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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

Play! By Sephora April 2020 FULL SPOILERS!

Play! By Sephora April 2020 SPOILERS!

We have spoilers for the April 2020 Play! by Sephora box!

This April PLAY! box will be one for the books, so here’s a teaser to get you excited about what’s to come.

Your April box will feature at least one of these star picks:

  • bareMinerals Mineralist Hydra-Smoothing Lipstick in Honesty
  • belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb
  • Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector Broad Spectrum Face Sunscreen SPF 42

P.S. Don’t forget to mark the calendar! Your box will arrive the third week of April.

What do you think of the spoilers?

Play! by Sephora is $10 a month. Check out our Play! by Sephora reviews, and all of our reviews of Cheap Subscription Boxes to find more similarly priced subscription boxes!

Play! by Sephora

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Comments (61)

  1. BOX #916

    bareMinerals Mineralist Lipstick

    Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara
    belif Moisturizing eye bomb
    Origins Dr. Andrew Weil For Origins™ Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Soothing Treatment Lotion
    IT Cosmetics Secret Sauce Anti-Aging Moisturizer
    Verb Ghost Shampoo & Conditioner

  2. Wow this is the last box they’re sending out from this discontinued subscription and they didn’t even try to go out with a bang… just a whimper.

    • I feel like they did go out with a bang! I absolutely loved my box 🥰

  3. Does anyone have box #410?! That’s what I have and am wondering what’ll be in it 🥰

  4. Unfortunately it looks like #874 is Clinique pop lip gloss, Belif eye bomb, Shiseido sunscreen, fresh soy cleanser, a small makeup eraser (only item I would use and I already have one), and an amika nourishing mask foil sample. O despise gloss and can’t use the others because of ingredients. Was hoping for the bareminerals lipstick as one of my items.

    • I think this is a stock photo and they didn’t give individual reveals. Both my accounts show this, but customer service confirmed at least one of my boxes to have entirely different contents.

      Unless they are going to just say screw it and send out one box.

  5. I was finally able to get spoilers for my box, yay!!! Box #847 has the following:

    bareMinerals Mineralist Lipstick
    Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara
    belif Moisturizing eye bomb
    Origins Dr. Andrew Weil For Origins™ Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Soothing Treatment Lotion
    Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector Broad Spectrum Face Sunscreen SPF 42
    Kat Von D Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick

    I got this info in chat and just for mentioning that I’ve been with Play! since day 1, the rep gave me 100 points! That was so sweet! I’m going to miss this sub but the rep said that what’s to come is 10 times better!

  6. They are discontinuing play, april is the last month

  7. Just got an email that this box is the last one

  8. Goodbye, Sephora! It looks like the subscription has finally ended. I got the email that April would be the last box.

    • I received the same email 😭

  9. Spoilers on #866?

  10. FYI everyone! So, I called Sephora Play customer service and the first rep told me that they ran out of stock on the April boxes. I called back to see if there was a waitlist I could get on. The second rep stated that they are having technical issues internally and that is why the Play subscribe option is not available on the website or the app. They don’t have an ETA at this time as to when it will be fixed. Also, she stated that a lot of people will not be getting their April box because of all the issues they are having…. I’m so sad 🙁

    • Lol well they took my money and I have an order in the app for the box, so I damn sure better be getting mine

      • 👍😊

      • I contacted customer service about this and they said that everyone who is already subscribed will definitely be getting their April boxes, and that the information about us not getting our boxes is false!

    • That can’t be true! In the community a Rep said that everyone will be getting their boxes and that the only problem is they have sold out of the April boxes. I signed up at the end of March and I was told that my box is in the process of being curated, so I’m positive everyone who is already subscribed will be getting their boxes! They just aren’t taking new subscribers due to them being sold out!

    • I’m not here to offend anyone!!! Take it with a grain of salt! Two different reps said two different things…call them yourself if anyone is worried!😳😳 From the sounds of it…reps are saying multiple things so who really knows🙄

      • Yeah, ppl were also saying they were cancelling Play altogether, but I spoke with a representative and they said they have no plans on cancelling it at all. So who knows where ppl get info from lol.

      • This is the email they sent me: Response By Email (04/09/2020 05:44 PM)

        Hello Christa,

        I’m sorry to inform you that we are not accepting any new subscriptions for our Play box at this time. Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve temporarily suspended new subscriptions.

        Thank you for your understanding.


        Sephora Client Services

      • I got an email from them stating Play sub is temporarily suspended due to covid-19. Totally understandable

    • On another (but relative) note, I got the email a couple days ago with the link to track my box, and since it looks there hasn’t been any activity, I clicked on it and it said this-
      Delivery Notification
      Due to safeguards in place to protect our distribution center employees, shipments may be delayed. Please reference your expected delivery date below.

    • This is a last box for Sephora play after this month no more it’s gone forever it’s on there website they coming up with diffrent stuff

      • As per my earlier comment, I emailed them April 5 and this is what I got back.
        I emailed them. This is what I received back

        Dear Tara,

        I am more than happy to assist you with your inquiry. I am glad to inform you that our amazing Play Box subscription is still happening. There are no plans on stopping it.

        Thank you for reaching out to us at Sephora. Enjoy the rest of your day.


        Sephora Client Services

  11. Went to resub to this and I’m having a hard time finding the resub button. Anyone know what’s going on? Or how I can resub to Play?

    • They have sold out right now! You can message them and have them alert you when they have anything available. I subscribed at the end of March, so I was lucky to make the cut apparently. I’m guessing a lot more people are subscribing now! I hope you get on 🙂

      • Thank you! 😊 Me too! 🙏🤞

  12. Anyone have spoilers for #916?

  13. meh. I hope they have other more exciting items for this month. I am not interested in any of these 3….

    • I am confused how the teaser can say “one for the books” with only 3 known spoilers. Especially showing a repeat cream & a lipstick in a similar color as everything ever sent.

  14. My roommate called sephora customer service asking to update her shipping address and she said it wouldn’t let him and he said that they are ending the box after April. Does anyone know how accurate this is or if it is true?

    • I had chatted with them just now to ask this question, of course they wouldn’t come out with a straight answer! I was told to keep a lookout for the email. This feels like that may be true then..

    • I emailed them. This is what I received back
      Dear Tara,

      I am more than happy to assist you with your inquiry. I am glad to inform you that our amazing Play Box subscription is still happening. There are no plans on stopping it.

      Thank you for reaching out to us at Sephora. Enjoy the rest of your day.


      Sephora Client Services

      • They sent out a mass email and it’s on their site that says they are ending it.

  15. As someone who used to work at Sephora and other retailers, I don’t find it surprising. PT and Seasonal workers aren’t the same as FT. They aren’t paid the same rates and don’t participate at the same level (or at all) in terms of seeing bonus payouts from exceeding monthly store sales goals and the like. Under regular circumstances if the store is having a slow day, it’s Seasonal and PT that get cut and sent home and don’t make the hours they were expecting. There’s also a very distinct class ranking in terms of jobs at Sephora. If you’re a makeup artist, you’re important – and it certainly is a benefit if you have a sizable instagram following. Hair, skin, perfume, and backstage, well …

    Lush let go of some of their workers as well. I still like Sephora and Lush. I don’t have the same level of discretionary income as I used to, but personally, I’d still buy from them in the future. However, I respect people having a different take and everyone should have the choice of where they spend their money!

    • My comment about not unsubscribing due to them firing people was about me, not anyone else. 🙂 I just wanted to clarify Incase anyone took my comment as me saying others should still stay subscribed regardless! I agree that everyone is allowed to feel how they feel about it. I also understand why people would unsubscribe to their box after firing people because some people had friends or family who worked there!
      It’s a terrible thing to get fired during a time like this, we are all in this together. I really hope that they are still being taken care of!

  16. I’m super excited to receive any one of these! I love Sephora and I’m always buying makeup from them, so I’m up to try products I’ve never tried before.

    As for the firing Sephora workers, everyone is going through a rough time right now and Sephora isn’t the only place who has had to fire people! A lot of places have had to let go of people due to the Covid-19 virus! I wouldn’t not subscribe due to that, they’re doing what they have to do at the moment.

    • The situation itself is a common one right now, but how they handled it is not. If I chose to not spend money at any place doing layoffs right now, that list would be pretty long. But, I think they way they went about it is pretty lousy, and I know a lot of their employees are very hurt by it. So for that reason, I will no longer give them my money.

  17. I was *just* about to subscribe to this, but yesterday Sephora fired most of their part time employees in a conference call, and ended it without taking questions. Under no circumstances do I want to give that company a penny more, I’m so disappointed in them 🙁

    • That’s so disheartening to hear about, thanks for letting me know though! Looks like I’m only buying things from Ulta and sub boxes from here on out. It’s amazing that they can’t pay their employees given how absurdly priced a lot of their products are.

    • I understand where you are coming from. The situation is bringing out the best and worst in people. The restaurant I work for was telling us before we closed that they would pay us servers minimum wage if we had to close. Now we are closed and only do to.go orders and they are saying we have to file for unemployment. We were promised to be able to work at least 2 days a week doing to go but now they want to cut our hours even further. I’m not sure if the company is doing this to save money or my boss is doing it so her bonus will be greater( the more money she saves the company the bigger her bonus). Also the corporate office has control of our air conditioning and will not turn it on because they want to save money. I know these are hard times but there are companies out there giving bonuses,paid leave,and extra hourly money to those who are willing to work so I know its possible. They are big enough to be able to something for its employees . Especially when their motto is “Unbridled Acts of Kindness”

    • I heard about this also. Shame on them. I will be taking my business elsewhere from now on. What a cold way to let go of employees even if they are part time…some of them were there for years. I will finally cancel my 3 year subscription with them. As for my makeup purchases I will be buying at ulta or other beauty retailers.

      • I just mean the conference calls. I think they could have at least told them one on one. I think they deserve that at least.
        I’m sure most knew it was coming but it’s just the manner in which it happened. So cold sephora!

        *Btw I think every employee in the usa should at least make a living wage. Companys that make billions cant share a small piece of that with their employees. Like walmart and such. Maybe it would be a bit more pleasant for customers if employees were happy to come to work everyday. Our grandparents and some of our parents recieved that luxury but unfortunately it’s just not the way it is anymore. I am lucky to work in the back office for a local bank who gives generously to their employees. We have received company stock, they match our 401k contributions, paid holidays, vacations, optional health care, and give us quarterly bonuses not to mention pay is above a living wage. Most of us are glad to work there and take pride in what we do. I just wish this was a standard. The country would be a better place to live if employers valued their employees.

      • Yes I agree If you want the company to disappear and for 9000 people to stop working, then stop buying from Sephora. Really I was not in that conference call and can’t judge. They are pornably trying to keep paying the thousands of other employees and for that are making hard terrible decisions. The situation in the world is terrible, and if it goes on long enough most companies will go bankrupt and have to fire everyone, with no choice. So stop judging and if you can help the people around you instead of judging every decision.

    • While I don’t agree with the conference call, no questions part, I also work for a large retailer that has had to close almost all of their locations and I feel like, in my case, our company thought that laying people off rather than just not having them on the schedule was the kinder thing to do so that they are able to collect unemployment.

      • Agree, they are keeping on and continuing to pay 9000 employees. They let go of seasonal and limited employees. They are also giving severance and continuing benefits for those laid off and now because of letting them go they can seek unemployment benefits. Each individual was likely given a different package based on how often they worked and for how long so I understand not answering broad questions.

      • I agree with you so much

    • Yep! Thankfully, I’ve already switched over to Ulta for most everything (their rewards and free gifts are everything!), but I will not support Sephora going forward. These companies make BILLIONS off the labor of their workers. Not okay.

      • Ulta did the same thing to their part time employees as well.

    • I understand that by not laying employees off, and just not working them, they’re not getting money from paychecks and can’t collect unemployment. They did the right thing. It’s not cost effective to keep paying ppl that aren’t working just because.
      I don’t know of any company that’s doing that.

  18. I love the Shiseido sunscreen in the blue bottle happy to try the new one also the Bare Minerals lipstick is gorgeous!! The Belif eye bomb is a total repeat I have several of them but I do really like them and will use.

  19. I would love to try the lipstick😊

  20. Maybe I’m just blind… I can find Play! Info on the sephora website, but not a link to actually sign up for it?

    • If you have the app log in and the middle icon on the bottom that says your name click it and there should be a spot that says subscription 😊

    • I can’t find it either!? Strange… 😳😳

      • It’s because it’s the last play by Sephora month for April so they are done after this. They probably took it off the website

    • Go to the search bar on the Sephora website and type in Play! By Sephora.

    • Same here. I finally got tired of looking for it, so I just emailed customer service. I’m waiting for a response 🙄

    • This (April 2020) is the last Playbox. Sephora is ending the program. At sometime in the near future they are rolling out a $25 per month glam box.

  21. I canceled after last months box. I kept getting stuff that didnt match my skin type. Also, it was very repetitive with the lancome/clinique mascaras and red lipsticks.

  22. That sunscreen oil is interesting. I’ve been waiting for Sephora to reign me back in

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