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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

BoxyCharm Premium August 2020 Choice Time!

BoxyCharm Premium May 2020 Full Spoilers!

We have the full spoilers for one variation of the May 2020 BoxyCharm Premium box!

Here’s one variation:

The choice items for May were:

SKIN&CO Truffle Therapy Eye Concentrate

Smashbox Photo Edit Eye Shadow Trio – Holy Crop

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer

Too Faced Natural Matte Eyes Eye Shadow Palette


Kevyn Aucoin The Expert Mascara

What do you think of the spoilers? 

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.

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Comments (159)

  1. The choice item photo clearly says matte bronzer, did everyone else who chose that get one with glitter in it? Did they explain or apologize anywhere for the mixup? Boxycharm is going waaaay downhill in my opinion.

    • They had sent out an email saying that the photo of the chocolate bronzer was actually supposed to be the chocolate “gold” bronzer, much to everyone’s disappointment. The email had a link to change your choice to one of the other options.

  2. So Disappointed! No card in my box. Looks thrown together. Dark Brown eyebrow when i’m blonde. Another useless palette. Nothing in box thats worth the price to me..First time i’m disappointed like this. Thinking of cancelling. Basic box was better!

  3. Agreed. Just unboxed mine. No palette. I got the Soleil bronzer, ampoule, brushes, balm, milk stick and mascara. It was MEH. I’ll use all of these things probably (the bronzer as shadow). The card for my base box online was super boring. Might cancel.

    • Boring boring boring boring boring

  4. I have two accounts one for me and one to share with my teen and sister. I have both boxes on both accounts. Have been a subscriber for 4 years. Only one of my 4 boxes has even shipped one of the premium the others still show they are being prepared. I usually have them by now. I figured there were covid delays, but seems like a lot of people already have received their boxes. The insert card trick didn’t work for me told me to see the card inside my box. The one that shipped isn’t expected to delivery until May 21.

  5. This box is a total bust for me. I got a KVD medium brown brow product, I’m a strawberry blonde not going to work. Probably just going to all the products away, again.

    • Same!!! (KVD Medium Brown and I am Strawberry Blonde)

  6. THANK YOU to the people who have posted how to see our insert cards. I have 2 memberships and on one I’m getting:

    Glamglow Berryglow Face Mask ( my choice)

    Studio Makeup Ease to Wear Eye Palette

    Pretty Vulgar Uncaged Eye Primer

    Ayam Makeup Wipes

    Daily Concepts Shampoo bar ( will go to hubby who is hair- deficient).

    Premium box:

    Too Faced Natural Eyes Neutral Eye Palette

    Skin and Co Truffle Eye Cream ( YES!!! Love their products!)

    Milk Makeup Oil Glow stick thing

    KVD Brow something or the other

    Tarte Sugar Rush Lip Butter Balm

    Pureheals Centella Serum ( tried this as a sample from IPSY and love it)

    I’m VERY happy with the contents of the base box and the Premium box. Glad I didn’t get on the Luxe shipping this month, actually. 🙂

    • We didnt get Luxe box for May. We will get it for June. The only boxes you can get this mo th are base and premium. I thought i was going to be very disappointed in my premium box items. But once i got it and used them im in love with moat all of them. The only one i didnt like was the Trestique conceal pencil.

  7. I think this would have been a perfect time for them to send us SEVEN items!!!! Since the beginning they claimed premium would be 6-7 items and we haven’t received a 7 item box yet. This would have been a good time since 3-4 of the products were teeny tiny! Just saying…

    • I agree there’s a law against beat in switch and this is what this Box words it was a complete and total sample Box if I wanted that I would subscribe to Birch Box

  8. My Milk lip thing doesn’t work, the product doesn’t come out, has anyone else received a broken one like this? Idk what to do, I don’t want them to send me another one LOL since they sent me the orange one ☹️. But it’s not fair lol and my eyebrows are black, got ‘dark brown’ ughhhh.

  9. My box is 1.5lbs. Anyone else have this weight? I did the choice of the chocolate Soleil. I really hope it’s not the gold one. I’ll be irritated. Cmon boxy!

  10. I got my box today, and I got:

    – Chocolate Soleil bronzer (my choice, pleasantly surprised why how wearable it is)
    – Tarte lip balm
    – Brush set (basic, laughably priced at $90)
    – Some random serum with no recognizable ingredients to me that I will NOT be putting on my face
    – Milk lip/cheek oil (cute idea, zero pigmentation)
    – Kevyn Aucoin mascara (I really wanted the palette…but hopefully this is good!)

    Overall not super impressed by the Premium box this month. I’ll give it one more month and if it’s not better in June I’ll probably cancel.

    • I decided I’m going to give them one more month as well. I do love trying out new products but lately I’ve been more unhappy with my boxes than happy. And I can never seem to get a too faced palette every time they put them in the boxes 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
      Why do I have sooo much mascara…,oh yah 😒

    • Agree. I wish you could skip. They’d probably keep me longer on my subscription if you could

    • This was a wow no no no no wow… It was a Box of krapp samples literally samples what that heck is that that’s not what I paid for

    • Is that random serum by Pureheals? It has an amazing ingredient list (skincare junkie here), especially for the sensitive skin. This brand was sold at Ulta at some point and I stocked up on their toner after I tried it for the first time. I missed on their ampoule so I was really happy to see it in my box.

  11. Looked up my info card and I should be receiving:

    Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette

    Skin & Co Truffle Therapy Eye Concentrate (Choice item)

    Milk Makeup Glow Oil Lip + Cheek

    KVD Ink Well Liquid Liner

    Tarte Sugar Rush Lip Balm

    PureHeals Serum

    1.8 lbs / 0.82 kgs

    11x10x4 in.

    Overall I’m happy with this months premium box. Fingers crossed that my May base box isn’t a bust.

  12. Worst box yet and still waiting for June spoilers. I haven’t heard a peep about premium and what we may look forward to getting. I hope it’s better than base box this time at least. Also hope it doesn’t have an over priced filler item like that brush set.
    Tbh, I would prefer if premium didn’t have variations anymore unless it was color variations. I am sure almost everyone (almost being key word lol) would have been at least somewhat satisfied if they got the palette this month rather than the mascara. Or got both the mascara and the palette! I am still annoyed that they put two lip balm type items in the same box. I know you can use the milk one as a blush, but a blush stick just doesn’t sound real nice to me… I mean just thinking of how it will pull at my skin as I try to smear it on… I prefer my powdered blushes thanks xD

    • I completely concur with you. The too faced palette was very nice however are paying the price we do getting one thing and all that weird stuff that was no good is just beneath contempt

  13. WHAT THE ACTUAL EFF?!?! Just got my Premium and i’m REALLY CLOSE to canceling. I got the Milk Lip and Cheek oil ( Tiny), The KVD brow pomade in dark brown ( i’m taupe- so can’t use it), Tarte lip balm ( tiny product in general), Skin Truffle Eye Concentrate ( small jar), PureHeals Centella 90, and TF Matte Natural palette. I’ve NEVER hated a box from boxy before……. until now. I am a satin, shimmer, glitter, foil Eyeshadow wearer. I’d of been cool with the TF palette if it had some color to it. I’d of been thrilled to get the TF eyeliner bc I wear black eyeliner DAILY. 🙁 Box weighs 1.90

    • I almost got the same box you received except you got the too faced palette and I got the mascara.

    • This is my exact box. I was very pleased with it. I really wanted the palette and needed some strong mattes. It’s funny how the exact same box can get a different reaction. So hard to please everyone. They should make better use of beauty profiles.

    • I got the same box and was also upset, nothing screamed premium at all to me and I’m a strawberry blonde I have no use the brow pomade.

    • The funny thing is I’ve been with boxy for over 5 years and in that time, this is the very first box I’ve HATED!! I don’t like to complain but they did not go by profiles at all, or at least not mine. But, it’s ok. My MOM is thrilled for the palette and I’ll just sell the rest. I really think I’m bummed bc the box was so big and the contents were soo tiny. If these had been in the regular boxy, I think I’d of been happier. Bc nothing in this box tells me it’s the Premium, I actually looked at the tracking #s thinking they packed the wrong items in the wrong boxes- I thought they put the reg boxy items in the Premium box. But, it’s ok.

    • Do any of you ladies want to sell me your TF palette? I did not receive it in my boxy this month 🙁

      • I received TF palette and it’s a dup for me I already have one so I will sell my pallet

  14. So I finally got the to work after I tried it on another phone and incognito lol.
    I’m getting:

    •Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette.
    •Skin&Co Truffle Eyes Therapy
    •Milk Makeup Glow Oil Lip + Cheek
    •KVD Vegan Beauty Liquid Liner(have put 1000 times I do not use liquid liner)
    •Tarte Sugar Rush Lip Balm
    Pure heals Serum

    If I’m actually receiving these items I’m not mad. We’ll see when the box comes lol. I’m curious what’s in my regular box. At least I’m getting the GlamGlow mask.

    • Box twins! I’m *mostly* happy with everything. It beats last month by a mile. I spilled the Kat Von D liquid liner almost immediately because I’m not used to liner like that. *face palm*

    • I received the same box except my KVD is the 24 hour super brow pomade in medium brown. I am so happy with the box this month. I really wanted the palette and everything else is something I will actually use.

      • Glad you liked your box!! You are definitely in the minority.

  15. I did the insert card trick. (make sure you’re logged in) and my regular and premium box card popped up. My regular box was way better ($141 value vs. $119 value of premium).

    Premium Variation 80
    Tarte base tape primer
    Stila glitter & glow eye shadow
    Milk lip & cheek oil
    KVD ink well liquid liner
    Tarte lip balm
    spongelle medi pedi set (only repeat for me…I think)

    I let boxy make my premium choice for the month.

    Boxy did give me $25 credit for popup’s today, but the value just isn’t there even with the credit.

    I was really hoping for either two faced or mascara too….SO BUMMED!!!!

    • Thank you SO much for the insert card trick! I never knew this existed and it’s perfect for someone like me who is not into delayed gratification! 😂. Just a note for others out there: Unless it’s an all-brand box like the Fenty one, BC will not send two items from the same company. If you wanted the TF palette, you have to choose an item like the eye cream to get that palette. If you chose the bronzer, you will receive the Smashbox eyeshadow. Hope that helps! Stay safe!

      • I am so lost. How do you get the card to show up with your products?

    • Wow.. I cant believe how may variations they are sending this month. My box was a huge flop also. The only decent item was the Too Faced Bronzer -unfortunately I will have to pass it on because I am very fair complected and this is for Med-Dark skin tones. Its also on sale at Sephora for $15.00 !? The other products I received were throw away filler items – eyeliner, mascara, lip balm and 2 makeup brushes allegedly worth $90. HAHA. I am hoping this has something to do with COVID19 and is not going to be a regular thing. That’s cool that they gave you a credit.

      • Did you get the Kevyn Aucoin mascara? How did it perform? I’m a mascara addict and was really hoping to try it. Now I’m just curious about how it worked for everyone….

  16. received my box today and it was super disappointing

    KVD Eyeliner in blue (hideous color)
    Brushes (set of 2) they claim were valued at $90
    Too Faced Bronzer
    Tarte Lip Balm
    Milk makeup lip tint
    Kevin Aucoin mascara
    I’m pretty sure I’m canceling. Such a rip this month and shady that they made up for the missing box value with the $90 brushes. Such a scam

    • So sorry to read about this. I promise, if I get that same box, I WILL BE CANCELING. Heck no! That is NOT a Premium BC Box! I love Kevyn Aucoin makeup more than just about all makeup, but it’s mascara. How much did your box weigh, out of curiosity? I chose the bronzer. Sounds like everyone that chose bronzer is getting the bad boxes. I’m just waiting for a bad box. I just got the email yesterday that mine shipped. Mine weighs:
      1.3 lbs/0.59 kgs
      11x10x4 in.

      • Yes – mine weighed the same. I hope you get a better variation. I should be getting my base box today – and I did the insert card trick and learned that it’s a better box, but not much. One of the products I will be receiving in the base box is the DUSK TO DAWN BLUSH – WANDER BEAUTY -which is currently in the add ons sale for $4..(unreal)

      • Received a dreadful Premium box today, and it’s not even the promised value. I’m finished with BC. I’ve subscribed to Luxe and Premium since those started, and the Base, for many years prior and to this day. I cannot afford all 3, anyways. That Premium let down is just the push that I need to cancel all 3 subscriptions. I’ve already sent an email to cancel all 3 and let them know how disgusted I am with them trying to claim those two brushes with synthetic bristles is worth the value of everything else in the box. It’s that pathetic:

        Kevyn Aucoin mascara $28
        Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer $30
        Milk Makeup Glow Oil Lip and Cheek $16
        Battington Powder and Contour brush set (haha, as if it’s actually worth $90)
        Tarte Sugar Rush Best Bud Lip Butter Balm $12
        Pureheals Centalla 90 Ampoule Serum $28

      • I am so irritated is well who in the world I don’t know anybody that wants to use a red eyeliner

      • tammy, what red eyeliner are you talking about? The KVD Lolita is a lipliner and one of their most popular shades. The brow pomade is brown, not red. Am I missing something?

      • Lolita is an eyeliner. It’s a soft pink, not red. It’s actually super wearable.

      • ic. it’s for the liquid liner. i’m confusing the same shade in the pencil. it’s a mixed bag of reviews on her site. the ones who want it off are saying it doesn’t budge, lol. can’t you use the liquid eyeliner as a lip liner then?? if it’s good for the eyes then it should be for mouth right?

    • I got that EXACT same box! So this box has three items worth under $20 (lip balm, eye liner, each then the bronzer and mascara worth about $30 each! The Milk Makeup tint is tiny don’t remember their value on that. The brushes are definitely not worth $90 and without adding those overprice the box only is worth $80 plus the Milk tint thing. Cheap and chintzy product selection. I wanted the Too Faced palette that Smashbox eyeshadow is tiny too only a trio. I don’t see what is so hard about making the boxes of equal value for everyone!! Ipsy is way better!

      • I agree!! On top of it you can currently purchase that shade of Too Faced Bronzer for 15.00 at Sephora and several other stores. The value of the box is pathetic. I have enough eyeliner, mascara, lip balm and sheet masks to supply my whole neighborhood. I cringe when I see any of those items in sub boxes.

    • I got the EXACT same crappy box!! That box was only worth $80 before they added the two supposedly $90 brushes which is still short of $200 which I believe what is promised value for Premium box. I have one more subscription for premium coming and it better not have the same crap as this one! I almost never get two identical boxes in my two accounts. I want the Too Faced palette and a skincare item.

    • I got the same box, but the TF bronzer is the Soleil Gold- I hate glitter in my bronzer- and my info card says I was supposed to receive the Pureheals serum but its not in my box.
      I am emailing CS now.

    • What was the weight and dimensions on This box?

  17. Julie b
    You got your box? Glad you got the one you wanted I live in Indiana and still haven’t received my boxes. But today boxycharm emailed me apologizing saying we’re sorry your premium box isn’t what you expected this month so here is $25 credit on us. I’m like tf you mean my premium wasn’t what I expected. I haven’t even seen it yet so im wondering what’s wrong with it. This is my first premium too. Anyone else get an email like this just curious

    • Yes, I did & my box SUCKS!!! Please let us know what you got when you find out…

      • What did you get?

      • I am so irritated is well who in the world I don’t know anybody that wants to use a red eyeliner

    • No, but i know i got the same box listed above with the bronzer and mascara. Im usually always the one that says well its still worth it even if there is only 1 or 2 things i love. This month though is just BS. Actually last month was too since i only got a mascara as the only makeup. The rest was skincare. So you best believe im about to email them about my $25 lol

    • Variation 80
      Tarte base shape primer
      Stila glitter and glow eyeshadow
      Milk glow oil lip & cheek
      KVD inkwell liquid liner
      Tarte lip balm
      Spongelle mani pedi set

      The spongelle is definitely a repeat for me, but I think the KVD may be too. I have base tape primer from another box. I have several Stila’s…I love these, I just rarely wear them. I was actually excited to try the milk product (I do love their hydro-grip primer. It’s the only milk product I’ve tried and I love it). I was looking forward to this and was also excited about the lip balm because I love cute packaging, but I was really hoping for a couple of higher priced items to make up the difference. I don’t complain about boxy because for the most part I love them. I don’t have great boxes every time, but I always have something I love and when I do get a great box – it is phenomenal!!! I’m still only a little mad this month because popup was so much fun. They gave me an extra $25 credit to spend there. This was the best popup month I’ve ever seen!!!

  18. Where
    Are you guys getting the box weight and dimensions? When I click on the tracking number in my email, it opened the Fed Ex tracking page but I don’t see weights/dimensions…

    • Carmelita it’s on there somewhere try clicking on the shipment details on the little tab on the right side where it says shipment info or whatever it should appear the weight then

  19. Mine just got delivered today via FDX.
    It is missing any card and it looked like it was hastily put together with only the foam inside for padding. All contents were shifting but undamaged.

    From tracking: 1.9 lbs / 0.86 kgs
    Actual weight: 1lb. 14 oz. (30 oz.)

    I got (actual weight):

    TF Natural Matte Palette…………..(9.4 oz)
    Pure Heals Centella Ampoule……(4.1 oz)
    Skin & Co Eye Concentrate………..(2.9 oz)
    KVD Brow Pomad in Dark Brown (1.9 oz)
    Tarte SR Lip Balm in Peony……….(1.1 oz)
    + Milk MU Lip + Cheek in Glimmer (0.9 oz)
    20.3 oz

    Box weighs 9.7 oz.

    Palette is very heavy and smells like chocolatey goodness.
    The ampoule smells lovely like my garden and very herbal.

    • Thank you for posting this information. My box weighs the same according to my FedEx notification. I should have mine tomorrow. Yours is exactly what I want 😀!

    • You got a good box I would have been happy with that too! Did you calculate the value? Mine was only worth $80 before they added the two supposedly $90 brushes! So that’s not even $200 isn’t that what they promise from Premium box?

      • Well, I’ve gotten not-so-good boxes before, too. It’s the price we pay for sub boxes, IMHO. If we wanted to know EXACTLY what we’re getting then I would buy EXACTLY what I want. I think it’s cheaper, in the long run, too. Sub boxes are kind of like a pyramid scheme if you ask me, lol. And I always fall for it!

    • I got the exact same box. I’m pretty disappointed about it though, I think I’m one of the only people who wanted the mascara instead of the palette! The lip balm is just a childish filler item, and I have red hair and they still gave me Dark Brown eyebrow pomade?? Makes no sense. At least the Milk Makeup and the ampoule were surprisingly good products.

      • I don’t get the hate for this box. I’m sure there were months when all of us have gotten stuff we absolutely hate. This is the price you pay for a sub box–it’s kinda like getting a mystery box and you never know what you’re gonna get. If you tried to buy all the stuff you got in your box WITH shipping, you’d no doubt pay more than $35. If you don’t like it, just unsub and move on. I would really love to have my neighbors Lambo instead of my 10 year-old Lexus c’est la vie. The grass is not greener on the other side.

      • I am thinking that it might be better to cancel and just buy what I want,. For example I love YSL lip products (they run about 38.00) – pricey but I will use it everyday for months – so its worth it. Boxy Premium on the other hand is almost the same price after tax – so on a month like this when I probably will not use any of the products more than a couple of times, I wasted my money. i should have just splurged on the lip stain, i would have benefited more.

      • Debi, YSL has code happy for 20% off $50 plus 40% off clearance. Get what you really want.

  20. They haven’t mailed my box yet. Am I one of a few, or are there a lot of people still waiting? My choice was the bronzer. My base box is heavy-duty warm-toned, as is my IPSY Plus. I’m extremely pal and cool-toned. I think it’s probably a sign that it’s time to start canceling.

  21. I got my premium box

    Tarte lip balm
    Too face palette
    The serum
    Milk lip and blush
    And kvd liner in lolita

    • twins do I hate the red is eyeliner yes I do…
      Do I appreciate a but just samples no I don’t
      I did like the Too faced eye palette
      But I do not like pain this price in getting a bunch of junk… Like that weirdo Sun Serum

  22. For those that are upset thinking the Tarte lip butter balm is sample size, it is not. If you go to Tarte’s website, you will see this is the full size of this product and the same size you get from their website

  23. Just got my box! Variation 47, which is like the box pictured above, except with KVD brow pomade (dark brown) instead of the brushes. It was 1.9 lbs.

    One minor difference between what I got and what was listed on the online insert card: I got the TooFaced Natural matte palette tho the card said Neutral palette (with some non-matte shadows)…I’m happier with the matte.

  24. My box weight reads 1.5 pounds which is the lightest I’ve seen, slightly nervous …. Does anybody else have this weight?

    • My box weighed in at 1.5 as well. It included the too faced bronzer, milk makeup glow oil, kevyn aucoin mascara, tarte lip balm, the k beauty pureheals serum and brushes from battington beauty. Variation 44

      • Very similar but I had the KVD Ink Well Liquid Liner instead of the serum. 1.3 lb and variation 45.

      • I also got variation #44 but did not get the PureHeals Serum as the card said and got the KVD Liquid Liner. I would have liked the serum much better. I see the comment below says that box #45 has the KVD liner, so I got some kind of mix up. I hope next month is better.

      • I feel crushed… I really wanted the TF palette instead of the mascara. My box weights in at 1.3 lbs though… so much for that! Another dud premium. I really wish they would step it up again, I just haven’t been happy with either of my boxes the last like 2-3 months.

      • JL, you and me, both! I really wanted the TF palette, but my box is 1.3 lb. 11X10X4. It is just shipping. Received the email yesterday, which I thought was odd, to get on Mother’s Day, a Sunday. 🙂

    • My premium has a weight of 1.1pounds. I’m kind of nervous too.

      • What did you get in this box? Mine is also 1.1 lbs

  25. Did anyone receive the Milk Makeup Blush in Halo that they don’t want? I would love to buy it.

  26. Just got my box:

    Kevin Aucoin Mascara
    Eye Concentrate
    Milk Makeup in Glimmer
    Tarte Balm in Peony
    Pureheals serum

    • I got the same box. Kind of disappointed, i wanted the toofaced eyeshadows

      • I received the exact same box! Very disappointed, I wanted the eyeshadow too!

  27. I just received my box today. It weighed 1.8 lbs and I received the too faced palette, the skin & co eye concentrate, the milk lip and blush oil in flare, pure heals centella 90 ampoule, kat von d 24 hour super brow pomade and the sugar rush tarte lip butter balm in peony. I am a bit upset that the lip butter reads sample, not for sale which leaves 5 products. For me, this is an ok box. I did not receive a card in my box, however I am grateful that my box arrived earlier than expected considering we were told it would most likely be late.

    • Hi Coleen, Can you tell me the the shade of the kat von d 24 hour super brow pomade you received? Thank you.

      • Hello,

        I received dark brown in the pomade.

      • I got the dark brown pomade

    • That’s shady af! They list on their site that you are getting *full sized products* not friggin samples! I feel like there has already been a few times they gave us deluxe size sample rather than full size. Get it together boxy! I am still peebed that my premium hasn’t shipped yet and that I am probably not getting the tf palette /sigh premium wasn’t so premium this month. Might as well have been base box.

      • Yes, the box is specifically labeled SAMPLE NOT FOR SALE so that makes me wonder…although I had 5 full size products plus the sample…

      • They are probably full size it may say “not for sale” because these may be testers to be sent to stores but since the Coronavirus stores don’t and won’t have testers anymore. Just a guess, the full size looks the same as in the picture.

    • For those trying to figure out their contents, my insert card shows exactly the items Colleen received, but fedex says my box is 1.9 lbs. rather than 1.8

      • Same

      • Julie b. I get two ipsys and two boxycharms. I haven’t heard of the last two you mentioned. How are they?

    • For those that are upset thinking the Tarte lip butter balm is sample size, it is not. If you go to Tarte’s website, you will see this is the full size of this product and the same size you get from their website.

  28. oh man, I picked the bronzer but I love that box variation. I’ll be happy with either the Milk or Tarte item so fingers crossed I get at least 1!

    • I picked the bronzer and got the eye shadow instead. Kinda bummed that they ignored my choice, but I wasn’t excited about any choice items this go-round.

  29. Does anyone get boxycharm and also ipsy? I get boxycharm base and premium and also ipsy reg bag and the glam bag plus every month. I’m not sure which one I want to keep or if I should keep them all. What are your opinions on ipsy vs boxycharm am I waisting my money. I mean I get completely different items in all of them. I like them both as of right now. & Can anyone tell me when the choice window was for this month for boxy? Plz and thank you ladies

    • Hey Tiffany! I was in the same boat awhile back, getting all 3 teirs of both ipsy and boxy. I was getting too much and had to cancle something. Boxy was my favorite for awhile BUT i found myself using the ipsy products WAY more. Boxy was giving me really bright colors eyeshadow, lips products that were purple and orange and I just couldnt wear them often. Plus, all the skincare i was getting from boxy wasnt suiting my skin type or concerns. I was getting much better/usable products from ipsy i.e. anit aging/blemish/dark spot items whereas boxy was giving my hydration products form my very oily skin. I feel like boxy gives more exciting makeup products for young people IF they suit your complexion, most of them were too dark+warm for my pale/cool skin. Ipsy gives more practical and usuable items for older people (I’m 40) and follow your profile much better usually (still some misses here and there). I cancled all my boxy after the full box of fenty products where i could only use 2 products and the luxe that had an oil “glow” stick in it that was just a frickin joke on my oily skin🤣 havent been missing it at all

      • I second this completely! Also:
        –Ipsy actually follows your profile, Boxy has said multiple times they don’t and in my experience, my boxes are rarely a match whereas ipsy gets it most of the time
        –With ipsy you can add on lots of inexpensive products if you don’t get exactly what you want in your bag
        –Boxy isn’t consistent with spoilers and does a lot of bait and switch imo
        –Ipsy has videos almost everyday with giveaways and info including try on and swatches of the products, so you can see what’s in the boxes and add ons
        –Though it’s not a guarantee, you can opt out of 1-2 product categories on ipsy and while it’s not perfect, they seem to at least try
        –You can skip months with ipsy as long as you don’t have an annual sub

    • honestly i canceled boxy, i only come back during boxy popup XD. Because at least you can pick what u want at a discounted price.

    • I currently get all 3 from Boxy and Ipsy Plus. Ipsy was the better box before last fall, when they were sold; now they no longer follow my profile at all, which was what I loved. Both brands have their up and down periods. Currently, I’m going to cancel Ipsy and cancel Boxy Premium, because both have been so disappointing for several months.

    • I have had the opposite experience of you two. I HATE Ipsy because they don’t send me stuff I would use but Boxycharm actually does! I’ve gotten junky brands in my Ipsy whereas with BC I ALWAYS get a palette that suits me and skincare TAILORED to me.

  30. I just got my premium box. The truffle eyes, Pure Heals Serum, Tarte lip balm, milk oil stick, TF Matte and KVD brow pomade.

    • Emma, what was the weight and dimensions of your box? And what is the TF matte? Thanks!!

      • Duh, I see the TF is the matte eyeshadow palette. I hope I get your variation.

      • 1.8 11x10x4 💕

    • Hi, Emma. Please let us know the weight of your box. Thanks!

      • 1.8 11x10x4 💕

      • Hi when I click on the tracking number I don’t see the weight on the Fed Ex page. Where exactly are you guys finding this? Thanks

    • Hope I get this, too! My choice was eye cream, box weight 1.8 lbs. 11x10x4

      • Mine is the same!

        1.8 11x10x4 💕

      • Mine is 1.9 so hopefully it is close to the same variation.

    • Same. It’s definitely a little better than all my other Premium boxes from 2020 but I can’t say I’m over the moon. Especially because although that brow product has great reviews and I would love to try it, medium brown is much much too dark for me. I don’t get it because while I’m aware Boxy pays little to no attention to our profiles/quizzes, with light blonde hair, brow products at the very end of my 1-11 product type preferences from the quiz, why is it that every single time Boxy has a brow product among the variants I get stuck with it? And it’s always med-dark brown, which looks garish and ages my pale/fair face. I would’ve preferred these brushes here or even better the mascara from the initial spoilers. THAT would’ve had me jumping for joy. I am a mascara fiend!

      Is it just me or does it seem like in addition to way too many variants just like the base box, Premium just seems to be going further and further downhill? Yes I know…the RV is probably still there but now it’s always only 6 products including things like what I consider to be a deluxe/travel size like this Milk lip/cheek tint. And some items just seem like strangely random filler like this Ampoule thing. And not including any type of card or info on the contents just seems so cheap and thrown together last minute. Like a grab bag.

      And not to be super negative but personally I’m not impressed with the Too Faced palette. The outside is absolutely gorgeous but the colors are soooo blah. I guess that’s a welcome relief for all the people that don’t like getting so many less-than-conservative shades. But for me I know I have at least one or two of these shades or similar in pretty much all of my “wilder” palettes.

    • Hi Emma, Can I please know the shade of the KVD Brow Pomade you received? Thank you.

  31. Hi guys. I NEVER complain but this month’s base box has Elemis and Hourglass? Good for them but I may be making the change to the base box. Please don’t come after me as I always am happy with most of the products and you cannot best the value.

    • Agree, the Premium doesn’t feel so Premium lately but the base and luxe boxes have some better brands.

    • I get all 3 boxes, and this is the third “Premium” box in a row that is a big letdown. I’d be thrilled if I got the one Boxy keeps showing, with the Too Faced palette, but I’m getting mascara instead. That’s almost hilarious. My premium box last month also had mascara, which was the only actual makeup item in the whole box 😂

  32. When did you get to choose your item for this month. I get base box and premium and I never saw the choice window 🤪

  33. Eww. I don’t want that serum. I have enough serums from boxycharm to last the rest of the year. I don’t want that mascara and hope to get the palette instead. I don’t need more brushes, I have so many now xD I guess I am looking at another dud box wasting $40 because even though I picked the bronzer over yet ANOTHER eye cream, it’s looking like it will be too dark on my fair skin.
    The too faced palette I will just have to use as a transition shade center for my other palettes that don’t have good transition shades and that’s only if I am lucky enough to get it. I will give the lip balm to my niece I think. I still have a really nice lip balm that I had gotten from Sephora last year. They better start shaping up this box for the next couple months or I’m gone…

    • Maybe you just have too much and that’s why it’s all eww? What 6 items do you actually need or want? Lots of us are on overload but if you’re upset about it maybe it’s time to step away from sub boxes for a bit and spend that money on the few items you still actually want.

      • If you are paying money each month, especially 40 dollars plus 25 for the base box and luxe, then yes, you should get good items. It seems they are putting all the good ite,s for pop up sales and people to “add on” and letting the boxes suffer for it. That’s not cool to have to spend a lot more money to HOPE you are able to catch a few things in the sale that you really want.
        For the amount of money these boxes have become, it’s not cool to be throwing away money every month when you continually get items that you cant use or dont like/want.

        As soon as they added skincare, they said it would only be 1 “here and there” and basically stay a makeup based box. Yep, that sure didnt work, not to mention the many variations. When you support a company and are loyal to them, and not skipping months based on this or that, you would think they would figure out a way to have better months then not for people.

      • The problem is that they had been doing really good until they went so skin care heavy. You can only use so much eye cream in a year and look how many they have been throwing our way in the last few months. This is supposed to be a make-up box not a skin care box. I don’t have nearly enough regular make-up items in comparison to all the skin care I’ve been getting.
        I’m overloaded on specific things because boxycharm doesn’t follow our profile surveys. I sure as heck don’t want to go back to Ipsy though and get mostly nothing but deluxe samples that don’t last.
        Plus, as for this months box, they essentially stuck 2 lip balms in the same box this month which still has me confused as to why xD I wish that they would only stick at most one skin care item in my box a month. (Oh and on the side I did downgrade from luxe one month and bought a nice palette with the money I saved, but most months until recently the box had been worth it for me, that’s why I am saying if they don’t change back to being decent, I may just take my money elsewhere.)

    • The Pureheals is actually a Ampoule, which is thinner than a serum and is used before a serum for layering. I am actually personally very excited to be getting it as it gets rave reviews in Korea.

      • Alice, I’ve been through 2 bottles of the ampoule and love it! I have roscesa and it calms my skin and reduces redness…think its even responsible of helping some acne scaring. I used one jar of the cream and enjoyed that too but opted to use a different cream with more actives and anit aging benefits. Ampoules are a great way to add more actives imo…hope it works as well for you as it does me!

  34. There’s another variation with the too faced bronzer, Kevyn Acouin mascara and all the other items the same.

  35. Question, I just got off the Premium waitlist and my May Premium box has shipped. I guess I’m confused but when you get Regular Boxycharm AND Premium do you get 2 separate boxes??? My friend said No, you just get one but I was under the impression you get 2 separate boxes.
    Is it one or 2 separate??? Help?

    • You get two separate boxes.

    • You’ll get 2 boxes. I think your friend was thinking of the Luxe box, because with that one you’ll only get 1 box for the month

    • You will get two boxes but you can cancel the base box if you no longer want it after the first month. But the first month you have to get both.

    • Thank You all! I was pretty sure I got two boxes but my friend had me FREAKING! I really want the Base box this month because I chose the Elemis resurfacing pads, and bought the Glamglow add on for my Mom for Mothers Day. Im in love with Elemis products, but not the price so I always try to get boxes with their products. So again, Thank you for confirming!!!🙌🙏😇
      This is just another reason I love this site, you all answered my question faster and more completely than CS. 😍

    • You get 2 separate boxes ❤️

  36. I finally cancelled. Sad as I would’ve liked this particular variation, 2 skincare items, the palette looks pretty and lip butter balm sounds amazing. But I have too much.

    • You can always join a swap group on Facebook like Boxycharm beauties or Boxycharm hunnies. I have been using them lately to buy what I didn’t get but it’s hard sometimes to sell what I didn’t want. I think the only item I haven’t been able to buy is a ND blush duo and then I overpaid for Farmacy Cherry Balm (more than I wanted to pay). Otherwise it’s been really good and I am almost tempted to cancel and buy 3-4 items from there each month instead. I haven’t yet though lol.

  37. I chose the eye cream hoping they’d put the TooFaced palette in the box, so this variation is my ideal. However, with Boxy I know to expect disappointment.

    • Omgosh, same here, but I am really crossing fingers for both of us! These are the only products I’ve seen spoiled in 2 other boxes with the bronzer, so maybe there’s not as many variations this month?

      • I chose the eye cream as well and I received the palette. I was pretty happy with this box. Hope you get the palette too 🙂

    • Julie b do you get boxy and ipsy?

      • Yes Nicole. I get Boxy Premium, two Ipsy regulars, also Petit Vour, Fashionsta, and just signed up for Bombay and Cedar.

    • Julie, that was my strategy exactly! Let’s hope we get the Too Faced palette! Cheers and keep safe!

    • At least it seems you may be more likely to get it than me! I chose the bronzer and from the bronzer boxes I have seen so far… luck is NOT on my side -_-

      • I’m sorry Maggie. Maybe you can trade products through a Boxy Facebook page. There are different groups out there. Check them out! Good luck and stay safe!

  38. I have to admit I like this better than the last two months of Ipsy Plus. The curations are becoming redundant. These products and brands are interesting to me.

  39. This box doesn’t look bad to me, and my choice was the eye cream (after my first pick of the bronzer didn’t take, then they were sold out). But my box is 1.9 lb, and I don’t see how this variation could be a relatively heavy box. My box should arrive on Monday, so we’ll see (how disappointed I am, haha).

    • I picked the eye cream and my box weighs 1.9 lbs. too.

    • I picked the eye cream and my box weighs 1.8 lbs. I do like this variation though!

    • I picked the eye cream and mine weighs 1.8. I would love to get this variation!

      • 1.8 is this variation exceptfor seeing many get kvd colored eyeliner instead of the brushes
        Hope this helps 🙂

  40. I actually would really like this variation. The problem is that I’ll probably end up with something completely different.

  41. I will be looking to swap for that palette!

  42. Does anyone know if Too Faced is still cruelty free? I just found out the Benefit has sold out in order to enter the Chinese market and now test on animals (just like NARS). I need to research brands more often…I just found out that Viktor & Rolf test on animals too.

    • …and just found out that Too Faced is owned by Estee Lauder. Scratch that brand from my wanted list (damn!).

      • Maybe check out some of the Causebox and Kinder Beauty reviews? I know they’re a lot more careful about what they put in their boxes. Also I think Colourpop has a palette similar to the Too Faced one and they’re vegan and bunny approved.

      • Thank you Caroline! I will do that. It’s a bummer to realize that a lot of the items I’ve been excited about are from companies that now test on animals.

  43. This box seems boring. I’ve seen several unboxings and nobody had the palette as of yet, all mascara. I think the regular 25 dollar box is better than this one so far.

    • I feel like for the last few months, the base boxes have been better. Most highend brands are actually found in the base box, then questionable, inflated RV junks make it into premium. The $2 gold moisturizer the other month, crappy brushes last month, then more crappy brush this month (checked the brand’s website, and it does not even look legit)… I really don’t think the extra $10 have been worth it.

      • Baddington is legit. They make high end lashes that people really love. I’d imagine they would make brushes with just as nice and soft fibers as they use in their lashes.

      • I disagree open irritated by my base box I feel like now that they have so many different boxes the base box value is nowhere near what it used to be before all these other boxes came along.. i love make up thats y i get this box and any more i get most all skin care. Dont get me wrong i loke skin care but would like a better balance. My bass box I got and eyeshadow palette by some brand of never heard before and the rest was all skin care including $17 makeup wipes and a $25 bar of shampoo and I’m not really interested in either one. Then in my premium box I got 6 items and one was a eyeshadow palette and the Kat Von D brow pomade then the rest was skincare

      • My box wasn’t a bust this time but I’ve definitely have had busts before! I still might cancel tho because I see those of you who got boxes you weren’t happy with and that just makes me sad. I know you can’t please everyone but who is BC really pleasing with all these variations? Themselves! The bottom line is always going to be about money to companies and I understand. But my money is way too valuable to be wasting on a mystery box that I may or may not be happy with. I don’t understand why box companies have us fill out the profiles IF they’re going to ignore it and send us stuff we don’t want anyway.

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