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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2020 Box FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

We have the full spoilers for the Summer 2020 Box of Style! If you sign up now, this will be your first box!

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Here are the full spoilers:

  • Henny + Lev Canvas Weekender
  • Peter Som Dream Floral Print Sarong in Rose Quartz OR Meteorite
  • Grown Alchemist Hydra-Repair Day Cream
  • Kosas Color & Light Palette Tropic Equinox
  • Panacea Beaded Tassel Earrings

Here’s a closer look at each item:

Henny + Lev Canvas Weekender $159

This classic weekender silhouette is perfect for all your future getaways. Its roomy interior is big enough to stash all your necessities, plus more.

  • 55.5cm x  21cm x 32.5cm
  • Canvas with vegan leather accents
  • Pockets and interior pouch included

Peter Som Dream Floral Print Sarong in Rose Quartz or Meteorite $195

With infinite ways to wear it, this sarong will be your go-to all summer long. Light up your wardrobe with the Rose Quartz colorway or dial it down with Meteorite.

  • 65″ x 42″
  • 85% poly, 15% cotton
  • Fringe embellishment

Grown Alchemist Hydra-Repair Day Cream $49

The skin savior you won’t want to live without. Pairs well with a hydrating toner and SPF for those warm summer days.

  • 100 ml
  • Vegan and clean
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Improves skins hydration while also acting as a makeup primer

Kosas Color & Light Palette Tropic Equinox $34

The instant pick-me-up we all need. For a sun kissed glow, swipe the bronzer on the hollows of your cheeks and apply the highlighter to the high points of your face.

  • Cream palette
  • Shade: Tropic Equinox
  • Clean, Cruelty and Gluten-Free

Panacea Beaded Tassel Earrings $55

Spice up any summer look with these statement earrings in brilliant white. Perfect for virtual happy hours with friends or date nights in.

  • 3″ length
  • White iridescent glass beads and silk thread
  • Made in India

What do you think of the Box of Style spoilers?

Use this link and coupon code MSA25 to save $25 off your first box!

Check out all of my Box of Style reviews to learn more about this quarterly subscription box.


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Comments (168)

  1. Just got my box and the bag smells like fish! The style is cute and will definitely use it for weekends if I can air it out!

    Bronzer looks good and I will find an excuse to wear the earrings this summer, though not my favorite style.

    The sarong (dark patterened) looks so cheap to me not even sure if I’ll wear it, colors looked so faded, not as vibrant as I had hoped.

    I loved my first spring box. I’ll see what happens with the fall box or I may cancel.

    Bummed that when they offerred the Missoni beach towel to new subscribers, when I contacted customer service, I was told “sorry” only new subsribers. So what, once you’re in you don’t get any perks for your membership? Would make sense to try to keep your customers with little “incentives” now and then or offerring the same incentives for existing customers.

    • Hello!

      I just got my box, and my bag smells like fish. I have it outside. Just curious, did you get the smell to go away? I wrote to customer service, and I’m waiting for a reply.


    • I just received mine and my bag also smells strongly like fish. I also would love to know if you were able to get the smell out?

  2. I just signed up this springs for was happy with that box. After reading the comments about how cheaply made the summer bag will be and I really have no use for the sarong or the palette, I’m really disappointed. I wish I had seen the spoilers and cancelled before the final date for this one. If I cancel before the fall one will I be able to sign back up if I like the items I see in the spoilers? And can anyone use the coupon codes?

  3. This box is for fashionistas….. I have been following Rachel Zoe for years. Her daily emails keep me current on the newest fashion trends….long before they are available outside of NY and LA. You will be using these products for many years to come. I love my FFF box too….but these two boxes should not be compared. I feel fortunate to get styling choices and tips from such a talented stylist. So excited for this box….I hope Iactually get to rock that sarong at the beach this summer!

    • Lol yeah such a canned sales pitch

  4. I am incredibly disappointed in this seasons BOS. I am an annual member (huge mistake) and since seasonal members can skip a season I hoped to also skip this season. This is not clear to do on the website so I emailed them on May 4. It’s now a week later and I still haven’t heard anything. I also commented on their Instagram Friday and the comment has now been deleted. Makes me wonder how many other negative comments they delete from their instagram. I absolutely cannot recommend this box for their lack of customer service. If anyone has any ideas on how to get in contact with them please let me know.

    • I too was disatisfied with box I am an annual and this would be my second box . They told me I had to be two boxes in before I could skip. So if you can skip there is a girl that explained how to do it but if your like me you can’t and the program will tell you so. This is the first box where it doesn’t pay to be annual. It seems like the smarter consumer buys seasonal . It’s very sad ! I hope this helps

  5. The fact that I received that Grown Alchemist Day Cream in a free starter box from FFF has turned me off. I also received a similar and better designed overnight bag in a past Causebox. So, I just don’t see the point in paying $100 for this. I just cancelled.

  6. I’m really impressed with the originality of this collection. A bag with PVC accents, a scarf, a cream, and a tassel jewelry piece.

    It’s revolutionary- I’ve never seen anything quite like this in a subscription box.

    But seriously, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Lol. Why do they just recycle and recycle the same ideas in subscription boxes? I’m completely at a loss.

  7. I was thoroughly impressed with the Spring Box and the Winter Intro box(maybe an edit box-sorry, i dont remember the name)…when it came to see what items were in this seasons box for summer, it was honestly disappointing…and i hate it to do it to rachel, because 99% of the time she picks great items…but this box was a miss for me…and judging from the previous posts, it appears im not alone in this thinking…i had to cancel, maybe if the sarong was a different item i might have stayed maybe, it would be worth it, but as it stands, for me, it just isnt…as a youngish mom sort of lol with stretchies on her stomach a sarong is just not going to do it lol…hope her team reads the feedback and makes a better box for fall-sorry rachel!

    • I was disappointed with sarong ( love everything else) until I looked up ways to wear it….it looks big enough to tie into a cute top or short dress….I can’t tell if the dark color is navy or black. I wish they would use language that didn’t keep us guessing. email sent 35% off code today SRZ35. I wonder if a lot of people cancelled…odd to have a big discount.

  8. I don’t know if im replying to someone, if so it’s an accident!

    Everyone is putting down the bag and yes, I agree that the design isn’t pretty or anything cool looking that I’d pick out. That said, last year when I needed a weekend bag, I bought a cute one for $10 at Ocean State Job Lot that came with a $10 gift card so basically free. It was so pretty though that I would have paid $15 for it. Maybe 3 uses and the zipper broke. Id rather pay more for a quality item that holds up even if it’s ugly. I’m assuming this weekend bag is good quality but I didn’t see the brand.

    • These items are never good quality.

      • Oh. Ok then. I shouldn’t have commented because I’ve never received a box. After I wrote that I looked and saw that it was vegan leather which is fancy talk for plastic and already ate my words. Good zippers are important though!

  9. This box is just sad. It’s not a $100 box.

  10. Am I the only one that thinks that the scarf looks like a floral item that met with a bucket of blood?

    • No, I thought it was a rag from a crime scene clean up – it is very unfortunate because it could have been pretty had they left the flowers only…

    • Hahahahaha I thought the exact same thing!!

  11. I love the earrings. If anyone is going to be putting them up for swap please let me know! Thanks!

  12. I’m hoping someone can help guide me wrt this sub, because I confess to being just plain confused. The spring box was my first box, which I got using an MSA-published discount code. Unless I missed something, I had to sign up for membership in order to use the code/get the box, which I did, I signed up for seasonal membership. Not liking the summer box, I cancelled my sub, as I assumed that was the only way for me to avoid paying for and getting the box. I am hopeful that future boxes will be more appealing to me… so, is there a way I can just purchase a box I like without having to sub? Or will I have to resub and unsub again if I don’t like the next box after that? And if I do want a future box, will I be able to use a discount code (they seem to be readily available)? I mean, I understand that without a sub there is a risk that a box might not be available to me, but I’m ok with that risk. Thanks so much in advance for any guidance!!

    • Well, gee, thanks so much for the “help.” First of all, there are sub boxes that allow you to buy a single box as a one time thing without a subscription. BeautyFix is one example. So there’s that. And there’s also the fact that there are a ton of people who have commented on this thread and others for this particular sub about just buying specific boxes here and there, with no mention of resubbing and cancelling, so yes, I thought I might have missed something.

      • I’m with you Miss Sheri , I’m brand new and saw past boxes and was as excited about those as I was the spring in which I subscribed . I was completely confused how a box could go so wrong as the last five would’ve been worth it for me. Like you I was like how are these people getting the deal and cancelling after one box. I had one lady actually tell me to put it on a one time visa , and change my name each time I reapply for the sub . That just seems crazy to go on like that to get the deal Everytime. But then I thought this Holly , how harsh , we were just trying to figure out this system . And btw they do sell a one time box in their sales. So it is possible , but I guess you’d have to be a subscriber to get that deal. You can skip a box . I found that out so I hope that helps.

      • Buying a prepaid Visa is a smart way to protect yourself against subscriptions that keep charging you even after you cancel and sometimes the only way.

      • I am glad you asked the question. Each company is different and some do let us just buy one box , some are a real pain to cancel, some won’t let you resub and use a coupon. Its confusing.
        This box usually goes on sale (50% off)about 2 weeks before the next season charges. Her boxes vary greatly in quality so i tend to order when on sale ,cancel as soon as I get the box then resub if I like the next one. $100 is a lot especially when we get a fake leather handle canvas bag that can be found as a gift with purchase at Ulta.

    • Thank you Hallie for your kind and helpful response. I truly appreciate it.

      • You’re so welcome Sherri! I didn’t like the way you were spoken too. This site is about fun and helping each other out.
        I was happy to learn about using a prepaid Visa. I’d never thought of that.
        I’ve slipped up and forgotten to cancel a sub I didnt like. ….or worse. You subscribe and the renewal for the next month charges before you even got the first box. That seems sneaky to me.

  13. I have been getting this sub for a few years. I never had an annual subscription. Often I would get 2 boxes if I wanted for of the items for which there are variations and it was discounted by $40 or $50. Usually every 3 or 4 seasons there is a box that is just not for me and I skip. This one is it. I’m a mom of 5 little kids and at this stage in my life there is no way I can travel with just a weekender, or wear a sarong or any other clothing that is supposed to stay on by just tying. I’m getting nostalgic looking at this box thinking of how I would have used all of it 15 years ago when I lived in Puerto Rico. I would have taken that bag, sarong and products on one of my weekend trips around the island and worn those earrings out salsa dancing in Old San Juan. Life was a lot different! To anyone who is excited to get this box- have a blast this summer!

    • *mom of 3 little kids. Typos galore.

    • Can you just order one box and no subscribe and still get the 50.00or 40.00 off wow I def should have gone that route makes no sense to subscribe except you get box earlier . Big whoops I’d rather not buy a box of things I wouldn’t use !

      • You do have to subscribe, but you can cancel before being charged for the next box. $50 off will probably come a few weeks before the fall box comes out, so late July-early August.

      • Unfortunately I subscribed for yearly not seasonal thinking that would be the best deal guess it wasn’t so I started for spring box so I should cancel in March right ? Because from what I heard I’m glued in for a year .

      • Next time you only want one box, buy a prepaid Visa for $50 or whatever is just enough to cover the amount. The cards have a fee of about $3.95. Don’t use the free reloadable one from Am/Ex (bluebird or Serve) because the point is to use a throwaway card. They’ll charge for the first box and as long as the amount left on the card is less than the charge for the next box you can hold on to it. If it’s more, you have to get the balance down. You’ll get an email saying your funds couldn’t be processed and if you dont respond they’ll just cancel you and you repeat with a new email (I change my first name too because I have a LOT of sisters living at this address 😂)

  14. My first BOS purchase was the Spring Box that I got for $75 and a free pair of earrings that match the bracelet. That box was awesome especially the sunnies! I don’t hate this box but don’t think I’ll get it even 1/2 off….I live in NE where it’s still cold so the wrap and earrings just won’t fit my lifestyle.

  15. This box is hideous.

    • I agree. Hard pass!

  16. Yuck! Looking through the list, I was like, I don’t like any of these options. And then I realized they weren’t even options, this is all the ugly crap I get. Wish I wasn’t an annual after seeing this.

  17. Anyone here an annual for here, and fff , was trying to see which one ships first .Not that I’m super excited about this box just trying to know when to look out for it. Thx !!

    • I’m annual with FFF but not this box-I just buy the boxes I like with a coupon. I have a label for my FFF box and add-ons, so I think that box starts shipping a bit earlier than BoS. That is assuming FFF doesn’t have any shipping issues that season.

      • Oh ty , wow I can’t believe you already have a shipping label from fff I’m prob not going to get mine till next week and I’m an annual but usually get my box by the 24 th. I see how this one closes later for billing . Which I could understand if their shop was as big as fff but 14 items it so I think your going to know if ya want it or not in two days . But I guess that’s just me !! Wish I had just ordered individual boxes with BOS as I loved my spring but despise this summer one !! Oh well lesson learned !

  18. I’m disappointed. I’ve purchased the last 4 boxes and I don’t even think I’d buy this at 50% off.

  19. Don’t they know their audience by now? We’ve already received these kinds of bags in our other subscriptions. We’re looking for glamour and fashion and high quality in a rzbos! Bling bling

  20. Hard pass. This box is completely boring – and def not worth the price. The bag looks cheap, generic and wrinkly. I have been inundated with Grown Alchemist through other sub boxes and the prices listed are inflated. The earrings, bag and sarong are just discount store replicas of higher end items. Not worth the money.

  21. I like this box. I almost always like BOS. But, I feel like a fool when I pay full price and nearly everyone else gets it discounted or gets a free gift. There is no benefit to subbing. Annual sub is a far less discount than is typically offered on a seasonal box. Honestly, this is my favorite sub box except for the crazy pricing and inevitable discounts/free gifts. Why not lower the box price to $75 with a perk for annual subs? Or, just offer an annual at $200 instead of making us play games all year!

    • I actually got a lovely pair of La Soula diamond earrings as a bonus for signing up for an annual sub. I wouldn’t have made the leap without it. The earrings are delicate, but perfectly lovely. I’ve liked the first two boxes of my annual well enough but this one is a disaster for me! I took advantage of the new skip option and *think* it worked. My billing date changed from November to February, it did something. I agree it is demoralizing to see boxes getting snapped up for $50 almost every season!

  22. I received a canvas weekender in a box awhile back. I use it too, to have overnights at my mom’s or clothes for the cabin. This spoiler looks similar. I have enjoyed mine very much!

  23. I just canceled my subscription & had received almost every box since it launched. I, personally, feel it’s gotten a bit repetitive, especially given the range of options available each season. I’d be interested in seeing how many small makeup palettes, scarves/ sarongs, and moisturizers they have sent out over the years.
    That said, I recently started to use that Grown Alchemist moisturizer & it is amazing. Hydrating without leaving my face super oily. I love it!

  24. Yes they told me I couldn’t skip into two boxes into my subscription. Well I really hope the next two are much classier and of REAL higher value . Because Summer was a big failure. I really felt I did my research, looked into all past boxes of bos and I felt each of them I would’ve enjoyed and was worth the money spent but this one UGH ? it doesn’t even hit 100.00 value let alone 400.00 the bad is majority canvas light colored will get Filthy quick dragging around in those subways . At first it looked nice but , well let’s just hope it’s better represented in person . Oh well , trying to figure out what on Earth I could do with them tassles ??

  25. Does anyone really carry giant weekender bags like that these days when you could just wheel a roll-on? And those prices for just about all the things are ridiculously over-inflated. I do like the Grown Alchemist, but its $15 on eBay.

    • I love weekender/duffel bags for 1- or 2-night trips to my parents’ house. It’s about an hour away so I’m driving, not flying. There’s no need to lug even my smallest roll-on suitcase for just a change of clothes, PJs, and toiletries/makeup. Different strokes, I guess.

    • I do because sometimes I take the train to Grand Central in NYC and walk through packed crowds (the good old days 😔) and people would trip if I rolled a bag behind me. Plus, I don’t feel safe with anything behind me, even a backpack so I put the weekender on my shoulder and hold tightly. I’d walk about 10 blocks taking breaks sometimes, meet my bf at his show and then he’d drive me to his place. If I go to a trade show at the Jacob Javits Center like the International Beauty Show they don’t allow rolling bags but you buy so much that it’s easier to bring a big, string bag.
      The only time I’d wheel a bag is in a safe place like schooler just, not NYC! (Best city in the world but you have to be real)

      • Totally agree, Kat! I think weekender bags are so much more practical. I also don’t like backpacks or pulling bags behind me for safety reasons.

    • That’s how my kids travel. They buy the sturdy Patagonia, LLBean, Osprey, all sorts of brands I see them with. They upgrade constantly, and they are nearly $500 a pop. Our luggage is Tumi, which got sold and we lost the lifetime guarantee. We live in NYC about a quarter of the year and don’t keep a car there. The handicap elevators in the subways are notoriously broken, so there’s no way I want to go up and down with a rolling duffel or carry a piece of luggage.

    • I prefer weekenders cause I feel they are easier to shape when I have to organize my luggage in my truck.

      • Meh. Nope.

  26. It’s not particularly original, and I fear that with the pandemic I will have no reason to need a weekender or a sarong, but I nonetheless like the box. Except for the earrings. Why are tassels still a thing?

  27. Wow this looks great! I had to buy a weekender last year and wish this was a year ago! I love creams and if I decide I can pull off white earrings, I’ll buy this with a really good coupon.

  28. I like this box. I would use everything, except maybe the earrings, but my daughter would wear them. I will wait until it’s marked down and pick it up.

  29. I canceled my subscription and Spring 2019 BOS. I was incredibly disappointed in the box, and have not been excited about any boxes since. She definitely leans towards BoHo hippie chic styles, which just isn’t for me.

    • boho hippie is right!

  30. I like the Summer Box. The sarong is much prettier than I thought from the spoiler after I saw the different ways you can wear. I am kind of addicted to totes and bags.. I like this bag. I will definitely use. I am new to sub boxes and it sounds like the trill is short lived box after box but for now I’m enjoying BOS.

    • The thrill never goes away! Enjoy….I have been getting her boxes since the second was released. I am addicted. Its the best style box.

  31. The only thing I like about this is that it includes a Grown Alchemist product. That’s it. FabFitFun’s a much better box than BOS.

    • When you cancel do they give you any of your money back ? I have the spring box on it’s way . And really wanted that box I’m just curious ??

      • Hi Andrea, no they don’t. They just ship you the rest of the boxes (every season) that you’re still subscribed to. (:

      • No I didn’t think that a season would be that great , to follow with one that was nothing I cared for. I had looked at past boxes prior to me subscribing for a year , and it seemed like a great sub I loved all the other boxes. This was just a dud for me , and I totally didn’t expect it .

      • No I didn’t think that a season would be that great , to follow with one that was nothing I cared for. I had looked at past boxes prior to me subscribing for a year , and it seemed like a great sub I loved all the other boxes. This was just a dud for me , and I totally didn’t expect it . And I’m still hoping I will enjoy the fall and winter to come !! I now see their offering the Missoni towel from a summer ago with 25.00 off of this box , so I don’t think I’m alone .

      • Oh , I didn’t cancel… I just skipped the box, you see I did want a yearly subscription! But was just disatisfied with the summer choice. Like the other girl you commented to, I was confused how so many were cancelling ,and then resubscribing for another box to get the discount. Seems the majority were unhappy with this box ! She’s even offering Missoni towel again with 25.00 off , so I’d say it was just a bad box . But there are some that enjoy it,and it works for them .

  32. Will the real Rachel Zoe please stand up, please stand up…

    Can you just imagine her wearing this stuff and using this duffel as part of her travel gear for a hop over to Teluride or the Hamptons?

    • Haha this comment is everything!

    • Right??!! Unless she has had some major work done since the last time I watched her show several years ago these pics don’t even look like her! I feel like I’m going out on a date someone who posted a profile pic from college …20 years ago…it makes it really hard to trust the integrity of the subscription which requires a leap of faith to begin with./swipe left

      • …ps before the attacks begin…if she has had work done they did an amazing job and I would love the name of her plastic surgeon!

      • I would love a tutorial from her make up artist and I would love to know how much of her flawless face is airbrushed photography and how much is the magical nature of make up sorcery.

      • All you have to do is google her and under photos you get recent photos of her. The thing is, yes, she’s aging and I personally think it’s stupid to post pics of yourself the way you looked decades ago, but that’s just my personal preference – I also don’t like wearing 3 pounds of makeup to disguise my real appearance, flawed as it may be. In any event, she’s a beautiful woman at any age. What a bone structure!

  33. Echoing the sentiments of many, where is the originality?
    After 60 seconds of brainstorming I can think of several things that I need/want/would use, none of which I have ever (personally) seen in sub boxes before:
    -jewelry: toe ring, anklet
    -naughty: vibrator, lube (all natural?)
    -lady things: (all natural?) tampons, pads, Thinx?, at-home grooming/wax kits
    – wearables, easy enough to use size as the customization: tights, PJs, undies
    -kitchen: slap-chop, other unique cooking/prep gadgets, fruit/veg wash, apron
    -food: smoothie mix, healthy/quick/easy cook book
    -orgnaizers/storage for mail, bills, kitchen, pet things
    -gardening: seeds, succulents, herb growing kit
    -energy alternatives (mud water!?)
    -dna kits

    What are YOUR unique ideas?

    • Lauten i am ready to subscribe to your box , Naughty and Nice?

      • Yes Hallie!! Me too! 👏🏼

      • Love the curation Lauren. 🙋‍♀️ I would subscribe.

    • Maybe she will do a Naughty box like Sunday Riley

    • Lauren I love this! (except the mud water LOL)

      I’d like to see an option for chic dog accessories (leash, collar, bowls, toy), more watches, a set of midi rings, a really nice yoga mat (i don’t like the one from FFF from a few seasons ago), slides or flips (easy to pick your size), more belts (i love the BOS one from last year), maybe a chic ipad or iphone case, vitamins, some home or outdoor decor selections other than blankets/diffusers/coasters (LOVE the plant/seed/succulent/herb kit idea – causebox does things like that sometimes), and how about a nice bottle of wine or liquor choice without having one of those overly priced wine subs for 21+?!

    • Sounds like you are describing FFF – which is a great subscription for all those types of items. But, personally, not at all what I would expect from a box curated by a stylist. I look to this box for accessories and styling products. That said, white earrings for summer is becoming predictable and the weekender bag, while useful, is not very attractive and certainly not very usable during these times of restricted travel. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I’ve liked some of the things I expected to hate in previous boxes, so I’m keeping my hopes up. I always look forward to summer subscription boxes, by I’m less that thrilled with this one, so far.

  34. Maybe it’s because I took a hiatus from sun boxes for a while, but I like it. The skincare and makeup are a definite win for me. I don’t like tassels but I could use a pair of big white earrings for the summer. I think the sarong is pretty. And the bag would come in handy as I travel two days a week-not now, but we’re not going to be in quarentine for ever so…
    I cancelled after the spring box because it’s not in my budget to stay subscribed, but I have a birthday coming up so maybe I will figure out how to get an annual subscription.

  35. I wish Rachel zoe well. I hope this box makes it thru the tough times. This box is not my style this upcoming season but love full spoilers before billing every season. Cant wait to see her next box. A great sunscreen should be a must for summer box and a dark spot corrector. I ordered the spring box and cant wait for it to show up 🙃

  36. I almost ordered the spring box as I liked the bag but didn’t need it. After seeing this bag, I’m glad I didn’t. This is an easy no from me.

  37. Hmm I would buy for $50 with a discount just for the skincare/makeup – I expect this to go on sale that much ~15 days before billing for the Fall box based on previous discounts. Don’t think this one is in risk of selling out lol

    • Agree! I ordered the Spring 2020 box last week at $50 off, and it arrived today 5/6. I am happy with all the items, so it’s a great deal with shipping included.

      • Ah I got my spring box yesterday and absolutely loved everything !! I thought every box was supposed to be worth 500. Or more. I do find this box prices are super inflated . Barely might make 100.00 depending on quality of the weekender bag in person. I realize I’m not always going to love everything like spring box, but the rest of the items are eh, I could get them on an add on sale for 15.00 each . I looked on site of those earrings and even all of those similar to these were on sale for 15. That sarong is supposedly worth over 200.00 I beg to differ !

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