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FYI – Macy’s Beauty Box Suspending Subscriptions

FYI – Macy’s Beauty Box is temporarily suspending subscriptions (thanks for the heads up, Christa!):

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your continued support of our Beauty Subscription box program.

Due to COVID-19, we have made the decision to temporarily suspend the monthly subscription boxes.  Please be assured that you will not be charged for your monthly subscription during this suspension timeframe. As soon as the subscription resumes, you will receive follow up communication.

If you have questions about your current Beauty Box subscription, please visit your Macy’s Beauty Box Subscription to manage your account.

We highly value you as a customer and thank you for shopping at Macy’s!


Macy’s Customer Service Team

Macy’s Beauty Box is $15 a month. Each month you will receive five deluxe beauty samples, one bonus item, a collectible cosmetics bag and a $5 beauty coupon exclusively for Beauty Box subscribers, available for use online and in-store.

Check out our Macy’s Beauty Box reviews to learn more about this beauty subscription box.

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Comments (103)

  1. Allison, guess you were wrong lol

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Allison deserved that.

      I got billed for the October box yesterday so YAY! Macy’s box is back.

  2. Did anyone get the email from Macy’s about the Jo Malone box? It’s showing my subscription is still active so fingers crossed we will still get it!

    • I asked in a macys chat today when the beauty box would start again. The response I got was ‘’there is no start date at this time’’. That’s disappointing since I decided to keep this subscription and cancel Sephora playbox.

      • Sephora playbox ended this past Spring.

  3. Anyone else notice you can add on a past beauty box for $15 with any $35 purchase?

    But still no sign of when the subscription will be back….nor that fabulous Jo Malone box 🙁

    • Yes, I did notice the bonus beauty box offers and I was going to buy one but then it said it was sold out. In fact, all of them were sold out so I don’t know why they are still showing them as available. Disappointing because I got real excited at the idea of buying the past beauty boxes.

    • I wouldn’t count on getting anything else from Macy’s and certainly not the Jo Malone box.

  4. This is what my subscription is currently showing:

    Estimated billing date for June box is between 05/29/2020 – 06/08/2020

    So is it back on or what?

    • I saw the same. I hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • They won’t be back until July at the earliest

  5. Anyone know if there have been any updates regarding this subscription?

    • Jenifer S they are hoping to be back by July.

      • And I’m hoping to be queen one day lol they aren’t coming back.

      • Allison,you never know they might come back and you might be a queen lol….I am going by what they told me in my email,I guess we will have to wait and see,have a great day.

      • Lol 👍

      • I hope so! They’re having a beauty sale today and one item was from the march box 🙁

      • Joined this hoping to get Jo Malone. Unfortunately, I think Macy’s will be filing for bankruptcy before that box ships.

    • I checked it this morning and they’ve taken down the beauty sub box page. Fingers crossed they are just working on it.

      • I mentioned that further down and said how they told me they weren’t sure if they would be back but people just wanted to argue with me

  6. I’m a new member. I signed up especially for the May box. However it is showing that I will receive the June box. Wondering if anyone else has seen this in their account even if they are a longer term subscriber.

    • Mine is saying the same thing. Hopefully they pushed May’s box to June.

      • They are unsure when or if they are going to continue the beauty box so I wouldn’t hold your breath for a Jo Malone box or any future boxes from Macys.

    • It literally says no where on this post that the May box is being cancelled. It was posted on April 2nd. There has been no communication which month’s would be effect and if those months effected would be pushed out. Many people subbed solely for the Jo Malone May box.

    • Seriously, Holly? What are you going on about- it was a reasonable question.

      Lizc- I also saw in my account that I would be getting a June box and I am just as curious as you.

    • I signed up in the 3rd week of February and the terms were that I would not get the March box, that my subscription would start with the April box, so I’m not sure if anyone signing up in April would get the May box, but that their subscription may start in June normally.

      Also, on the beauty box page it says that their subscription list is full, so anyone cancelling right now may have to go on a waitlist if it comes back. I would suggest not cancelling.

      I’m so disappointed that I had to wait so long to get my first box and the boxes got suspended! Hope they come back! Meanwhile, I signed up for the Allure box the other day. I get the IPSY Glam Bag and I have really been enjoying that and all the IPSY sales!

  7. The beauty box account information on the website is totally gone. If you log into your account it just takes you to the main page. Pretty sure this subscription is over.

    • Interesting. I was curious about this so I tried to access my account. I was able to log in and see my beauty box account information without issue. Maybe you just happened to catch it when they were doing maintenance or some such thing?

      • I asked if they were coming back and the response was no final decision has been made yet but they are in the process of removing credit card information for the beauty box so yea it’s on the way out.

  8. I wouldn’t hold your breath for this sub box to come back.

  9. Still have not received an email about this on either of my accounts – if I didn’t see it on here I wouldn’t have know – I’m sure I am not the only I one. Odd.

  10. I recieved the April box today so I imagine most people will get their April box depending on when they closed the warehouse and if your box had left by then.

    • I got a text that my box was delivered at 4:24. I live in a tiny 1 bedroom. The text arrived at 4:27 and nope no box outside my door. Someone either stole it in 3 minutes or they delivered it to the wrong door. Bummed. This happens so often that I fear macys wont keep believing me.

      • Sounds like you need a post office box. Most companies won’t repeatedly keep sending you replacements especially if you are aware that it’s a problem.

      • I wouldn’t worry. When this happens to me, it usually means the first carrier has handed it off to USPS for delivery. I wish they’d make that clear. FedEx has had me waiting at home all day on a Saturday several times, only to find that the package was left at USPS for Monday delivery.

      • I would call and speak to your local post office. They are able to sort it out and make sure the delvery person knows there is an ongoing issue and they know to pay better attention.

  11. I did not receive an email, but went to their FAQs page and found it there. Crazy that they did not post this very important information on the main page. Guess the waitlist just secures that their customer base doesn’t diminish.

  12. To make this even more confusing, I received an email today that a waitlist spot is now open. Sadly because of their previous suspending beauty boxes comment I will not join at this time. :/

    Such mixed messaging!

  13. Ok, this makes business and safety sense, I realize. But in this crazy world I was looking so very forward to this treat. My birthday is in May and by then I think we will all be pretty ready for the happy joy of a surprise in the mail. Sniff!

  14. Noooo!😭 I was so gonna order more than 1 may box. No Jo Malone.

  15. I have been with Macy’s since the beginning. I did not receive any notice that they were going to suspend the subscription boxes. I, too, have been charged for April & received tracking info for my box (will be here in the next few hours). So … has anyone else received that letter, that they are suspending their beauty sub? Thanks!

    • This is the email I got a 10 am yesterday…..

      Dear Valued Customer,

      Thank you for your continued support of our Beauty Subscription box program.

      Due to COVID-19, we have made the decision to temporarily suspend the monthly subscription boxes. Please be assured that you will not be charged for your monthly subscription during this suspension timeframe. As soon as the subscription resumes, you will receive follow up communication.

      If you have questions about your current Beauty Box subscription, please visit your Macy’s Beauty Box Subscription to manage your account.

      We highly value you as a customer and thank you for shopping at Macy’s!

    • Yes I have received the email. I’m getting my April box (confirmed payment and shipping) but May is definitely being suspended.

    • I have two different email accounts – have not received that notice on either one.

    • Yea, I have been with the, from the start as well, but my email went onto the spam emails for some reason.

  16. I understand where they are coming from,they want to be safe and want us to be safe….But I am a little confused,because they took my payment on the 30th….They sent me a tracking number and the tracking number states that my box is at my post office as of 3 pm today,and that it will be delivered to my house tomorrow (Friday)…..So does this start with May’s Box,or did a few people get the April box,and the rest did not….Did anyone else get the April box,or a tracking number with your box on the way?

    • I have tracking info for my April box and it appears to be with UPS on its way to me. Whether that’s truly the case or not remains to be seen.

    • Mine should be delivered today as well. I’m thinking it’ll start with May’s box. I decided to actually cancel my membership altogether yesterday, because I don’t want to deal with the hassle of them possibly accidentally automatically (sorry for the awkward grammar there; I’m more of a numbers girl 😉 ) charge me anyways when they normally would have billed for May’s box. I’ll take a chance at miss getting the Malone box (assuming that’ll be their first box when they resume subs), and just keep an eye out for when they restart subs before re-subscribing.

      • Luna I did the same thing. I don’t think they will actually start up with sub boxes again so I don’t want to end up being charged again either.

      • Ooooooo so you think Macy’s will not start back up again?! I wonder because I’m sure everyone and their brother signed up for the job malone boes (some here are saying even more than one) so that would have given them a good amount of new subs, and it’s odd they announced the box and contents so early, because usually they do not announce it that early.

      • I do not think this sub box is coming back.

      • Sandy,

        Why do you think it wont be coming back?! Any idea on any other boxes??

      • I think alot of boxes will end soon. The sub box trend was already going away and many won’t recover from this. Macys department stores in particular were already struggling and I think they won’t bother continuing the boxes.

      • Sandy,

        You very well could be right. Macy’s had a sub box for a while and then just stopped one month and disappeared. Then a year or so later all the sudden they started their sub boxes again and have been going for a while. When they “closed shop” the first time there was no warnings or anything.

        I’m curious what people think other boxes COULD be in trouble or having issues. I know I’ve been subbed to a couple that poofed and kept billing people and then we had to dispute it with our banks and then the same people would start a new sub up a bit later on and keep going on.

  17. Hi all,
    I agree with Anna Banana. And a big thank you to all of the workers out there fighting this. We are in strange times and uncharted waters. Hang in there and stay safe. I do think this will not be the last box to be put on hold as many of our states go on lock down. Tomorrow will be my 3rd week and its been extended until 5/3 in the Bay Area CA. Trying to stay sane (and not gain a hundred pounds of wine weight on my bum lol) is something we all need to do. Thank you MSA for helping me stay entertained. Now if only the Oreo box was still around to make fun of! 😉

  18. I think it’s a great decision. Any mail or packages I get right now sit for quite awhile, we sterilize it then open. Im not looking to receive anything during these horrific times because I think all but truly essential services should be shut down. I do however feel very badly for the workers that are off and aren’t getting paid. I hope we suffer now to have this over quickly. My husband is essential and it scares me to the point I’m stressed. My daughter, husband and myslef are all compromised and is caus ing us all to lose sleep.
    Good luck everyone, stay well.

  19. Please remember to be kind to one another. Asking questions does not mean one does not care about what is going on in the world. Nobody is saying you don’t care what is going on in the world because you’re posting on a subscription addiction site. I work in a pharmacy, and watching the way some people act is unbelievable, so coming here is a welcome distraction from the crazies. Please don’t be one of those people. Be kind. It doesn’t cost a thing.

    • Well said, and totally agree 🙂

    • Can you just post this comment on every review? I haven’t seen any bad behavior in public but I also haven’t been in public except once weekly, crack of dawn grocery store runs. But I have sure heard about a lot. People still need an escape and although delays and cancellations are happening more frequently these days, it does not mean corporations get to take money and keep it without delivering a product.

    • I agree. I work retail in a very non-essential business. I am not sure how this company obtained an “essential” classification. Customers do not adhere to social distancing recommendations and they are unpleasant if you request that they do. They are buying home decor items, area rugs and generic clothing. The first of April was especially trying since it was “check day”. My hours have been cut to 31 per week (so far) and we have been told that further cuts are probable. Reading sub box reviews is the few minutes of normalcy I get each day. My heart goes out to health care workers and emergency medical personnel. Hoping everyone stays safe. Hopefully, normal will return by summer.

    • Well said.

  20. I posted this last night on the other Macy’s thread around 8:46/8:48 pm….


    Why did they even try to tease the Jo Malone during a Pandemic if they were about to shut it all down just a few days later? I have no money invested in this because I was just trying to join the waitlist last night when I discovered that they were suspending boxes for now.

    So I do feel for those who paid money and I hope that they get it returned asap.

    • I’ve been with macys box from the beginning and they have amazing customer service. Like no other subscription box. I’m assuming they will be just as good with refunds or using our payments to go towards the next box they can safely mail. I mean I’ve been shocked with how good their customer service is. Fingers crossed we get that Jo Malone when they start up again.

      • Wow. How do you get “great customer service from Macys”?? Please tell me. There are no local stores, and if I have box issues, if you call on the phone people have no clue what the sub box is and I’ve been on hold and transferred to different departments and spoke to many managers whom still had no clue what the “beauty subscribers box was” and if something is missing or other issues for the beauty box, I do not get any sort of help, let along “great customer service ” and I was with them from the start. When they had one for about a year, then randomly quit and then started back up until now…

  21. Good. People should only be working for essential reasons.

  22. I have two different box accounts – haven’t received an email regarding this on either one. On one of my accounts (which was on the waiting list) I received an email yesterday saying I was off the waiting list.

  23. I think we will get the April box , I LOVE Macy’s I hope they make it . Going to be hard most people won’t be shopping for cloths but then again most of us will either be gaining weight or loosing it so we might be shopping.

  24. I already received a shipping notice and was charged. I hope they’ll be issuing refunds!

  25. I subscribed just for the Jo Malone, so I am curious, too.

  26. Hahaha, of COURSE as soon as I finally decide to sign up! I’m genuinely laughing, not seriously upset. These are crazy times and I get it. Sorry for everyone who lost their jobs. Though it does make me pretty angry that these big corporations don’t have “emergency funds” like regular people are supposed to.

  27. It’s completely understandable as this is non-essential business .. I mean it’s nice to receive a beauty box while a stay-at-Home-orders are in place but I prefer for EVERYONE to be safe so this can soon pass. Let’s all stay positive and hang in there. Sending much love from Orange County CA 💖

  28. I signed up for the Jo Malone box. They charged my credit card last week. Will we get a refund? Should I request a refund? I have not gotten any email from them since signing up.

    • The charge should’ve fallen off by the next day. They only do an authorization when you sign up…they don’t actually charge until the end of the month. I signed up and they took out $15 but it was back in my bank the next morning.

      • Thanks WB. I signed up for the May beauty box last Thursday, and got their welcome email. I don’t know if they charged my Macy’s cc last week, but I just checked now and there’s no charge on my card for the box. Macy’s is still open for online shopping, but I can imagine they have numerous reasons for suspending the beauty box program during this pandemic. I’m a big Macy’s fan generally, but they were limping along financially even before the pandemic. I hope the company survives.

    • My credit card was also charged last week when I signed up but the charge remained in pending status. It was there till today morning but when I checked back now and that charge is gone.

  29. So they advertised the May box way ahead to get lots of new subscribers and then cancel it. I really don’t expect Macy’s to live through this except for NY and CA. They have looked more like Ross for a while.

    • Easy. An unexpected, worldwide health epidemic happened. Cut them a little slack.

      • This world wide pandemic was happening last Thursday when they put out spoilers for Jo Malone and sent tons of people flocking to their site to sign up for their beauty box.

      • You will be fine without overpriced fragrances I promise. People shouldn’t put themselves at risk so you can have a sub box. Outrageous entitlement.

      • Exactly! Loved ones are dying and the economy is taking a huge hit. Staying safe is more important than some sub box.

    • Macy’s beauty boxes are assembled in CA, no surprises on this.

  30. I already received my shipping notification and I was already charged. If it doesn’t get sent out are we going to be able to get a refund? Who knows when they will reopen

  31. They are doing the right thing,

  32. More subscription boxes from other companies will probably be suspending operations too. I wonder if Boxycharm and Ipsy will be included. I know California based companies like Colourpop stopped shipping because of the new law as they are nonessential workers/businesses that were told to close down.

    • it’s not a new law. it’s a temporary order. big difference.

    • IPSY has not suspended operations, thank goodness! In fact, they’ve been having all kinds of great sales in the last month. I’m afraid I have overindulged on IPSY items this month, lol. I’m just doing my part to stimulate the economy, lol. I sanitize everything that I get included the boxes and envelopes.

  33. They furloughed most of their workforce, so this isn’t surprising.

  34. You’re welcome! I’m sad cause I really wanted to try Jo Malone, but I understand. Everyone is going through hard times

    • As of 2 or 3 days ago, Macy’s furloughed 130,000 workers…

  35. I hope they do resume with the Jo Malone box. A lot of people signed up just for that.

  36. I’ve already received my shipping notice for the April box. I hope that means that will still be shipped out. Tracking says the UPS is waiting for it.

    • My tracking is saying that the box will be here on 4/4. They did charge for it

      • Same here. Tracking info shows my April box to be with UPS and on its way to me.

    • I already received my box on 4/1. Maybe the suspension start from May box?

  37. Liz – do you know if the Jo Malone box (May 2020) will still be sent once Macy’s resumes subscriptions? Thanks!

    • The world is in chaos who cares about Jo Malone lol!!

      • There may not be a Macy’s sub box in May. Or a Macy’s sub box program. Or even a Macy’s. Stop and think, people. How can anyone know the answers to questions about May sub boxes right now. Everything can change overnight.

      • Hey Angela! I care🙂

      • I agree, it is a reasonable question. If we have already paid for something it’s reasonable to want to know if we will receive that item.

      • People who signed up for Macy’s May box care, They want to know if they should wait this out or cancel and put the $15 towards another purchase.

        Beauty boxes might be a distraction from the uncertainty in these times for some. Some people are trying to make decisions about whether they need to cut all subscription boxes or which ones they should keep, If a person subscribed to Macy’s for the May Jo Malone box, they have a right to know if they will get that box instead of a regular Macy’s box.

    • I am wondering the same thing. I only subbed for May’s.

    • Yes please, I’d like to know this as well. I’m really looking forward to the Jo Malone box!

    • That is my question also.. i will still stay signed up if I know that will happen once they resume subs. Really dumb to reveal jo malone on the 27th and then now a notice on the 2nd that it may not be so. Wouldnt they have known that on the 27th??? Poor business decision!

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