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BoxyCharm May 2020 Spoiler #2!

BoxyCharm November 2019 beauty and makeup subscription box review

We have a new spoiler for the May 2020 BoxyCharm base box!

Your May BoxyCharm base box may include:

Hourglass Vanish™ Flash Highlighting Stick


GLAMGLOW Berryglow Probiotic Recovery Mask

ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads

Your May box may also include an item from Haus Laboratories!

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet:

For a limited time, click here and use coupon code MASQUERADEBALL to get a free PÜR Cosmetics Midnight Masquerade Face Palette OR use coupon code INTENSITY to get QMS Medicosmetics Intensive Eye Care (15ml) or use code REVITALIZE to get Symbiosis London Revitalising & Redensifying Facial Serum with your first BoxyCharm box!

*Valid for new subscribers only, or those who canceled before March 1, 2020. Must use coupon code at checkout. Valid while the box and gift supplies last.

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $25 a month.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm to learn more!


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Comments (76)

  1. The promo codes do not work 😬

  2. I coice was a binch of junk for premium to ibam getting a 12 dollar zoeva eyeshadlw primer how is that luxury????

  3. I got a great box. Variation 22.
    I got the Elemis resurfacing pads which was my choice. 59.00
    A Tarte micelliar water makeup remover full size bottle.18.00
    A Violet Boss eyeshadow palette.29.00
    Pretty vulgar eyeshadow primer 22.00 and iconic London lip pumping gloss 26.00 for a total value 154.00 for $25.00 that’s amazing. Thank you Boxycharm staff for being there.

  4. I just got the literal worst box in the history of sub boxes.

    Like one of the items I got in it was literally so bad it isn’t even shown in the options (a CROWN eyeshadow palette). Then another low end palette…

    Then a fragrance I am allergic to and a nail polish (I never paint my nails) from them not looking at the customization quizzes at all.

    I got my hourglass choice item (woohoo another highlighter – it was from a nice brand but yah…)… but the rest of it went straight into the donation pile and I went to cancel my Boxy…

    I just have never gotten a box like this… the only 2 items I feel are good enough to give away are the highlighter and nailpolish. They aren’t for me but are nice enough products.

    The three others are either going to be donated or the trash, I haven’t decided yet if they are actual junk or someone might like them.

    2 low end palettes, 2 items that are rated as low or never on my customization… and then my choice item…

    Out of so many things I would have loved to try like the pretty vulgar primer or blinc mascara or haus labs liner (still another black liner but at least its usable or giftable). Hell I would have even been grateful for the lipscrub or lashes

    • I was so sad I literally got everything I didn’t want the past 2 months I wanted the lifes a drag pallet I got NO pallet at all just junk then this month I wanted that highlighter stick and of course nope just so sad I wanted them so badly. It just sucks I pay for something and don’t get to enjoy it.

  5. If I subscribe today, May 3rd, will I recieved the May box or the June one?
    I got a bit burned by Ipsy Plus when I subscribed yesterday thinking I could still get the May bag, but I just pre-ordered the June one.

    • You would get the May bag.

  6. I wanted to use INTENSITY coupon, but its valid.
    Can somebody help me?

  7. I love baby-poo colored lipstick. Haha!

    • It’s a concealer stick not lipstick! Lmao

      • I didn’t pick it thinking it was lipstick, I hadn’t read the description and thought it was another nude xD though tbh, I would still pick glamglow, I love their stuff even if I usually prefer make-up heavy boxes. I dunno, not a highlighter fan. It just makes your cheek pores pop like no ones business.

  8. I’m over Boxy. The last four boxes or so have been underwhelming for me. I’m tired of the garish orange and red eyeshadows and vampire lipsticks. Id rather take my money and buy one product I’m excited about.
    If Luxe doesn’t impress me in June, I’m done!

    • I’m with ya. I hadn’t subscribed for months because the boxes just looked ridiculous. Then resubscribed because the April box looked like it might have some good things and they offered some good resubscriber coupons. But I just got the dumb $6 toward add-on items when I finally decided to go for it. I just got the April box today and it was crap. I liked two items, the Benifit primer and the palette. Which everyone was going to get.

      I also got those cheap $3 mask sheets, the Iconic illuminator (which most every seemed to get, but I hate highlighting, sparkling products) and those Illuminati gel pens. The gel pens are good quality, I tried them on my hand and they went on smooth and bright. I guess that was my “pricey” item. Thanks a lot. They might be expensive, but what am I going to do with impractical clown colors?

      • Ironically, I wanted the illuminati gel pens or the iconic and didn’t get them. I got the sponges, the eraser, and the brushes. Go figure. I would have been happy to just get the gel pens in replacement of one of the tool items I got, just for some actual make-up in the box. I mean I did get the palette… in a color combo I heavily dislike. Oh wells… you win some, you lose some. It’s just sad I feel like I have only won once this year so far and only half the box that time at that.

      • I think I got the same box as you…brushes, sponges, eraser. I was so bummed. It seems like boxes have been a bummer since variations (seems like millions) started…. All the other subs seem depressing as well though so I’m not sure what to do! No new spoilers either. I’m cancelling premium right now. I was trying to wait, but my logic is winning this war over fomo tonight!!!!

    • You must have loved the Zoeva palettes last month then. Nice and neutral. Brown’s and creams and taupes and gray. I gave that one to a friend because I have a dozen with those colors.
      but even the red palettes have neutral colors in them. I
      I joined in February and last month was a bit of a letdown but all in all I’m happy with them.
      My may box was a great surprise because spoilers have not been impressive but I got a bunch of stuff I love. Including a Violet Voss eyeshadow with beautiful colors.

  9. Thinking about getting a new box. I have too much make up, thinking of trying something completely different outside Boxy or Ipsy again.

    Might try that Margot Elena Discovery Box. Seems like a fun switch up. Idk trying to decide.

  10. Is there any more spoilers or info?? By now we usually have the whole box and maybe even a spoiler for lux next month….

    • Right?? I have been checking daily and nothing… I’m ready to see what luxe has to offer in June. I need to know if I’m going to cancel or not lol

    • Glamwithsusan mentioned something about a jouer lip gloss. Not sure which box that was supposed to be for though.

  11. I’m really getting sick of the fact that last month I didnt get to pick my choice for regular box then this month I didnt get my choice for my premium box… then to add fuel to the fire when I try to hurry to do choice the choice I want is always already gone and then I got to pick something I didnt really want which sucks… they need to have more so we actually feel like we get to pick something we want. I wanted that hourglass stick highlighter so bad. ): last month there was something I really wanted I didnt get because I’m always getting screwed sadly.

  12. I’m considering letting this box go. $300+ per year is a lot of cash for iffy variations…hmmm…

  13. Has anyone gotten the coupon code for new member gifts to work? I tried “REVITALIZE” and it says it’s not valid. @Liz Cadman – any ideas?

    • The “INTENSITY” code worked for me. I haven’t received my box yet, but the shipping confirmation email shows it’s in my box. Have you tried contacting CS?

    • I think they’ve changed their new member gift to “mystery box”. At least it is the only thing I found on their website

      • The code “Intensity” also worked for me but it says that I will be getting a March box? Even though I just resubscribed this month.

  14. Are there anymore spoilers for any tiers?? Even lux next month??

    • I have been looking for them and haven’t seen any. Usually we would get round 3 by now, wouldn’t we?

      • It seems like Boxy has been stingy with spoilers for the last couple of months. I’ve been having to dig on YouTube for them. I’m not sure what’s up?

      • Maybe they are being stingy about them because they know it’s going to be bad and they don’t want people cancelling xD

      • Exactly. They’re doing this, too, hoping people will miss the cancellation deadline.

  15. I just noticed that the too faced diamond light highlighters are on sale for 50% off. They are $18 ea atm (though I don’t know about shipping) in case someone was really wanting one still and couldn’t get one for the $12 during add ons.

  16. Anyone else not getting choice confirmation emails?

    • You won’t, they don’t send them anymore. They have it listed on the home page of their website for which days they do choice however. You will just have to go there and check and mark your calendar.

      • They still send them. I get an email when choice is up and also get an email confirming my choice. I just got an email today, 04-23 that my choice item will be in my May box.

    • l just got my choice confirmation this afternoon…4-22-20.

    • It doesn’t seem to matter. Their confirmation means nothing. I didn’t get my choice twice and they didn’t make it right. First time they told me too bad and the second time they gave me “charms”…which are so USELESS. I gave them money for the opportunity to chose a product. Both times I would have cancelled but for the choice item. BoxyCharm is so shady!

      • I didn’t receive the choice confirmation email for April and didn’t receive the choice item i selected. After multiple emails to them they gave me ‘charms’. They had asked me to send them a screenshot of the confirmation (WHAT?!), so I guess each month going forward I will be taking a screenshot. I still haven’t received confirmation for May choice either. They told me the confirmations would become available this week through today. So frustrating!

      • I had a screen shot of my choice AND an email response written specifically to me when I asked for confirmation because I wanted to be very sure that it wouldn’t happen to me again. The personal email confirmation and the screen shot–NONE of it made any difference. They just gave me charms…which sticks because I want to cancel. This is just another BoxyCharm scam. I feel like this is extremely wrong because part of the justification for raising the price is that we now get a choice. I don’t care about the price so much as I’m sick of being disappointed by them. I didn’t want any of the items other than my choice item so they have taken over $50 from me and I have nothing of any value to me.

      • They did the same to me.
        They sent me an eyeshadow palette instead of the Elemis Hydrating Juice. I never choose makeup as an option. It’s skincare every month so to tell me I did something knowing it’s not true really gets me angry. Of course they didn’t send me a confirmation email so I had no proof. This month I took a screen grab of my choice and I didn’t get a confirmation email again this month. At least with Ipsy you can see what you chose and they don’t switch things like Boxycharm.
        They finally gave me $54 in charms to use on things I would never pick. Why not give us a coupon to use in the Pop Up sale to at least get an item comparable to our choice?

    • Boxy CS says they sent them for the Base box on April 22 – I did not get mine and emailed them and they said they “could not locate my choice” and they apologize. I would contact them if you still haven’t received it. I think I am going to just cancel since I can’t be guarenteed what I want and we are paying to have that customization.

    • I didn’t get it either… I’m thinking about cancelling I just have FOMO!!

    • Nothing the last few months..I have had Boxy for a couple of years and honestly, I was embarrassed last month that I had recommended it to MORE friends. That was awful. I understand why it was late, and thats fine, but why do I need a face scrubber (to use with water) and then a face wash? And for the love of god stop sending me bottles of gold liquid. You have my age…

      And no more red/hot pink lip stuff. Or orange eyeshadow.

  17. I cant believe all the hourglass is gone. I only got to choose from skincare? And I got 2 skincare items last month… this month I didn’t even get what I chose! I got the other item! Which was guess what more skincare ugghh. Its aggravating

    • Unless you had premium or luxe subbed, you wouldn’t have even gotten a smidgen of a chance for the highlighter. Choice was open a day earlier for luxe and premium subbers and the highlighter was gone in a couple hours if that. Next time you can’t pick the one you want and you don’t care about the other two items, just pick the choose for me option. If you are lucky, you would have still gotten the highlighter. Not sure why, but it’s like they secretly keep extra in stock somewhere and randomly throw the ‘sold out’ items in the choose for me peoples boxes.

    • Exactly. It makes me want to cancel.

  18. So excited for Hourglass. One of the Allure 2019 Beauty Winner’s I was interested in trying. Checked them out in Sephora pre-covid19 and they were all beautiful!!!

  19. Early Choice is up and it’s between these 3 items!

    • Thanks for the heads up! They are out of the Hourglass Vanish™ Flash Highlighting Stick already. Sigh.

  20. Ok, I am excited and hoping they don’t throw no travel sizes because the value wouldn’t be there. Still… I am excited for this box.

  21. Wow, even if it is a highlighter, I’d still pick the Hourglass!!!!! Please let it be a choice or for everyone!!! It’s beautiful lol I want it. 😝.

  22. Very interested in what the haus laboratories item will be. When Lady Gaga first launched her line, I purchased an eye shadow and a lip gloss. Loved them both!

    • I’ve heard her line is over with now.

      • Over how? They just came out with new matte lip crayons?

  23. Please please let hourglass be in choice items

  24. Lookin like an amazing month🙃

  25. I do not like the Hourglass stuck foundation. I seen people race about it and finally gave in and bought it. I have dry skin and this made my face so dry. Even with moisturizer and a dewy primer. I gave it to a friend who has oily skin and she loved it. So we will have to see I can always sell it or give it away. Other spoilers look great. Boxy has been slacking lately so here is to praying the boxes are going to get better.
    April boxes confused me their base boxes I was watching a bunch of YouTube videos the total dollars for products varied from a total of $128 or $175 total. I think all the boxes should be equal. It’s not fair for the ones who get $175 worth of products and the others get $128 that’s almost a $50 difference and it’s bit fair. Just my opinion

    • It’s a highlighter, not a stick foundation.

    • I agree! The differences in variations was what made me cancel base and luxe last month. I ALWAYS got the crappier variations and it was infuriating. I still have Premium but it’s on the chopping block

  26. Another highlighter…good grief

    • I thought it was a foundation. I am so sick of getting highlighters. We just got 2 in our Premium box of Fenty products which neither I could wear. I am highlighted out move on to something else.

      • Yep, I’m starting to use every makeup product in my art now!

      • That’s the problem with a lot of sub boxes. Yes , they get some great high end names, but it’s usually the bottom of the barrel, the horrible colors that can only be used for Halloween. If they do get any of the good colors, it’s like a handful that are available and you never seem to get one of them.

      • I would die for the beautiful white diamond one that looks like a gorgeous crystal. If you have the white one would you be interested in selling it? I don’t have a lot of money but your highlighter would be loved. I only have the basic box and I didn’t get a box last month because they couldn’t bill me. You can respond here or I’m on Twitter @jessicalynnluna thank you!

  27. Wish it was the hourglass stick foundation or a powder highlighter instead of that highlighter I hate cream highlighter.

    I want both skincare products though.

    I wonder where Boxycharm assembles their boxes and when they will stop shipping due to Coronavirus to keep employees safe. Colourpop had to stop because they are in California and are a nonessential business.

    • Some in Georgia , not sure where else, but they are not based in California, so I doubt they will stop since they have not yet.

  28. Yaaasss!!!! Looking good Boxycharm!! ❤😊🙌

  29. I’m not a current subscriber but this spoilers look great so far! Does anyone know when choice is?

    • The 14th.

      • Thanks!

  30. I’m a new subscriber but so far, I’m into these spoilers. If it were the Hourglass foundation, I’d be really excited. Lol.

    • The Hourglass product is a stick highlighter, not foundation.

  31. Well now, maybe I need the base box too. 🙂

  32. I love all things Hourglass!

  33. This looks amazing 😍

    • It really does look amazing. It’s not too often that I really don’t care which variant I get because I want them all, but I want everything featured so far. I will post a negative comment when it’s warranted, but there’s nothing but love for this box so far. I give away all of my unwanted items; so, except for baby-poo brown lip products (no one ever seems to want them), nothing is ever wasted.

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