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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

BoxyLuxe September 2020 Spoiler Round #3!

BoxyLuxe June 2020 Round #4!

We have new June 2020 BoxyLuxe box spoilers thanks to Yosef! 

Your June 2020 BoxyLuxe will include one of the following:


The choice items for June were:

Lilly Lashes Triple X Mascara

Tula Glow & Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm

  • Osea Gua Sha Sculptor
  • S’well Bottle
  • Smile Science 2 Teeth Whitening Pens
  • Hallmart Collectibles Satin Pillow Case and Eye Mask Set (1 of 2 Shades)
  • Eco Modern Goddess Duo (Women’s Blend + Calm and Destress Oil

The June box may also include:


What do you think of the spoilers? Which item do you want?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $25 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $25-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $24.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

If you haven’t signed up for BoxyCharm yet:

For a limited time, click here and use coupon code ADD5NEW to a $5 coupon for the BoxyPopUp sale when you sign up for a subscription!

*Valid for new subscribers only. Receive $5 coupon in your email starting Tues, May 26 to shop Add‑Ons in June. $5 coupon valid through June 12. Shipping restrictions may apply. Quantities limited.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm + Boxyluxe boxes to learn more!

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Comments (48)

  1. I have realized after a while that a lot of the products that Boxycharm is sending us, is items that don’t sell well at Sephora. I know this because I used to be an employee before the COVID-19 shutdowns and mass let-go. I might cancel my box.

  2. My sister and I arecanceling as well. This is just getting worse and ridiculous. I been with boxycharm a year. Sending duplicates and not being able to choose your choice because the site us too full. March’s was pretty crappy but this takes the cake. #LostCustomers.

  3. I am excited for June’s boxy luxe and premium. There were more spoilers I saw today on instagram that are not listed here: Natasha Denona blush palette, Too Faced Natural Matte eyeshadow palette again (I’m happy because I wanted that in May and didn’t receive it), the Kopari, IDK Hair spray again if you didn’t receive, Glow Recipe watermelon moisturizer, Sol Janeiro Cabana cream, MILK glow oil, a blowdryer, Becca glosses (red and pink colors I don’t want), leneige pink can, living proof hair thickener, Hourglass highlighter, Better Than Sex Mascara, Glamglow Berry Mask again (which I would love)!

    • Where did you see these on IG?

  4. I don’t know I just started again in April but I never did the luxe if I don’t like I’ll stay with basic. they finally gave me what I liked no crazy colors . so thank you boxycharm I really loved the mascara primer last month:)

  5. I am so excited for everything so far, can’t wait. Great value considering everything you get!

  6. I am so over pallets. I had 10 lifetimes worth. I have 3 favorites and none have come from boxes. I just got rid of
    a drawer full. I want to receive things I wouldn’t normally think of purchasing.

  7. Def going to cancel this box. So glad to see the spoilers there is not one thing that i am interested in.

  8. I just cancelled. I was looking forward to this box, as this would have been my first boxyluxe. However from looking at the spoilers, I am not excited about this box. I’ll just stick to the base and premium subscription for now. (Although they don’t look too great either). But it is better to get both of those boxes than to pay $50 for the luxe box.

  9. Decided to cancel luxe. I wasn’t impressed with the last one and I’m not really impressed with this one (and I’m not that hard to impress! Lol) so hopefully I’ll get a base box for June, but if I don’t I’m okay with that too.

  10. So I have always got luxe since the first box. The last 2 have been awful for me, and this one seems awful. If I cancel the luxe and want to get back on it when spoilers look a bit better, how difficult is it to get back on quickly?! I’m worried if I cancel when I want back on, it will take me a year to be able to get back on, but I am sick of staying just because of that.

    Does anybody have any thought/ideas /experience???

    • I had the same worries as you but finally decided to take the chance. It’s not worth paying $50 for stuff I don’t like or use anymore. I’ve spent so much money on all 3 tiers and a ton of stuff goes unused. I have a feeling the waitlist isn’t long and if we ever wanted to get a future box we would be ok.

      • Thank you. I’m sick of being loyal to a compa6that dont are. I got my pop up order and it’s in an envelope and tire tracks are all over it and its ripped up and tapped together and I’m missing 3 items and they are replacing the perfume, but not sending me my story book pallette or the violet voss one that was missing. I’m so upset that they just dont care. Their customer service is horrid and you would think they would hold stock back in case of issues like this. I’m so frustrated with this company its unreal.

    • I signed up for Boxycharm on 6/1again after cancelling for a few months and upgraded to Boxyluxe that same day and got on the waitlist. They took me off the waitlist a day later on 6/2 and im getting the luxe this month. Hope that helps! (:

      • Thank you. I ended up staying this time, but if it turns badly again and the next one has spoilers that look bad I will opt out. I find I’m wasting money by giving it away, which I dont mind so much to give to friends , but they seem to give it away to their friends and not use it and right now money could be if better use elsewhere if there aren’t brands/items I like. It’s so frustrating since they tried to be fab fit fun.

        I got my pop up in an envelope that has tire tracks all over it and ripped open with a clear tape where the top ripped and I’m missing 3 items, perfume, and the violet voss pallette and the storybook pallette and they are supposedly out of both pallettes, and resending me the perfume, when I bought and paid for and could have bought the voss pallette on sale at sephora if I knew boxy was going to do this, yeah they gave me my money back for the 2 pallettes, but I was so excited for them, especially the storybook one i didnt get the one i wanted the first time around and they dont care. I’m sick of being loyal to a company that has poor customer service and just don’t care about customers because someone else will just take my place when we cancel and they won’t change.

      • My post isnt showing up I left for you for some reason…

    • Yes, me and my sister have been with since the first luxe box as well. We been here a year and completely agree the last 2 luxe’s have went to crap, sending duplicates, and crappy travel size lotion in my luxe as 1 on my items. Not being able to get on the site for choice either the last 2 months.

  11. This is my first Luxe box, if I’m pulled off the waitlist. I already have the Tarte palette, and really not excited since it seems to be the major piece in the box. It will definitely be gifted. So my fingers are crossed that the rest of the items are things I can use. Normally I do a hard eye roll when I see the endless complaining every month, but this one really is anticlimactic so far. But for the price, I’m not going to cancel. We’re definitely getting good bang for our buck. Its just not the right bang. Lol

  12. If y’all ever want a gua sha sculptor, go to a Chinese business. They sell them cheaper and you support a small local business

  13. I cancelled BoxyLuxe and my regular box. Nothing that great lately. No real spoilers til after they take your money and you realize the rest is just filler and junk no one wanted. Maybe after a long break things will look appealing again. Been with Boxy for years… time for a change!

  14. They lost me at kylie cosmetics glad I cancelled boxyluxe.

  15. I canceled Boxy, they are always dangling carrots. Something about that Leaves me with the feeling that it’s less about pleasing the consumer and ALL about profit. Of course they want to make a profit, but you have to balance it out with pleasing the consumer, or you start to lose customers.
    I am happy to have made the break with Boxy, it frees me up to try all these other great boxes.

  16. I would love the CBD product with the way things are going with Boxy and me lately ill be getting another soap on the rope 😂

  17. Not really excited about the base box reveals either or else I too would downsize. Here’s hoping I get the Tarte palette, which I would love as I’ve been holding out for a nice mattes palette; and, that there are a few more nice surprises yet to be revealed — which seems unlikely but, maybe.

    • I believe all current subscribers and those who come off the waitlist at the beginning of the month will receive the tarte palette and KYLIESKIN. I could do without the KYLIESKIN, but I’m excited for the tarte palette.

      • Yeah, I’m not at all excited to receive the Kylieskin item. All I feel about that is ‘roll-ey eyes’. Ah well, actually surprised we weren’t hit with that marketing sooner. Lol. But, Tarte is solid, hope like you are saying all the current subs get it.

    • True. It is surprising that we haven’t seen the KYLIESKIN before. Thankfully we haven’t, lol. I saw a video clip where Joe said that about the tarte palette. I guess there was a misunderstanding that everyone wouldn’t be recieving it and he corrected it stating that all current subscribers are receiving it. It’s the price of the box so I’m happy.

      • Me too. 🙂

    • Everyone gets the Tarte palette so you’re in luck!

  18. I hope I get the cream as I have all kinds of aches and pains and I’ve gotten brushes for the last couple of months in my premium. I used to look forward to the luxe box but my last one looked like it was just thrown together. The base looks better than luxe so far. I miss the first couple of Luce boxes that actually felt luxe.

  19. So glad I cancelled everything. They lost me at satin pillowcases and eye cream. everything None of these boxes feel curated at all.

  20. Luxy makes good affordable brushes and they come in Ipsy constantly. I want the Luxe box mainly for the Tarte palette but I heard its not a gaurantee if they bill you later in the month while they go down the waitlist. I got a swell bottle from Cause box and Im not interested in Kylie skincare since its so drying. Looks like the base boxes will all have a palette so I’ll save the extra $25 and since I already budgeted that in for my boxes next month I could just use that in the Boxy pop up. The last pop up was amazing, got a $42 palette for $15, another for $8, Mac lipstick for $4, and snagged the $1-$2 deals as well. Reading posts help me learn a lot since I’m newly back into boxes, so thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts.

    • What was the 1.00/2.00 dollar deals?? I never saw those…when did they put them up??

  21. No thank you…….canceling my boxyluxe subscription. I would rather get the regular box this month.

    • Same

      • Me 3. Glad I canceled too!

      • Yep – I cancelled as well. Still keeping Premium, for the pop up, but spent $400 last month on pop up, so I probably don’t need any more stuff.

    • I finally pulled the plug and cancelled too. The luxe box has really gone downhill. It doesn’t seem very “Luxe” anymore.

      • Completely agree. Me and my sister as well. Had it a year. It’s not like it first was. And the choice is b.s because you cant get on the site to actually choose. Happened 2x. On luxe, its unacceptable.

  22. I’ve been curious about CBD cream so I hope I receive that.

  23. I hope to get the brushes. They look really nice and substantial. I don’t have much interest in a CBD cream, especially for my face.

  24. Definitely want the CBD cream!

    • Me too!

      • 🤞 we receive it!

  25. I mean couldn’t we get a decent set of brushes for once? I do like the brand b.o.b. but it seems like every time brushes are involved they seem cheap and not worth it to put into our luxe or premium boxes.

    • Or how about one really good brush from a good manufacturer instead of 3 – 5 mediocre to poor quality ones.

  26. CBD cream please.

  27. This is shaping up to be a crummy Luxe box.

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