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Quirky Crate Subscription Box Review – February 2020

Quirky Crate is a monthly lifestyle subscription box full of colorful accessories and other fun finds. Each box contains 6-9 items that are bound to make you smile, and promises an enamel pin, an item from a featured indie artist and a funky fresh pair of socks each month.

New sticker, who dis?

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About Quirky Crate

The Subscription Box: Quirky Crate

The Cost: $36.95 a month + shipping. Save with longer subscriptions.

The Products: 6-9 quirky fun products including a pair of socks, an enamel pin and an item made by a featured indie artist; over $70 value in each box

Ships to: The US for $6.50, Canada $11.30, and internationally for $17.25

Quirky Crate February 2020 Review

Quirky Crate samples one item from a featured artist or brand each month. This month’s special find comes from Hope & Hive, a lip balm company that loves to give back. This info card gives you a little background info on this company’s mission as well as some social media info.

On the flipside, Quirky Crate includes an itemized list of each product and its value. This month’s theme is “Summer Daydreams.”

Time to get quirky!


Mermaid Socks – Listed Value $8

Quirky Crate‘s sock quality and styles are unmatched! I really love the designs they put out, and my collection gets a little quirkier every month. Mermaids really bring this month’s theme to life, and you can’t beat their dramatic expressions. The fit of this pair is perfect for my size 8 feet, and they are comfortable to wear with my boots that fit a little too tightly for boot socks.

Cactus Beaded Bracelet – Listed Value $15 (similar found here for $9.99)

Who doesn’t love a bright, flowering succulent? This beaded beauty is too cute! The princess pink rope and gold accents work together to make this piece girly and unique. This type of adjustable closure is perfect to put on yourself without any tricky clasps to maneuver.


Cactus Crossbody Bag – Listed Value $35

I love this bag! The chain this month is a little different than previous months. It has a slinky feel to it, and I generally just like the look better. I am also happy to report that this bag is bigger than usual; I can fit my essential makeup pouch, my phone and wallet inside without it feeling too crowded. I also really love how the top view (refer to 3rd pic) looks like an alligator. If wearing a big, bright cactus isn’t quirky, then I don’t know what is!

Hope & Hive Cola Lip Balm – Listed Value $5 (other flavors available for $2.99)

My favorite Lip Smackers flavor is Dr. Pepper, so I was stoked to see this balm was Cola flavored (although it doesn’t have that beautiful tint Dr. Pepper does). They knocked this one out of the park! It smells sweet and has that Cola spice to it without having much of a flavor, which is a good thing! And I also appreciate the waxy formula for its staying power. It works great as a base for any lip color, especially matte formulas.


Lookin Sharp Enamel Pin – Retail Value $10

This month’s pin is from Primitives by Kathy, which is different from QC’s usual pin manufacturer. They provided a note explaining that the factory they typically use is in an area of China that has been affected by the coronavirus and our info card reflects a different pin than what was sent. Providing us with this information wasn’t necessary, but I really respect that the sub’s curator took the time to explain this to her subscribers and offer her support to those affected. Very cool!

I am not disappointed in the change in pins because this definitely has that punny feel that Quirky Crate is known for. This pin is also smaller than usual, measuring about the same size as my thumb nail. This petite pin is cute and would make an excellent gift.


Shell Compact Mirror – Listed Value $6 (similar found here)

Everyone needs a cute little compact for on-the-go, and this mermaid can’t get enough of this holographic, double-sided shell. One of the mirrors is magnifying (I am staying away from that side, haha), and the other is a regular mirror. The compact stays shut with a magnet and flips open easily for a quick teeth and bangs check.


PBK Iron On Patch – Retail Value $5

Here is another item from Primitives by Kathy. Their products are adorable, and they make really great gifts, too! This patch has an adhesive backing, which will adhere to most fabrics, and comes attached to a card reading “Happiness is believing in unicorns.” I’d have to agree with that sentiment.

The Verdict: Quirky Crate’s February curation had me drooling for summer. It doesn’t help that it is 50 degrees outside right now, and tomorrow is supposed to be below 30! Yuck! I love the cactus finds as well as the mermaid socks and shell compact; it is safe to say that each item has found its way into my heart! The total value of this box adds up to $84, close to double the $36.95 + $6.50 shipping subscription cost. I always feel Quirky Crate is worth its price because the fun items always bring a smile to my face, and people tend to notice and compliment me on the unique flair I’ve acquired from them. 

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? February’s crate is sold out! Sign up today and receive the March crate.

Value Breakdown: This box costs $36.95 + $6.50 shipping, which means that each of the 7 items in the box has an average cost of $6.21.

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Written by Abby Holsinger

Abby Holsinger

Abby has been a box enthusiast since July 2011, finding her calling with Birchbox. That was the start of a new era for Abby, because she is now hooked on the subscription box life; she loves the idea of receiving (several) thoughtful treats from genius curators such as Lisa Sugar and Rachel Zoe. A few other loves of hers would be her dog named Bill Murray, Bill Murray and chocolate babka.

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Comments (20)

  1. I’m in my 40s and have subscribed off an on to this box. I believe I’ve gotten 6 boxes in total. I really must say that 80% of the time the contents make me smile in a way most other boxes don’t and that’s worth something to me. I’ve also used or enjoyed more of the items that I thought I would.

    Is it expensive? Arguably, yes.

    Can you get most of it elsewhere? Again, yes.

    Have I had quality issues? Generally no, and the one time I did they sent a replacement item without any hassle.

    Do I expect a vinyl purse to be of the same quality as insert your favorite brand here? Nope.

    In a world flooded with subscriptions, get what makes you happy that’s within your budget. Fiscally, I’m taking a break from subscriptions but can see myself resubscribing to this one next year. That said, I see people on this site highly disappointed in Boxy and Ipsy – at all the price levels – yet no one is calling the stuff garbage or the people subscribed stupid. Let’s all try and be kind. If you think it’s awful, you likely aren’t subscribed or should cancel immediately.

    And yes, I do think the cactus purse and pin are fabulous and I’ve worn the bracelet out without public shaming ;p

  2. That pin is really cute! There are a lot fewer comments than there were earlier…what’s going on? And the comment count is off.

    • I saw the earlier thread. Some insults were traded. Those posts seem to have been removed.

  3. I’m really surprised that people are more upset about the fact that women might be using these items than the fact that they apparently came from AliExpress. (I didn’t look up all the items, but after reading Stephanie’s comment below, I checked and did find the cactus crossbody there.) Maybe I am wrong, but I always associate AliExpress with subpar quality.

    • My feelings exactly. And I did the same and found the purse and the compact immediately.

  4. I don’t subscribe to this box, but I always love reading the reviews! I almost always love the purses that come in it. Even though I wouldn’t wear it EVERY time I leave the house, I would love wearing a cactus bag on a fun girls night…or on a day out with my 2 boys. I’m 30 and am not ashamed to say that I still enjoy a little “quirk” every now and then. And I see nothing wrong with anyone who LOVES to dress more colorfully or whacky on a regular basis. More power to them… do you!

  5. I live in texas and calling someone honey is used by people that think they are better than the person they are talking to. If my therapist was disagreeing with me and then called me honey id fíre her. Very few people can call a stranger honey and it come across as sweet. I am 55 and i carry a bag that is an alligator. It makes me smile. I dress for me not for judgemental stodgy bores. Yes, i know i have spelling errors but my keyboard is wonky and its clear enough for polite people

    • As long as your bag isn’t made from an actual alligator, I love that!

  6. After reading the comments, I was a little sad by peoples remarks. I know a few individuals with Schizotypal Personality Disorder that have magical thinking and indeed dress quirky and unusual even at the age of 30 or 40!

    Be kind! I think this is a great box for many people who enjoy different & something that stands out! Have Fun!! You only live once.. Being an adult is boring anyways.

    • There is no need to be so condescending and negative! I think what Tiffany is saying is that this is a fun box that could appeal to many different people for many different reasons. I am 41 and love reading the reviews for this box. It makes me feel nostalgic for my childhood. I would subscribe to this box if my partner wouldn’t kill me for spending money on more “stuff.”

      The great thing about subscription boxes and MSA reviews is that there are a huge variety that appeal to many people for many reasons. No judgment needed! There is no need to be rude because someone likes a box that you don’t. And definitely no need to be so condescending by calling a woman “honey.” Just don’t read the review if you don’t like the box. It really is that simple.

      • Calling anyone “honey” in my part of the word is an affectionate general greeting in a non-professional setting.
        I am a therapist, and was trying to explain that one does not feed a personality disorder.

      • Wow. I have a degree in Psychology, have worked as a counselor and other jobs in the field with many other mental health professionals including psychiatrists and therapists, plus have gone to a few different therapists over the years for my own reasons. I cannot imagine anyone I have ever known personally or worked with in the field, let alone a licensed therapist making a comment like this. It’s extremely irresponsible to spread this kind of ignorance. To claim to be a therapist and be this blatantly judgmental is astonishing and honestly quite disturbing. To diagnose a hypothetical someone you’ve never met or spoken to with a serious personality disorder based on their choice of accessories is absolutely absurd. I am truly frightened for your clients.

        I would normally not make these kind of comments on this site that should just be for amusement, but mental health is a serious subject that needs to be brought into the light. Your comments, especially given your career choice, just feed the stigma around mental illness. And this type of arrogant rush to judgment is something that should no longer be happening. It belongs back in the Victorian times when any problem a woman had whether physical or mental was deemed “hysteria.”

        People that are brave enough to be themselves and like what they like, wear what they wear without concern for any else’s opinion are to be respected and celebrated. That takes courage, self esteem and a healthy sense of self. And yet you would label such people as having very serious mental illnesses. Unbelievable.

      • @dani yes, yes, YES!

    • Wow, I like the cactus bag and I’m 32. Way to assume that someone who likes this has to be Schizophrenic. Different people like different things.

      People can think this is great and people can think it’s awful. How is this about being kind?

  7. I can only imagine pre-school or elementary school kids using this kind of stuff. Not adults, no matter how “quirky” they think they are…

  8. All of this is from

  9. Is this childish junk suppose to be for an adult ?

    • Who cares who it is “for”? Anyone is allowed to like what they like, Deborah.

  10. I always like this box but it is too expensive for every month. Do they ever release spoilers?
    *I’m having trouble seeing the connection between cacti and mermaids. It really doesn’t matter-it’s quirky! But I’m just wondering if I am missing something?

    • How nice!!!. I love everything in this!!! Its too expensive for me though

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