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Allure Beauty Box May 2020 Spoiler #2

Allure October 2019 beauty subscription box review

We have an exclusive spoiler for the May 2020 Allure Beauty Box just for MSA readers!

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The May Allure Beauty Box will include:

Skin Inc My Daily Dose of Glow – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $65


AHC Essential Real Eye Cream – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $28.99

And if you haven’t signed up yet, new subscribers will also receive this free gift with their first box:

  •  Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder (travel size, $23 value) in user choice of shade:
    • Translucent: perfect for very fair to medium skin tones
    • Translucent Medium Deep: perfect for medium-deep to the deepest skin tones

While supplies last, click this link to get the free gift with your first month of Allure Beauty Box ($15 a month)

As of today, 4/6, your first box will be the April Box. Click this link and scroll down the page to see full spoilers.

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (53)

  1. Wow!!! Allure has blown me away almost every month for the last year.. But this box so far is unbelievable considering its only $15. I’m excited for the serum and I LOVE the AHC Cream.. It’s great for the face considering the Peptide packed formula and other skin loving ingredients.. I’m on last couple uses of my current tube so I’m glad to be getting a replacement

  2. Amazing as usual. Does anyone know what size the Laura Mercier setting powder is?

  3. I dont get why all the sub boxes are all on a huge “eye cream” kick. I give tons of them away, keep tons, use on other places and still have not found one that actually works …lol

    I wish they would do a makeup heavy box

  4. If I squeeze out a little too much eye cream I will dab it on my smile lines around my mouth and any more noticeable forehead lines, seems to help.

    • Ive always used my eye creams assa lip line cream too. Works great I agree. 👍

      • Same.

  5. Has anyone received an email from Allure claiming an error with their Laura Mercier product? This is what I received

    “Due to a technical issue, we’d like to verify your free new member gift selection for your April Allure Beauty Box to make sure you are getting the right shade of 6 Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Setting Powder .

    According to our system, you selected Translucent Medium Deep (for medium-deep to deep skin tones). ”

    I immediately replied that they indeed had me down for the wrong shade and gave them the correct shade. Then I get this email in response.

    “Thank you for contacting Allure Beauty Box.

    We do apologize as your order was received with a different shade.

    We are cancelling and refunding the order.

    Our records show your previous payment was through PayPal, ApplePay, or Amazon Pay. Due to system requirements, we are unable to place another order; therefore, please call 1-800-274-1603 to take advantage of this offer using a different form of payment and provide the correct shade of Laura Mercier powder to the representative.”

    I am so livid. I seriously doubt this was unintentional. They are hoping people just drop it. Watch them to proceed not to refund me and send me the box without the LM item which is the only reason I subbed.
    They expect me to call to resub then hand some random person over the phone my credit card info. Nope! I know people who have had their cc info stolen that way.

    • At least you didn’t get charged the annual fee ($176.55), as well. They botched the charge and then we’re going to send me the wrong powder shade. A mess.

    • They refunded my money, not even an email explaining why. Very annoying.

  6. Does anyone with dry skin have experience with the setting powder?

    • I’ve got dry skin and have used the LM powder. I do like it, but I have to use it lightly. I also recommend a puff/sponge for the press method. It’s my go to for setting my concealer and I do have fine lines.

    • Its a very drying formula. Would not recomend for dry skin

  7. Oh they got me to resubscribe with this. I’m getting the March box first, and I really hope I get the Ciate stick. Please sub box gods? 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  8. Ok that is funny! Eye cream for the whole face lol 🙂 I’ve been an esthetician for 20 yrs and that’s the first for me as well lol

    • What? I think it’s thoughtful for them to specify it’s eye cream for those of us whose eyes are upon our faces. Did you ever read that old Stephen King short story from Night Shift where the one guy grows an eye in the middle of his palm? 🤚+👁️ Now people like that guy know to not use the cream on that eye! 😋😉😆

      • Hilarious!!😂

    • ‘Concentrated eye cream for the whole face’
      So face cream?

    • I thought that was interesting wording as well. So I checked the brand out online. The company looks like it is based out of South Korea. And the directions on the product are that you can use it around the eye area & if you’d like on your entire face. The website was pretty cool. The wording still catches me off guard though.

  9. I am so stoked to get both of these products. I’ve wanted to try these for a long time especially the AHC! I’ve been subscribed to Allure Beauty Box for a long time and lately the past few boxes felt like they lost their passion and were sending out things that were from past boxes but these are new and awesome! Can’t wait for May’s box, something to look forward to in this really hard time in everyone’s lives. Thanks Allure!

    • FYI I read an update on the Macy’s box a few days ago in case you haven’t seen it – they have stopped their boxes for now. I don’t do many subs at all anymore and I had signed up for that one for May – would haven been my first beauty sub in ages (with the exception of the amazing allure one awhile back I jumped on for one box to get the free hot tools). Hopefully it will get going again in a month or two – trying to think positive even if it’s just wishful thinking at this point… 🧚🏻‍♀️😊🤞🏻

  10. Nice to see I wasn’t the only one a bit perplexed on that …”eye cream for the whole face”… I was a bit huh.. but ok… guess they mean won’t hurt the rest of the face.. if I squeeze out too much of any product, I just use on neck or hands… I am abundant in eye creams and just early 2019 I was in need… No complaints here… the most interesting thing is not a single cream or oil I have used is giving me milia (though only Dr. Gross got rid of some). Hello universe, I sure wouldn’t mind some new Retinol serums… Thank you in advance. Hey, worked for eye treatments and cleansers… doesn’t hurt to ask..

    • Tanya, which Dr Gross product helped get rid of the milia? I’m getting some small ones on my eyelids and they drive me crazy! Thanks for your input.

    • Probably just means safe for face. I love using eye cream sames that didn’t work well or any I squeezed to much out on laugh lines and smile lines and fine wrinkles. Works pretty well my fine lines have gone way down. Also nice around lips to restore definition.

  11. I am definitely gonna get this. I have been interested in both items and they are both full size!!! No brainer for me.

  12. I like that serum, so joined for the Laura Mercier translucent powder. I had a huge jar of it, decided it was ” old” and threw it away in a combo of KonMari and Covid-19 cleaning…..

    The Allure size will last for a year, as little as I fluff brush on. 🙂 Good stuff.

    • Ooh my goodness!
      I hope these aren’t variant items because I want them both!!!

  13. Hoping these aren’t variant items as I haven’t subscribed to Allure in a few months… would be great. 🙂

  14. And just like that, I’m over the disappointment of receiving a brown lip liner in my April box. I’m looking forward to May

    • Yes- where’s the vampy dark red shades like RMS Diabolique(my fave)? Nudes and brown only looks good on certain ppl in my opinion and I have tons from boxes. Don’t understand why you’d want to make your lips disappear lol.

      • And I have so many reds that I could cover my whole body in red lipstick and still have some leftover. So please for the love of god no more reds. Everyone is different:)

  15. I’m really having a hard time with this one… I would love to have both products. But, I’m worried about a variation announcement and wether or not I would even be able to get my box if I do resub. USPS is not delivering any packages at all. Only regular mail and junk mail. No pick up slips, nothing. It will say out for delivery then it is marked undeliverable. We are on lockdown where I live. FedEx and UPS is doing the same thing. But, there’s nowhere to pick packages up from…

    • Where do you live if you don’t mind sharing? I’ve been worried about mail service but so far so good here.

    • I live in Mi and just got a package from UPS today . But they can’t hand you package my bf went to get it and they asked if they could put it on his car.

      • I haven’t had any trouble with carriers not delivering packages.
        They just leave them on the porch. Fortunately we live in a safe area, so no trouble with “porch pirates”.

        I live in a suburb of Detroit.

        My husband’s been off since the shelter-in-place order went down, but I’ve been deemed essential, so I have to go in. The building I work in is sufficiently low-traffic that we sometimes have trouble getting mail delivery, so social distancing is not a problem.

      • I’m in MI too, and I’ve only had one problem which was a lost package. You might want to call your local post office and let them know what is going on. I usually have better luck calling my local office instead of the national customer service line. Good luck!

      • Wow all these Mi people on here. My son and family are in St. Clair by the river. I didn’t send my package for my grandsons because I wasn’t certain about the mail either. Stay safe out there everyone

    • You might want to leave a note for your postal worker about the packages. Thus far, my mail carrier has been delivering packages. It might vary depending on where you live. Best of luck with your packages. Stay safe!

    • good to know. fedex has had my march ipsy ultimate since 3/05, with no updates or estimated delivery date. i’m hoping i will get to have it someday. especially since i ordered a bunch of addons…

      • If you have a tracking number, you should be able to have them look for it. You’ll have to go through FedEx customer service, but they should be able to resolve it.

      • You’re not alone. My Ipsy is also stuck with fedex and also since 3/5. I just suspected something happened at that location? I’ll wait it out I guess but it’s good to know I’m not alone with that issue. I’m in CA

      • I would not hold my breath ladies. FedEx never delivered $500 worth of Rx’s. Just missing! Never marked undeliverable or delivered. It was on a truck for delivery over 8 weeks ago. FYI, if it’s medication or medical supplies, the carrier knows that. That’s felony theft on the person who had possession of it and did not deliver it. They have marked 2 packages undeliverable and given me no way of retrieving them, a pair of shoes and a bra. They marked another package delivered to my door, I was home, it was not delivered here. I swear I say a neighbor with those shorts on the other day… same apt #, different building, right across the drive from each other. I did compliment her on them and how much they resemble the ones FedEx said they delivered to my apartment. She turned red and ran inside. Bass Pro finally issued a refund and they will be contacting FedEx for reimbursement of the shorts and shipping. As for the shoes and bra, that’s over $125 RV. Even though I purchased the items on clearance, still… I don’t get it. If you are not going to deliver it or even leave a slip, why don’t you just quit your job? Well, that driver doesn’t have to, she’s fired. She has my shoes and bra. I’m not her 1st victim. It’s taken THIS long to finally get that situation resolved and my money back.
        I normally hate DHL, but, I kinda wish they were handling my Ipsy this month. FedEx has it… 🙄 Idk if they will deliver it to me or USPS… even if they deliver it to USPS for delivery, it’s up to the mail carrier as to wether or not they want to deal with delivering packages or not, regardless of wether it fits in the box or not… 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Wow! We have a “stay at home” order too but our USPS, UPS and Fedex are STILL delivering packages. Geez.. Im so sorry.

    • I would call the local USPS if I were you because mail/package delivery personnel are considered essential workers and FedEx, USPS and UPS are all open and delivering they do say there may be a delay though but I have had no problems with package or mail delivery and I live in California.,

  16. Don’t think I’ve ever seen an eye cream for the whole face. Eventhough I use moisturizer and eye cream on my eyes and face interchangeably.

    • Funny… I’ve received this in another box before, and just assumed it was a translation snafu that we usually see in k-beauty products, but I just now noticed that it clearly states, “Concentrated eye cream for the whole face”. Well, I plan to use mine just for the eyes, but I am curious how it would feel on the whole face.

      • I have this- it is very nice and very thick a little goes a long way. It is nice to just be able to smear it all over my face and not worry about getting too close to my eyes! It has a very strong scent (though my version was in a red tube so maybe it was a special version?) but it went away quickly on the face. I really enjoyed this and wore it on no makeup days (it was too heavy to wear under makeup, but I also used alot haha).

        I’d absolutely buy it again!

      • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it! 🙂

  17. Dang, this is shaping up to be a great box!

    I have so many eye creams, but I can never resist a new one, especially when it’s full size.

  18. Loving this box so far. Allure continues to be one of my faves..

  19. I think I’m going to sign up for this one – I’ve been wanting to try the L.M powder for soo long!

    • It’s my all time favorite setting powder. Hope you like it!

  20. I am very impressed with the May box. I may need to get a 2nd one via Amazon. Definitely looks good so far.

  21. So far, this looks like a skincare heavy box, which is totally fine with me. I don’t really use eye creams for their intended purpose. However, I enjoy them as luxury hand creams or on my decollete. I’m intrigued by these spoilers, so far. 🙂

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