgot about it. 😮

    • Does anyone know if any of the Amazon boxes got the wrong “moisturizer”? I haven’t opened mine yet. Thanks!

      • My box is from amazon and had the cleanser.

    • I received an email yesterday that it’s on it’s way and they are upgrading it to a 25 ml bottle from the original 15 ml bottle.

    • I just got an email this weekend that they are finally sending out the replacement with a tracking number, check your email to see if they updated you as well!

  39. GREAT box for JULY. Peach and Lily serum is nice and I believe $40 alone. I will def order a 2nd July box just for that alone.

  40. That’s fine, as long as the Glass Skin is still there 🙂

    • Amen! I agree!

  41. Interesting that they didn’t replace eyeliner with anything else. Also it says it will be in the future box. Yeah, right. I believe it when I see it. Still a solid box. I hope I get sunscreen

    • I mean, given the current pandemic and global production and supply chain issues that have occurred it’s not unreasonable to think there was a delay that resulted in the eyeliner not being available in time for the July box? Sounds like they’ve had to push back its inclusion for July and we will see it at some point in the coming months and they’re being transparent about it now.

      • still surprises me how many people are completely forgetting that we are still in the middle of a pandemic, regardless of what is starting to reopen.

      • Middle of a pandemic is no excuse for bait and switch.

      • July boxes haven’t been charged yet, so people who are upset about the change still have time to cancel. I wouldn’t necessarily call this a bait-and-switch, because that, to me, happens when you’re already locked in and can’t do anything about it.

      • I think Kay thought she was in the Boxycharm thread, lol.

      • Why are so many people angry about this? You can def skip your July box, and resubscribe when they offer it.

        Bait and switch implies that the entire box is going to be substituted, and that the purple eyeliner is the ONLY reason you subscribed to this particular box for this particular month.

        The whole thing about a subscription beauty box is to try things you ordinarily wouldn’t, but many people operate under the misconception of “it’s what I want or else.”

        Even without the inclusion of this eyeliner, two of the items are full-size, and ONE of those is right at TWICE the value for the price of this box. (Peach and Lily serum is $29, and that’s the real price because I almost bought it two weeks ago).

        Some people just want to complain, rather than trying to be understanding during what is a particularly terrible time for our country.

        Go buy a purple eyeliner if that’s what you want, but for the love of all things beauty, quit being so negative and nasty on these posts!

      • I agree with Jen that the most logical explanation is a pandemic related supply chain issue. Still looks to be a great box-I am relieved that it’s not the serum that will be missing, though the situation would be understandable either way. At least they are still able to ship-off topic, but really hoping that the Macy’s box starts up again soon and sends me the Jo Malone box.

      • Kay — bait & switch? Who was baited by an eyeliner that you can’t even google to find more info on?

      • Not angry here. In fact I already said in my original post that it’s a solid box.

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