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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

CAUSEBOX Spring 2021 Box Full Spoilers + 20% Off

CAUSEBOX Summer 2020 Box Spoiler #2 + Coupon!

The Summer 2020 CAUSEBOX is available for pre-order now and we have the second spoiler!

The Summer Box is stuffed with a range of products that will add a splash of self-care to your summer. We curated a collection that showcases the best in ethical and sustainable brands, highlighting companies that are not only doing the right thing, but are also delivering the highest caliber products. This season’s selections are worth over $250.

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc.

Use coupon code SUM20 to save 20% off your first box! (Regularly $54.95 a season.)

The Summer box includes:

PMD Clean (Blush, Teal, or Navy) $99

The PMD Clean is featured in every Summer CAUSEBOX! Bring the spa home to you – with the ultimate self-care tool! It firms, tones, and lifts by breaking down dirt and oil from within your pores at 7,000 vibrations per minute! Its flexible wand allows you to deeply clean in the difficult spots (like your nose), and it is made from ultra-hygienic silicone, which means it’s waterproof, antibacterial – and you’ll never have to replace expensive, wasteful, disposable brush heads!


Every Summer CAUSEBOX includes the Feya Candle Co. Reed Diffuser ($35 value) in your choice of scents!

Bergamot & Grapefruit or White Tea & Ginger — which will you choose? There has never been a better time to fill your home with the fresh, clean fragrance of summer.

🍍Flip over the reeds to refresh the scent — lasts for a year!
🍊 Made from recycled materials
🍉 Vegan, Cruelty Free
🍇 Meals are provided for every Feya Candle Co. product sold

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Comments (129)

  1. If the summer box has sold out they might as well show all spoilers!! And sometimes the welcome or editors boxes are better than the seasonal box, so I’m not mad, yet.

  2. So upset I missed the summer box! When I go to their website, it says that you can see what’s inside the summer welcome box but then shows the PMD clean and the reed diffuser that are in the summer box. Any idea if this is a glitch or if they’re also included in the summer welcome box? I really wanted to get the PMD clean. Thanks!

  3. The next items are listed on Causebox’s IG page. It’s a choice between Doctor ROgers Restore Healing Balm and Nanaka The Juice Cleanse citrus bath salts.

  4. I think if it said you got the summer box you got it that’s why I take a picture of everything I do with these sub boxes you can go to their email and tell them when you ordered it it said you got the summer box. I heard it just sold out so I wanna say about 330 eastern central. But when I went on they still had summer boxes to purchase .

  5. I think causebox is giving a sneak peak into a couple more of their spoilers. When you go to their website the first image that pops up is if the summer box, it opens up and it shows the PMD, Diffuser, a packet with Juice Cleanse written on it, and Dr. Roger’s RESTORE healing balm

    • Yes! Just saw on their Instagram annuals get to choose which one to get!

      • So we will get either the balm or the juice cleanse soak?

      • Yep that’s what I saw the juice beauty bath salts or the restore balm. Don’t care for either so it will go towards future gifts.

  6. This box has already sold out per their website. These spoilers were way too hot 🙂 Anyone that orders from now on will get a Summer Welcome Box instead.

    • Wow ! And yet they still haven’t even showed us spoiler #3 this has got to be a record ! I’m glad that the representative , I was working with warned me this might happen , because I wasn’t planning on subscribing till full reveal. I just can’t wait to see the rest of this box I hope it’s good as they say 😁

      • IKR!! It’s crazy 🙂 I’m excited for them! And to see what else is in this box!

      • Have you been with them for awhile Kay ? This will be my first box and I’m so excited and so impatient . Someone told me one was suppose to come out today because it was on Instagram site but I couldn’t find it ! I’m just so excited !! I hate them prolonging this suspense!!

      • Do you know if they operate on PST? I signed up just before 2pm EST (11am PST). When i signed up their site said I would be getting the summer box, now it says if you signed up before 12:00PM you will be getting the summer, after that time it would be the summer welcome….

      • I’m, sorry they are out of California so they are on PC time you sound like you are on East. So I’d say you are safe but it will show up when you go to causebox .com which box you have . Just for some reassurance also , if all else I’d Google causebox customer service and speak to a live person for clarification. Otherwise text them on their site . Hope this helps 🙂

      • Thanks, Andrea- I talked to a rep and she said I was in time to get the summer box!

      • Oh I’m so very happy for you !! Enjoy and welcome , my first box to this subscription too!! But I have to say I’ve never seen a box sell out just showing two spoilers now there is three , but it’s kinda exciting to be a part of this !! Enjoy !!

      • Thanks, Andrea- I talked to a rep and she said I was in time to get the summer box!

      • I signed up on the 16th and it said I was getting the summer box; but support is now saying I’ll get the welcome box 😭😭😭

      • I would get ahold of customer care talk to a live person as long as your charge is prior to the day of sell out they have to give it to you. Because I get a feed that says you only get a summer box if purchased prior to a certain date I think it was the 19th. Also I’ve seen a few annuals that have received the pmd in other subs and are going to skip this box , I’d call first to make sure you get it . I hope this helps 🙂

      • I responded to the CS rep who said I was getting the summer box. I don’t see chat, but I’ll message them on FB too.

      • Good I’m glad !! I actually emailed them about you I use the causebox help email they are good at responding quickly! You had me kinda worried as I believe my purchase date was the 16th also ,at any rate it says to the 19th and I feel we both should be able to receive it !! Getting too excited wish we’d customize already !!

  7. New subscriber here … Anyone know when the next spoiler will be ?? Trying to be patient but I think the last one was Friday ?? If you have been subscribing for a while and there’s some kinda rhyme to their reason can you let me know thx 😊

    • I started Spring 2018 and still haven’t figured them out! Lol. Hopefully we get another spoiler today.

      • Thank you!

      • So when is the full reveal right on the first of June when do we actually get to customize ? I can’t believe all the secrets . I check very often every day as I did with the sale and lost out quick on the items I wanted . Do they ever show up again in the sale ? Just trying to really figure out this subscription.thx

      • I just saw the full reveal, they’re out and it looks great! I’m only getting this box so don’t know about customization or billing. I don’t remember which site and if it wasn’t this one it was the other main subbox site. I just mean its not something you have to hunt on reddit for.

    • They said on their insta that the third spoiler would be today!

    • Amy customization is open now .. just thought I’d let ya know since we’ve been in this together from the start!! Good luck ….

  8. Hello!
    I’m trying to subscribe to Causebox for the first time and it won’t let me customize my choices for the summer box so I didn’t check out. Is that normal? Do they let you customize later or is there a glitch? I don’t want to check out until I know I can pick my options for the box. Any info would be greatly appreciated as I’ve never subscribed to this box before. Thank you!

    • Christina I’m an annual subscriber and have not received my email to customize yet!

      • Thank you for your response!

    • Make sure your subscribing as an annual and not a seasonal. Seasonal don’t get to customize. You probably already know that but just in case I wanted to say something.

      • Thank you for all the replies. I appreciate your feedback so much!

  9. I haven’t subbed to a new box in quite some time but had to jump on this one. Huge thanks to Zo for providing the ITSHAPPENING 30% off code which worked for me!

    I’m intrigued by the PDM Clean which is selling on A’zon for the retail value and it gets mostly good reviews with some tips, too.

    Not sure how long I’ll stick with this one but I like what I see so far with this current curation!

    • Thanks Maddie for sharing the promo code! I just signed up with it and it worked! I wanted to sign up but the original cost was holding me back. Yay! Glad I saw your comment.

    • Thanks for the tip on the code, it worked and brought the seasonal box down to $38 + change for me. I subbed to Causebox a few years back, but not recently and was able to log in to my old account and use the discount code even though I am not a new subscriber.

  10. Omg I am so happy about this amazing spoiler. Wow! Keep it coming Causebox! Me Likely! I know many who were thinking about signing up will do so now!

    • LOL you sound like a paid shill for the company.

      • “Me Likey” !? I kind of cringed. The ONLY person who could pull that off without sounding creepy was Chris Farley lol 😂

    • Ignore them, Beth L. They’re keyboard bullies. I took your comment with the lightheartedness which was your intent! Be you, always.

      • I liked your comment Beth L 🙂

      • I think people in our society seriously need to familiarize themselves with the definition of a “bully”. No one was coming for her. It was just funny, I’d make the same comment to my girlfriends and we’d laugh because it WAS funny. It wasn’t that deep.

      • Bully
        Learn to pronounce
        a person who HABITUALLY seeks to HARM or INTIMIDATE those whom they perceive as VULNERABLE

      • Dear Al Gore,

        What’s the minimum age requirement to use the internet?


    • Thank you Dani!! People are just too damn sensitive today.

  11. same question here. Do quarterly subbers get to at least choose variations (color/acents) or do they have no choice at all?

    • No choice at all, sign up assuming you’re getting your least favorite variation of everything.

      For me I like both scents of the diffuser and two of the three PMD colors. I’ll probably gift it regardless, but almost certainly if I end up with the pink.

      The diffuser and PMD to gift were worth it to me for $41 with a 30% off code I found elsewhere – I still clicked MSA’s link so hopefully they get some credit 🙂

      Hoping for the rest of the items to be good!

  12. Call me a sucker, but I just signed back up. I’m not really interested in the first spoiler as I’m sensitive to synthetic scents, but I liked my Foreo Luna Fofo and this looks even better. It did let me use the coupon, even though I had a sub with them in the past.

  13. I went for it. I don’t need a second PMD but may keep it as a spare or gift it, I’ll decide once I have it in hand.
    The diffuser will be a perfect gift for my mom, she loves both of those scents.

    I’m excited to see what the rest of the spoilers will be!!

  14. Has anyone compared the PMD to Clarisonic?

    • I love Clarisonic, because I have sensitive skin, and for Clarisonic, I can pick the cashmere head, it works perfectly.

      • So do I and was just about to pick up more sensitive brushes but now that you said that, I’ll look for the cashmere one. I’ve heard other good things but forgot about it. You really think it’s worth the higher price?

    • I have both the clarisonic and the PMD, and find the PMD is gentler on my sensitive skin. The sensation is also very soothing and I love not having to pay to replace brushes all the time. At most I have to replace a battery once a year.

      • Thanks, Rebecca. I honestly haven’t had much luck with the silicone brushes and love the Clarisonic. However, I am currently doing more treatments to my face at home and my Clarisonic is a bit to rough. I will welcome a new gentler item to my routine 🙂

  15. What date do we get to make selections?

    Are selections only for annual subscribers>

    Can seasonal subscribers select items or you just get a box.

    Thanks so much!

    • You don’t get to pick, just annual sub. But we all are getting the same items, it’s just the colors changing as far as I know.

      • Thank you 💕

  16. I have two Foreo Luna’s but I like the idea of this having a handle. Has anyone used both and what do you think?

    • I have both and will 110% choose my PMD over the Foreo! I love that it has a handle and my hand doesnt get all covered in water or cleanser.

      • Thank you

      • Me too. I had the FOREO and wanted to try the PMD, I prefer the PMD because of the handle. Ask it says you can use it for serum application but I have a different device for that already.

  17. Do all members get to pick their colour or is it only annuals? This will be my first time getting this box so I’m unfamiliar w how it works.

    • Only annual subscribers can choose.

  18. Looks like PMD is going to make its rounds in the subscription boxes.. Got this in a BoxyLuxe a few months ago.. I may skip this box..

    • I think you’re right. I haven’t even tried mine yet. It seems like just another thing to keep clean. Part of me wants to try it the other part says but you’ll have to wash it all the time and its so humid here I get mold fears .
      It’s a great value if you’ll use it. My nieces might want one.

    • Can you skip a box if you have the annual

      • Yes

  19. I took the plunge!

  20. Love this box and these spoilers are really good! Too bad I am watching my budget right now!

  21. Excited! These are both great spoilers!

  22. This is probably just me, but my skin is super-sensitive(eczema) so the fact that so many boxes are so heavy on astringents and heavy duty cleansers is a turn off for me. There’s absolutely no way I could use this. But I think for most people it would be awesome!

    • For what it’s worth, I have super-sensitive skin with eczema and this works like a dream for me. It is extremely gentle, and the opposite side of the device can be used to massage in treatments and moisturizers that would often end up rubbing off on my pillow.

    • II’m going to use mine on my body!

  23. That was enough to hook me. Love the idea of a diffuser that would last for a year and both scents seem nice. I’m always up to try a new Skincare tool-I just hope the rest of the box items are good, too, and the second spoiler doesn’t take most of the value of the box!

    • I literally signed up for the exfoliating brush. Does every box get one of these? Because I would be pretty bummed if not

      • Yes! Everyone gets one.

  24. I’ve been wanting to get causebox for a long time but I can’t justify an annual sub of $300 CAD (I hate USD conversion 😭). However, I’m really interested in the items this season. Are there any fellow Canadians here who can tell me if it’s worth it?

    I’m not interested in a quarterly subscription because I hate not being able to customize.

    • I’m in Canada. We pay extra for shipping but I love this box, I gave up fabfitfun for this one and I haven’t been disappointed, my year renewal is coming up so I think this is my 5th box (I got one quarterly before deciding I couldn’t live without customization). I love the majority of the things in each box, I love the company ethics, and any items I didn’t use made good gifts! I’ll be renewing yearly for another year, I’m not ready to stop yet, I find they’ve been getting more and more awesome over time!

  25. According to PMD’s website, there’s a year warranty. So, while I’m somewhat concerned about the bad reviews of the cleaner, at least there’s a warranty to back up the product. I’m particularly interested in it because of the toning/anti-aging claims. Could definitely use some of that. 🙂 I decided to purchase based on these first two spoilers alone. Causebox is killing me.

  26. Wish this spoiler was released before I paid $60 for one in the FFF add ons 🙁 But looks great!

  27. ITSHAPPENING will get you 30% off taking price down to just under $41. I just signed up for my first box. I’ve been eyeing the PMD clean for a few months now.

    • Thanks for sharing. I couldn’t resist with that discount.

    • Ty so much

    • thank you for sharing, it worked for me too!

    • Any idea how long that code will work for? I’m super tempted, but I’d like to see another spoiler before deciding.

    • Does this cupon work for the whole year subscription, or only for the summer box? (I am signing also for first time, after trying a lot of boxes around).

      • It only works for the one box. It’s like 16.50 discount! You can take it off annual or seasonal but it only comes out to 16.50 not 30% of the year! I couldn’t resist haha I always wanted the PMD tool so I subscribed without even waiting for the rest of the spoils haha. But I am kinda wishing I had subscribed to the intro box first oof!

    • Thank you! I purchased to try the PMD item. Total came out to $40.77.

      • Thanks, I got it, too!

  28. Okay, I bit! I have a foreo that never gets used, but I like a previous poster’s idea of using this for arms and stuff. Both scents of the diffuser sound yummy. I hope the rest of the spoilers look as good!

  29. This is honestly one of the most exciting spoilers to date … from any of my boxes. I’ve used the Clarisonic, the Foreo (regular, luna, play, and fofo) and the PMD. My favorite has been the PMD. The wand gives you control, the brush itself is smaller than the Foreo so you can target areas of your face, and it’s battery operated so you don’t have to worry about about chargers – though I do like to use rechargeable batteries.

    Causebox is crushing it!

    • I don’t know if I asked here or on another post but can you please tell me the differences you experienced with the PMD and Clarisonic? I have a Clarisonic and love it but now I’m curious about the Forneo. I won’t buy one but is it any better?

  30. I need to stay off this site!! So very tempted to getting one, I received one in my luxe box from Boxycharm and it’s seriously amazing! I had been thinking of buying one for my mom but this is a great deal, half the price plus other items! I think I just might 😉

    • What coupon are you talking about the 20% off?

      • She’s talking about the PMD. It costs $99 but when you subscribe to the box you basically pay half the price and get other items along with it.

      • Yes sorry didn’t mean half off the box meant half off the PMD price. It’s a great deal since I was already debating to buy it full price or buy it off eBay, but now it’s half off plus 6 more items 🙂

      • Apparently ITSHAPPENING gets you a good discount. I haven’t tried it, though.

      • I think I used ITSHAPPENING and it brought my box to $41 including my 6.35% tax

  31. Signed up for this box just for the PMD wand.I’ve been wanting one for some time and if I get it along with a few other extras, thats just a bonus 🙂

  32. Oh good! I’m glad I will be getting one from causebox since I canceled luxe at boxy last season and didn’t get one.

  33. Sephora has mixed reviews on the PMD. Love my Foreo. I’m curious on what other people think of the unit.

    • I got one in BoxyLuxe, like others here, and I enjoy it. I can’t imagine myself paying $100 for it, and I would probably be disappointed if I had, but it’s a great item to receive in a sub box. I used to use bristle face brushes when I was younger, and I eventually stopped because I got sick of the bristles falling out onto my skin, but this doesn’t have that issue, and the vibration is a nice bonus. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you! It does. 😀

  34. Kinda mad at myself for buying a PMD a couple months ago now, but I love it and use it every day! I have the blush so I’ll probably get the navy this time.

    • I’m in the same boat! Bought the PMD when it was on sale at Costco last month but tbh it changed my life and I’m excited to have one to gift now!

  35. I love the theme for this box. Excited to see full spoilers 😁

  36. Love it!

  37. Causebox is knocking it out of the park! I’ll likely choose navy 🙂

  38. Teal! 😍

  39. I mean I would have jumped on this 3 weeks ago, but I wound up trading for one someone got in their Boxy, and I know a bunch of people have gotten them from FabFitFun sales as well.

    This would be good for someone who doesn’t already have one or whose teen/S.O. stole theirs, but I’m going to pass, personally.

    I do hope their Intro boxes ship soon! I know they’re supposed to and I’m itching for spoilers

  40. Yay I’m psyched about these spoilers! I’ve been eyeing a similar face brush for a while and am now very pleased that I held out. I also love reed diffusers (and if it truly lasts a year, as advertised, that’s pretty fantastic).

    I keep checking for the add-on market to open – does anyone know when that will be?

    My ONLY complaint with the add-on market (I say this because I’m hoping someone from CB reads it) is that if an item sells out while it is still in your shopping cart, the item is removed from your cart without notice or warning, even after the fact. I was bummed that I lost a couple of items from my spring add-on cart because of this. I hope CB can add some sort of an alert before this happens again – “Your item is about to sell out! You have 20 minutes to secure your purchase before the item is removed from your cart”

    • omg yes!!!! I’ve been so disappointed and frankly Pissed when an item is removed from my cart. Sometimes it takes awhile to decide what I want because I usually want it all!

  41. Love these first 2 items. Love this subscription box.

  42. It’s a bummer for me that they’re including the PMD wand, only because I already have one from Boxy. But, I love it and highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have one yet! They cost around $100, so getting this box is a great deal for the wand. I’ll keep mine from Causebox stored away as a backup for when the one I already have eventually breaks

  43. Kind of psyched for the PMD – I’ve wanted to try something like this but never had a strong enough urge to cough up the money for one 🙂

  44. I think the diffuser is a little tired, but I love the brush.

  45. It’s good, but I already got the cleaner, so maybe a pass for me.

  46. Hmm. I already have something similar, but the wand design I appreciate for easier use. May switch out my current one for travel.

    • The PMD vibrations are so much stronger than the Foreo if that’s the other one you have, I have both and prefer the Foreo for cleansing. I do use the PMD to get rid of headaches/clear sinus congestion and to scrub my arms and rougher skin, but cleaning my face I prefer my Foreo!

      • What an intriguing idea! I never thought about using this on my body. I purchased one from Nordstrom during a big sale last year but I found it too rough for my sensitive skin. So when I saw this spoiler I was fairly certain I would skip this box. But now I’m wondering if it might help the dry bumps on my arms…

      • Omg I never thought about this for sinus and headaches!! I was already excited now I’m beyond excited!

      • @Amy How do you use it to clear headaches, please? Vibrations at the temples, or…? Thanks.

  47. Already have one but happy to have another one! Awesome spoiler. Works wonders. I’ll keep this one in my travel bag for work!

  48. Looks like I might be skipping this box.

  49. Way to go Causebox! No beach towel, straw tote, or hideous over sized sunglasses…so far. I’m so sick of the standard summer subscription box items! This is a wonderful way to stand out from the crowd! I’m super excited for these items!

    • I totally agree about the oversized sunglasses. Every pair I’ve seen in every box have been huge! I just can’t wear those styles. They’re uncomfortable and definitely not flattering at all. I’ll be glad when that trend is over (at least for a few years hopefully.)

    • Agree!

    • How can you skip a box? And what does that do to your subscription?

      • Agree, I’m not sure why others would get to see the whole box and because we are annuals we can only see three . I also think it’s time to customize ,since it’s sold out . But I’m new , and it looks like this company likes to keep this going as long as possible , without even a schedule for spoilers .

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