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Margot Elena Discovery Box Summer 2020 – Spoiler #1!

We have the first spoiler for the Summer 2020 Margot Elena box! (Thanks for the heads up, Wendy!)

Each box will include:

The Cottage Greenhouse Rosemary & Mint Foot Cream

What do you think of the spoiler? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Margot Elena Discovery Box

The Cost: $49.99 a quarter

The Products: Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Discovery Box filled with over $200 worth of full-sized products curated by our team

Ships to: US

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Margot Elena Discovery Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (85)

  1. anybody know of any fall 2020 spoilers yet? She usually gives out 2 or 3 spoilers, but I haven’t seen any yet this time. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll love most of it, and/or be able to gift some! I love this box the most!

    • I emailed them about spoilers this summer. It was my first box and their silence made me afraid they went out of business or were having Covid-19 related issues. Basically, they only give a spoiler if they have boxes to sell so when they are sold out they do not release spoilers. I asked them to reconsider that and give us two or three for fun but who knows what they will do.

  2. I miss the non Beauty item now the Box just seems kind of bland. I didn’t always thrill to it but it added a twist. Wish they would bring them back you can’t please everyone and that is the way ME had designed the box where there was one non beauty item to change things up.

  3. Ay yi yi. I’ve received my shipping notice, but FedEx hasn’t received the package yet so there is no delivery date as of yet. It’s been two days already. Is this happening with anyone else?

    • Yep, same for me too.

    • Same here as well 😟

    • Same. I receive my shipping notice on the 8th, fedex tracking still hasn’t updated.

    • Its been 4 days for me..ugh

    • I’m guessing that everything is backed up in their warehouse if they have less workers coming in because of Covid. That’s about all I can think of.
      In other news, I’ve waited over a month to receive things from other companies because they have been so backed up.

    • My tracking number updated but the estimated delivery date isn’t until next Thursday 🙁

      • My shipping info says it will not get here until next Friday but at least it looks like it was actually sent to FedEx….so progress?!?

      • Mine is arriving next Thursday as well! MSA just posted the review and its going to kill me not to read it. I want this box to hold some surprises ☺

  4. Anyone knows when this might ship?

    • Mine usually ships on the 9th

      • How do you know when it will ship? This is my 1st box. Thank you

      • Tiffany, you should get an email with your shipping confirmation. I got a confirmation today for one of my boxes.

      • Thank you Esther!! I received my shipping confirmation as well.

      • My shipping information says it weighs 0.5 pounds. That doesn’t seem right. I hope that is a mistake.

      • I received my box today even though I had an expected delivery date of Thursday!! I love my 1st box! I’ll keep most of it but a few items will go to my secret sister at work!!! Can’t wait for the next box!!!

      • I live 10 minutes from the Margot Elena headquarters in zen Glenwood, CO and my box still hasn’t arrived. – it’s now travelled all around the Denver suburbs but not come to me. Kinda crazy! My mom in Phoenix got her box today but I still don’t have mine. Oh well. No big deal – it’ll come one of these days.

    • I emailed them and asked them when the Summer box would be mailed out and got no reply. I am not happy with their lack of customer service.

    • I just got my shipping notice. This is my first box and I’m really looking forward to it!

  5. This is my first box with Margot Elena. I ordered three in the spring, one each for me, my mom, and my stepdaughter. The spring boxes were sold out and they said the summer box would be my first order. They ran my card for three orders in the spring when I signed up, and now they’ve run charges for two extra boxes. They aren’t responding to email and phone calls go straight to voicemail, and no return call. Not thrilled with bad accounting and no responses. I’ll give it another day and then I’ll file a claim with my bank. Errors happen but there’s no excuse for not responding.

  6. This will be my second box. I am definitely on the other side of the spoilers- I am glad there will not be any more. I do like to be surprised, and because I have zero willpower when it comes to opening the spoiler emails this was a welcome surprise for me. I went through all of the posts on My Subscription Addiction and decided that it would be fun to receive the box for a year regardless of the products in the box because of the quality of the products and packaging and because they make great gifts; either to others or for myself. 🙂

  7. I’m so on the fence about cancelling. I wish they would give us another spoiler before midnight Sunday. I miss the lifestyle items and if they aren’t including them any longer I’m not sure I want to keep this subscription.

    • This is my first box. They are making me nervous instead of excited with their radio silence. I decided to email them and ask them why the one random spoiler and then nothing. I will report back.

      • It’s a lovely box and their products are quality and the presentation is gorgeous. I’ve been with them since the beginning and they are starting to repeat items and aren’t including the fun lifestyle items they had in the past. Don’t be nervous, you will love the box and items you don’t want will trade fast. I just wish we had more spoilers. 🙂

      • I reached out to them. They said no more spoilers because it’s sold out. I think this will be my last box unless I’m blown away. The spoilers are part of the fun for me, and also allow me to make a more educated decision about whether or not I want to spend the money. I am backed up about four tubes on foot cream right now. Hope the scrub comes with it at the very least.

      • I agree. I is a BIG part of the fun. Right now, we could all use a little more fun…and some assurance that they aren’t going out of business is also nice…unfortunately, that is the way it is now.

  8. I wish they would bring the lifestyle items back, this box is so repetitive and boring now.

  9. So this is it? One spoiler of foot lotion and nothing for 26 days. This is my first box and it makes me nervous instead of excited.

    • I’m so glad I’m not alone in this “first box, only one spoiler” nervousness! The suspense is killer!

      After all of the worldwide drama over the past few months, I know we’re all needing a special box and updates on said special box.

      Come on, Margot, give us some nice news, please!

    • I was feeling the same way. This is also my 1st box.

  10. Does anyone think well get something from the cbd line!?!? I sure hope we do!

  11. Darn, I just went to sign up and it looks like Summer is sold out. They are now taking orders for Fall.

  12. Unbelievable. I’m so disappointed. It took a very very long time to get a spoiler out and it’s a foot cream, and it’s a repeat! The first spoiler should have been one that gets us excited drawing in new customers! I love the kimono, in fact I wear it often and get compliments every time! I use the mug for my cold fingers in winter otherwise it holds my paint brushes. If they want to repeat, the Turkish towel would be nice. If there are no home items ever again I’m canceling. I have subbed since the second box. If there was a problem with the home items they could be like fab fit fun and allow us to choose. I have not liked ANY perfumes yet. With this box being a higher priced one that charges for shipping I expect to not get repeats. I’m probably switching to a scrapbook, craft, or book/tea box.

    • I agree. I just finished my annual subscription and the last two or 3 boxes only had hands creams, perfume and bubble bath. All of which I loved but I really enjoyed them when they were next to home good items like the apron and tea towel set and the pencils/case. Otherwise, this box is nice but I don’t need JUST a lotion and soap sub box

    • I totally agree! Last month, we got more of the body oil in the exact same scent that had come a couple boxes prior. I love the home items and cards, and missed them in the last box. I’m really debating about cancelling before I’m charged for this summer box. I wish they’d release one or two more spoilers to help me decide! I am overloaded on lotions, body oils, and chap sticks right now!

  13. Does anyone know if your subscription renews automatically? I received the Spring box and would like to receive this one, and from the website it seems like it’s an automatic renewal until I cancel. I thought I saw comments before that it’s not automatic though and just wanted to be sure. Thanks!

    • It does renew automatically.

    • They stopped the annual subscription recently so if you had that your subscription would expire at the end of it unless you changed over to a seasonal one. 🙂

  14. I’m still using this foot cream from when it was in a previous box. It’ll last you a while.

    • I just finally got low enough where I just bought one on Mercari. Dang!!

  15. The Cottage Greenhouse is so nice! I loved the Cottage Greenhouse Bubble Bath! Looking forward to more of other things in that category, have not had the Foot Cream, looking forward to receiving that! Love Tokyo Milk, too…….

    • This summer box will be my 2nd box and I’m excited. Last month was great, loved everything. Would love to receive some home goods but no stationary.

  16. Loved the scrub, didn’t really use this one at All

  17. Please please bring back the stationary, or home items. Those took the box over the top. Still love this box though. Have been subscribed since the first box.

    • They’re now taking orders for the autumn box. Guess they sold out of the summer one 😕

  18. Thumbs up if the box also includes the scrub. If not, nice but nothing special.

  19. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never been a fan of mint in foot creams. Not a fan of the feeling, I suppose. Perhaps, I’m just odd. Lol.

    • Lol I love them, especially in the summer

    • This foot cream is really nice and rich, I don’t love mint either, but this is really a nice foot cream

    • Agree, Linda. Not a fan of mint.

  20. It’s a repeat, but I loved the scrub and cream combo and don’t mind a spare when my jar runs out. It was much nicer then a couple fancy foot creams I got in other subs. I tend to save it for special pedicare parties. That was one of the best boxes with all the cottage greenhouse items. I kind of hope the scrub makes a repeat appearance too, lol.

    Though I would love to see a few more unique items in the boxes that we haven’t tried, or at least new scents when it is product repeats. And I happen to love that stationery and non-beauty items were included – even if a couple were misses (low quality on the kimono though it was pretty, bell took a while for me to find a use for, handleless cup was cute but impractical as it was too hot to drink from) there were tons I loved as well (turkish towel, journal, apron, etc.), and they really upped the value of the box as it could be split apart for gifts.

    If there won’t be any more in the future and repeats will be more common, I will probably end up cancelling as whiole I love ME that would lowers the value of the sub for me. There is only so much handcream I can use so fast! And there are items on the site I’d be more tempted to buy if I could try something in the line first.

    • I used the cup for my makeup brushes. So pretty .

      • Oh, great idea!

  21. Even though this is a repeat item, I’m glad to have it, because it was a very good foot cream. The foot scrub was absolutely amazing, too.

    • How do you use the foot cream? Put it on with socks and let it soak in overnight?

      • I use it at night time. I put it on right before I go to bed. You can use it with or without socks, depending on how much you use.

  22. I just subbed. I’ve never tried the Cottage Greenhouse line, and have always wanted to, so I’m excited.

  23. So excited!

  24. Why do they continue to send repeats when there are hundreds of items we have never received! Annoying!

  25. I still have my jar from the last box it was in. It’s a quality item, but I don’t need another one. If another item or two are repeats, I’m out. Kinda bummed since I already have it.

    • I agree! The repeats are bumming me out. I love this box but I still have a lot of this foot cream left from the last time we received it, and I don’t need another. I miss the unique items! Why did they stop doing that? I wish they’d bring those back–they made the box exciting and fun. Or at least include the stationery and cute tote bags.

  26. This will be my first box. Love that there will be a foot cream, esp with summer ahead. I looked at older reviews and the packaging on all of the products is so pretty, I am excited to get this box!

    • This summer box will be my third box and I love it. It’s such a fun experience just opening and going through the box. The packaging is gorgeous and everything smells so pretty. I think you will love it.

  27. I’ve never subed for this box. But thinking of signing up. Will wait to see another spoiler or two. Does anyone know when will it typically ship?

    • Never mind. I just found out around June 8th is when they ship

  28. That is seriously the BEST foot scrub ever. Such a nice scent that even the guys can use it. I liked this foot scrub so much, I purchased 6 of them for Christmas gifts!

    Very excited for this!!!!!!

    • This is not the scrub (which I also loved), it’s the foot cream.

      • Lol!! Yes, and it is also a pretty darn good foot cream!!!!!

  29. I actually need foot cream, so this is good, but… have they stopped doing specialty non-beauty items? I feel like that used to be the spoiler and the last box didn’t have any

    • If you check back a couple boxes, you’ll see dozens of comments on MSA by subscribers hating on the specialty non-beauty items. So they stopped including them as of the last box.

      • While I understand people may not like the non-beauty items, I thought that those items were great subscriber box exclusives. Granted the bell thing in one holiday box was a little odd but items like that apron were amazing!!!

      • To be fair they never included any of their home or jewelry items that they sold on the site. That robe made me cancel. Beautiful design but the quality was absolutely terrible.

      • My boyfriend and I LOVE that little bell. We use it often 😉

      • Sad if they definitely stopped. The items weren’t always to my taste, but I was willing to roll the dice on them (80% of them I liked, I’d say), they gave the box that extra boost imo. They’d also be easy to gift/pass on, a lot of my friends like this kind of thing

      • I loved those items–they made the box really fun! wish people had not complained so much.

    • I’m sad they stopped with the non-beauty items too! I thought the apron was lovely, the glass water bottle last Spring was so pretty. Now it just seems like a box of the same. While the stationary items were a bit odd, it added something different and most of what was included “matched” the box! And as for the bell, it reminded me of the cow bells that are sometimes worn in Switzerland.

  30. I have always thought this box was so pretty but the scents are too much for me personally. Now if it was rosemary mint everything that is a scent that has never bugged and I would be on board!

    • This exact product was in the second(?) box, along with the matching scrub, and it smells so amazing. I am still using it, and even though I’m not a fan of ME lotion products that we’ve gotten in other boxes, this is one that I would get again.

  31. I am so excited!! Delightful sounding foot cream to escape from our crazy lives.

  32. It’s a repeat but I really liked it so happy to have again!

    • It is a nice item. I still have some from the first time I got it though. It’s so thick it lasts forever.

  33. I’ve noticed in the last couple of boxes there are repeats. 🙁

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