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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus May 2020 Choice Time!

ByMSAApr 23, 2020 | 131 comments

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus
4.2 overall rating
247 Ratings | 33 Reviews

It’s time to pick one of the items for your May 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!

Which product are you choosing for your May 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus?

Here’s a look at the bag design:

And if you are new to Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, it’s $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

IPSY is a personalized beauty subscription. Members take a short quiz to personalize their beauty preferences, then choose between two memberships. Glam Bag subscribers receive 5 deluxe samples for $12 per month, while Glam Bag Plus subscribers receive 5 full-size products for $25 per month. IPSY fe... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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I am totally over Glam Plus and just cancelled!!! Love this months bag but I am done getting items I clearly have marked that I don’t want. Even had an email thread with Ipsy about it and 4 things I mentioned that I don’t want but constantly get I got yet again😡 I was emailing because I couldn’t skip May for I again saw nothing in choice I wanted and was told I couldn’t skip for I had already skipped for 5 months in a row. That right there shows you my thoughts on the bag!!! So i had to cancel or get the bag. I took a chance because I really wanted the bag itself. Well sure enough I got a brow gel (don’t use brow products), a brown lipstick (never where for it doesn’t work on me, and a bronzer highlight palette (I don’t use either and can’t pass to my daughter for it has macadamia in it). So another wasted $25. I actually feel good about this decision. 😊


I thought they were revealing early now

Tammy Ikonen

I am so irritated how come I could not no matter what I do choose my choice it doesn’t come up anywhere on their website this is ridiculous


It’s only available for 1 day, but if you don’t log on until later in the day, your choices will be quite limited. When did you try to select your choice item? Choice was last Thursday. Download the Ipsy app. It’s better than the website.


When did you try to select your choice item? It’s only available for 1 day, but if you don’t log on until later in the day, your choices will be quite limited. Choice was last Thursday. Download the Ipsy app. It’s better than the website.

Boxy Fox

Glad I cancelled


I really wish Ispy would update the points shop. I have been saving up for one of the big items but now that I have the points, nothing is looking good to me. Some of my points actually expire on 05/05, didn’t realize they expired.


They usually update them at the beginning of each month.


My sleep schedule has been all wonky since this started, my true night owl persona has been able to thrive. That being said I was not awake when things went live and the Sunday Riley was gone. Good Genes is a holy grail product for me. I’ve had acne for so long and it really helped my skin. I really wanted the Kate Somerville though! I am still hoping I get it. I almost got the Mudmasky serum, but decided a skincare choice would lower my odds. So I chose the Tarte brushes. They look cute and I’ll use them.

Btw, all those who didn’t get Good Genes GMA Deals had them on special last week 50% off the 1 oz size. I bought 2, so I wasn’t devastated when I didn’t get it as a choice. I would keep an eye out for deals though, there are a lot of them right now!

tammy g.

yes,,,has anyone ever heard of a beauty box called KleverPark its from Italy..its comes every two months and its very nice products its about 95.00 just wondering about the products if there good are not…just let me know what you know about this box….thanks


I’ve seen it and it does look beautiful but I’m not much into Italian face care. I think Italian companies make great body products but I’ve never been too impressed with their skin care lines. Just my opinion

tammy g.

thanks stephanie..your opinion does count and thanks…

Sarah J

The SR wasn’t on my choice list either available or already sold out. I’m hoping that means it will be in my box!


A couple FYIs to anyone who might be interested:

No, (as far as I know) Ipsy doesn’t officially post the time they update the site with choice items/add-ons, but they actually are very consistent! Choice items always go live at 6am pacific time, & add-ons go up around 4:30 am pacific time. Yeah, it’s not the most convenient time for us west-coasters, but you can plan for it & set your alarm.

Colored Raine & Ipsy have both stayed to customers that the samples of Coloured Raine single shadows sent in past glam bags are made in China, & that ipsy “reverse engineered” them based on Coloured Raine’s original formula. I don’t know whether that’s true of these particular palettes or not, but be aware that these Coloured Raine palettes might be a completely different formula than what you’d receive directly from the company.


*Coloured Raine & Ipsy have both stated


I was so excited to choose this month and none of the items I wanted in any 3 bags were available! 😭 I don’t know if it’s b/c I couldn’t select them in the morning b/c I had to work or if they limit selections to certain groups. I’m so disappointed now and I’m not sure if it’s worth still getting this months bags or skipping 😢


Maybe just do one or two of the bags and hopefully you can add-on some great things you missed out on. That’s basically what I do every month. I get basic and plus then add-ons which sometimes end up being full sizes. It isn’t as cost effective as Ultimate and sometimes somethings aren’t offered but more often than not I’m super happy with my haul.


I decided to skip ultimate to save money and keep the normal glambag. I like that they added choice but without a good selection I don’t want to risk spending
money to be disappointed. All the add ones were sold out though which was odd, maybe a glitch?


Skip skip skip! Save your money & don’t be disappointed! ☺️

(Maybe keep the regular bag so that you can do add-ons if the things you really want are available?)


I don’t think timing had anything to do with the SR as a choice. Not everyone gets the same options. SR was a choice for me and I didn’t choose until @ 4 pm EDT.


Yes, I think the items they show to you are somewhat based on your beauty quiz profile. Both the Girlactik highlighters and the Nomad palette were not options for me this time around, and I suspect it’s because I have ‘Fair’ selected in my beauty quiz. (In the past I have also not been shown concealers and foundation that didn’t match my skin tone during choice.) I was also not shown the Tarteist, possibly because I have rated liquid lipstick low in the past, and have it set as “rarely send me” in my profile. (OTOH, I have serums set as “send me often.”)

If you didn’t see SR in your choice, maybe review your beauty quiz?


I picked the mudmasky aftermask serum! It’s the perfect item for me since I do masks everyday! Plus it’s worth $53 so a great deal!!!

Keri C

I picked the same thing and I’m excited!


How do we find out when choice will be each month? My card that came with my bag said April 25, so I didn’t choose this morning since I didn’t know choice was open. Bummed that I missed the Sunday Riley, but I’d love to know where we can go to confirm when the choice day is each month so I can check in the morning?


Last go-around Ipsy announced they were moving up their timelines so I’m guessing they used the info cards already printed with the former timeline. I haven’t noticed a discrepancy with the card dates before but I also usually just go by the website since I’m on there anyway most days checking the offerings.


It’s on the Ipsy Glam Bag timeline. Just open the app or website and click the Glam Bag tab and there is a timeline that shows what date it is.

Ashley M

I guess I was really lucky this morning because I snagged SR in both of my GBP subscriptions. I thought my mom might like it if not I guess I’m getting 2x the goodies!


I NEED that Coloured Raine Vineyard Souraee palette!!! If anyone wants to pick it (or if you just get it in your bag) please keep me in mind! Willing to buy or trade!!


If I get it I would trade I wont use it.


Well, the SR wasn’t an option for me; however, I wouldn’t have selected it anyway. I’m not a fan of SR. I’ve received a full size of it in the past and the scent was awful. I chose the Mudmasky Serum.

Heather Renee Hicks

I am a bit on the fence about skipping. I’m not upset about the SR. Had it been available, I might have picked it, but really what I want is the Kate S. I’m more upset that it wasn’t a choice at all and a bit concerned I won’t get it. Has anyone heard that it has been taken out of the bags? I just don’t understand why they’d let people pick the SR but not the KS unless there was a problem getting the KS on time to ship out in bags.

Anyway, I thought of the Mudmasky, but picked the Girlactik instead. That way, maybe I can still get the KS serum. That’s really the make or break item for me this time. Hate mascara. Sick of brushes. Normally like lip stuff, but the Tarte looks boring. Clear brow gel is even more boring. Trying Colored Raine will be nice, and I usually get the eyeshadow palettes. But I wouldn’t pay $25 just for the Girlactik and CR.

Any thoughts about the KS? Thanks!


I picked the most boring thing ever, the brow gel but I love brow gel and I’m running low. I’m on eye shadow overload so I don’t need anymore.


I’ve been in class online. When I got to the IPSY site around 2, Sunday Riley was no longer an option. Most of the flash sale items were sold out. It seems this is getting very popular, is IPSY scaling to meet the need.


I also think a lot of it is that more people are home and cant go shopping right now, so they are investing in things like this.
I have also noticed that sometimes options that are not shown actually show up in my bag, so maybe that’s why some people have it as choices and others don’t?!


I’m so pissed I couldn’t pick the Kate Sommerville serum that was a spoiler. 😭 I thought for sure it would be a choice item. Since I’m hoping to get it, I did not choose the Sunday Riley.
I chose the Nomad Sunkissed palette. I have no bronzer currently so I could use it and I think it’s super pretty! I’m very excited to try it. Nothing else really spoke to me. I debated on the purple eyeshadow palette, but I don’t know how much I’ll reach for it.


I was on the fence about skipping and with the only item I was interested in no longer an option it made my decision easier.


I also chose SR– couldn’t risk not getting that as it’s the only thing I absolutely want. I wonder if it will be an add-on? Doubtful I would guess.

For my Ultimate, I’m not making a choice as nothing is calling and I like all the palettes. It will be nice to be surprised for a change.

Stephanie W

I live on the east coast and logged in around 11am on the app and was able to choose from all of the options. Sorry for those subscribers who did not get all of the options available. Maybe it works best on the app versus the website?


I was on the APP a bit before 9 am Pacific time – no Sunday Riley as a choice.


I did not have it as a choice either:( I did get the serum. Looks like it might be a better choice for me since my skin is sensitive


Same here!!! I was SOOO disappointed as that was the only thing I wanted and was looking forward to it!


I picked the girlactic. I have tried the original packaged version of this blush and bronzer and it is absolutely beautiful. Natural and i really dont even like highlighters but very beautiful pigment.I recommend it if you do not have textured skin. Kinda glad sunday riley wasnt a choice. I have bottles of it lying unused around and i have decided that my skin will only receive one or two products a night. Not the layers of skincare i used to do. And sunscreen everyday. I am trying to get it back to what it was before hormonal birth control and i think a lot of products just get in the way of natural regeneration. I did have a hard time picking because i was very intrigued by this months selection, but thats a good thing, i think


I’m so confused..the May Plus spoilers showed the Murad Eye cream but now it’s a choice for ultimate? Help. Do I skip my plus. I do like the other options and chose the SR.


The ultimate usually includes things from the plus and the regular bags as well as some items available only to ultimate.


Thanks so much for clarifying, I really appreciate it! Xxx

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.