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CAUSEBOX $24.95 Intro Box Available Now + Spoilers

The Spring Welcome box from  CAUSEBOX has sold out and the Intro Box is available now for $24.95! (CAUSEBOX is regularly $49.95) If you sign up for an annual subscription, your Intro Box is only $19.95!

It contains 5 full-size products (guaranteed S’well Bottle) with a retail value of $100+. The price for this Intro Box is only $24.95!
If you sign up for an Annual Membership, you will be able to customize beginning with the Summer Box, and will still save an additional $20 on your membership for the year!

The Intro Box will include:

This stylish, timeless, and iconic bottle will help you reduce plastic use, and build a healthy hydration habit. It keeps beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 12, it is made from 18/8 stainless steel, and its chic design and shape was made to fit in all common cup holders.
At home in a yoga studio, on a red carpet, or in a board room — it is the most beautiful and versatile bottle out there! Portions of proceeds from S’well sales go to UNICEF to help provide clean and safe water to the world’s most vulnerable communities. Members will get one of twelve gorgeous styles, selected by the CAUSEBOX team!


4 Additional Products

Your Intro Box will contain the S’well Bottle plus 4 of the most highly rated products from past (*vintage) seasonal boxes. Our team will select a complimentary assortment for you!

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc.

Check out all of our CAUSEBOX reviews for more information about this subscription box!


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Comments (104)

  1. I got my intro box today finally!! I got a Swell bottle with a Peacock print.. A Tribe Alive Caftan coverup.. a Wyld Konjac sponge.. A Daily hair vitamin.. and a set of 3 hair scrunchies (I am not thrilled about that but heck. it was only $25, so what a bargain!!!

  2. Hi everyone! I just got my box this morning. I got the swell bottle in red and white flower (big island design), tribe alive caftan coverup in nautical, PUR 4 in 1 correcting primer (energize and rescue) , Wyld Konjac facial sponge, and the scrunchies. I ordered for the bottle and am happy with the rest 🙂

  3. I got my intro box today. I ordered it to get the Swell bottle and got the pink and blue bottle. I got a three pack of scrunchies which I will never wear, a faux silk scarf which I most likely will use on my hair or give it away, a konjac sponge which I’ll eventually use, and the black clutch which I may gift. I was hoping for a candle but the price was good for the bottle which I’ll use. The rest were bonuses for me.

  4. My box arrived today. The contents were a scarf, set of 3 scrunchies, konjac sponge, black October clutch, and pastel blue and pink swell bottle. Swell bottles are 25, that’s why I got the box. And that’s really the only thing in it I value. The clutch smells too bad to use. I’ll let it off gas in the garage and see if I can use it later. I don’t care for the scarf print. Scrunchies? Please… I’ve got a million already. I’ll use the sponge eventually I guess. So not disappointed just underwhelmed. Yay S’well!

    • Yes! That clutch smells terrible! I got lightheaded immediately after opening it.

  5. I just received my intro box, and it included a black swell with blue and red floral print, scrunchies, a konjac sponge, broken earrings, and the red/orange swim caftan from last summer. I’m a little bummed, because I was really hoping for a candle or some skincare/body care. It did kind of feel like cheap leftover stuff. The caftan RV is $118, so that boosts the monetary value, but it doesn’t really translate to value for me…but I knew the risks going in lol.

  6. My intro box came! A blue and white Swell, a candle, a konjac sponge that is infused w/pink clay, a black clutch (I actually like it…NO GOLD) and some fancy cards. I’m happy-

    • I think you and I got exactly the same! I’m obsessed with the candle, use the Swell every day, and have been using the sponge, though probably won’t buy another of those. (I think it’s making my face break out but that might be from wearing a mask!) I gave the notecards to my husband. I loved everything so much that I subscribed!

      • I had to throw away the sponge. My face became covered in bumps, like an allergic reaction style breakout. It was odd.
        My candle is now 100% burned and gone; I enjoyed it a lot!

    • I also like the clutch but haven’t used it yet.

  7. Just received my box.. I’m happy I got the really cute pastel color S’well bottle, but the rest is horrible. Just leftover cheap stuff, no cream or stationary or candle.. a cheap looking scarf, scrunchies and a Konica sponge, which I will use.. my clutch was the black one, not really spring or summery and stink to all hell.. so I guess the ones of us who was in the last shipping batch will get the cheaper leftovers.. I’m just really glad I got the cutest bottle ( the one I was hoping to get)!

    • I got the same X 4. Ordered 4 to give as gifts, the swell bottle in pink/blue and the Wyld sponge were the only good things in there. The scarf, black clutch and scrunchies are bottom of the barrel items. I think that clutch was a real miss as they had so many left over and they are at least a year and 1/2 old. Glad it was only $25 because the value in it is about that.

      • Totally agree.. I’m sorry you got that same box 4 times! You think if they had the nerve to stick us with the cheap scarf, they would have match it with either the candle or the cream, in lieu of the scrunchies, not these 2 cheap items together? I’m sooo glad I canceled my sub before getting charge again for summer!

  8. I ordered 4/28. My box has shipped and weighs 0.2 lbs. I’m not very excited with what others have received, but I’d like more than an empty box

  9. Just got my intro box. I’ve got one with candle and stationery. Candle smell so good, loved everything in the box. This intro box was mother’s day gift from my son and I’m very pleased.

  10. I just received my intro box today – shipping weight 3.03 lbs. It included a beautiful plain textured blue S’well bottle, DermaE night cream, a konjac face sponge, a tan October Jaipur clutch (which is a little wrinkled), and a set of three scrunchies. I was hoping for the box variation with a candle and stationery instead of the night cream and scrunchies, but overall I think it’s a good value and I love the bottle variation I received!

    • I received the same one as well

  11. Anyone order the intro the end of April and still not get this???? I’m waiting but I see some people who ordered way after me have already gotten theirs.

    • Yes me too!

      • Srill waiting. I ordered on 4/28

      • I emailed them and this is there response:
        Hi Jacqueline,

        Welcome to the CAUSEBOX Community — thank you so much for writing in!

        Intro Boxes are actively shipping and will continue to ship through early to mid-June, on a rolling basis.

        As soon as your Intro Box hits the mail stream, we will send a shipping confirmation to the email address associated with your account so you are able to track your order, as well as view your expected delivery date.

      • Jacqueline, If I am not mistaken they told us all mid to late MAY. Never did they sell it under a June shipment. That is just wrong of them.

    • I still haven’t received mine and there are no updates on the website. I’ve tried contacting them and haven’t gotten any response back 🙁

    • Me too, I ordered April 29th. I’m trying to be patient, but I can really use some mail full of surprises 😛

    • Yes, no shipping notification or anything either. Nothing on fed ex.

    • I ordered on 4/28 and still haven’t received the box or a shipping notification. I received an email last night that the box will now ship mid to late June. Very frustrating, as I had emailed them earlier in the week and was told my box was processing. The bill date for the summer box is June 1, so I cancelled since I hadn’t received the intro box yet.

    • Order as soon as announced on their website and still nothing. Got an email from them yesterday now stating mid June and how appreciative they are that we are so patient and they have a harder time with fulfillment due to Covid..I’m about to cancel

      • We wanted to take this moment to share with you our most up-to-date shipping timeline for your Intro Box delivery.

        If you have not yet received a shipping notice, please know we have not forgotten you! We are still actively shipping Intro Boxes and expect all to have shipped by early-mid June.

        Copy/paste directly from the email that was sent out yesterday.

      • Ya, I canceled so the summer box wouldn’t be an issue. Saying you are going to ship mid May through late May, while neck deep in the pandemic when u sell it, and then switching it by a month and saying it’s pandemic related leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

    • They said when we ordered that they would START shipping mid May and they did, here is their latest update:

      We wanted to take this moment to share with you our most up-to-date shipping timeline for your Intro Box delivery.

      If you have not yet received a shipping notice, please know we have not forgotten you! We are still actively shipping Intro Boxes and expect all to have shipped by early-mid June.

      • No, they said they would be shipping mid May and end of May. It’s still on their update page. That is a whole lot different than mid July.


        “…Intro Boxes are shipping now and will continue shipping throughout May.”

        That is not mid June.

        ”Latest Update: May 19, 2020 — Summer is here! If you join today, your first CAUSEBOX will be the Summer Welcome Box which will begin shipping in early-mid July. If you are an existing member or purchased between 5/11/20 3:14pm and 5/19/20 12:00pm you are still on track to receive the original Summer Box — shipping mid-late June. Spring Welcome Boxes and Intro Boxes are shipping now and will continue shipping throughout May.”

    • Yes I ordered at the end of April and I have yet to receive one. I also received an email yesterday saying that it will be shipped between now and mid June. But on a positive note after seeing what others have received in their intro boxes I’m not overly excited about getting it anymore 😔

      • I haven’t even gotten that shipping update email yet, but I didn’t order until May 8th.

  12. I just saw someone posting a picture of the welcome box on Reddit and it’s amazing for $25!

    • What were the items??

      • Just in case you haven’t seen them, I’ve seen two variations:

        S’well bottle
        October Jaipur clutch
        Konjac face sponge
        Variant 1: candle and stationery set
        Variant 2: night cream and pack of 3 scrunchies

  13. Did anyone else have issues using their Known Supply $20 store credit? It won’t go through for me at all. 🙁

    • It doesn’t work on certain things, and I think you have to have a minimum amount due after the discount for it to work. What are you trying to purchase?

  14. Why am I not getting the intro price $24.95?

  15. I got mine today and I’m okay with it but not impressed enough to become a regular customer. I really just wanted the produce bags and I’m very happy with them. The duffel bag is cute and I’ll use it. The scarf is alright but not something particularly useful since it’s starting to get hot out. I was disappointed in the water bottle-I got the plain red one and it’s ugly. The ones they advertise are so cute and I was so bummed that I got the worst one! The eye cream seemed old and separated like products do when they’re old. It didn’t absorb well and left a goopy residue. The earrings I will regift, the hand cream is alright. A good idea since we’re all washing our hands so much right now but it smells like spearmint Orbit gum. Still, a good value. The produce bags alone are worth what I spent on the box (with the coupon).

    • I am assuming you got the welcome box and not the intro box?

    • The eye cream is all organic/natural without binders, a lot of people questioned it as it had separated and it needs to be stirred before use. Some love it, others don’t, but not expired per the company.

  16. I signed up for the Welcome box and it finally shipped yesterday.. I went ahead and added in the intro box just now because for $24 I thought my mom might like a fun surprise. The Swell box is about the price of the whole box so it is well worth it to grab one of these intro boxes for her. I thought about getting one for each of my sisters but can’t really afford to do it right now.. Maybe if they keep this offer up for awhile I will do that as well. I love the gift of giving and it will be so much fun to see how my mom likes this box!!

  17. how is this a spoiler post? there’s literally no spoilers considering that they’re aggressively marketing the Swell bottle all over the place.

    • Right?!

  18. Hi, has anyone received this yet? Dying to know what the products are… would love to order

    • They don’t start shipping until May 15th ish…so haven’t seen any posts yet on any of the Causebox Facebook pages. I have a shipping label, but FedEx hasn’t picked the box up yet.

  19. If I sign up for the intro box, will I be billed the full quarterly 54$? I just want to try the intro box for $24 , Will I be able to cancel without paying full quarter price? Thanks!

    • The INTRO box code is already loaded in the Causebox page so you will only be billed the $24 + any applicable tax. Give the system a minute to record it and you will see the $24 pop up before you click purchase.
      You will need to go into your account and near the bottom left there is a unsubscribe link, click on that an choose the subscription you just placed and follow the prompts to cancel that subscription. You do not need to wait for the box to ship, you will be invoiced for just the one Intro box.

  20. I’m enjoying Causebox. I do think, though, that they (and every other sub) could use some fresh ideas. I know they read these posts, so I’m letting loose with some of mine… What are yours?

    -jewelry: toe ring, anklet
    -naughty: vibrator, lube (all natural?)
    -lady things: (all natural?) tampons, pads, Thinx?, at-home grooming/wax kits
    – wearables, easy enough to use size as the customization option: tights, PJs, undies
    -practical wearables that I need to find a not-so-dorky version of: visor, fanny-pack
    -kitchen: slap-chop, other unique cooking/prep gadgets, fruit/veg wash, apron
    -food: smoothie mix, healthy/quick/easy cook book
    -orgnaizers/storage for mail, bills, kitchen, pet things
    -gardening: seeds, succulents, herb growing kit
    -energy alternatives (mud water!?)
    -dna kits
    -makeup-setting spray

    • Rocks box
      Slutbox (by Amber Rose!)
      Lola. That’s just the top three on your list. Basically the these all exist, you just have to look for them.

  21. One more question 🙂 Does anyone know when the next “Market” will be?

    • Towards the end of May

      • Thank you!

  22. Yes, I got one. The only issue is that it has a lower value than the usual boxes so it is price comparable.

    • What was in your intro box??

      • Hi RW I have not yet received my box.

    • Did you purchase one or actually get the box? They announced that they wouldn’t be shipping the actual box until mid May.

  23. Anyone else having issues with Causebox? I ordered the Spring Box on February 18th. They shipped my box early April, but the box was “lost” in the mail. They sent out a replacement a week later, and it was “lost” again. I live less than 40 miles from their HQ.

    • I am having the same issue. My box shipped on the 23rd. And seems to have disappeared after departing the Los Angeles fedex. I haven’t contacted Causebox yet. I also only live about 40 min away from their HQ.

      • I’m having issues too!!! Fedex tracking said it was supposed to be here on the 24th, still no box… I reached out and they said give it another week. Don’t have a good feeling about that…

      • I’m guessing it is a fedex issue. For me Fedex has been very spotty with their service lately. It has improved in the last 2 weeks, but for about 2 months, everything was taking forever.

    • Yes! Same here. This was my first ever Causebox. I eventually did get mine. FedEx had transferred to a Courier for delivery and there were no scans for weeks, then it showed back at the distribution center. I called both fed ex and causebox to inquire. It did show up extremely late. The courier (no scans for tracking) had then put it under my porch we’re it was rained on for a few days!

      Also an issue with my market order – bought and paid for a few items. They shipped a week or so ago. When I got my package everything on the packing slip was correct but it was short two items. I had to contact them again and they told me it was a warehouse issue and they were out of stock. Waited for months! I was definitely expecting them 🙁

    • Mine hasn’t even shipped…

  24. I went for it. I love S’well bottles.

    • Got it for the swell bottle too. Hopefully shipping isnt gonna be a crazy nightmare. I need those swell bottles mid july. They said shipping would start mid-late may. Fingers crossed

      • Since there is no customization they should just be putting a bottle and whatever items they have in the box and putting the mailing label on it and ship, should go much faster than a regular box that has options that they have to pick those specific items. I’m hoping I have mine no later than mid June. The first WELCOME box was received today/posted on one of the Causebox facebook pages so those are going out now.

  25. Hi, can anyone tell from the “drawings” what exactly the past items are? Thanks!

    • I don’t think they’re actually representations of any of the items that will be in the box. The only spoiler is the S’well bottle.

    • The bag looks like a tote I received from them in a past box. ????

      • Molly, that is what I am thinking, that they are items from the past – trying to do some sleuthing 🙂 was there ever a sweet fig candle?

  26. I just signed up and it says it’s the Intro box on sale for $24.95.. so I’m not sure but I think it’s the one that just had that 30% off coupon

    • The WELCOME box had a 30% off and was a full sized box with higher $ value. This is the intro box with approx $100+ value and was priced at 1/2 the normal full sized box.

  27. It’s a great deal for the bottle alone, but I don’t really want a “vintage” beauty product.

    • hahahahaha! Here’s hoping it’s a fresh batch of past loved beauty product 😛 — I just ordered my box and will keep everyone posted on what I get 🙂

  28. Ready for summer spoilers!

    • I’m anxious to see what’s in store for summer too!

  29. I’m highly tempted by this since I’ve only ever received one Causebox. I was going to get the spring intro box but didn’t want another one of the bags.

  30. If I sign up for this now, when would I be billed next? Thanks!

    • I just signed up a few minutes ago and it’s showing on my credit card – hope that helps! 🙂

      • Also, since spring is going out, I’m sure it will be a little while until they bill for summer (if you choose to keep with the box) — here’s what the site says:

        Latest Update: April 28, 2020 — If you recently purchased a new subscription (4/28/20 and later) you will receive the Intro Box as your first CAUSEBOX! If you purchased between 4/5/20 2:00pm and 4/28/20 5:00am you are set to receive the Spring Welcome Box. Spring Welcome Boxes are shipping now and will continue shipping over the next two weeks. Intro Boxes will begin shipping in mid-May.

      • Ok, now I had to know exactly…under their FAQ’s, it says the first of the month for March, June, September and December…So you will be billed right now for your intro box and then June for summer

    • It would be cheaper to sign up for this intro box and cancel that subscription. Then wait for the Summer box to come out and use a discount code to purchase that. They always have a 20% off a new sub available for their box. It only applies to the first box if you go annual, otherwise it would apply to your new quarterly Summer box. You would be billed at time of order for each, only existing quarterly boxes/annual if it is due, get billed on the first of the month, in this case June 1st for the summer box.

      • The Welcome boxes after the seasonal ones sell out are better than the seasonal, in my opinion.

      • Thanks for the tip!

      • So I could cancel the annual sub before June and not get billed except for the $19.95 Intro box?

      • Kim, yes if you chose quarterly and bought just the Intro box for $25, then you can go into your account now and towards the bottom of the screen on the left is a unsubscribe option, just follow the prompts and chose confirm cancellation. It will cancel that subscription going forward. You’ll still get your one box, but they won’t invoice you for any future boxes.

      • Thanks for this advice! I signed up for this just cuz I want the bottle. I don’t need any things like jewelry or skincare or candles but maybe they’ll make good gifts. Then I’ll cancel before they charge again.

    • Thanks everyone, I think I got my answer! 🙂

  31. Has anyone ordered this in the past? What do you guys think?

    • I have gotten their spring and winter box and love it! All useful, full-sized items for the most part, things you wouldn’t even think of buying for yourself! Beauty, health, accessories, things you can use everyday (I’ve gotten a purse, mugs, scarves, eye cream and more just to name a few). Check out their Instagram or Facebook for past boxes. They also have really great stories and posts for how to become more eco friendly and sustainable! Boxes are super cute too, I keep mine to store things like last seasons clothes, old books and others. I like this subscription box more than FabFitFun, though they do take a little longer to process.

  32. I just may have to order. Great price, 5 full size products for $25, yep already mentally in.

    • Can u order this if you’ve already ordered the Spring welcome box?

      • Yes, just do as add a subscription to your existing account, remember to cancel it so you don’t turn it into another subscription going forward/get billed on June 1st for another box unless you want to.

      • Thanks so much – I really appreciate it!

  33. I know it’s gonna be insanely show shipping – their shipping already sucks, and I’m sure with the world situation they’ll have further delays

    But if I order it now it might make a nice “Christmas in July” present for myself lol.
    Definitely tempted!

    • With no customization is should be a quicker process.

      • should I cancel immediately, I just purchased the intro about 30 minutes ago?

      • Erica, You can and you will just get this one box. You don’t have to wait to get it to cancel.

    • Hopefully with no customization options they go out a lot faster than normal.

  34. Wow. I can see where Cause Box found their business model.

    • Explain, please? I’m interested.

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