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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction
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Keto Krate Subscription Box Review + Coupon – May 2020

Becca Peterson
ByBecca PetersonMay 11, 2020 | 5 comments

Keto Krate
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Keto Krate is a monthly snack subscription box that delivers ketogenic food and snacks. (The Ketogenic diet is a low carb, moderate protein, high-fat diet.)

Keto Krate’s snacks are keto-friendly, gluten-free and low carb with 5g of carbs or less per serving. Keto Krate helps you stick to your keto diet by offering delicious low carb snacks you can have on hand when the sugar cravings hit.

The main subscription is $39.99/month. However, two subscription choices are available through the "Gift" option:

  • The Muncher box delivers ~10 snacks for $39.99 a month
  • The Hangry box delivers ~30 snacks for $87.99 a month

This is a review of the main subscription plan for $39.99/month.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About Keto Krate

The Subscription Box: Keto Krate

The Cost: $39.99 a month + free shipping.

The Products: Each box contains ~10 ketogenic diet-friendly snacks

Good to Know: Entering “krate.club” into your browser bar with bring you to a page with tons of info about the snacks (macros, links to buy, coupons) for this month plus keto success stories and recipes.

Ships to: The US for free and Canada for $10.99

Keto Krate May 2020 Review

I have been on and off the keto diet for about 3 years under a recommendation by my physician, and have had great success! Currently, I have been "living the lifestyle" for about 4 1/2 months and I have lost about 18 pounds, although I have had a bit of a slide off of the wagon since being stuck at home. I'm hoping these snacks will help me find my way again! Let's see what this month has to offer!


I love the pamphlet they include with each shipment! This month features avocado and bacon sunning themselves on the cover, with tips, tricks, and hints inside! This booklet also includes a link to this month's product info (krate.club), tips on how to manage your subscription, a keto success story, and a delicious looking recipe for chocolate graham crackers!


Pyure Organic Chocolate Chip Baking Mix - Listed Value $9.99, Retail Value $8.49

Fat 3g | Net Carbs 5g | Taste Score: 10/10

I have been in the search of the perfect keto-friendly chocolate chip cookie for a long time. I have had some that are pretty tasty, but none that really hit the mark when it comes to the perfect chewy texture of a sugar filled cookie. That is until I met this mix! Pyure's chocolate chip cookie mix is made with organic, sugar-free, gluten-free ingredients, and all you need to create these bad boys is a stick of butter and an egg! It doesn't get much easier than that.


Because we just couldn't wait to see how these would taste, we of course had to make them right away! The back of the bag requires a stick of unsalted butter and one egg to complete the mix. I didn't have any unsalted butter, so I used salted butter instead. With the oven preheated to 375 F, I mixed my 3 ingredients and scooped them on to my parchment paper lined pan. These baked for about 8 minutes. I have to say, they came out very...flat - not sure if this was because my butter was salted or not. While they didn't look like the perfect puffed up cookie I am used to, the taste was remarkable! These cookies were perfectly chewy, sweet, and delicious, all while being low carb! My kids and husband even liked them! I definitely will be buying this mix in the future!


Fat Snax Brownie Bite - Listed Value $1.89 (Buy a box of 16 for $34.99)

Fat 5g | Net Carbs 0g | Taste Score: 10/10

I am all about the sweets, and this brownie bite had it all going on for me! These moist, fudgy delights were perfectly chocolatey and sweet, all while coming in at just 0.3 net carbs! They were a little on the small side, and after my bite I turned my head and the rest was gone- it's safe to say my kids loved this just as much as I did!


Good To Go Strawberry Macadamia Snack Bar - Listed Value $2.99 (Buy a 9 pack of bars for $23.94)

Fat 14g | Net Carbs 4g | Taste Score: 9/10

Strawberries are my favorite fruit, and the smell of this bar had my mouth watering! This chewy soft-baked bar is jam-packed with real strawberries, and other high-quality organic ingredients. I found this bar to have a light flavor, and be really satisfying without being too sweet. I also appreciated the fact that this bar was separated into 4 pieces, so it was easily shared! My kids and I give this two thumbs up!


Rockin' Ranch Munchy Crunchy Protein Snack - Listed Value $2.40 (Buy a pack of 10 for $24.00)

Fat 7g | Net Carbs 4g | Taste Score: 10/10

This box is just blowing it out of the water! Our next snack features edamame and soybeans! I never thought I would say I am addicted to soybeans, but here I am! These flavorful, crunchy beans are full of ranch flavor and crunch just like a nut! My kids had no idea what these were, but they were diving in by the fistful! I see their website also offers salted caramel and chipotle flavors...I think I'm going to be placing an order soon!


Mission Meats Tasty Original Grass-Fed Beef Stick - Listed Value $2.00 (Buy a pack of 12 sticks for $19.95)

Fat 6g | Net Carbs 1g | Taste Score: 10/10

While I am the only one on the low carb diet in my family, my kids just cannot wait to bust open this box when it comes in the mail. Hank is always on the lookout for the meat sticks, and he was real excited to see this one! This stick was of good size, and was made from 100% grass-fed beef and savory seasonings. We didn't find this greasy or fake tasting, it truly tasted natural and delicious. Plus, Mission Meats gives 10% of their profits to social organizations when you purchase!


Southern Recipe Small Batch Spicy Dill Pork Rinds 2 oz. - Retail Value $2.49 (Buy a box of six 4 oz bags for $30.99)

Fat 4.5g | Net Carbs 1g | Taste Score: 10/10

As I slowly become a fan of pork rinds, I have found that I appreciate barbeque flavors over anything else. I can say that has all changed after my first bite of spicy dill. Now I don't love dill pickle chips, but these are fantastic! The soft crunch of the pork rind with the vinegar dill flavor paired with the kick of spice at the end really is a treat! I am definitely hiding these from the boys because they liked them just as much as I did!


Keto Farms Nacho Cheddar Crunchy Cheese Mix - Listed Value $2.00 (Buy a 6 pack for $14.49)

Fat 16g | Net Carbs 2g | Taste Score: 9/10

Talk about bold and flavorful! These salted almonds, pecans, and crunchy cheddar cheese bites are packed with flavor! I found the pairing of the semi-sweet pecan with the cheese to complement each other perfectly. The crunch was great, and they were very satisfying. This snack was unlike anything I've had before, but I found myself going back for more! It was a hit with the kids too!


Love Good Fats Coconut Macadamia Chewy Nutty Bar - Listed Value $3.00 (Buy a 12 pack for $27.99)

Fat 14g | Net Carbs 4g | Taste Score: 7/10

I love nuts, and any bar that has "chewy" and "nutty" in the description is a must-try for me. That being said, this bar was certainly nutty, and chewy, but lacked something. I wish this was slightly sweeter to amp up the flavor of the nuts. I enjoyed the coconut flavor, but it was so subtle that it left me wanting something more. I do appreciate there are no sugar alcohols in this bar, but just a drizzle of chocolate would really take this bar over the top!


Highkey Double Chocolate Brownie Mini Cookies  - Listed Value $4.67 (Buy a box of 6 for $21.38)

Fat 12g | Net Carbs 2g | Taste Score: 9/10

Brownie cookies?! Sign me up! These little cookies are made with almond flour, eggs, coconut oil, and natural sweetener. They are small and pack a great chocolatey punch in each bite! I found the crunchy texture to be that of a great cookie, but with a brownie flavoring for the perfect combo. While my oldest son and I enjoyed these, my younger son didn't care for them.


Know Brainer Foods Classic Vanilla Max Mallow - Listed Value $6.49, Retail Value $5.49

Fat 0.5g | Net Carbs 0g | Taste Score: 8/10

This was the moment my 5-year-old son was waiting for...the opening of the marshmallows!! Were they everything he had ever dreamed of?! Well, let's just say he loved them! However, I needed to be convinced. Upon opening the package, I was greeted with a sweet fragrance, and medium-sized, rectangular, squishy morsels. These sugar-free mallows are made with bovine collagen protein, MCT oil, and prebiotic fiber. I know bovine collagen protein is in other foods, but just thinking about it creeps me out a little...I did try these mallows, and they were squishy and had a texture very similar to a regular marshmallow. The taste was perfectly sweet, and they were actually really tasty! Charlie even wants to try them in a s'more tonight!

The Verdict: I am such a fan of the Keto Krate box! Sticking to a keto diet is hard. I definitely have had my ups and downs, but this box has really helped me find new snacks that help me stay on my plan. Almost all of these brands were new to me this month which is amazing! Not only did I have a great time trying these snacks, but my kids enjoyed giving them a shot too! The curation this month was the best yet, as I enjoyed almost every single item! I can't wait to see what I discover next month!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Unfortunately, no. If you subscribe today, your first box will be the June box.

Value Breakdown: The box costs $39.99 + free shipping which means that each of the 10 items in the box has an average cost of $3.99. I also want to share that on their website, it states the retail value of this month's products is $37.92, but you would pay $50.93 in shipping costs for each product, plus you would have to spend $23.19 to get the discount code savings of minimum orders for each product, which would bring your total value to $112.04, so I think $39.99 is a pretty good price to test out different snacks and find new faves!

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What did you think of the treats in the May 2020 Keto Krate?

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Becca Peterson
Becca Peterson

I am a wild and crazy mom of 2 boys and work in the public education system. I love all things outdoors, beauty, crafts, and food. And absolutely adore my high school sweetheart! 

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I agree this was a great box. My favorite things in the box were the marshmallows, cheese mix snack and the Good to go bar.

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You can’t make marshmallows without gelatine! Which is what is in collagen. I mean, you can make something marshmallow adjacent with vegan alternatives, but if you like homemade style marshmallows you’ve definitely been eating gelatine ones! Gnom gnom has an amazing keto marshmallow recipe on her site, I make them and coat them in melted lily’s chocolate chips. So good! Even people who eat grains and sugar love them.

Also, that pyure mix looks great, but with chickpea flour the first ingredient, tapioca starch high up there, and corn starch in there too I am surprised it was included in a keto subscription! A lot of people who eat keto avoid corn and legumes, along with starches and sugars and grains. (Oh, but also, cookies made with all butter no shortening are always flat! Fluffy chocolate chip cookies are made with shortening. Besides the fact there is no flour to give it lift. Next time you make them you could add a teaspoon of baking soda and see if that helped.)

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Becca Peterson

Thanks for commenting Anne! I’ll have to check out those keto marshmallows – those sound amazing! Especially dipped in Lily’s chocolate chips!! I will definitely have to try adding baking soda to see if that helps the pyure mix! Thanks for the tips! <3

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Thank you for all of the calculations. What a great review! I’m currently doing an intermittent fasting diet and lost 7 lbs in a week. The keto diet is one that I tried before it became popular, so I want to give it a go. Thanks again for reviewing this and for a coupon code. I’m definitely going to try it to help me easy into the hangries (made that up, haha). Out of curiosity, are there any other keto-friendly subscriptions that you review?

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Becca Peterson

No problem h! Thanks for commenting! This box is really fun and tasty! I also have reviewed the Green Chef Keto box, you’ll have to check it out! <3

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