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BoxyCharm Premium April 2020 FULL Spoilers!

Boxycharm Premium

We have full spoilers for one variation of the April 2020 BoxyCharm Premium box!

One variation includes:


  • Natasha Denona Blush Duo
  • Smashbox Eyeshadow Palette
  • Kopari Beauty Coconut Face Cream
  • Wander Beauty Mile High Club Mascara
  • IGK Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Smoothing Spray
  • NUDESTIX Magnetic Plus Paint
  • Eyeliner

The April 2020 BoxyCharm Premium box may include:

One of the following:

  • Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask
  • Smashbox Eyeshadow Palette
  • PUR x Barbie Eyeshadow Palette
  • Manny MUA Lunar Beauty Life’s A Drag


  • STILA Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow Rose Gold Retro
  • COVERFX Water Cloud Primer
  • Peach & Lily The Good Acids Pore Toner
  • Becca Cosmetics Luminous Blush
  • Kopari Coconut Face Cream


Natasha Denona Blush Duo


Lavido Age Away Replenishing Cream


IGK Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Smoothing Spray


Opulent Beauty Brush Set

Wander Beauty Mile High Club Mascara

What do you think of the spoilers? 

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.


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Comments (126)

  1. Just got mine in with only a few days left in the month, was really disappointed, I out on my survey anyway ago that I like mauve to nude lipstick, they keep giving my super red colors that I wont use or wear, I got the Becca blush also in like a really red shade (snapdragon). Do our surveys even count anymore? The brushes were a flop, since that’s all I keep getting, I have more brushes then product at this point, and I would rather use my Morphe brushes tbh. I do like the mascara and the honey potion, as well as the Lavido, but 3 out of 3 products were not what I would use or want so I definitely didnt get what I paid for. My normal boxy for the month was better then the premium. That’s kinda sad.

  2. I just want to warn everyone to be cautious when trading. I arranged a trade on here and got a palette today WITH FINGERPRINTS in it. IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC.

    It’s my fault, I guess, for not asking if they used it, because I assumed people would be decent. 🤦‍♀️

    • Yikes, I wouldn’t even think to ask “Have you put your fingers on the shadows?”

      • Right??? WTH.

  3. I got the life’s a drag palette and want to trade for the farmacy honey mask.

    • I also have the brush set I would like to trade for the IGK if anyone is interested.

    • Will trade

  4. So I only received 5 items and did not receive the item of choice that I did within the first 30 minutes choice was open for BoxyLuxe members. I emailed them and hoping they fix the situation.
    Anyone else ever not get what they chose?

  5. Just checked my email and I’m off the waitlist for the premium box and it says I’ve been billed. This means I should be receiving April’s box right??

    • I’ have also been charged for the premium box in the middle of the month, I canceled so I wouldn’t get the April box and then put myself back on the waitlist for May. I never dreamt that they would charge me half way through the month so I could get a April box.

      Also I didn’t receive my choice item for my bsse bios. So I am taking screenshots of every time I chose I product. What’s the point in choice if they don’t honor it. It’s worse than just not knowing what you’ll get imo. I only kept my base box for the Elemis choice I made. Smh

      • I got 4 base boxes , picked the serum on choice day, and got the damn cleanser in ALL 4!!!🤨🤔😡
        Thankfully I took a ss of what I chose, bc SADLYthis has happened wayyy too many times to count! Including just about every boxy luxe’s I get on TOP of all the base boxes!

        The one time the my responded saying they were going to send me the product I was supposed to receive, and something extra for my troubles…they didn’t even send them out! So that’s another thing that’s happened on more than one occasion! & Empty promises are seriously the WORST to me! Like don’t respond like you usually don’t, be lie about sending products out I’m constantly checking the mail for and looking forward to! (And this was MONTHS back…literally last YEAR!, so I *KNOW* nothing’s coming at this damn point)🙄🤨🤔

        I don’t know why I keep throwing a couple hundred dollars at boxy, & I mean MONTHLY!😳😬🤦🏻‍♀️
        I used to do that same crap w/Ipsy (also several allures, until I took a extended break starting Jan…) *until* Ipsy went wayyyy downhill. And I was w/Ipsy for like 6+ YEARS!
        Basically only keep the couple ipsys I have left (when I don’t skip the month) *JUST* for add-on access!
        And now Ipsy is getting even worse, when you didn’t think they could be. & just gonna be doing CHEAPY freakin’ fabric POUCHES, rather what the actual product/company is based around…a GLAM BAG! NOT a Glam POUCH🙄🤔🤦🏻‍♀️😑 like are you KIDDING me?!?

  6. Finally got my box and it’s not very exciting

    Lavido (really wanted Natasha Denona)
    Farmacy (wanted)
    Peach & Lily (my choice)

  7. I finally got my Premium today and I’m super disappointed. I will not use a single item.

    Anybody wants to trade? I’d love to get the Farmacy. My email is my handle at gmail.
    I got:
    Barbie Palette
    Stila glitter
    Opulent Beauty brushes
    Wander mascara
    Nudestix lip

    • I do! I will trade the palette and the stila for the Farmacy.

    • Same here my box was awful – everything donated which is great , but one of the worst box I got !!

  8. I got:
    Natasha Denona blush duo
    Farmacy mask
    Igk spray
    Nudstix lippie
    Cover FX primer
    M Greengrass spray

    I’m pretty happy.

  9. I liked this box a lot except shockingly the Farmacy mask made my face sting something awful. (And this rarely happens to me!) But that’s why it’s good to try these products this way sometimes I guess!

  10. I don’t mind the Smashbox palette, other than the fact I already own it. The face cream isn’t super helpful for my skin type, but I hear it’s overall not a bad item. I’m super pale and got the darkest Becca blush I’ve ever seen and a super bright neon pink Juice lippie. I wouldn’t have picked blush if I knew ND blushes would be in the box, but that’s life. I already had the other products offered at choice. Those awful brushes barely pick up product and are clearly an over inflated filler item, along with the 15th Wander mascara I’ve gotten (been subscribed to multiple boxes for a while and Wander is DEFINITELY not a “Premium” brand). I switched to Premium based on the claims that it would be amazing brands, but next month there’s an Hourglass choice in base, lol. Oh the absolute irony…

  11. If anyone wants to trade there Farmacy for my manny palette leave my your info!’

    • Me please! justice.sky1295 at gmail

    • What’s your contact?

  12. In my box this month i received:
    -Smashbox palette (Wanted Life’s a Drag palette or Farmacy mask)
    -Becca Luminous blush
    -Wander Beauty Mascara
    -Lavido Cream
    -Fresh Beauty Lipstick
    -Opulent brushes (I am appalled…)

    This was a very disappointing box for me, and my second month as a premium member. I think it is interesting how people are complaining this is a skincare heavy box, when I am listed as “all skincare, no makeup”, and seemed to have only received makeup. The Opulent brushes are AWFUL, and probably the worst item I have received in boxycharm to date. If anybody is willing to trade the Smashbox palette for Farmacy mask, or Life’s a Drag Palette, Please contact me! Hopefully next month is better 🙁

    • I have the Farmacy and was really hoping for the smashbox!

    • I will trade.

  13. Bought the new Natasha Denona retro mini plus her new Blush to accompany her new release, so okay to have not received the ND blush. I already have that, too. I really liked my box this month. No eyeshadow palette! Yay! My box included:

    Farmacy Honey Potion Renewal mask
    Peach & Lily toner
    Lavido Age Away replenishing cream
    IGK Hair Good Behavior spray
    Nudestix Magnetic lip paints in Waikiki Rose
    Wander Beauty mascara

  14. Hello everyone I received the farmacy face mask and would like to trade it for the life’s a drag palette.

    • If I get it, I’m happy to trade you 🙂

      • Let me know what you get 🙂

    • I have it and will trade what’s your email?

      • It is justice.sky1295 at g mail
        Sorry it took me so long to reply I didn’t get a notification

  15. I am so disappointed, I found a picture of what I thought I was getting (2.1 lbs and Cover FX primer for choice) and I was NOT RIGHT. 🙁 I got the primer, Life’s a Drag palette (instead of Farmacy), Mile High mascara, brushes & the Lavido (instead of the ND blush), and Juice Beauty lipstick (instead of Too Faced). Why does Boxycharm have the ability to disappoint me so??? It doesn’t help that I opened it next to my husband who pointedly asked how much I (we) paid for a box that makes me want to cry. Respond if you want to trade, please.

    • Omg, I know EXACTLY what you mean. There was only 1 item in each category that I realllllly didn’t want/ can’t use and somehow I got EVERY SINGLE ONE, even though they are all face creams. WTH. Not even one thing I can use. I’m so upset. I’m sorry. 🤗😩

    • I will trade the farmacy mask for the life’s a drag palette if you want to trade that? I also got the Stila eyeshadow in rose gold retro, mile high club mascara, nudestix lip paint, makeup brushes, and lavido cream.

      • Justice, I’ll trade my palette for the farmacy. Rachelnanny at Hotmail. Email me!

      • I emailed you 🙂 hopefully I got the email right

    • I totally understand. I am so disappointed in my box. I got everything I did not want. I wonder who are the people who get all the good stuff. I do not own anything “Natasha Denona” because it is so pricey but would like to and I have NEVER gotten anything Natasha Denona when it was a possibility. I so wanted that blush. I wanted one of the eyeshadow palettes and didn’t get that either and I got those pitiful brushes. I have been a subscriber since the beginning. Does loyalty not count for something?

  16. I got
    Igk good behavior spray
    Lavido cream
    M green grass dry oil spray
    Smash box palette
    Peach and lily toner
    Too faced lip gloss

    I was hoping for the Natasha denona blush And the farmacy mask but I’m assuming most Didn’t get those items

    It’s okay – I’ll give premium 1 more month before I decide to cancel it. I didn’t like the fenty got the black lipstick and purple highlighter ugh.

    • I got the same as you, minus the lipstick I got: NUDESTIX Magnetic Plus Paint

  17. Give. Me. All. The. Mile high mascara. I am a huge BTS fan, but this stuff is even more amazing for daily wear. It gives me the same length but not as thick and spider leg looking. If anyone does not want it, I will be happy to take it off your hands and actually use it. Karpadm76 at the google place.

  18. I will swap the farmacy for Smashbox pallette

    • Yes, please! I wanted that mask or the Barbie palette and got Smashbox. And pretty much every other item I didn’t want and one I didn’t even know was possible (dry oil spray I already bought at one of their sales.) Try byootboxn at the G place for messages. Happy to switch.

    • Ashleigh,

      I have the Smashbox palette and would love to trade for the Farmacy mask!

  19. I really liked all three eyeshadow palettes this month and I get two boxes. I was hoping to not get the same palette in both boxes and I ended up not getting a palette in either box. Also didn’t get the item I picked for choice either kinda disappointed this time around.

  20. I’m a chick who is normally fine with the roll of the dice that happens with subscription boxes. My preference err on the side of skin care which is why I’m surprised that I didn’t get the Farmacy item. Still, happy with my box. Although the manny palette is gorgeous, may end up swapping that with someone. Will sleep on it for sure.

    Here’s my box:

    1. Life’s a Drag
    2. Lavido Age Away Cream
    3. Brushes
    4. Wander mascara
    5. Peach and Lily Toner
    6. Too Faced Lip Gloss (Hidden Talents)

    • If you want to trade the palette let me know. I got the Farmacy and can’t use it.

      • Sabrina, I got the Life’s a Drag palette and would much rather have the Farmacy. Email me at rachel nanny at hotmail if you’d like to trade. I also got the Opulent Beauty brushes that I’m willing to trade. Thanks!

    • What was the weight of ur box

    • I will trade farmacy for the life’s a drag palette if you still have it 🙂

      • Absolutely! What is your email?

  21. I got the Barbie palette – ugh
    Stila glitter and glow shadow – ugh
    Opulent Beauty brushes – double ugh
    Wander mascara
    Nudestix lip

    • Sorry to hear you’re as unhappy as I am with this box. I actually wanted the Barbie palette but mainly for nostalgic reasons plus I liked the lid. Instead I got Smashbox. I got the Lavido when I REALLY wanted the ND blush since I didn’t get the ND blush/face palette last time either but of course not. I got the Smoothing Spray which will definitely help my super straight and thinning hair look flatter and greasier. Yay! The beach oil spray I already received in the past and the Nudestix lip paint in an orangey color I absolutely can’t wear. Every Premium box of 2020 has been awful and I have finally had enough. I knew when they started increasing the number of variants I’d end up getting the worst ones. Now I’m definitely getting rid of Premium and maybe even Boxy altogether. My base box was horrible this month too and I just can’t deal with feeling like I wasted $60, especially right now.

  22. I am pretty happy with my box. Will use now or stash for later all of the items I received 🙂

    Smashbox palette
    Preach & Lily pore toner
    Lavido replenishing cream
    IGK Hair smoothing spray
    Nudestix lip paint (waikiki rose)
    M. Greengrass oil spray

    • Boxy twins! I am so happy with my box for the first time in forever! Like.. I wasn’t expecting to love the Smashbox palette so much but its very nice 🙂

  23. My box came today, I got:
    Stila liquid eyeshadow (my choice)
    Farmacy honey potion
    Lavido cream (probably would have preferred the blush but I’m still excited to try it)
    Wander mascara
    Brushes (these feel really cheap and I probably won’t use them)
    Nudestix lip (I wouldn’t buy this myself, but the color is surprisingly wearable)

    Overall pretty satisfied. There are a couple products I would have liked that I didn’t get, but aside from the brushes I’m not unhappy with anything that was in my bag

  24. I received the Smashbox pallete and would like the Pharmacy mask if anybody wants to trade!

    • I do! Loricphoenix at gmail

  25. I didn’t like my premium this month. I got variation #35 and got:

    1) Opulent Beauty Brush trio
    2) Smashbox pallette
    3) Wander Beauty mascara (i must have 6 of these now)
    4) Becca blush
    5) Juice beauty liquid lip
    6) Lavido

    • That’s a great box. Sorry you didn’t like it, I hated mine too. It was all skincare.

    • Box twins. I actually like it compared to some of the other variations I’ve seen.

    • I got the same box. The Becca and Smashbox are beautiful shades. At first I wanted the ND blush but with so many different variations I’m glad I got a shade of the Becca that either I can use or my daughter can. I was hoping for either The Farmacy and/or Smashbox so I’m happy with the Smashbox. I’m also glad I received a nice wearable shade of Juice Beauty. I love Lavido lotions so I’m willing to try the face cream. Overall I like my box.

    • How do you know what variation you received? There was no card inside of my box to show me what I should have received.
      I was not impressed with this box at all. The colours of stuff received are ones that I can’t use.

      • Some people got an electronic card instead of printed. The link was in the shipping email.

  26. Wait a minute here…… it looks like we are only getting 5 items in premium this month? I don’t understand. I thought we were supposed to be receiving between 6-7 items. Maybe I’m mistaken….but has anyone received 6-7 items in their April premium box? To have to pay $35 for a box to only get (5) items sucks. It’s not right. Especially when it is advertised as 6-7 items. The base box is cheaper and you get the same amount of items. If there are only 5 items in the box, they should compensate us with an extra item in next month’s boxycharm premium. This is disappointing……especially when the items in this month’s premium box are not that great.

    • There are 6 products this month.

    • I just got my box today and only received 5 items. No card included, no palette. I really wanted the smashbox palette.

    • Boxycharm had some MAJOR issues this month. In my base box I got the wrong choice item due to a glitch on their end. In my premium, I only got 4 out of 6 items. I am missing my Becca blush (premium choice) and I think the Juice Beauty Lippie. I’ve opened a ticket but I think they are having major problems and it’s likely to be a long time before they get to everyone. I am hoping they don’t try to screw me over on the missing products and actually replace them! What are my options, legal and otherwise, if they don’t send the missing items I.e. offer charms or refuse to anything?

      • Whaatttt!? Wow, they messed up on mine too but not as bad as yours. I hope they fix it. They didn’t give me my Choice item for my base box and I was upset about that. I even received the quick confirmation after my Choice selection. What’s the purpose of a Choice item if u don’t get it!? Smdh I hope they at least make it right with you and send u items that were missing!

  27. At least y’all got boxes. I don’t even have shipping confirmation yet. I got an email saying that mine is delayed. Probably means I’ll get a crappy box. Trying to be optimistic but I don’t have a good feeling based on these comments. Ugh.

    • I have yet to receive confirmation, but i would rather wait and hopefully not get a screwed up box.

  28. My box was delivered today and I received:
    *Becca Luminous Blush (my pick)
    *Pharmacy Honey Potion
    *Juice Beauty Liquid Lip
    *Opulent Beauty Brush Set
    *Wander Beauty Mascara
    *Lavido Age Away Replenishing Cream

    Box weight: 1.8 lbs

    The mascara, Lavido and brushes will be going to my mom. I selected the Becca beauty because my only other option was the Stila liquid shadow (already own several). I consider this month a win because I had my fingers crossed for the Pharmacy Honey Potion! Anxiously awaiting my base box, I missed the choice window and I hope I end up with an Elemis pod ice over one of the shadow palettes 😬

  29. I did not get the items I wanted but I’m actually really happy with what I got.

    I got: Farmacy, IGK spray, toner (my pick), Lavido, too faced gloss, M grass body oil.

    I think the last two items are from past boxes but I didn’t have them so I’m ok with it. I wanted a palette (aside from the Barbie which I bought on sale) but I have so many palettes and mostly stick to purple shades. I wanted the ND blush but I have the large palette from the mystery boxes and I’ve barely used it.

    I do agree boxycharm has way too many variations and needs to stop posting spoilers that are only a possibility. This month worked out nicely for me though.

    • I wanted that Natasha Denona one you got. I was on the damn waitlist that month. Do you want to sell your

  30. I got the perfect box with everything I wanted. Variation 58

    Farmacy Mask
    Peach & Lily Toner
    Lavido lotion
    Wander mascara
    Juice beauty lipstick/gloss
    Opulent Beauty brushes

    • Box twins!

    • What’s the weight?

  31. I got the pharmacy mask but wanted the smashbox pallet. I would be willing to trade if anyone is interested.

    • I got the smashbox pallete and would love to trade with you!

  32. I got Variation 51 (3.1 lbs):
    – Smashbox Palette + Eyeliner
    – Peach & Lily Toner
    – Lavido cream
    – IGK good behavior spray
    – Nudestix lip paint in Waikiki
    – M. Greengrass dry oil spray

    This is my first Premium & I LOVE it! I was thinking of giving my mom the Lavido as part of her Mother’s Day gift, but she got nosy as I was unboxing & has already claimed it, lol!

  33. I don’t like the variations. Too many options I wouldn’t be able to use and of course those are what I’d end up with.

    • Ugh. I got the Farmacy I can’t use. I wanted any of the palettes over it. My items are:
      ND blush duo
      Cover FX

      • Sabrina, are you open to trading? I’ll swap several items with you, starting with the farmacy mask. I got the life’s a drag palette. rachelnanny at hotmail if you’re interested.

  34. I would have preferred the variation shown here to mine, but I chose the toner and got variation 57: toner, Life’s a Drag palette, Lavido cream, brush set, toofaced lip gloss, Wander mascara.

    Who here remembers when Boxycharm had no variations?

    • Box twins!

    • Same here. Hate this box

  35. Is anyone willing to swap? I have the LA Cover shot and really ant the Pharmacy beauty.

  36. I got the Smashbox Covershot Palette but I really wanted the pharmacy! Please someone trade me!

    • I got the pharmacy but wanted the pallet. I would be willing to swap

    • I can trade if that doesn’t work out. Got Farmacy, wanted Smashbox.

  37. I got the following
    – farmacy mask
    – nude sticks
    – lavido
    – stilta eye shadow
    – mascara

    I like the farmacy and stila, a can’t use mascara and the last two are not really of interest. But 2 out of 5 isn’t too bad.

    • U should have 6 products.

  38. I didnt get a palette 🙁 its sad especially there are nice palettes these days. My profile states that i prefer makeup over skincare.

    Also when i did my last boxypopup i bought mostly makeup not skincare.

    I got:
    – Brushes
    – Honey Pharmacy (skincare)
    – Lavido (skincare)
    – Juice Lip color
    – Wander Mascara

    I wanted a palette badly.

    • I forgot i got the Becca blush – choice item.

    • Hey would you be willing to trade? I really want the pharmacy, and if I don’t have it in my box I will trade you a palette for it!

      • I will def trade the Farmacy for a palette!

    • If someone hasnt already traded, I would trade my Farmacy for a palette too.

  39. So many great products! I wish there weren’t so many variations because I want Lunar Beauty palette and Farmacy mask, ND blush, IGK and Peach and Lily toner but choice was crappy the only things I could choose were the Becca blush which means I won’t get ND blush!! And the Stila glitter which I already have multiple of I guess it’s better sometimes NOT to even make a choice. 😢

  40. You forgot Too Faced rich and dazzling lip gloss..

  41. I got two items not in this list and both seem to be old items from prior months. I got Too Faced Rich and Dazzling lip gloss from the pretty rich collection and also the M Grass beach dry oil spray. Almost all skincare in my box so a little disappointing with that and the old products.

  42. I need the Natash Denona blush. I wanted a palette And farmacy 😞.

  43. Mine and my daughter’s came today!

    I got:
    – Manny palette (was hoping for Farmacy)
    – Stila – love the color!
    – Lavido – cool, would have liked either
    – brushes – either was good
    – Wander mascara

    Daughter got:
    – Smashbox palette (she loves the cover, lol)
    – Becca blush (color is really dark, eek)
    – Lavido (14yo, maybe I’ll get it!)
    – brushes
    – Wander mascara

    • Oops, we also each got a lip. I got the Nudestix and she got a Juice Beauty liquid lip.

    • I haven’t seen anyone comment or youtuber getting the Barbie palette, I’d like to see that variation. I got: Stila, Farmacy, NudeStix, Mascara, Brushes and Lavido.

      • We are box twins!! Variation 999 lol!

    • What did both weigh???

      Mine says it weighs 2.7 and 11x10x4…I’m hoping for the manny mua pallettes…..anybody get the ,annual pallettes that fits this?!?! Mine is still a few days out, maybe a couple more since mail has been backed up a bit

    • I will trade farmacy for manny palette

  44. I got:
    –Farmacy Hydrating Mask
    –Kopari Coconut Face Cream
    –Lavido Age Away Cream
    –IGK Protein Spray
    –Nudestix Lip Paint

    It’s the worst box I’ve ever gotten. I prefer makeup over skincare, but I can’t even use that because it’s all for dry skin and I’m oily. The hair product doesn’t work for my hair and the Nudestix totally washes me out. I’m super bummed, esp. because we can’t swap rn.

    • Oh no! I wish we could swap the palette and Farmacy, I totally would! and the protein spray totally would work for my daughter and I’d swap you the brushes! We always want what we don’t get, right?

      • Yep, very true! That’s sub boxes for ya. Wish we could swap, too, haha. Hopefully next time will be better 🙂

    • Did you take the quiz and fill it out if you don’t want skincare Mark it in 10th place. If you have done that email them they will make it right. They are so good at taking care of their customers. I agree that’s a lot of skincare for one box.

      • Really? Thank you, good to know!

      • What??? You really lucked out. I’ve been subscribed for at least five years and they’ve never given me that kind of customer service. I’ve had highlighter as my very last item since the profile/quiz was created and I keep getting it over and over. I also have straight thin hair and always get styling products completely wrong for my hair. And acne/oily (harsh) skincare for my dry, aging, sensitive skin. I literally get the opposite of my profile every month and they’ve never been willing to do anything about it.

        I will say they replaced a broken and seemingly expired item from a pop up sale even though I asked for a refund or charms instead, but it was broken and spoiled (smelled horrible) as well. I once had my box stolen because the delivery person left it in my building’s lobby (instead of dropping it off in the office as usual) and they did replace it but only after I exchanged 4 or 5 emails with them where I begged, pleaded, threatened to get my credit card company involved, etc.

        Funny how people can have such wildly different experiences with the same company. I have to say that I’ve seen a lot more people with experiences like mine as opposed to the vip-like treatment you’ve received. You’re definitely very fortunate!

  45. Hi MSA! I am confused. At the bottom of the review there is a section that Deal Alert!
    Click Here to get a free makeup or skincare gift with subscription! Next to that, it says that this box is “$25.00 per month”. Just above this section, you state it’s $35 per month. I get all of the BoxyCharm levels, so this is not making my head hurt, but it may be confusing to a newbie who is debating which subscription(s) they are going to invest their disposable income in.

    • Yes!!! You are right.. Thank you so much for clarifying this.. I get the regular boxycharm and boxyluxe but I was so confused regarding the premium so I am very appreciative of your comment because what MSA posted was a little confusing because I was like why am I paying $25 for the regular box when I could be getting the premium LOL 😉

  46. My premium was awful this month! Hoping next month is better…

  47. looks good boxycharm,..just send it to me please..when will the shipping began?

    • I got a shipping email last night for my premium 🙂

  48. Thinking of resubscribing. Would I be put on a waitlist or would they bill me right away for April? Anyone know?

    • They billed me right away u will I’m on the waitlist and then 10 minutes later you will be billed

    • I resubscribed yesterday to the base box and out myself on the waitlist for Premium. When I woke up this morning I had been charged for Premium and will be getting the Premium box this month! So you should get off the waitlist pretty quickly

  49. FYI, the picture also has an eyeliner in it. Not sure the brand but it’s above the mascara. So looks like 7 products this month. Hoping for ND, Nudestix, farmacy and IGK!

    • The eyeliner is included with that smashbox eyeshadow palette.

      • Ah, didn’t realize that. Interesting

    • Only 5 this month.

      • I only got 5 in my box.

      • Supposed to be 6 to 7 this month. I’d email them.

      • I got 6 this month!

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