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BoxyCharm Premium April 2020 Spoilers Round #4!

Boxycharm Premium

We have more spoilers for the April 2020 BoxyCharm Premium box!

The April 2020 BoxyCharm Premium box may include:

IGK Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Smoothing Spray

Brush Set

Wander Beauty Mile High Club Mascara


Natasha Denona Blush Duo 

Lavido Age Away Replenishing Cream

The choice items for April were:

The April box will include one of the following:

  • Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask
  • Smashbox Eyeshadow Palette
  • PUR x Barbie Eyeshadow Palette
  • Manny MUA Lunar Beauty Life’s A Drag

Here’s a closer look at each product:

Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask

Smashbox L.A. Cover Shot Eyeshadow Palette

PUR x Barbie Eyeshadow Palette

Manny MUA Lunar Beauty Life’s A Drag

What do you think of the spoilers? 

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.


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Comments (89)

  1. I love mine, I got the Manny Mua! I actually had a great base and premium boxes this month, I need to mark it on the calendar because that never happens!

    Anyone disappointed by not getting the Farmacy product, it’s one of my least favorite products by them. I think I chunked mine over half full. Now some ppl may love it, but it’s a must miss for me!

  2. Mine is 2.65 pounds……anybody else have that weight and get the manny mua pallette?!?!

    That’s ALL I am hoping for out of base and premium….lol …mine isnt supposed to show up for a couple more days.

  3. I did not receive my choice item!

    This April boxycharm premium box I set my choice as the coverFX cloud primer and it was confirmed on my account, and when I got an email that my box has shipped there was a link with the products I was going to receive with the cloud primer included. But the box I received in the mail did not have the cloud primer or 2 other things that said would be in it! I was so sad! One of the items was supposed to be the Natasha denona blush! I contacted them but waiting for a reply. Has this happened to anyone before?

    • I have never got an email telling me what’s in it. They have sent emails showing items that COULD be in there that month.

      I’m sure they have a super small group packing this month so I’m sure a lit of mistakes will happen. If anything send them the screenshot of the email you got that confirmed your choice and they MIGHT send your choice, but you never know about boxycharm help centre. Lol.

      Goodluck and I hope you and your lived ones are healthy and doing well during these crazy times. I hope everyone is doing good !
      And I’m glad boxy and ipsy are sending boxes because some are not.

  4. Oh, BTW! I read choice for REGULAR box next month will be on Monday 4/13 for boxyluxe subscribers and waitlisters, and full access choice will be on the 14th… so apparently we will get only leftover choices for regular box as you know the cream of the crop will be all sold out when the normal subscription boxers finally get to make their choice…
    I’m guessing that last luxe box was so horrible they want to give them an advantage every regular box month just to keep people subbing to it (luxebox). I was happier with my regular box I got that luxe month, even though I didn’t get to make a choice because I downgraded from luxe since the luxe looked so bad, after regular box choice had already happened. Good luck with choice wars, I hope you all get to choose what you want before it’s gone!

  5. I was surprised my box had the Farmacy item I wanted! That was a shock, especially since my profile is for make-up heavy boxes lol. So what i got is:

    Farmacy: Honey Potion (yay me!)

    Kopari: Coconut face cream (that was my choice)

    Lavido: age away replenishing cream (uhm… okay… more skin care…. <.<)

    IGK: Good Behavior (Ugh on that… I put I like brushes, not hairsprays. My hair is thin and flat, going in my gifting box I guess (where other unusable for me items go lol))

    Wander Beauty: Mile high club (omg! It's make-up! Even though I don't like getting mascara cause I have too much still)

    NudeStix: Magnetic lip plush paints (and one last make-up item yay. Still, this was very very skincare heavy… did you look at my profile boxy? xD )

    Box was 2.2lbs btw!

    • Oh dear, that is the same weight of my box. I picked kopari too and thought for sure I would get the ND because surely they wouldn’t send two face creams in one box, ugh. The only thing I really want is the ND blush.

      • Yeah, I thought it was weird they gave me the face cream instead of the blush too, just because Kopari was a face cream. I don’t like/wear blush though and I had blush as one of my receive rarely items and I thought that’s why they didn’t put the blush in there for me. I hope you still get the blush somehow, or at least are able to find someone you might be able to do a trade with. The anti-aging cream I will just throw my moms way and see if she likes it.

    • TY for putting weight in!!
      Super stoked as mine is 2.2lbs
      Fingers crossed box is same as yours.

      • I am glad you like this variation then!! Always great to get the one you actually wanted!

    • I got this exact box but it didn’t have the mascara. Was super bummed as I can’t use any of it. I prefer makeup heavy boxes, too. Glad you got the Farmacy!

      • I prefer make-up heavy usually too. Only reason I wanted the Farmacy this month instead of just a palette is I got a palette as choice for basebox and I like farmacy items. Though tbh, I really had my fingers crossed for either smashbox or the farmacy, so if I had gotten smashbox I wouldn’t have hated it it lol.
        My base box though was the biggest bust of my boxycharm life. Palette came as the caramel melange and those colors do not work on me, they are ugly to me. I like blues, greens, adventurist. They had 10 palettes to get it right and they got it sooooo wrong. Then they filled the rest in with tools! I got the sponges, the brushes, and the eraser! Wth, gimme my make-up! ;_; I just couldn’t believe they would put all those three in the same box. Like just sponges and brushes alone being in the same box is messed up to me, unless it is luxe where there would still be room for actual make-up… I may cancel next time they send me that type of set up. When I didn’t like last luxe months spoilers look, I actually took my $25 I saved by lowering my sub back to base box and bought a palette off Sephora with it. So boxy, don’t make me take my mula elsewhere! xD Next time let us pick the palette colors at the least!

  6. Just got mine. Variation 57 (2.6 lb). Overall happy!

    Lunar Beauty Life’s a Drag palette (was hoping for Smashbox but this looks fun)
    Peach & Lily toner (my choice)
    Lavido cream ($69 really? Hope it does something good)
    Opulent beauty brushes (eh, will throw into my pile)
    TooFaced lip gloss (probably give to someone)
    Wander Beauty mile high mascara (tried this before and wasn’t impressed but so many people love it so I’ll give it another go)

    • That was my box too!

  7. Just got my first Premium box & I LOVE it! I got Variation 51:
    – Smashbox Palette + Eyeliner (currently have SO MANY palettes; will probably swap this so it can get the love it deserves from someone else)
    – Peach & Lily Toner (hoped for this!)
    – Lavido cream
    – IGK good behavior spray (DESPERATELY hoped for this!)
    – Nudestix lip paint in Waikiki Rose (wouldn’t buy from this brand but the color looks nice so I’m not mad about it)
    – M. Greengrass dry oil spray (I actually followed this item on the MSA swap site, so I’m stoked to get it in my box)

    • Aaaaand Mom has already claimed the Lavido lol

    • I would totally swap for that palette!

    • I’ll swap you my spray if you want it for an eyeshadow palette

    • Marion,
      What was the weight of your box ?

      • 3.1 lbs!

  8. I got mine today and I am SO disappointed. I would have been happy with almost any of the palettes and most of the DOC lippies, but I got all 3 of the skincare products for dry skin (Farmacy, Lavido and Kopari), while my skin is oily and acne prone. I wanted a heavy makeup box, but the only cosmetic I got is the Nudestix lip paint in a shade that washes me out. The last item was the R+Co protein spray, but my hair is fine and flat, so that’s also a bust. I’d feel better if we could swap, but man, what a bummer after finally getting off the waitlist after several months.

    • Sorry I was confusing the boxes–I would have been happy with ANY of the palettes and basically everything except for what I got. 🙁

    • I wonder if they have a smaller staff due to the quarantine and are just kind of throwing things in boxes. It seems odd they would put so much skincare in one box if you didn’t want it. Ugh. I’m not looking forward to mine.

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking–that even if I got one skincare item, I’d still get other types of products not THREE if the same type.I’m sure this is someone’s idea of a great box. 🤷‍♀️

    • I agree I don’t care for the fact that they even send hair care products. Like hair care is too exacting. I don’t mind hair care tools just not the hair care products

      • I agree. I don’t use a blow dryer so all these “heat activated” hair products are useless to me.

    • I’d love to trade my Smashbox palette for your Honey Potion!

    • Lori,
      What was the weight of your box ?

      • 2.3 lbs, but was the same as others with 2.2 lbs (even though I had one less item??).

  9. I feel like the spoilers for base has been better lately. How come base get Elemis while premium gets everything else? And those brushes for premium don’t look any better, they acutally look cheap to me comparing to the set that base is getting. I really feel like actually value wise, base and premium have not been too different and I keep questioning myself if it is worth $10 to get the upgrade…

    • I agree. I was so excited to get off the premium waitlist and I’ve been disappointed since. But at least I have a nice stash going to give as donations or Christmas presents.

      • I’m with just about everyone else on this one, the first choice had 3 pallettes and 1 skincare item and I received the skincare, 2 haircare products, which I am not into at all! I did get the Natasha Denona blush duo but the color is probably not going to work for me! I am getting the Nude Lip paints, which I am happy about the nudes, not sure about the paint part lol, I’m not big on matte lipsticks, I glosses to be honest as my lips are always on the dry side, I exfoliate and use moisturizing lip masks morning and night and all throughout the day but my lips are just dry and do not tend to do well with lipsticks, so we’ll have to see about that one, I am excited to try a new product though! And of course another face spray! This box is extremely boring for me, my last base box I received an entire box of skincare, not one makeup product in a makeup beauty box, I complained ,but I got the same reply I always get, we strive to give our members a unique variety of both makeup and skincare, our boxes vary from month to month, blah blah blah! April’s base box looks sooooo much more promising than the premium box, how is that? With a $10 difference and I am more excited about the cheaper box, Boxycharm needs to step up their game, they are getting boring as F#&$ fast!

  10. does anyone know when boxycharm will be shipping out this month…usually I have mine by now..not even a email for shipping yet?

    • I got an email yesterday with delivery date for today. FedEx says delivery scheduled for today, but it’s almost 5pm and apparently hasn’t left the FedEx warehouse yet, so..?

  11. I picked peach and Lily so I won’t get the Fatmacy. Booo.

    • You might! Farmacy was not a choice item. It’s a variant to the palettes.

  12. I am super psyched about the ND blush. I wanted that bloom palette so bad when premium started. It does seem like now that I’m off the waitlist there are way more variations which I can’t stand. I still can’t believe they didn’t let us choose one of the palettes.

  13. I hope to get the Farmacy and either the Barbie eyeshadow palette or the Manny MUA palette, ND blush and the Hair spray. When Choice was up I only had the Becca Blush (I have them all) and the Stila glitter and glow (have a ton) were available so I chose one of each for each box I have two premium subscriptions. I don’t remember what the choice for base box was now?! I have three base box subscriptions. I should cut down since I also do Ipsy and Ipsy plus but its the only thing making me happy right now with all this crap going on in this world besides the fact that everyone I love is healthy.

  14. I just joined boxy premium yesterday…hope I get a great box..

  15. I’m sooo sorry. Sending love and light your way. I have lost a few fur babies myself and I know how difficult it is.

  16. I like most of the items so this looks like a good box

  17. I actually like all the items. Looking forward for this box!

  18. I’m so annoyed bc I’m STILL WAITING on my Boxyluxe. I cancelled basebox and now wish I’d cancelled this as well.

    • I believe you have to have the base box to get luxe box unless you get premium box and cancel base box. This is how I understand it to work. I hope you get this worked out and get the box/boxes you are hoping for.

    • You have to have basebox to get boxyluxe, because it’s an upgrade from base for that luxe month. They literally say this on the website, when you sign up, and it’s in the FAQ. Since you said you wish you also cancelled luxe, congrats cause it looks like you did since you cancelled base.

  19. I’m so very sorry friend. Sending you a big socially distanced hug

  20. The brushes are from a company called Dynasty Group USA LLC. They look really cheap on their website.

    • Great. I was just think they look cheap af

  21. I am NOT FEELING these spoilers. I already have like 3 of those Wander Mile High Club mascaras. It’s always in sub boxes and doesn’t fit into the “premium” theme, IMO. Those brushes look like they came from Claire’s. It’s a no for me 🐶. If I get the ND brush palette and the Manny palette, I’ll be happy.

    • *blush

    • When we can mail things again, I would be thrilled to take those mascaras off your hands.

      • What do you mean when we can mail things again? I mail every day. The post office is still open. Besides the grocery store and Walmart, the post office is the one thing that is still open.

    • That is the combo I am hoping for as well!!! I dont really want anything else here, and those brushes look cheap and the mascara I already have from allure and cant wear because it makes my eyes water.

  22. Time to take a break from premium😞 it started so strong but now regular boxy looks better..

  23. Now that i see the natasha denona blish idk if i chose the right item, becca blush 🙁

    • I wish I’d picked the Becca blush. I think it looks much higher quality than the ND. I normally lust after her products but I tried a blush/highlighter combo last year that was not impressive at all. I’m talking Wet ‘n Wild quality. And although this duo is not the exact same compact it’s not rated very highly. People complained about the lack of pigment and having to go over and over it which was exactly what I experienced. Unfortunately I picked the toner and then regretted it after reading tons of reviews. They were mostly positive but there were many people that said it was quite harsh. So it may not work for my super sensitive skin. I almost chose the blush because it looks so pigmented and I usually like Becca products but I have so many blushes already I thought I should pick something else. Had I known the ND blush would be a variant I definitely would’ve picked the blush. So don’t sweat it. You probably will be much happier with the Becca.

      If you get it and still feel like you’d prefer the ND just post a comment and if I get a ND Blush duo I’d be happy to trade you.

      • That makes sense, I’ve never been disappointed with Becca product yet. I guess the regret was from all of the hype about ND eyeshadows.

      • I chose the becca blush for my box . I would love to trade with you if you get the natasha denona.

      • I missed the choice, hoping for the ND blush, will be super bummed if I don’t it. I love all her products and some of them you do need to build up, her whole thing is she goes fro natural radiance, lit from within glow, so while it might not be super pigmented at first you can build it up to where you want, also I love that you can mix where you put stuff. You can use some of her cream blushes as lipsticks or even glossy eyes, you can add her duo chromes to the lips, everything is made to be multi functional, watch some of the videos she has on Sephora and you will see what i am talking about. i also wanted that toner too, so this box will be a complete surprise for me, would also love Manny MUA’s palette as well, just pleas not the PUR Barbie Palette. Ugh

    • Right!!!! Everything for these new April premium spoilers is a real stinker.

    • The Becca blushes are really nice quality though. I have three of them Tigerlily, Flowerchild, and Camellia, I love all three. Hopefully once you receive it and try it out you’ll be glad you chose it 🤞

  24. I quit the base box and the boxyluxe sub because of the repeat sol de janeiro tiny bum bum creams were not fuul sized. I complained to boxycharm.andnthey claimed they were full-size. It’s crazy because the customer service has gotten so bad. All of those filler items were a mess..I’m thinking about getting rid of this subscription as well, depending on what my box looks like. I cashed in all of my charms except for $31 but I was cash those in soon.

    I hope everyone is doing well in these hard times. Stay safe, happy and healthy during these hard times.

  25. Super confused othe rthen the choice item I thought premium was the same for eveeryone

  26. The only reason I kept this sub was for the Farmacy. I’ll just have to troll Mecari and ebay because I’m sure I won’t get it. My boxes have been awful lately and I haven’t been getting my choice items.

  27. Aaaaaah, I hope I get the IGK! I hope I don’t get the mascara!

  28. Wander Beauty Mile High Club Mascara is a miracle. I actually used one up (I never do that) and am ready for another. It’s the best mascara I’ve ever used.

    • I agree, Rose. I’ve tried them all. That is the best mascara. Mascara is the one cosmetic I use daily…when I was leaving the house.

    • Ooooh this makes me excited! Does it work on short stubby lashes?

      • I believe you’ll love it!

  29. Just had to pop in here to say that IGK product is one of my favorite hair products! I purchase it consistently. It protects your hair from heat while helping it stay strong and shiny when used with heat products. Also, smells awesome!

  30. I’m happy! I just got off the waitlist yesterday.

  31. Ugh. I KNEW I should’ve cancelled Premium and just stuck with the base box. Premium will soon have just as many variants anyway and I’ve gotten the worst ones for the past 3 months. I’ve got such a bad case FOFOMO (fear of fear of missing out 😁.)
    I’ve actually been getting decent variants in my regular box for the first time in years so I am grateful for that and hopeful that it continues.

    I spend entirely too much money on sub boxes, particularly beauty boxes, especially considering the times we’re living in. But I can’t help it. The boxes themselves and the reading/discussion about the boxes are my escape, my joy, my entertainment. They’re what keeps me distracted from the people closest to me that are really freaking out about the circumstances and threatening to drag me down into total despair with them.

    So thank you, MSA!
    Thank you, MSA commenters!
    Thank you to the sub boxes that are giving it their all to keep me happily drowning in products despite the new difficulties and complications they’re facing.

    • Sending hugs back! Pre-covid19 hugs lol! I completely understand. I’m tempted to reactivate base. Trying to save money.

  32. The more spoilers I see the less I’m impressed. Thank god for my Ipsy GBP. I love the palettes & the farmacy honey potion but otherwise I’m over it.

  33. I never get the emails for customization, I’m not sure how to fix that.

    • On the website they now put the dates to choose go check it out. Tho I never actually see all of the choices mentioned…

    • They don’t send them anymore. If you go to their website, the dates are listed there every month well ahead of time and you can add them to your calendar to remind yourself.

    • They don’t send emails (that I know of). If you check msa, they keep you informed of the date/time of choice.

    • If you log into your boxycharm account it shows the dates for customization. The April dates are posted now.

    • The Boxy website says choice is 4/16.

    • You can try to make sure they aren’t going into your spam box. Also, if you log into Boxycharm, they do post the choice dates there. I always start checking from the beginning of the month and check back often to find choice dates. You can make your choices on the site. I hope this helps. The choice for May should be around April 13 or so. Just login and sign in and you can see the dates for all box choices.

    • I actually emailed them about this. Their response was that they send out the schedule in your shipping email and they no longer send our emails re customization.

  34. I would like any of the eyeshadow palletes (I’d prefer the smashbox one) but have no interest in the Pharmacy item, so I’ll skip resubscribing. It’s not worth the risk right now. In different times I’d take the chance, but I can’t handle disappointment right now. My mental health isn’t fantastic, and I’m guessing others aren’t feeling great right now, either.

    • I’m sorry you’re struggling right now. Things will get better soon, just stay strong!

    • I feel the same. Sending kind thoughts. I lost a beloved young cat today while he was under anesthesia. The call from the vet has sent me into a downward spiral of sadness.

      • I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. I lost my beloved Shih Tzu last summer and it still hurts a lot. I hope your kitty recovers and you have many more years together. Sending warm wishes and prayers to you.

      • I’m so sorry 😭

      • Alice, I am so very sorry. Losing one of my animals is the worst thing ever. I believe it is different to lose one when you know there isn’t much time left due to age or chronic illness, but to lose a young one that is seemingly healthy is such a shock. Either way, it simply breaks my heart. I will keep you in my thoughts and hope you can somehow find peace with his passing. Much love to you.

      • I’m really sorry Alice . Sending love and hugs your way. I rescue and rehab animals. It’s never easy. But I THANK YOU for taking them to the vet, and loving them. We need more people put here like you. I’ve been told of a very pregnant mother cat running around my neghiborhood that no one has seen before or since that day, and I’ve been looking like crazy and I keep food and water out 24/7 and I dont have a lot of money but will pay to get cats fixed before this happens. Hopefully I can find her before she gives birth, so I can make sure her and the babies are fed and okay and then fixed. Some people can’t even manage that small task.
        Sending you lots of hugs and love loosing your fur baby💜💚😿

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