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BoxyCharm Premium May 2020 Spoilers!

Boxycharm Premium

We have spoilers for the May 2020 BoxyCharm Premium thanks to GlamWithSuzan!

The May box may include:

Too Faced Natural Matte Eyes Eye Shadow Palette

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Soleil Bronzer

Kevyn Aucoin The Expert Mascara


What do you think of the spoilers? 

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.


How do subscribers rate BOXYCHARM?

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Comments (68)

  1. I want the palette! I have the natural face, but these ones seem to be a bit more in my shades! Now watch this not be our choice items again… Hopefully I don’t space and log in for choice on thursday!

  2. I already have the face pallette and the two faced bronzer…I wish they would send items that have not been out for a long while where most people have already bought them during a sale, or whatever over the last couple years.
    The eye cream I have enough of to cream my whole neghiborhood and miles over , and really I do not think they work, and when I use my face cream I just use that under my eyes too.

    Also, not too hyped up over mascara. I’m wondering with everything that’s going on in the world if these boxes dont think to step up their products. I know they are planned a tear or so in advance, but they have to have a game plan to move things around in case of emergencies right?

  3. Is anyone else checking these spoiler pages over and over out of boredom? Every time I see new comments I get excited just for something read lol

    • Yes! I kinda wish they had a “share what you got” or “box first impressions” post just so we can discuss so I don’t have to keep finding the old spoiler post.

      • They used to have “forums” here that were very , very amusing to just read, but I thi k people started getting upset and feelings hurt and then others were screaming for someone to come in and babysit the forums, which was insane since it was supposed to be adults but seemed more like a free for all where parents didnt teach the whole “sticks and stones ” saying…lol. I never participated just read but it was fabulous and anybody could create a forum to talk about things. No photos to share.

        If someone was smart they would create an app like the hush one was where you would but makeup, but the hype was the networking and posting pictures and chatting and asking question about looks etc but was way more intimate then youtube.

    • Haha yup! I looked up all these products and I was kind of meh about some of them at first but now I think I would be thrilled to try any of them out!

    • Lol yes out of boredom and anticipation

  4. Ok, I really want the too faced palette and the Kevin acquon mascara. (Did I spell his name right …lol… I don’t think so.) April box was crap and such a huge let down for me so I’m just gonna sell the box so someone will be very happy. 🙂

    • Yes !! I’m excited about this box. You’re right, the April box was a huge dud.

  5. If i cancel, so I lose my charms or get them back if a sign again in the future ?

    • You lose any charms when cancelling. They won’t be reinstated if you sign up again, so use any prior to cancelling or you’re SOL unfortunately

      • I cancelled one account that I had quite a few charms on and they constantly email me to sign back up and use my charms, so I think they do stay for a while

      • Omg really?!? THIS is exactly what I hate about Boxycharm 🤷‍♀️ Their policies/procedures seem to change nonstop case by case. So strange.

      • Mine has always stayed. My roommate rubbed after a year and their charms were still there.

      • Yea I don’t think I lost my charms when I cancelled. At least when I cancelled regular boxy, and right now all I have is premium. But now I’m contemplating going back to regular bc April’s box really sucked. I didn’t get to choose bc I got on at 5pm that day and all they had left was the blush or the eyeshadow and I didn’t want either. Was really disappointed. And I wanted the Lunar Beauty Palette, got the Smashbox, but thankful at least that I didn’t get PUR.

    • For Base Boxy I got January, cancelled for February and March and re-signed up for April and my 300 charms from January are still there. So, the charms did stay there for me.

      However, I would not feel confident relying on that, if you know what I mean.

      • They have always stayed thee for my roommate. Even after they cancelled for a year, they resubbed and points were still there too. This was over 2 years now.

    • I cancelled all my Boxycharm boxes and my charms were there for over a month. They are actually the reason I signed back up. I saw the Moroccan oil spray and signed back up just to use my charms to get it. I had cancelled Boxycharm back in February and resubscribed on April 2nd. I had 3800 charms

  6. Can’t wait for swaps to reopen I want the palette!

  7. I love the skin & co products that I have received before.. I would.likento try the eye cream..

    • Me too, I got their cleansing oil in a Fabfitfun box and it was wonderful. I ended up trading for another one and used it up too. I’d love to try more of their products!

  8. Anyone want a pharmacy honey mask?? I will trade for the barbie palette

    • ill buy it off you

    • Back before I did subscription boxes, the Too Faced Natural Matte Eyes Eye Shadow Palette was my go to for neutrals. It was the first palette of eyeshadows that I ever used where I felt comfortable to experiment. Hit pan twice with this palette.

      And I know, I can hear people say what? Experiment with subtle neutrals? That’s right. Sometimes when you work in an ultra-conservative office setting, it’s about knowing where your guardrails are and pushing those boundaries…

      • I know what you mean, I get so excited for neutral palettes in my boxes so I can actually try them out for work!

    • I got the barbie palette and want the farmacy!! How do we swap with the site down? We’re not supposed to give our email address in the comments. I did link my website. You can contact me through that. I’d keep the barbie but I bought it 4 months ago. It’s so freaking pretty!

  9. I’m not super excited but I don’t hate anything either lol

    • If you sign up for premium, does it replace base box, or would I get both base and premium? I’m liking these spoilers

      • If you sign up for premium, you will get both boxes unless you cancel the base box (which you can do after the first month and keep just premium).

  10. I don’t do Too Faced, so I’ll probably cancel. I’ll see what the choice items are.

    • Im so over too faced palettes! Their all the same! Rather see colourpop palettes or anything different! I thought them having manny muas palette was a great change up of something different!

      • I agree…. it would have been nice if the regular customers got that palette and not just the boxycharm influensters. I got a decent box.. I just dont like the coverfx primer because i keep getting primer.all of the time.

      • I’m not an influencer and I got it…I don’t understand BC. I see a ton of ppl commenting that consistently month in and out they’re getting zero of the ‘star items’ and instead just black liners or cheap lip pencils. While I’ve gotten shades that were way off or stuff not to my taste, but I’ve never gotten a box that was just crap stuff that wasn’t even in the spoilers. Does this routinely happen for real?!

      • Laura in all honesty this was the 1st time it ever happened from to me in boxyluxe and I was shocked, because I would always get great products that I could use all if them slowly it got to where I couldn’t use 2 maybe 3 but I could gift but the box I got in March was horrible. They sent me 3 repeat items and 1 was the solder janeiro minis..when I complained they brushed me off so I cancelled. I have gotten maybe 2 boxyc basic boxs that werent good, but I have talked to alot of people who have felt cheated and were upset more than 3 or 4 times and cancelled their boxes. It happens and its stinks, but I just gift the products and purchase the ones I want or trade. Laty I just been cancelling and looking for new boxes that I think are best for me.
        I’m excited that you received the Manny Mua palette please let me.know how it works because I might purchase it or look into trading for it. Have a safe and happy weekend.

      • It certainly does for me. I am so mad at myself for not canceling Premium months ago. I just opened my fourth almost total crap box. Month after month I see these great spoilers that would really work for me but I just get completely inappropriate unusable stuff. This time I got yet another hair product that I can’t use since I have stick straight baby fine thinning hair and a smoothing spray will only weigh it down and grease it up further. I also got that clearly way overstocked beach spray (didn’t even know that was a possibility this month) that I already bought in a pop up sale and haven’t even used the first yet. It’s nearly Summer and I don’t use oils in hot weather. I was most disappointed to see that I got the face cream instead of the ND blush especially since I thought since I didn’t get the ND blush/highlighter palette last time I had at least a slight chance. But OF COURSE I didn’t get it again because hey what difference does it make that I’ve been a subscriber for six or seven years now? NONE. I got an orangey nudestix lip paint I definitely can’t pull off. I got the Smashbox palette which was my last choice (Barbie palette, Farmacy mask, MUA palette and then Smashbox in order of desire) and the toner I picked although after reading a bunch of reviews I’m a bit scared to use it on my sensitive skin. So for me this was absolutely $35 down the drain. And I do not care that the RV is there because when you can’t use the stuff it has no value. I know I am taking this too seriously but it’s just such a slap in the face to see awesome spoilers everywhere each month and try to think positively or rationalize (like the ND situation thinking odds were I’d get it the 2nd time) only to get completely let down in nearly every product. Especially when I have spent several thousand dollars over the past 6-7 years if you count the different box types, add-ons, pop ups, etc.
        Even my Fenty box was a drag because as usual I got unusable colors (for me.)

        It’s my fault for not getting rid of Premium sooner. But what really stinks is that my base box, which had been just as bad as Premium as far as the crap variants for well over a year, has been above average for about six months now. Not great, not influencer-level but a very good fit for me most of the time. Unfortunately I got my base box today as well and it’s terrible as well. Another stupid liquid highlighter when I don’t even wear them and have about 100 anyway because every beauty box sends them almost every month and even lifestyle boxes have them frequently. The cheap brush set and…drum roll please…ANOTHER makeup eraser! Don’t get me wrong I use them sometimes but I have plenty. And I have never had to purchase a single one. And while I was prepared for the Benefit primer and it’s a good product, in addition to disliking Benefit due to animal testing, that primer is just so old school. This was by far the most boring box I’ve ever received in all my years of subscribing. Thank God for the Elemis serum I picked or I would’ve lost another $25 this month.

        Premium is definitely OUT. I may even get rid of the base box. Honestly I’ve felt guilty for supporting a company that has a long and heavy track record of questionable (to put it nicely) business practices and blatantly unfair treatment of customers for a while now. And I truly don’t need any beauty products with the gigantic stash/backlog I have now. Plus there are too many other decent or better sub boxes out there to keep settling for all this overstock and last-choice junk. I really wouldn’t be so bothered if they didn’t show off all the great stuff I MIGHT get and I didn’t see all those amazing things in PR boxes and a handful of “regular” people’s boxes. It sounds like you’re one of those lucky few. I thought I was becoming a bit luckier with my base box and that would’ve been enough for me. But since that’s over already it’s time to cash in my charms and say goodbye to Boxy.

      • Damn. I totally understand the frustration! It’s a LOT of money, especially over time, and right now? The disappointment hits even harder.
        I’m really sorry to hear about your crap experience(s) 😔

        Do you happen to recall the weight/dimensions on your base box? I chose the Elemis Cica Juice stuff too, but I can’t seem to find a match for the weight (1.375lbs) anywhere 🤷‍♀️

      • Yeah, I kind of hoped for the Life’s A Drag palette, but didn’t get it. I do see that the Lunar Beauty Strawberry Dream palette is on sale (clearance?) at Sephora, so maybe Boxy should try & get their hands on some of those! I personally think that one’s even prettier than Life’s a Drag.

      • Maria,
        I think most of us have been frustrated by the same kind of thing.
        The beach spray is really good….on your skin. I use it after getting out of the bath and spray it on my skin and the oil sinks in quick and leaves a light scent behind. When I got it in my box I had no clue it was hair stuff. Lol. But its lovely for arms, legs etc.

        Also, for highlighters, if it’s a powder i will break it up and add one or two pans into a brand new bottle of lotion. And then shake it up really good and you can even add the liquid ones as well. It gives just a slight healthy glow to the lotion a d looks really pretty. I’ve also never had an issue of it flaking off or leaving marks on clothes either, so it’s a win win. Granted, I have waaaaay more highlighters than I know what to do with, so adding a couple into body lotion gets rid of them and looks kind of nice on my arms and legs, and tops of my feet.

    • So I paid for my base and then got approved for premium 2 days later and charged. Can I cancel base now

  11. Unlike most, this is really my style of products. LOVE the truffle therapy.

  12. The base box looks better than the premium so far I have both of these too faces items they are ok base shows spoilers for glam glo mask Elemis pads and hourglass highlighter which seems more premium in my opinion

  13. Not appealing to me at all, which is good – it will give me an excuse to cancel my Premium box.

  14. I don’t know about this box. The palette does look really pretty, but I don’t really need it. I’m going to have to see what the other spoilers are.

  15. I am gonna cancel the premium. Tried the Expert mascara, and not impressed. The Volume Mascara by Kevyn Aucoin is the real bomb though.

  16. oh yes, I want them all…

  17. Really hope this is choice, the only thing I’m interested in is the mascara.

  18. It seems like this premium box is getting less and less premium.. not thrilled by the spoilers.

    • Agree, very meh.
      You can’t skip with Boxy, right? You have to cancel?

      • You have to cancel

    • Omg I agree! It started strong with everyone getting the same box and now some get Natasha denona and others get cheap brushes and wander mascara🤨

      • No kidding!! I got the cheap brushes and Wander mascara and some other crap in my April Premium box! Not impressed!

      • They gave me the natasha denona blush, the brushes and the wander mascara.. the blush is pretty but I’m going to gift it. I also got the too faced lip gloss, farmacy honey and And coverfx primer which will be given away also.

      • Hi! I got the cover fx primer too, but wanted everything else you got! Would you want to trade the ND blush and farmacy mask for the life’s a drag palette and lavido or more brushes? I’m really looking to trade for the farmacy mask. rachelnanny at hotmail. Thanks!

    • Same with the luxe. March Luxe was by far the worst yet. Boxycharm have REALLY fallen off in terms of quality in the past few months. Just one more BBSS that is driven by pulling in new subs instead of actually having any customer service.
      I’m still trying to get a product that was apparently shipped the first week of February. They’re so useless I could actually scream.

      • I agree. I actually cancelled luxe last month.

  19. Don’t need more mascara that looks like a mini bronzer I have one just like it and that palette is boring

    • What kind of palette did you receive? If you dont kind me asking?

    • Why do you think it’s a mini? It looks exactly like the one I have.

    • I got the farmacy I agree its getting so prem is worse than box but not any of it is hitting on much i have received last months add-ons finally yesterday but still don’t have the month before I spend almost 100 a month I get boxy and prem and lux when available instead of my boxy. I want all I have paid for and I’m done its bad I stayed to get popup and add-ons but I can’t seem to find my package also I have emailed daily I get the same computer response and 1 human time I think I’m sick of it they don’t care what they do last month I also got more in my boxy than prem I was shorted 2 products and did not get my choice yet any sucks why ask us what we want and give what we ask u to not give us anything like saying so what u paid for what u did not want, and we made u think u could pick 1 or 2 products its like they only send me what I said I did not like I have spent 250.00 the last 2 months in add-ons and I have not seen the first months, and they don’t care I referred 3 ppl got nothing I would like to trade mask for palette or something I love wander mascara but sick of not getting anything I want I did not get a makeup eraser. pam

      • Hey there Pamela Burris…. just wondering…..

        When you email and get the automated email reply do you reply to that email? It states in that email that you need to reply if your question has not been answered and a person will reply back to you within a day or so. Everytime I have emailed they do respond to my reply within a couple hours, so I am wondering if you possibly missed that important step in the process.

        Other than that you can always go to there Facebook, Twitter or other social media pages and comment on a post there about your issue. Someone will definitely reply to you and reach out. Also, you can choose one of your products each other which I am sure you are aware of. Choice for luxe and premium members is this Monday I believe. There is not a set time of day it opens but if you follow people that are boxy charm reviewers on YouTube like glam with Susan or others they post on their social media accounts as soon as it opens so you can get notification through them on when the choice time kicks off and be one of the first to pick so your chances of getting what you want are higher.
        I personally think they do a great job in comparison to other subscription makeup/skincare boxes in the market. If I do not like a product or two I just save it and gift it for birthdays or Christmas. For me it’s not a huge upset. I do not always get what I wished for in the boxes and I subscribed to all 3 levels. But, I think the value is out of this world in comparison to buying products retail. Do I need another this or that right now? No maybe not but I save big in the long run. And, to be honest I would have never known about or bought for myself a lot of these higher end skincare lines or palettes. $50 or a $100 for one item that you find in the boxes is seriously pretty freaking amazing in my opinion when you are paying $25, $35, or $50 for the whole box. But, who am I? Everyone has an opinion mine is just different than a lot of the posts here.

  20. I am a too faced junkie so this looks awesome☺️

  21. This is very nice palette, but I already have this one and shimmer one 🙁

  22. Meh.

  23. Oh these look great I am actually pretty excited for the eye shadow pallete

  24. Dang! I already have this palette…but it is a wonderful palette for those who don’t own it😊❤

  25. I am really interested in the eye cream. Everything else isn’t doing it for me. I don’t wear neutral colors and I don’t need bronzer for my skin tone. And well, mascara thanks to my three glam bags, I am stocked for the next 5 years at least.

    • 👍

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