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BoxyCharm April 2020 Full Spoilers!

BoxyCharm November 2019 beauty and makeup subscription box review

We have full item spoilers for the April 2020 BoxyCharm base box!

Your April BoxyCharm base box may include 5-6 of the following products:


Here’s a closer look at some of the products:

  • Iconic London Illuminator Drops
  • Hank & Henry Beauty X BoxyCharm Exclusive Sponge Duo Set
  • Dose of Colors Lip It Up Satin Lipstick – colors vary
  • Lavish 5 Piece Eyeshadow Brush Set

The choice items for April were:

Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Primer OR The POREfessional: Hydrate Primer

What do you think of the spoilers? 

If you haven’t signed up yet:

Use this link and coupon code SWEETTREAT to get a Violet Voss Sugar Crystals Palette OR use coupon code REVITALIZE to get Symbiosis London Revitalising & Redensifying Facial Serum with your subscription!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $25 a month.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm to learn more!


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Comments (95)

  1. Oh my! I’m a new subscriber, April is my first month. Still waiting for the box. Looking at the spoilers I thought it’s quite a good one but reading about the mixes people get is scary! It’s like some boxes are awesome and others get the most random stuff ever :’(

    On a side note, I was not given the chance to choose anything for May box, not the best start..

    • Have been trying to cancel this subscription for the last three months and u ignore this request. If it’s not cancelled, I’m going to let everyone know how difficult it is to stop a prescription.

      • It’s super easy to cancel the subscription.. once you login, click the “My Account” tab, “Account Preferences”, scroll to find the section that says “My Subscriptions”, click the edit button, and you can scroll down a bit and click cancel. It’ll ask you a few prompting questions and then your subscription is cancelled.

  2. I signed up for the April box with the new member gift and received a March box. What should I do?

    • I signed up for the april box too and got a bunch of random stuff and no idea where the free gift is either. I din’t get a single thing from April and I’m so disappointed. I cancelled this was me giving them a second chance and I am so done.

  3. I got my box today finally, but a huge disappointment. I had picked ELEMIS Superfood Cica Calm Cleansing Foam and did not get it.

    My box had all three makeup tools, the brushes, the sponges and the eraser, then the caramel palette and porefessional primer.

    I will use everything, but that isn’t the point.

    • I was supposed to get the moisturizer, it was printed on my card, yet no choice item was included 😒🙄 now? We’ll see if a replacement is sent…and even if one is sent? I won’t be getting it for weeks either way.
      BC are REALLY screwing up on a massive level so far this year.

  4. I recently rejoined and filled in the makeup quiz with my choices. As I look at what has been sent none of the color pallette choices are what I picked nor will I use. I am very disappointed that I seem to have waisted my time and money I will be switching back to my old makeup subscription they may not have been full size but at least its colors I will use.

    • They’ve admitted several times in the past that they don’t use our quizzes.

      I really don’t know why they even have them (beyond selling marketing info………)

  5. This is my first month getting the boxycharm box. I have had friends get them over the past few months and thought they looked great overall so I was really excited to get mine this month. When I got the box today in the mail it was a BIG let down. I am honestly so confused as to why I had to take my time answering questions about what I like, products I prefer over others, and colors I prefer as well if my opinion and preferences were NOT going to be taken into account AT ALL. Its just such a let down. I always have worn neutral colors and was given two neon colored eyeliners that dont seem to be long lasting at all. I think they look great on people who wear them, but I just never will. Overall just a HUGE letdown for me I might just look into other subscriptions. SOOO bummed out.

    • I’m so sorry you had such a disappointing experience. Boxycharm was honestly SO great for so long, but they’ve clearly tried to expand too big too quickly…their customer service is non existent and the quality has definitely suffered. It used to be just a few variations that were pretty evenly matched. Now? It’s turned into a crapshoot with more issues piling up monthly. I think a lot of ppl will be cancelling, and they should…the only way things will improve is if we let our money do the talking unfortunately

  6. I customized with the Elemis Cica Hydration Juice. Did I get it? NOPE! I got the Hydration Primer, Eyelashes, Sponges, Brushes, and a palette. Oh, and the palette had a crushed pan.

    I mean, I’m actually jazzed about the brushes because they’re cute, but FACK. Why offer customization if you aren’t going to honor it. I would have bought one as an add on had I known. Ugh.

    More lashes. Yay. -_-

    This is definitely my least favorite box I’ve received in a while. Hopefully next month is an improvement.

  7. I get base box and premium .. out of the two boxes the only makeup I got was some ugly color lip product I’m my premium box . This is the worst month ever!!!

  8. Did anyone get a box at 1.295!?

    I missed choice and I am really hoping for an Elemis Product!

    • I missed the choice we well, sorta. They never sent me an email giving me the option to choose. My profile said mostly skincare so I was going for the Elemis, but for an eyeshadow palette instead 🙁

      • Mine is the same – I’m really focusing on my skincare because I have sooo many palettes that I hardly use – but I know they don’t use our profiles, which is sad. I’ll keep my fingers crossed because it still hasn’t come in 🤞🏻

  9. My first month back to boxy and IT SUCKED!!! I was actually hoping for the makeup eraser and I love eyeshadow palettes (which I didnt get.) I do like the eyeliners. Iconic lip gloss. pore professional , elemis cica calm and iconic drops …. how boring !!! I must be going to the worst festival ever with this box.

    • Do you know the weight of your box? I re-subbed for April and my box hasn’t been delivered yet but shipping says it is only .8 pounds!? I am actually concerned about what might be inside. How can it only be .8 pounds.. Anyone know what has been in the ones with that weight?

      • Hi Tara,
        A lot of ppl are getting boxes w/ a weight of .8-.9 Nothing to worry about, your variation will depend on what you chose.

      • Hi, thanks for the reply! I re-subbed on April 1st, so I’m not sure what my “choice” item will be. I’m glad to hear that .8 isn’t unusual though, thanks! 🙂

      • I just got mine today and it was 0.8 lbs. I got variation 21:

        Zoeva CoCo Blend palette

        Benefit Porefessional Primer

        Hank & Henry Midori beauty sponge duo

        Lavish 5 piece eye brush set

        Iconic London plumping lip gloss

        Overall I am pretty disappointed.

    • Nope that’s me

  10. Wow, my both my Boxycharms were a real bust this month. I got:

    –Zoeva Aristo palette (sadly one of only 2 I really didn’t want)

    –Iconic London Illuminator Drops (don’t wear highlighter)

    –Battington Lashes (don’t wear lashes and got these in a previous box)

    –Benefit Porefessional Primer (don’t use, but oh well)

    –Lavish Brush set (these are good, 1 thing I like at least, but anyone notice how small they are? They’re like nail art brushes)

    Maybe I’m extra disappointed this month because I ordered more boxes than usual to cheer me up and distract me from being in quarantine for almost a month now (my Premium was legitimately awful, though).

    • I am super disappointed this month. I thought if I picked the palette maybe I would get the DOC lippie and a more make-up heavy box. That was not the case. I got the following:

      Zoova in Caramel Melange (the LAST color palette I would choose… On my beauty quiz I am pretty sure I have I like either blues or adventurist and this palette is like every other garbage palette they have been sending out lately. real bummer, I don’t like these colors.)

      Lavish brushes (They feel cheap to me, gonna be honest.)

      Make-up eraser (Really? This feels more lifestyle like to me…)

      Hank and henry sponges (wheres my make-up? ;_; I don’t really use sponges because they are hard to clean and after one use they kind of gross me out.)

      Benefit pore primer (Okay, I knew this was coming as it was the guaranteed item. But I am still not happy to have gotten it. Like seriously, how many primers do we need? I get one every single month and won’t be able to go through one in just a month, will take me at least 3 months to go through 1.)

      Where is my make-up! I didn’t want the illuminating drops, but at least it would have been make-up and better than all the friggin tools they sent in ONE box! I put Dose of Colors as one of my favorite brands (even though their eyeshadow in marvelous mauves was a huge bust for me) on the beauty survey and still didn’t give me the lipstick!
      Ugh… just ugh. Not one of these items in the whole of my box is a keeper for me. Yes the eyeshadow had been my choice when I could have chosen one of the elemis, (I wanted make-up not skin care in the regular box) but we weren’t even allowed to choose the palette color and I ended up hoping they looked at my survey when picking a color story. Nope… worst color story out of 10 different ones they could have sent me to make me happy. I feel like just dumping the whole of my box in my trash can. As it stands, it’s going in my gifting box if I can calm down enough to get it there rather than still tossing it in the can lol… and I thought my last box was bad…

      • Omg, I’m so sorry–that Caramel Melange palette was the ONE other one I didn’t want, so I feel you. With all the variations, I’ve always gotten at least 2 or 3 items I could use, but this is just BAD. I feel like I just threw my money away on both Base and Premium this month.

      • I really liked the Honey Potion I got in premium and though I don’t like blush I could have at least got the ND blush rather than 2 face creams (I never heard of that anti-age face cream brand before to top it… I hope it doesn’t end up being like the 1k gold or w/e face snot) I did want more make-up in my box after all. I wish with premium that the palettes and the honey potion had been under choice options and that the palettes where separate from the honey potion so there was a chance to get both.
        Tbh, I was really disappointed that the palettes and honey potion were shown first but ended up not being our choice items… as it stands, I had BOTH my boxes this month end up with hardly any make-up in it. I wish they would have at least made one of them make-up heavy if the other one was going to have hardly any in it. Worst month by far ever for me. I am glad some people think it was the best ever, but nope, it was bleh to me. Also, Fenty box was a bit of a fail for me too. I got the gold highlighter that came in all of them, but then I also got the gold highlighter stick that might as well be the same thing… at least the lip color wasn’t a crazy one lol, but I am super fair and gold highlighters aren’t my thing. Also dry skin a blotting papers are meaningless for me. At least the palette was nice though.

        Anyways, Hugs from me and hopefully next month is better! *crosses fingers for choice* speaking of choice, I tried to warn people that choice is only open on Monday the 13th for luxe only subs/waitlisters but today I saw they changed it to luxe and premium subscribers get choice first for base box. Hmm… guess I can unsub from luxe again unless it knocks my socks off with the sneak peaks -_-

      • I didn’t get any makeup including a palette…. also didn’t get a pallet in my premium box ! I got a face mask 🙁 not a happy camper at all . Maybe would have been ok if the primer was the new one , not the one I have 50 small tubes of !!! Sucks to be me I guess

    • I got the same items. Interestingly, the card said mask, but the lashes were there instead.

  11. HEADS UP regular box choice is on Monday 4/13 for Luxe subscribers/waitlisters. If you aren’t subbed to luxe, you have to wait until Tuesday to get to choose. It looks like this is a new method this month in order to give luxe subbers a one up on the regular box subscribers. GL getting to choose from all the choices if you have to wait til the all access tuesday choice….

    • I believe that early access has been for Luxe and Premium subscribers/waitlisters since the beginning of choice. I could be wrong though.

  12. Mine arrived today! Here’s what I got for those that are curious!

    – ELEMIS Superfood Cica Calm Hydration Juice (my choice item)
    – Iconic London Illuminator Drops
    – Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Primer
    – Lavish 5 Piece Eyeshadow Brush Set
    – The Original Makeup Eraser

    I’m good with it!

    • Do you recall the weight or dimensions on your box? 🙏☺️ I won’t be getting mine until Wednesday and it’s 1.375lbs but I can’t find anyone w the same weight box w/ the cica juice lol

      • Mine was 1.3 arrived today it was variation 17 and had
        The porefessional face primer original
        Elemis calm cleaning foam
        Iconic London Illuminator
        Lavish 5 piece eye brushes
        Tony Moly 3 sheet masks

    • We are box twins 🙂 I was pretty satisfied with my box too. The only thing I might have preferred is the DOC lipstick over the brushes…only because I’m drowning in brushes.

  13. The eyeliner is Sugar brand .

  14. What an interesting picture…do we guess how many variations there are?!?! Hahaha

    I would be thrilled with a pallette and the brush set and a dose of color lipstick. Or even just the pallette and brush set…maybe a pair of lashes , since I am now practicing on how to put those suckers on and I tuin pair after pair, but oh yes, I will learn.

  15. The eyeliners are the Illuminati Gel Paint Electric Pink & Blue Duo.

  16. Hi can someone help me please, I cancelled my subscription to boxy because I was moving and I couldn’t afford lately. Then all of a sudden April 3 my email says thanks for ordering boxy charm and boxy premium charging me like 90$ plus-this account was closed so how did this happen This has made me sick to my stomach, can someone please help me with this

    • You need to email Boxycharm. If they don’t respond, you need to refute the charge with your credit card company.

      • If they dont reply via email contact them on their facebook page via IM

      • Boxy aid they can do anything. I know my account was cancelled because I cant logg into my account to change the address. I am going to keep emailing them because the email i got back didnt make sense.

      • You should contact your bank and explain what happened and what is going on. Do you have cancelled emails?! Check spam and trash boxes as well. If you find the cancelled email, call your bank and then explain what happened.

        I know sometimes if you loose a card or get a new card, if you are subscribed to anything it will still carry over by codes they send to the bank and just switch over. You wouldn’t think it would work that way, but sometimes it does.

        If all else fails, call your banking institution and explain what happened and they can help guide you what you should or shouldn’t do to get it resolved.

        Hope it all works out. 💜💚

      • Even if you cancel you should be able to log into your account no matter what.

  17. The eyeliner is Lady GaGas brand eyeliner

  18. I ALWAYS miss the choice period!!! Geez!!

    • Choice is on Monday (4/13) if you have luxe sub, or tuesday if you don’t. They changed it to try to give the luxe members another one up by letting them do regular box choice the day before everyone else.

      • Another one up? What one up do luxe ppl currently have? IMO luxe has been crap for months/backburnered completely for Premium. While everyone touted Fenty boxes, Luxers were getting invisibobbles or no name neon orange blush 🤷‍♀️

        This is the problem w/ Boxycharm and varying prices/levels. They tend to just cause animosity, since one person is always going to feel like they got ‘screwed over’ or they received noticeably lesser items. The real issue here is Boxycharm as a company.

  19. Anyone know anything about the serum, Boxy is offering as a free gift? Reviews are scant.

    • It’s a new Elemis line. I purchased one in the add ons. It’s a lovely gel formula with a clean, cooling feel. I like it very much.

    • Oh, I’m sorry. You were asking about the gift serum! I looked that up. No reviews.

      • This is…the worst month I’ve had in all the time I’ve subscribed to Boxy. I never complain about the products I receive, but seriously!? These brushes look like they could be purchased on AliExpress, they JUST send out sponges in the February box, okay makeup eraser whatever, those eyeliners they’re pretending cost $42?? Honey those things are maybe $6…and the colors?? How you
        Gonna make a box for the general public and send out weird shade eyeliners? Sure, if they actually read your profile and you’re into brights, it would be a great choice! The Iconic drops are probably on their way to the expiration bin for how long they’ve been selling those, and they seem to only be sending out one shade of the DOC lipstick—which is an awful, bright, baby pink called mochi…. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  20. Please no lashes or sheet masks..Ugh..

    • Agree. I just know if I reaciate that’s what I’ll get…and glow drops…double ugh, lol.

    • those lashes are really good tho

    • I’ll take the sheet masks and the lashes.

  21. Anyone try the SWEETTREAT code? It did not work for me.

    • I used it yesterday. But, how do we know if it worked or not?

    • I used it Thursday afternoon and it worked. I’m already subscribed so I had to order a second box on a new account. If you are resubscribing it may not have been long enough since you cancelled to qualify for it. If that’s not the case I would try another browser and if that doesn’t work maybe try to email them with “new subscription request” in the subject line so they’re more likely to respond quickly. Good luck!

    • Thank you Christine for mentioning this!! I started worrying after seeing your comment and reached out to their customer service. Apparently my code had NOT worked. However their CS put in an order for the palette for me ($0). Whew! I had cancelled before February 1 and I am very careful and KNOW that code had been put in that box. So thank you Christine for mentioning this and thank you Boxy Charm CS for responding fast and in a positive manner to my worry!

  22. I hope and pray that they send us/me an eyeshadow palette even though I chose the Elemis moisturizer. I’m speaking it into existence. Ipsy gives us multiple items that were choices, so hopefully Boxycharm with do the same. Fingers crossed 🤞🏽

    • I’m sure there will be some for low costs in the add-ons if not.

    • There’s no way they’ll be sending out a second choice item. Doesn’t happen. You can definitely get multiple variation items, but not choice. I’ve subbed for over four years.
      I’d LOVE if they would though, and I chose the moisturizer too, so speak it out, Sis! I’d love both too! 😂

    • Unfortunately, you won’t get a palette since it was a choice item.

  23. I hope I get the make up eraser. I’ve been wanting to order more. I only have 1

    • I hope I get a dose of colors lipstick, a make up erase, a porefessional primer, and an eyeshadow palette.

  24. For anyone wondering, I received my add on of the Elemis Cica hydration gel. It’s very nice. Very cooling feel as well. Perfect for summer. Also purchased one of the palettes. Super beautiful.

    • Happy to hear this! I picked for my choice so can’t wait! You

    • Thanks, Alice! I purchased it as an add-on but have it put up for summer. So happy to hear that it is in fact cooling!

      • I believe I’m going to refrigerate mine to add to the cooling!

      • Refrigerating it is a good idea!

        I chose the pallete as my choice item. Happy to hear that they’re beautiful. Hoping I receive one that will work out well for me. How’s the pigmentation of the shades and does it blend well if you’ve used it?

      • I ordered the caramel variation. I only tried one shade and it seems to be silky smooth. I’m sure they’ll blend nicely! The palettes are, indeed, made in Italy.

    • You’re welcome all! Stay safe!

  25. Gosh I would love those brushes

  26. Looks pretty good! I chose the Elemis moisturizer on choice day so I’m excited for that! I like those brushes, porfessional, the eyeshadows…even the lip shades look wearable! I’m excited lol

  27. I do not need to resubscribe. I do not need to resubscribe. I have premium. I have Ipsy. I do not need more stuff.
    Send help.

    • I’d love to help but I actually subbed to a 2nd base box to get that VV palette I’ve been wanting. And I have Premium also. It’s pretty sad. I have sooooo many brand new beauty products just piling up but I can’t seem to stop. I keep telling myself there are far worse addictions to have but still…

      I am for sure finally getting rid of Premium if I end up getting crappy variants for the 4th month for in a row. I swore I would cancel after the 2nd bad box but then came the Fenty box that gave me false hope. I got colors I can’t use and several products I just know I won’t use. So I almost cancelled again but several spoilers were very appealing so I rolled the dice. Then I saw more spoilers on here after it was too late and started kicking myself for not canceling again. I just know I’ll end up with all the products I don’t want and none that I do.

      On the bright side my last several base boxes have been pretty darn great so hopefully I will get some good (but different) stuff in my 2nd April base box. I’m definitely canceling one of them before next month.

      I couldn’t help stop you but hopefully you feel a little less guilty now! 😄

      • You’re so sweet! Yes I was a little disappointed in the Fenty premium box too, and I was so excited for it. It was just kind of meh, and I really wanted to love it. I’m pretty close to cancelling premium too. And I honestly don’t really like how boxy is running their business. So I might end up cancelling entirely and finding a new box. And like you, I have so many brand new things just piling up but I keep finding more things I want! I’m waiting on spoilers for May’s Ipsy because I’ve skipped the last couple months of plus. And I completely went nuts on add ons for April with boxy and Ipsy. Sigh. And the May Ipsy bags are so pretty. We need a support group for sub box addicts.
        Thank you and stay healthy! 💖

  28. Most of the Dose lipstick colors run a little warm for me. Hopefully I get one, and get one in a shade I can use! 🙏🙏🙏

  29. They still have too many variations. I could pick 5 items, out of what’s shown, but most of it would be a no, from me. Bad odds.

    • Yeah, the things that really make it look good (to me) are the eye shadow palettes & Elemis skincare, but of those 12 possible items, you’re only gonna get 1!

      • I feel like everyone will get a palette. The elemis was a choice option and everyone will get one of the benefit primers so that’s 3 good items in my opinion. Hope we also get a lipstick!

      • The palette was also a choice option.

  30. Oh I love how everything is laid out for us to see! Hope we all get a Dose lippie, I haven’t tried their satin lipstick yet!

  31. Once again it looks like the base box will be superior to the premium. I love all these variations!

  32. When are you able to pick what you want? Ice been on my page every day and nothing.

    • The previous month.

      This month, we’ll be able to choose an item for the May box on April 13.

    • Alril 14th

    • Same , i didnt receive an email last month to pick my product for April .

  33. I hope I get a makeup heavy box (esp the lipsticks and eyeshadows). Does anyone know how well Boxy does at not sending repeats, even if you’ve cancelled and resubbed? I’ve already received the Battington lashes and the Hank and Henry sponges–don’t use either so hoping I don’t get a second set!

    • If you reactivate your old account, your item history would be accurate in their system.

      • Thank you!

  34. i’ll take anything else but those lashes…please no lashes..i have my own thank you…

  35. I love those lashes!!

  36. They look more like lip liners to me.

    • That’s what I was thinking

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