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GlossyBox April 2020 FULL Spoilers + Coupon!

We have the full spoilers for the upcoming April 2020 Glossybox!

  • VIKTOR&ROLF FLOWERBOMB NECTAR – Deluxe mini Worth $23.69
  • COLAB Dry Shampoo Original
  • Avant Gentle Rose Beautifying Face Exfoliant
  • Nails Inc Nail Polish in Blossom Kisses
  • Inked by Dani Temporary Tattoos
  • Vitamasques Ruby Sheet Mask

For a limited time, use coupon code BLOSSOM16 to get your first box for $16. (Regularly $21 a month.)

What do you think of the spoilers?

And check out our GlossyBox reviews to see what we got in past months, too!


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Comments (67)

  1. I ordered on 4/14 and just got mine today without the tattoos, which I wanted. It says it’s an extra item so I can’t complain for $16 but I’ve already canceled.

  2. I still havent received my April box and just today an email saying I cancelled it came through. I didnt cancel anything bit logged in last night to see what was going on. There was no ship date for my box either. Very confusing

  3. I ordered on 4/3 and got a message that there was a delay getting my box out the next week. I canceled on 4/14 so that I wouldn’t be charged for the May box because of their ridiculous policies. I never got a ship notification and my account showed it was delivered on the day I ordered it (what?). I reached out a couple days ago and they told me they canceled my order because I canceled my subscription. I got Glossy for a few years and when it went downhill I unsubscribed. I was really looking forward to this box, but if that’s how they treat customers, no thanks!

    They told me I could sign up for May by re-subscribing though! Why would I subscribe for May when I explained I canceled in time to not get it? Ugh, braindead much?

    • The same thing happened to me. I am asking them to clarify why a cancellation for May would cancel April’s box. My credit card has not been refunded yet, so I’m pretty peeved.

  4. I just got my box and I’m super happy with it. I got a different sheet mask than the one shown above (Cirem HCR 3-in-1 sheet mask) but everything else is the same. The nail polish color is really pretty in person.

    • Oooooh Sherri, that is a GREAT mask. I hope I get it! I love the Cirem serum and is a ride or die product for me. But it is so expensive! Not sure what I’ll do when I finally run out.

  5. I’ve got Email two weeks ago telling me my box would be little later.but it’s should be here by now! I know other people are getting their.i been with your company for quite while I think I shouldn’t got mine by now.

    • I have an annual subscription and my box hasn’t shipped yet.

    • I am still waiting too….

      • I actually just received an email back after I wrote them. They said the April box was sold out and I will start with the May box. So they have had my money for all of this time and I don’t get the box. I canceled and asked for my money back. Ridiculous.

      • Wow. When did you sign up for the box? I got an email from them on Saturday, 4/18, advertising the April Box with a 25% discount off. Why would they send that, knowing the April Box was sold out? And I was just about to sign up this morning. Glad I saw your comment. Money saved!

      • Same here. I finally reached out yesterday, since I ordered on 4/10 and hadn’t received a shipping update by 4/20. Today they responded and said my April box had “encountered an error” and someone would be in touch about a refund and May would be up and running as usual! I responded that I ordered and paid for the April box, and if they were unable to provide it, I wasn’t interested in subscribing with them and to cancel my subscription altogether. We’ll see what I hear back. I was really looking forward to the April box. I haven’t subbed with them in years, so this is off to a really disappointing re-start.

    • I’m still waiting on mine too. I’ve talked to them twice. The first time they told me it would ship out that week, it never did. The next time, which was on Tuesday, they said it would ship out that day and it still hasn’t. I dont understand why they cant give me accurate information

    • I emailed them about why I hadn’t received my box yet and after they kept giving me different dates it would ship by (which it never did) they finally emailed me yesterday and said a bunch of the April boxes got sent back to the Glossybox warehouse after being shipped because there was some sort of problem (they didnt elaborate on this) and that they were working on getting all of those boxes shipped out as soon as possible. I’m upset because they could have told me that in the first place. Instead they just kept stringing me along and giving me dates it would ship by. I want transparency from my beauty subs and I’m not getting that from Glossybox

  6. Does anyone know the size of the Avant rose exfoliant? Is it full size? I can’t read the small print of the size on the photo. Thanks.

    • The full size is only 50ml. I’m pretty sure it is full size in the box.

      • Thanks. But is there any guarantee the Avant exfoliant will be in the April box since Glossybox routinely sends variation boxes? GB says this is the April box, but who knows. I cancelled several years ago due to the lousy variations, although I have purchased some limited edition boxes because the contents of those don’t vary (except for maybe a lip color). Oh well.

      • I think it was last months spoiler… I think. If it was then it is not a variation product.

      • I just got my box and yes, it’s 50 ml.

      • Thanks!

  7. I tried to cancel my account on the 13th. On chat she said if I cancelled I would not receive the April box and I would get a refund! The only way I can get the April box is to keep the account and get the May box. The April boxes will be mailed out right after the 15th so everyone will be forced to get the May box. If you cancel your April box will be cancelled.

    • I literally just cancelled this box so I wouldn’t get charged for May…..holy wow. I am really upset that I’m not getting the April box. Absolute BS on their part.

    • My box said shipped on my account so i cancelled. I emailed them to confirm i would still get April and was told they were sold out. I emailed back saying they were still advertising on their website and i should still get the box i ordered. They responded again saying nothing they could do April was sold out. So i just sent them a Facebook message asking if April box was in stock and lo and behold the answer was yes it was still in stock. This kind of business practice is absolutely despicable especially during these times. This is so beyond wrong. They are basically holding April boxes till after the 15th so they could charge for an additional month! Just emailed them again requesting my April box that is in stock.

    • I just talked with a CS rep and she said even though I cancelled my account, I’ll still get the April box. I went to check my credit card again and they still haven’t charged me. Waiting to hear back and see if this rep has her wires crossed, because everyone is getting different responses here.

  8. Despite filling out my beauty questionnaire and *rating what I like and don’t*, I would receive nearly all the items I truly dislike. I can’t use brown eyeshadow and yellowish bronzer but that’s the only color I’d get for 5 months. I was sent a concealer meant for someone with several shades off from me. I emailed customer service in case something was wrong, and got an apology. The next two boxes were not much better. I gave up.

    Why can’t I get the nice stuff that others get? Are others more special?

  9. I subscribed to this one the 1st and they still haven’t charged my credit card and I’m getting a bit worried that something’s wrong. On my account it says my sub is active status but I thought they’d charge me immediately. I reeeeally want this box!

    • I have not received a shipping notice for my box yet. It may just be a delay due to the virus. I usually get the notice around the 5th of the month. Stay safe everyone!

      • I received an email about shipping delay today. Hoping everyone is safe!

      • I received an email about shipping delay today. Hoping everyone is safe!

      • They did send a message out that due to the virus, they were running behind. But, they are on the way

  10. Looks like fun!

  11. Smart – the perfume in Allure was a variation so I didn’t get it. But a guaranteed one, plus a giant dry shampoo? Looks solid!

  12. you know..l think I remember them saying last month they were going to send out hand sanitizer…I don’t know if it was glossybox or another box..oh well wait and see..also, my lookfantastic mother’s day box is coming next week can’t wait for that box it looks great…

    • I think I remember seeing wipes as the freebie/promo item in Popsugar??

    • I know The Box By Fashionsta said they were going to send out hand sanitizer in all the March boxes as a bonus item but then they had to shut down because of the virus.

  13. I would normally laugh at the addition of temporary tattoos, but the timing seems perfect, especially if you have kids or are bored AF at home like me. They will be silly and fun! Since Macy’s just ate it, I’ll probably get this one for the Flowerbomb, with the dry shampoo (again, PERFECT for rn since I need to stretch out my dye job until salons reopen) and other items being a bonus. Thanks, MSA!

    • I was thinking the same thing about the tattoos. My daughter will love them! I’m looking forward to trying the dry shampoo, and face exfoliator. That nail polish may go to my daughter.

    • What happened to Macy’s?

      • They are suspending their beauty sub for now.

  14. Wow! This is the first box in well over a year that’s tempted me to resubscribe. After that awful Easter Egg collection I’d lost any hope I had left for them. What a pleasant surprise!

  15. I just subscribed from their email. It said “5 amazing beauty products PLUS an extra treat worth over $170”

    Does anyone know what is in that box variation? What is the $170 extra treat?

    • I *think* (no guarantees) that the value of the whole box is $170 and the “special treat” is the temporary tattoos which are not a typical “Beauty product”. I can’t imagine Glossybox sending an extra item worth $170.

    • sounds like 6 products, with a total value over $170. Not one single bonus worth $170

  16. Does anyone know if the V&R perfume is a guaranteed item? I haven’t seen anything about variations this month. I cancelled my sub awhile back because I always got the worst box when there were variations.

    • They spoiled the Viktor and Rolf on the website and via email. So far, when they do that, the spoiled item(s) is in all boxes.

    • It say on their website that the box will be “filled with 5 hair, skincare, and makeup products PLUS an extra floral treat from Viktor&Rolf,” so it seems like every box will get it.

  17. The only thing I want is the Flowerbomb the rest is crap!

  18. I’m receiving variation 2… I wonder which variation the spoilers are for. It’s a really nice box.

  19. I ordered my first GlossyBox – thanks for the coupon code! This looks like a great box, and I actually like temporary tattoos … I don’t like the permanent aspect of real tattoos even though I appreciate the art, so I like to try out classy looking temporary ones for fun! The only thing I’m not excited about is the dry shampoo, because I hate dry shampoo, but I can donate it.

  20. I think the temporary tattoos look interesting. I would never actually buy them but I think they seem fun in a subscription box. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  21. Definitely an improvement over last month. I purchased an annual subscription with the Cyber Monday deal so I paid a lot less than $21 for it after cash back, so I am happy with the contents, even with the Avant being massively overpriced.

  22. I just checked glossybox says this box is worth 170.00….I don’t believe it..

    • Check the RV on the Avant product…they are usually quite high. I like the products from them that I’ve tried but would never pay their RV.

      • Also, Avant is on Zulily right now if you like their products. Items like a neck cream that is normally $122 is now going for $24.99. “Up to 75% off”

    • Avant is always over priced and that full size exfoliant is $114 at the Skinstore/Lookfantastic. There’s also a deluxe size of V&R at Sephora for $34 so maybe Glossy is using that value to make it over $170.

      V&R $23.69/$34
      Colab $5.49 (Target)
      Avant $114
      Nails Inc $11 (Sephora)
      Vitamasques Ruby Sheet Mask $3.99 (Target)
      Inked by Dani Temporary Tattoos $5.99 (Target)

  23. Order my first box! Looks good

  24. I’m wary of Glossybox because of bait-and-switch experiences I’ve had with them in the past. Do you know if this perfume is a guaranteed item in this box?

    • Same. Both my February and March boxes were very disappointing. That being said, I think the perfume might be a guaranteed item because it was in my spoiler sneak peek email that Glossy sent to me.

      I joined in February for a three month deal on a spoiler here that a few days later turned out to be for Germany. If this one is the box shown, then great. Just…..buyer beware.

      Also with this box, bear in mind that you need to cancel by the 13th-15th of the previous month. Apparently if you are a member still on the 16th, you have agreed to the next month’s charges.

      There are a lot of things to be wary of here. As soon as they send out my April box I am free! I think the only thing I cared for in February and March was the box itself.

      • Thanks for the helpful info! 🙂

  25. who really wants temporary tattoos from a beauty box…didn’t think good on this one glossybox..

    • The market for adult temporary tattoos is so small. This wasn’t a particularly classy move by GlossyBox.

    • My thoughts EXACTLY!!!

  26. Darn! The only thing I’d want is the Viktor&Rolf, I guess I will just wait for the swaps to open up.

  27. I’m absolutely loving this April box. No complaints at all. Even the temp tattoos can be a bit spicy and a definite game changer. Can’t wait to get it.

  28. I might subscribe for this box, i love the Flowerbomb perfume. The temporary tattoos are a bit weird and I wouldn’t use them and I dont use dry shampoo but I can give that to my MIL. I would use everything else. I think i am going to subscribe for this box

  29. Surprised to see full spoilers already!

  30. Going to be honest, the temporary tattoos are a bit of a throwaway, but the rest of the box is great! In spite of temporary tattoos this month I still think it’s a great box.

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