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We have more spoilers for the June 2020 BoxyCharm base box! 

The June box may include:


Source: boxypreview

  • Shared Planet Polar Bear Eyeshadow Palette
  • Shared Planet Tiger Eyeshadow Palette
  • Touch in Sol Fill Up Orange Eyeshadow Palette
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Weightless Setting Spray
  • Purlisse BB Tinted Moisturizer Cream
  • Zoeva Spice Of Life Eyeshadow Palette
  • Zoeva Heritage Eyeshadow Palette
  • Zoeva Naturally Yours Eyeshadow Palette
  • Zoeva Premiere Eyeshadow Palette
  • Zoeva Warm Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette

The choice items for June were:

  • Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Face Primer
  • Lilly Lashes Triple X Mascara
  • Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder (12 shades)
  • Tula Glow & Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm
  • Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Hydrate Primer

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $25 a month:

Use this link and coupon code ADD5NEW to get a $5 coupon to shop the PopUp in June when you sign up for a subscription!

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm to learn more!

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Comments (58)

  1. I canceled after the March box. I had all 3 subscriptions so they were getting plenty of money from me.. However, there was an issue with picking my item and they would NOT help me.. I contacted them the day after the choice ended because I tried all day to get it added the day before and they didn’t get back with me for days.. Then refused to help me.. THEN, I ordered a foundation during the popup sale and got the wrong color and they said, we show you ordered the color you got and I told them no, why would I order a color that would never come close to matching me because I am so fair.. Basically, nothing they can do about it.. (to bad so sad) .. I was so fed up with this company and dang, they are losing customers left and right but people keep signing up.. I wish everyone would cancel for one month to maybe get their attention because with the people canceling and others signing up they don’t care to improve their service.

  2. I have been waiting to resubscribe when a good box comes up but i keep seeing the same eye palettes every month. I dont use eyeshadow and i CLEARLY stated that onmy profile. My first box was pathetic. A palette. A face moisturizer that made my oily skin even more oily. An eyebrow gel which was too dark for my sparse eyebrows. A lipliner worth $7 in a bright pink that does not go well with my skin tone. And the only item i used a glamglow face wash which i guess made up.for the price.

    • Boxycharm does not use the profile quiz for customization

  3. I just cancelled today. I was a subscriber for a year and cancelled in January to catch up on money after the holidays. I waited until I found a free sign up gift that I was excited for, the Pur Masquerade pallette, and resubscribed. For some reason I couldn’t type in the code when I was resubscribing so I immediately emailed customer service and told them the code that I had and to apply it to my account so I could receive the free gift they promised. They rejected me and told me there was no way around it that the code HAD to be typed in and after trying a couple times of explaining myself I gave up. I looooved my last box, the May box, the variations were perfect but I just couldn’t get over this company that I’ve spent all this time and money on would not compensate me what was due. ✌️

    • Crazy, isn’t it? The same thing happened to me recently. They’d rather lose a customer than just put in an order for an old item they already have just gathering dust in there warehouse. Their arrogance and complete and total lack of customer service honestly baffles me. I’ve never seen a company in my 40+ years that cares so little about their customers. You’d think the owner sold his soul to the devil in exchange for unstoppable growth and success or something. Because he definitely doesn’t think he needs to keep people happy or even be honest or slightly respectful for that matter. All the bait & switch tactics, the non-existent customer service, the completely biased unfair and inequitable variants that only favor Influencers and the like. Not to mention all the discontinued/damaged/overstock reject products many of us routinely receive. Say what you will about other sub boxes, including Ipsy. They’re far from perfect and their customer service isn’t always stellar but they at least try to work with customers and certainly seem to grasp that their survival depends on keeping current customers happy and not just attracting new ones.

      • I agree totally. I canceled my. Boxy subs all 3 of them last month. They used to be my favorite out of all the boxes. They have seriously went downhill. They bait you in with all the new prestige products of the month but you never end up getting them. Only the old repeat items from previous boxes. I tried to give them a chance since I had been with them for 3 years. Looks like things haven’t changed.

      • I totally agree

  4. I have been subscribed to Boxy Charm for 5 years! I have Premium and Luxe. My boxes have STUNK for 3 months. I am so sad… BUT it is time to go – I HATE – HATE – HATE the variations.

    • Yup same here have been subbed for years every month but last month aside from my choice item l didn’t receive ONE of the spoilers. I got a box of cheap palettes and some crappy perfume and when l emailed them they acted like they could care less so l cancelled.

  5. Whoa…reading these comments just stopped me from signing up for Boxycharm. I have several other subs but had never tried BC. FOMO finally caught up with me today and I was about to sub…literally had annual in cart and came to see if any coupons. Too many of you have the same story, so I’ll pass for now! Maybe I’ll sub when people start talking about how awesome they are again. We all love a comeback story!

    • it’s my 2nd month and I can’t really complain. I mean I don’t have a single Zoeva palette) I’m subbed to allure which I love (awesome value for 15$) but they’re heavy on skin care these months so I kind of miss make up. That was a reason to sub for boxycharm actually. It is not super cool, I agree. But pop up sale was good and you can easily cancel and resub with code for another piece of make up. I don’t think it’s 25$ spent on nothing.

    • I think you saved yourself a lot of disappointment. I’ve been with Boxy over 3 years. I had all 3 boxes. 2 months ago after months of disappointing boxes, crappy filler items and never getting the “big name” spoilers I dropped regular and Luxe. I still have Premium…. For now. A huge complaint with Boxy I see is that people complain they get things that the said they didn’t want in their quiz well that’s because Boxy does NOT use the quiz for customization. It’s completely random. Boxy used to be open about that. People need to realize that when signing up.

  6. This is why I canceled Boxycharm. They hype you up with amazing items only to find out that is not what you will be receiving in your variation. They are to large to satisfy their customer demands, and on top of that they send out a huge amount of PR boxes that should be going to the paying customers first. Ultimately the customer is what holds up the Buisness not the marketing. I think they have that confused. They will learn when everyone becomes so fed up they they just leave.

    In regards to Boxy Pop up orders I have only ordered from them once and never again. It was such a mess. It took 2 months to get my items. I had to get my bank involved and them threatening to take back the money for them to finally ship the items. When my box arrived I knew it wasn’t right. Half of my order was missing. Then it took another 2 months going back and forth between customer service if they were shipping the missing products or refunding me the money. So 4 months in total to finally wrap up this fiasco. They finally refund led me the money because Boxy took in to many orders and didn’t have enough product (sound familiar?). From then on I have never ordered anything on Boxy Popup again. Maybe it has improved (I ordered in the fall of last year) but it doesn’t sound like it.

  7. I don’t want to be negative, but I am glad I didn’t see that Polar pallet and get sucked in. I have signed up several times hoping to get a great product only to be disappointed when my box arrived.
    I would of loved to have the Tula, The Tiger Pallet and the Purlisse, but it’s just not worth the roll of the dice anymore.
    I signed up for the Fortune Cookie Soap Co. dropping boxy has enabled me to spend that money trying out a few boxes that are new to me.

    • Shari, what did you think of the May box for the Fortune Cookie Soap sub? It was my first box after being on the waitlist, and I was so pleased with it! Honestly had to read the back of one of the products (the toilet fizzer) bc I didn’t think it was actually for the toilet LOL

      It all smells so amazing, and I would agree with you to drop Boxy for them any day!!!

  8. I ordered both of the Zoeva eyeshadow palette collections they had in popup for a total of 6 palettes. I really hope they dont send me one in the sub.

  9. Really? Zoeva again !! I really like most of us wanted a shared planet palette! Now it’s a 2 in 8 chance of getting it. and how much u want to bet that the setting spray and bb cream isn’t in all the boxes. I’m super pissed off 😡 bait and switch again

    • Two months ago when Zoeva palettes were choice items I chose the Elemis Hydration Gel but they sent me a Zoeva palette instead. Of course, instead of sending the item I chose they gave me charms to use instead on things I don’t want. I can’t believe they are back in the box already and I might end up with 2 of them within a 2 month time span.

      BC Customer service is the worst!

      • Same exact thing with same products and they said, did you save your confirmation email? Told them I never got one for my choices. Needless to say I have been saving them

    • No offense but a 2 in 8 chance is probably overly optimistic. That assumes they’re sending out equal quantities of all eight palettes. I don’t believe that’s true for a second. But even if it were you have to consider that the majority of the Shared Planet and even the orange Touch In Sol palettes will go in the PR boxes and to anyone else with a larger social media footprint. Only a disproportionately small percentage of “regular” subscribers ever get the truly exciting and widely promoted spoilers in their boxes. It’s much more like winning the lottery than a true roll of the dice unfortunately.

  10. Um but I wanted the polar bear palette like most of us did. Now there is a 1/8 chance of getting it. More bait and switch boxycharm and I bet the bb cream isn’t in all the boxes same with the setting spray. I’m alittle pissed off !!!! plus I got my pop up order and I’m missing items again.

    • My pop up order has been sent in three shipments, all recieved at different times and I’m still waiting on 2 items. Did you check to see what items were listed on the shipping notification email? If all the items you ordered are listed and you didnt recieve them then contact them. If it’s not listed on the email, it’s still waiting to ship. They said they will be shipping pop up items through mid June.

      • I haven’t gotten any of my pop-ups yet!!!

      • Yeah! They sent me a perfume I purchased pretty quickly. Then I got another package yesterday with skincare and makeup. I have another order on its way. But I did make 3 different orders during pop up. Oh, I bought that large milk bath and it’s shipping in it’s own order so don’t give up!

      • I still havent got any of my orders yet it sucks I’ve seen alot of people get there already

      • I believe that those come from various different warehouses. They do not have just one central hub or head office with a huge warehouse, instead they are spread all over.
        Could be worse, the items could be ordered through them and then relayed to the brand for fulfillment like ISPY was doing. THAT was a huge $h!t mess.
        Hmmm…. I don’t believe they are sold by Boxy and then fulfilled by the brand at least!

    • If only we really did have a 1 in 8 chance. You definitely have a better chance than that if you’re popular on IG or You Tube. Maybe even FB. But if you’re not super active on social media you can forget about having much of a shot at anything but a Zoeva palette. I’ve been subscribed and following several blogs and social media sites long enough to know only a few people outside of the ones that get PR boxes ever get those products they like to hype up every month. It’s a game to attract new customers and keep current subscribers like me that are susceptible to FOMO and magical thinking from unsubscribing.

  11. Yikes. Leaves a lot to be desired. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume the poor quality items in the the last two boxes and this upcoming one has partly been due to supply chain issues due to the pandemic.

  12. Well that stinks. I was hoping the spoiler would be for different product categories. Now instead of a 1/3 chance of getting the palette I really wanted I have a 1/8. Can’t help but feel a bit tricked.

    • Exactly. It’s the typical Boxycharm bait and switch. Their business practice is awful.

      • I absolutely agree. I am so sick and tired of Boxycharm and their tricks. Honestly it has not started to really bother me until December with the old bait and switch. I don’t know why but my boxes have really been in the pits. And when I say in the pits I mean it. I have been receiving the worst variety and it’s very very rare for me to receive some of the good spoilers that get spoiled. I’m mad at myself for not canceling all three subscriptions yet but I swear I’m going to Drop you out of my life. I’ll Drop you out of my lifeBoxycharm like a BAD HABIT!! LOL but I am not joking

      • Lol. I hear you!

  13. I feel like this would be a good box for someone who’s just started to sub to Boxy (or just started to sub, period), but for those of us who have been with Boxy for months or years, it’s a lot of repeats. I have to convince myself every month that the $5/item is worth it even if I don’t like all the items because I can always gift or donate what I won’t use, and I love being able to shop pop-up and edit sales, but I might have to start seriously thinking about paring back my subs even more than I already have because I am on eyeshadow/black eyeliner/mascara overload these days, especially since I am barely wearing makeup in the quar.

    • True true. May was my last month and I was out. I subscribed to all three at one point. I’m an OG Boxycharm subbie so I miss the days when you were just blown away with all the goodies. It’s all repeats. It seems to me Influencers that do reviews always get the awesome variations while the rest us have a box of crappie items to regift.

    • I can relate. I am not playing with makeup as much these days but I am tearing it up with skincare and grooming products. I’m relatively new to BoxyCharm, only having received the last 2 boxes. Half the products will be donated or gifted, but the other half I simply loved! From what I see here, this month might be a little on the meh side. I just upgraded to the BoxyLuxe also, and I’m mega curious about the coming box. Oh, and I live for pop-up sales! lol

      • “I am not playing with makeup as much these days but I am tearing it up with skincare and grooming products.“
        I said same thing to my husband and he’s like says “that’s like being a guy”! Lol.
        Sigh…Can you imagine being out the door in 15 min? Ya, it’s a lot of work, being a woman. 😂

  14. I’m doing June (it’s already paid for) and then I’m done.

    • That’s how I feel…..if June sucks like May, then I’m out. I

  15. I don’t mind a Zoeva palette since I got the caramel one almost everyone got in April. I just don’t want the Zoeva face one or that orange one. 😕. Also, I wish they would tell us we’ll either get the bb cream or the Smashbox. I know we’d want them both in our box, but at least a confirmation that we’ll get either or is better than just, “you may receive this in your box”. A little extra vent here: MY GOD, I HATE BC CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Out of the MANY sub boxes and other online businesses I’ve shopped with for nearly a decade they are by far the WORST BY FAR. Almost every response is super late and when you finally get one it’s just a form letter type of response. Much like a robot or a software program they scan for key words and send back some generic response that most likely doesn’t help at all. And if you actually have the patience to reply and get someone to actually read it 9 times out of 10 while it would be easy for them to check their system and answer your question or order a replacement they just won’t. I have truly never seen anything like it. To me Boxy has just gotten too big for their britches. They’re so hugely popular and profitable at this point they simply do not care one bit about customer retention let alone customer satisfaction.

  16. If I don’t get any of these things that I already have, I would be happy with any of them.

  17. It’s a shame how bad they have been, these last several months.

    • right!? I had the worst boxes the last 2 months (this current one had a broken pencil and palette with fingerprints in it!) Than I’ve had since I joined back in ’16. I cancelled. And it looks like the right decision the more possible spoilers I see.

  18. These subscription boxes are fun, but after being subscribed for 3 years…it’s time to take a break!! I’ve reached that point where the spoilers aren’t exciting me…because my makeup collection is MASSIVE. It’s time to love the products I have!

  19. I cancelled. Boxy has way too many variations with no rhyme or reason who gets what.

    They sometimes have really great items (the Tula eye balm, Hourglass highlighter, etc.) but they always find a way to mess that up too with weird shades or people not actually getting their preference.

  20. I haven’t subscribed to Boxy in awhile but did so for May because of the Elemis which, unfortunately, was the only usable item in my box. When did Boxy become such a grab bag of junk? My May box was mostly garbage. Wipes? A shampoo bar?? I miss the days when we all received similar boxes with limited variants and knew for the most part what we were getting ahead of time. I think they’ve become too big for their britches and I’m not impressed. Definitely cancelling.

  21. Question: Didn’t Boxy *just* have a bunch of Zoeva palettes and also the Benefit Cosmetics primers in a box? Like, maybe the May box? Or April? Something very recent? I unsubbed from Boxy a few months ago, but I still follow the spoilers/reviews out of curiosity. So maybe I got it wrong?

    • You are right! We did receive a Zoeva palette recently. What a bummer….*sigh* The spoilers for June are not great at all! We usually see all the spoilers before the box is shipped out. However I Think this is why they are starting to release spoilers really late. June box is probably not going to be good just like May. I am canceling my subscription this month. I don’t want to keep wasting my money on Boxycharm.

    • You are correct. I got the primer and a palette last month. Deja vu!

  22. If out of all the palettes I am going to receive that horrible orange one, I will just like cry

    • Me too!

    • Same!

  23. Am i the only one that hasn’t been able to do their choice item for at least the past two boxes?

  24. I am pretty underwhelmed, too. Last month was meh. Perhaps it’s time to take a break. I keep saying that….

    • i havnt been able to either

  25. These spoilers are underwhelming. Last month’s box sucked, and this one looks like it’s going to be the same. What’s up with all the Zoeva eyeshadow palettes anyway? We had Zoeva palettes in a previous box. It’s worse when you see spoilers, and they don’t even go by your boxycharm quiz. I am considering cancelling, cause I don’t want to keep spending money on products that I won’t use and that does not go with my skin type or tone.

    If anyone has suggests on different makeup subscription boxes to try, please let me know.

  26. The typical Boxy bait & switch. I saw the all the additional palettes in a You Tube spoiler video last night. It figures they’d add a bunch of blah palettes after promoting and hyping the first 3, especially the Shared Planet ones everyone wanted. I knew I was sure to get the all orange palette despite drooling over the SP Polar Bear palette but at least it would’ve been a new product to try. Now I’m confident that I could add several additional subscriptions and I’d have a Zoeva palette in each one. Probably the exact same one. LOL.

    When it comes to Boxy all they care about is your social media footprint. If you don’t have one like me you’re always gonna get the unwanted variants. Even if like me, you’ve been a subscriber for going on 7 years to multiple boxes and spend many hundreds of dollars a year on those subscriptions plus add-ons and pop-up sale items. The latter is the only reason I haven’t left. That and with choice I can often get at least one product that makes the cost of the boxes worth it. Which is why in addition to the guaranteed worst variants month after month and the deplorable customer service I’ve received I keep my subscriptions. But after this latest scam and the DISGUSTING add-on face mask (the box was falling apart and covered in stains and faded letters and the mask didn’t even have the plastic disk all of them have so there was dried product all around the edges) I received that no respectable retailer would EVER have the nerve to sell to someone I think I am finally fed up enough to battle the FOMO that’s always kept me from canceling. Many of their sale items can be found in the FFF sales anyway. Plus there are just too many other beauty subs out there with great products that operate with much more integrity and transparency. And out of the many I have tried over the years not one has had even close to the same level of shameful customer service.

    I have more makeup and skincare than I could possibly use in several years. The truth is I’m just addicted to the fun and the value. But now I see at least where Boxy is concerned it’s time to save my subscription money and just buy the items I really want like that gorgeous Shared Planet Polar Bear palette.

    • Thank you! This is exactly how I feel. I have been subscribing since the beginning and have 3 subscriptions with them. I used to get great items. Now, I am literally getting their leftovers. I should just cancel but like you stated, the choice often takes care of the cost of the boxes. All I can do is make people aware of their scemeing ways by responding to their social media posts on Insttagram. Like, stop lying Boxy.

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