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JourneeBox Grand Canyon Box Spoiler #3


We have a new spoiler for the Grand Canyon JourneeBox!

JourneeBox delivers a quarterly lifestyle experience that features designer-produced, sustainably-made fashion, home, body, and culinary goods.

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Each Grand Canyon JourneeBox will include:

Quench your thirst on your next Journee with a 16oz water bottle. Made of food grade glass with a silicon sleeve for a solid grip on the trail. Take your choice of three colors: ivory, pink lemonade, or cool gray.


Journee to the Grand Canyon. While we are all chilling at home, take a trip with the latest JourneeBox as we tour the Grand Canyon.

After your morning hike, break out your picnic fixings and cleanse your hands with our moisturizing wipes. Featuring aloe vera, essential oils, and 70% isopropyl alcohol these wipes are a good companion wherever your Journee takes you.


Your choice of earrings.

What do you think of the spoilers?

The Subscription Box: JourneeBox

The Cost:$54.99 per quarter + free US shipping. $49.99 for a pre-paid annual subscription.

The Products: 6+ sustainably-made or fair-trade items with customizable products focusing on accessories, apparel, home and beauty goods.

Ships to: All 50 United States, Puerto Rico and most parts of Canada. Subscribers in Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii will be charged an $8 shipping fee and subscribers in Canada will have to pay international shipping fees.

Good to Know: You can choose from different styles or “themes” when you sign up for your subscription. This influences the look of certain items you receive in your quarterly box. You can also select individual products in the period before your box ships. We did not choose any specific products in our review below.

Check out our JourneeBox reviews to learn more about the previous subscription and to see what kind of items you can expect!


How do subscribers rate JourneeBox?

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Comments (42)

  1. When does summer technically ship

    • Hello M.b,

      The Grand Canyon box will begin shipping in July! Make sure you are on our mailing list. You will be sent any updates on this latest box there.


  2. How many items do you receive typically?

    • Hello!

      Our boxes generally include 6-7 items, 2-3 of which are always customizable!

      Customer Service

  3. Does anyone know if Journeebox has released the themes for the year? I saw it once when they did China, Provence, etc. I do want to subscribe, but I’d like to know the year ahead…because I don’t particularly like the Grand Canyon box.

      • So does that mean “Zero Waste” will be after the Grand Canyon box? I’m excited about both!

      • Hi,

        Yes Zero Waste is the fall box.

        Journee Well,
        Customer Service

  4. I recently discovered this box and love it so far! I got the China box and loved everything. The items went well together and were unique. I get a lot of other sub boxes (FFF, Causebox, Popsugar, Birchbox) which often have similar items. I like that this box is unique and the items don’t overlap with things from my other boxes. Fingers crossed that this box will be as good as the China box. (I signed up for annual to get the extra item, so will get the next 3 boxes so can see where it falls in my list of favorites!)

  5. Really not feeling this so far. The last thing I need is another water bottle. The earrings just aren’t my style. No offense but I don’t subscribe to these boxes for cleaning supplies.

    Anyone know if you can skip a box as an annual subscriber?

    • Hey Cassie,

      Subscribers can skip a box anytime. Just contact us at [email protected] or log into your account and make any updates there.

      Best, CS

  6. I am thinking of getting this box. Waiting on another spoiler though. My family is supposed to travel by RV this Summer for a few weeks and it would be cool to get them excited about the Grand Canyon. Don’t know if this covers US or the world but a journey in a box sounds inspiring for upcoming travel… Especially if we end up having to cancel the trip due to health concerns.
    Wondering… Is this box comparable to any others? Like Causebox or FFF, wide range of items beauty/fashion/lifestyle? Is it worth the price? How many items typically come inside?
    Thanks for any feedback in helping me make up my mind. I appreciate the community here.

    • Hi! I really like this box. I wrote in another place that it is my favorite box, which is definitely true. It is very different from other boxes, and difficult to compare to Causebox or FFF. Kevia will sometimes put in small beauty/body items (a mask in one box, a body scrub in one box) but it is definitely not heavy on that. There’s a lot of jewelry – usually a statement piece or two, and then a set of smaller pieces (either some stud earrings, or in this last box a really neat set of necklaces to wear alone or layer). I went from being someone who didn’t wear much jewelry to someone who does now, which surprised me – the pieces are unique and fun. Without going back through the reviews (which are on MSA) I remember there being usually 1-2 fashion items (a scarf or similar wearable) but a high emphasis on home goods. My favorite items have been a beautiful table runner, some candle holders which were unexpectedly high quality, and a jar/vase. She has also had items like a glass tea diffuser mug with lid and then some blooming teas to go along with it. There is usually some beautiful stationery, which reminds me to keep in touch with those I love. So I think this is a good box to compliment other boxes, because it’s different. If you’re looking for something to replace a box like FFF though, it might not fit the bill because this box has a very different feel.

    • Leah,
      Just as an aside, I just got home from an RV trip and wanted to comment that we found it an extremely safe way to travel health wise. We didn’t need to go inside gas stations for coffee or to use the restrooms.
      The campgrounds where we stayed were taking precautions due to covid 19. We weren’t potentially exposed by staying in hotels. We just took basic precautions on the rare occasions we needed to go inside a grocery store or similar place. All in all it was a great experience.
      I hope you get to go and have a wonderful trip!

  7. I usually love this sub box …and I often take advantage of their great bundle sales. But this box so far is not appealing to me. I like the earrings, but not enough to justify spending money.

    I’m hoping the remaining spoilers “save the day” or I may end up having to skip this quarter.

  8. I was very close to subscribing, but water bottles are so common. I actually like the wipes. I’m with the other commenter who said that the exotic location boxes were much more enticing!
    I love that the curator actively engages on MSA and responds to feedback. I know all contents can’t meet the tastes and needs of all people; but I want to be excited like Aimee. 🙂

  9. I like the water bottle and wipes are always necessary but I hate when subs only offer one type of jewelry. It would’ve been better if they offered like earrings or a bracelet, ring, necklace, etc. I have gauged ears and can’t wear earrings. Some people don’t have their ears pierced at all. However, some people prefer earrings so I think it’d be nice if they were to offer earrings and a different type of jewelry for people to choose.

  10. So far, I really like this theme. The wipes are super practical right now. I can always use another water bottle and I like the silicone grip that this one has and those earrings are really different. I love that we are going to be able to choose between gold or silver. As with any box, any item that I won’t use makes a great gift for someone else. Between my daughters, sisters and friends, there’s always a chance to share. ❤

    • After reading the below comments concerned about fake raves, I just want to add to my earlier comment to say in Journee Box’s defense I’m also a real subscriber, not an employee or marketer. Kevia referenced another Laura – not me lol! I’ve noticed many Lauras on here, so I guess I’ll change mine to A Different Laura. Regardless, this is truly one of my favorite boxes. I’ve been an Annual subscriber from the beginning and have also loved the extra item Annuals receive in each box. I’m just hoping my finances improve before it’s time to re-subscribe. 😕

  11. Hi Ladies,

    I understand the feedback and will adjust the spoiler order so that spoiler 4 is either our terracotta item or the ceramic item which features an Arizona cliff face pattern. The packaging is also very on point, stay tuned. . .


    • No worries from me! The fun of subscription boxes is trying something new, and that means sometimes getting things that are outside your interests/tastes. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for engaging with us and addressing our concerns. I really appreciate it. I’m very excited for the upcoming spoilers! 😊

    • Kevia, I just wanted to say thanks for coming on here and responding! I read your other post… it sounds like we have something in common – when I’m having a tough day, I like to come on MSA, too! But unlike you, I don’t have to come here and read critiques of my box. If you wind up reading this response: I want to tell you that Journeebox was my first box, it is my favorite box, I look forward to it IMMENSELY, and it brings me happiness when I get it, even if I’m otherwise feeling a little down. Thanks for all your hard work, for bringing some extra beauty and joy into the world, and for coming here to respond to our questions. I’m excited about the Grand Canyon box (and I can’t wait to see what the terra cotta and ceramic item look like).

      With much appreciation!

    • Well, I am extremely excited for my first box and the extra mystery jewelry box that I ordered. It has to feel great to know that you bring joy into the lives of people by shipping something special to them, something that they splurge for themselves. Thank you. I look forward to Choice and receiving my first box and the jewelry box. 🙂

  12. I’m a huge JourneeBox fan but must admit that I’m not feeling this one. After the international themes that felt very exotic, this is slightly ho hum. However, based on past experience, I have confidence that everything in the box will be of high quality even if it isn’t quite my style.

    • I don’t understand the negativity. I don’t subscribe to this box but I’m really liking the curation. I’ve never seen any water bottles like this before and think they’re very appropriate since you definitely need to bring water if you’re visiting the Grand Canyon. Even before COVID 19, I’ve always been a big fan of cleaning wipes to keep in the car for when soap and water aren’t available. And, even though, the designs aren’t traditional Southwest ones, I still feel like the earrings evoke the Grand Canyon. And they’re made from clay!

      • Sorry. I didn’t mean this as a reply. Just a general post.

      • Honestly, it is okay for Mary to express her opinion. I didn’t find it overtly negative. I see so many comments like that on a daily basis. She expressed confidence, which to me, is very positive.

        This is starting to concern me, if someone cannot express an opinion without being jumped upon.

  13. This is one of the worst currations I have ever seen, I live in Arizona and just don’t get the connection between wipes and a water bottle and the Grand Canyon…maybe a dream catcher, tourquois jewelery, something with an Indian or Southwest theme..hard pass

  14. Have my color picked and I am so very excited to get this box. Kevia and her magical staff have managed to up the “WOW” factor with every box. Thanks for bringing some excitement during “lock down”. Journee box is THE place to be for subscription boxes. Not only is it a incredible value the quality and curation is second to none!

    • Aimee do you work for or have some other kind of affiliation with the box? Because both your post and Sam’s post below sound like company marketing posts. While it’s great that you’re enthusiastic, IMHO it’s kind of uncool to be posting this here if you’re from the company. I’d much rather read posts from real customers rather than marketing spin that attempts to pass itself off as being from general customers; it’s disingenuous.

      • My thoughts exactly! And laughably unsubtle. Especially when the spoilers are meh to lousy.

      • Dear Hmm,

        Aimee, is one of our original subscribers her posts are purely a product of her experience. She is not an affiliate, although it would be awesome if she signed up for our new customer reward program. My staff and I post on MSA in response to questions or concersn and we always identify ourselves, if it is me responding I use my first name, if it is Laura A. or Hannah they write their name or sign off as customer service. We have a 4.7 star rating on MSA, we simply rely our customers posting about their personal experiences with the box. It’s unfortunate that some business abuse customer ratings systems, but we are not one of them. If I’m having a tough day, I head to MSA and read comments! My team reads feedback online weekly and we try to incorporate feedback so each box is better than the last. Hope this addresses your concern.

        Journee Well,

      • Honestly, one of my favorite things about this box is that it really just feels like it inspires reviews like this. It’s so much in line with what I’m personally looking for and so consistently high quality that I would rave about it like a customer service rep all day everyday if I could!… Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but seriously. I really love the comment sections on journee box reviews because I feel like it’s one of the few boxes where us long-term subscribers are consistently wowed instead of frustrated.

      • No, I am a paralyzed mom of one from Michigan. My name is Aimee Holland Woody look me up on FB. I have NOTHING to hide and find joy in this box and wanted to share. I really do love this box and I like to spread joy and positive vibes. Sorry if you think I’m fake but I’m just a mom from south of Detroit. Have a blessed weekend!

  15. Kevia not only knocks it out of the park but the ACTUAL Grand Canton. I love this box and the curation by a very talented woman with impeccable taste.

    • For a water bottle and wipes, really?

      • I agree. I don’t get the raves here.

      • Yes its not very exciting

    • I agree with others, this remark seems a bit over the top. I am a huge fan of this box in general, but this one hasn’t won me over yet. I know that wipes are in high demand right now, but it’s still a cleaning product, so meh. The water bottle is also a fairly common box item, think FFF. The earrings are what I do expect from this box, something different, and nice quality. I am truly hoping that the rest of the spoilers blow me away. This is my fourth box of this annual subscription, and I’m now deciding whether or not to renew. We shall see.

      • Unlike you I haven’t gotten this box before, but like you I am a fan because I’ve been so impressed by the previous boxes and because I really love the jewelry designs (I ordered a couple of mystery jewelry bundles on the site!). I want to sign up for an annual sub since that’s such an awesome deal, but I want my first box to be one that is a good fit for me.

        It’s par for the course that sub boxes aren’t always a perfect fit because that’s just the nature of the service, and I don’t mind that. But I really want to start on a strong box and so far, I already have a water bottle a lot like that, the wipes are obviously not a reason to get the box, and the earrings are different, which I like, but I won’t know how much I like them until I actually try them on. I kinda wish we knew the scale/size. Like you, I hope the coming spoilers are good ones

      • No, I am a paralyzed mom of one from Michigan. My name is Aimee Holland Woody look me up on FB. I have NOTHING to hide and find joy in this box and wanted to share. I really do love this box and I like to spread joy and positive vibes. Sorry if you think I’m fake but I’m just a mom from south of Detroit. Have a blessed weekend!

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