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March 2020 Allure Beauty Box Available Now + FULL SPOILERS!

Allure October 2019 beauty subscription box review

If you sign up now, your first box will be the March 2020 Allure Beauty Box

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The March box includes:

  • Mamonde Red Energy Recovery Serum OR Mamonde Rose Water Toner OR Mamonde Petal Spa Oil to Foam Cleanser
  • FLOSS My New Favorite Gloss in LAX or YUL (Full Size)
  • Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL (Full Size)
  • Dr. Botanicals Lemon Superfood All-in-One Rescue Butter OR Lue by Jean Seo Cleansing Powder (Both Full Size)
  • Lapcos Hyaluronic Moisturizing or Ceramide Sheet Mask
  • Rituals The Ritual of Ayurveda Shower Foam OR Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil

And new subscribers who subscribe in March will also receive an Ofra X Nikkie Tutorials Everglow Highlighter (Full Size) as their new member free gift.

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get the free gift! 

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (67)

  1. I tried to cancel this box through Amazon, but apparently it didn’t work. Anyways it’s a long story. I received it today and I am pretty pleased with it. Got Mamonde serum and Dr. Botanicals. Also got black pencil. I would of preferred Rituals, but can’t win them all. Floss is new to me product so not sure how I feel about it yet

    • I’m curious to know if you got the cleansing powder or the dr. botanicals butter and if the eye pencil was full size. I skipped my amazon order but might decide to get it after all.

      • I got Dr. Botanicals. Pencil is not full size. MSA just posted review of it

    • What size are the Mamonde Serum and the Dr Botanicals? Thanks in advance for your response.

  2. How do I cancel completely. I’ve been a member for a year and half. I’m bored. I appreciate all the products I’ve tried. But I feel like I’m wasting my money

    • I agree. This was my favorite box a few years ago, but very disappointed in the selection now.

  3. My debit card they have on file for me expired. I was going to update it but these spoilers aren’t doing anything for me. I’ll wait til next month. If I subscribe again, think I can get a free gift? Is it better to subscribe directly through them or through Amazon?

    • I can’t speak about Amazon since I’ve only ever subbed through Allure, but I’m always subbing and un-subbing based on spoilers, and whenever I’ve resubbed I’ve always received the free gift that was currently being offered. I don’t create a new account, but just use the MSA link for the current free gift (you probably don’t have to in order to get the free gift, but I do just to be safe), then purchase a new sub using the same email address I’ve always used. Also, I’ve never had an issue cancelling with them either.

      • Amazon just treats it like a standing subscription that you can turn on and off.

        The only thing I can state with certainty with Amazon, is that if you do subscribe, sign up as early in the month as practical, since they will treat that as your order date.

      • I can’t even subscribe to allure using a different email address without them canceling me, if I try to resubscribe using my same debit card!

    • You will not get a free gift if you sub through Amazon

      • I subbed through Amazon and got the free Hot Tools gift.

      • Allure cancelled me repeatedly. They didn’t send boxes I paid for. Promised free gifts and replacements that never showed up. And every time I resigned back up the supervisor said I didn’t qualify for any sign up bonuses! They finally sent a refund check for the months they didn’t mail. But I missed the Huda and ABH months and some other great months!

  4. I cancelled allure through allure and now sub through amazon and just skipped this month. The spoilers did nothing for me so I was so glad to be in my window to still cancel.

  5. I really like the Mamonde Rose stuff enough that I am using my second full sized bottle of the stuff that I bought at Ulta after getting the Allure sample., It cleans well without stripping my face of moisture. The Lue powder–I still have my last open bottle in there. It’s OK as an exfoliator but not one I reach for regularly. They also sent me that Floss gloss already in YUL and I am using it at my desk. It’s a good gloss and I will use another tube, for sure. If I get more of the Mamonde rose, I can use it for travel. The Lue? I will give it to a friend.

    For me, Allure is regularly full of staples that I will always use but it usually is not a wow box for me. That’s not a bad thing as I will definitely use almost everything here except for that Lue stuff. I just really hope to get to try the lemon body butter and/or the shower foam.

  6. I sub through Amazon, but just decided to skip the March box. I wouldn’t mind a few of the products and would really like the Rituals product, but I am not a fan of so many variations. I am also experiencing product overload at the mo’.

  7. I wish I knew about allure switching up its products at the last minute because it’s unfair to their customers… the new editor had this beauty box unraveling.. I wish they would keep adding new and luxurious products to the box like they were doing before because it gave this box an edge against the others. Looks like I will be canvelo nbn g this box as well….

    • Allure didn’t switch the products. This is exact same spoilers that were previously revealed. The pictures are different, yes, however, if you read through variations, these are the exact same spoilers that were posted here in mid Feb.

  8. I loved January and liked February, but this one not so much. Hopefully, they got my skip request. April looks lovely.

    • Can you skip months with Allure? I want the new member Ofra highlighter gift. Can I cancel my subscription and sign up again to get that gift? I know you can’t have two subscriptions or more than one box going to same address but you can purchase a gift subscription to send yourself and get two boxes a month. That’s the only way I can think of to get that Ofra/Nikki Tutorial highlighter.

  9. The variants are strange because they’re totally different product categories. All in all it’s still a good value so I’m not too concerned. (And I’ll happily take more Mamonde). It’s just odd.

  10. I cancelled because of the variations.

  11. Argh! Looks like they’re trying to recoup losses after the big giveaway of the hairstyling tool around Christmas. I’m the idiot that was already subbed long term and paying full price plus tax and got none of that, lucky me. The last two boxes have been duds for me as well and I don’t care for a single thing posted for March. Honestly, I would have SWORN I saw completely different pictures for March spoilers a month ago because I’m certain I would have canceled had I seen this in time.

    • Yes, MSA had different spoilers posted previously. The written description was still gave all the or possibilities, but the pictures were different. I was originally going to get this box based on the original picture spoilers. They had Mamonde serum, Dr. Botanicals and the Rituals. Now seeing these spoiler pictures, I canceled. I sub through Amazon and they let me cancel even though my charge for this month was already pending. Dodge a bullet on that one. Highly recommend subbing through Amazon

      • I did but our account was hacked, and as good as Amazon is, they offered next to no assistance with recouping our losses. It’s been a nightmare fixing out accounts,

      • OMG! That’s insane! My husband has amazon prime. He uses it for work more than anything. He needs parts and sometimes, it’s faster. But, I have yet to ever order anything from or off of Amazon. It started with,”I just don’t care… I know where to go to get what I want and more often than not, I get better deals and freebies by buying direct.” At this point, it’s mainly because of their delivery drivers. They are a nightmare! They can block your driveway, block your car in, park in front of fire hydrants, block the entrance to the entire parking area. It was blocked to the point EMS could not get through and they had to leave the fire truck and go running on foot. In the last 2 months alone, I have had to wait on a 🤬 Amazon delivery person to move so I could either leave my home or get home 8 times!!! It’s kinda an apartment/condo style living. There’s only 4-6 units per building with attached garages. All the garages are in a line on one side of the building and it’s pretty specific the this is a private drive, private parking, etc. Fire lines are clearly painted and there’s also other obvious indicators as well. There’s even a new sign regarding deliveries. The clubhouse has extended hours to accommodate. It’s RIGHT THERE!!! Not to mention it’s usually neighbors getting amazon deliveries, not us, but my driveway is the corner one, so, we’ll just block that in?
        I have noticed that one delivery boy, I said it, boy, is now intentionally turning up the nasty gangster rap even louder and if I’m not parked in my driveway, he does and leaves it running nice and loud while he makes deliveries for 3 buildings instead of ours and moving on.
        Yes, delivery drivers have been written tickets when EMS could not get through, but otherwise, they seem untouchable.
        USPS delivers inbox or in office. FedEx, UPS and any special delivery are now doing as asked by residents and management and NOT delivery packages in this manner. Unless you are specific about your delivery being dropped at your door for the taking, it is delivered safely at the clubhouse. Amazon is the only one who refuses. I have filed 2 police reports in the past 6 months. You simply just can not “trap” someone repeatedly because you have deliveries to make. I honestly can’t believe the one still has a job and isn’t facing criminal threat charges considering I have him on video calling me a rich white B****, and that if he catches me taking pics or video of him again, he’s gonna bust a cap in my @$$?! And he’s still making deliveries?! Here?! What?! Yes! Saw him yesterday and yes, I had to wait to park and when he saw me, he waved his hand like a gun. A neighbor saw and called it in and this is a grey Amazon truck! He’s wearing an Amazon shirt!
        I’m not the only one. They have assigned a detective to the case. 🙄
        I can’t bring myself to give that company a penny.

      • Probably because Amazon drivers and others in similar gig economy delivery driver roles are under such insane, unrealistic pressure to deliver X number of packages in a ridiculously short window that they’re on auto-pilot to get everything done. There’s been all kinds of information about it in the news and online – it changed my opinion and feelings towards these poor folks because it is CRAZY. They make next to nothing and have crazy parameters in place.

        I always thank my delivery people incessantly now that I understand the pressure they’re under. Seriously, it will blow your mind.

      • I understand completely as my son in law is a driver for UPS and in our area. His usual route is also nearby. So, he understands the area and the whole situation. The specific area is almost nothing but apartments, condos, retirement living, nursing homes, medical offices and retail. So, yes, it is extremely difficult. But, even my son in law agrees. It’s not ever single solitary driver for Amazon, but most of them. Some are people using their own or rented vehicles. That part makes me very angry knowing they’re basically loosing money. Those people generally don’t block anybody. Just today as I walked to get my mail, I saw one delivering packages to the office. Earlier, it was the same jerk in the grey amazon truck blocking myself and my elderly neighbor in from leaving for over 5 minutes. I didn’t say anything this time. I let my neighbor deal with him and it’s all recorded because she was on the phone with 911. There’s a ONE STOP place for all delivery companies to drop of packages making everything safer, faster and easier for everyone. But, Amazon is the only one refusing and in the process, breaking several laws at each stop here. Not myself or any other person should have to wait on someone else’s delivery so we can get in our own vehicles and leave our own homes.

      • What do you do that you are in and put of your house so much that you have an experience that often with a delivery driver?!

        Not being rude, I’m just fascinated that someone is out and about that much to encounter someone that often….and to be honest a bit jealous I dont have much of a life to go anywhere or even figure out where to go if I did. Hahaa

      • Ma’am this is a Wendy’s.

      • Is this really the right forum for this long long post?????? Say you won’t use amazon and move on. I want to hear fun things about make up and skin care. ☺️🤷🏻‍♀️

  12. I usually get the version in the magazine. Hope so.

    Granted, it’ll be the billionth UD Zero pencil I get, but it’ll be worth it for getting the only Mamonde product I haven’t tried.

    • I’ve have the Mamonde cleanser and it works really well. It takes off all makeup even eye makeup and you only have to use a very tiny drop. Like half a pump, takes it all off. It suds and lathers very well. You won’t need to double cleanse. The fragrance i find is tolerable and doesn’t give me headaches like most of the fragrances in skincare.

      • I agree, the cleanser is nice. For a while I had samples of the cleanser and toner, and I would use them together when I remembered.

        I didn’t notice any major difference in my skin, but I did enjoy the fragrance.

  13. I had been meaning to cancel allure and finally remembered to email them last night. They already sent a response offering two months are $12 each but I will pass. It seems like the quality is going downhill a bit from a few years back. Even so, if I were young and not loaded up with quality product it would be a good value.

    I’ve cut off almost all of my subscription boxes and I’m down to just Beauty Heroes which I’m pretty happy with.

    With all of the money I’m saving I didn’t feel bad picking up the huge bag from the LA beauty show or when Net-a-Porter has a fab beauty box/bag.

    • Love Beauty Heroes and all the Net a porter bags also ❤️🙌

  14. Isn’t every single one of these a repeat? Pretty shocking. This box used to be like, curated.

    • I skipped this box, after the preview. Could not believe it was all repeats, think they are recycling, their inventory. So sad, for us veteran subscribers.

  15. And the “or” is getting a little bizarre. Shower Foam OR a gel eye pencil? I wish I had remembered to skip this month. I have just about all of these products and some more than one. I hope I don’t get the Lue…..that stuff is awful. It’s like putting flour on your face. The gloss is thick and sticky and is a big NO to me and my 13 year old niece. The only saving grace for this box is the Mamonde. It will be a small sample but I have loved everything I’ve used in their line. Oh, and the Rituals is great too but I’m pretty sure there’s a black eye pencil with my name on it…..😑

  16. How do you skip?

    • It’s faster if you call. 1 (800) 274-1603

      • I called and gave up after 15 minutes on hold… I guess I’m getting the box this month 😉

      • Wooooow… I’m sorry about that. They must have a lot of unhappy subscribers. Ipsy always bills me on the 1st. Allure usually doesn’t. It’s just somewhere between the 1st and 9th. I noticed Allure billed me on the 1st in February. I’m glad I called on Valentine’s Day to skip the March box. I’ve got a 2 target boxes full of makeup I’m dropping off at a women’s shelter this week.

      • I don’t know if it’s too late to cancel for March, but you can try emailing them at [email protected] . com. That ‘s how I’ve always cancelled my subs, and I’ve never had any issues. Assuming you haven’t been charged yet, I would say that I want to cancel my subscription effective immediately because they may take a day or two to get back to you.

  17. If anyone gets this from Amazon, please post what is included. Thanks!

  18. wow. I literally have every one of those currently sitting in my closet, some unopened and a few, like the Lue, Mamonde, and Nikkietutorial, I have more than 1. Do not regret cancelling Allure… :/

    • I dont know about everyone else… but I have gotten ALL of these. Sans the liner already! Whats up with Allure doing repeats! SINCE WHEN.
      They are my fave sub box. Best value. Always good stuff. Have always responded to emails right away. Fixed issues quickly. But I have about 10 of those face washes. However…they are pretty damn awesome. And a face wash has to be great for me to say that.

  19. Glad I cancelled this box a couple of months ago. Didnt like feb nor this march box. I’ll sign back up if they make it worth it again.

  20. I just logged into my account. The picture they show for their Allure box shows full size Sunday Riley, Oribe and Nars, plus smaller sizes of Sunday Riley, Oribe and Christian Dior. Instead of those high end items, we’re stuck with REPEATS of Mamonde, Jul, and Lue. I have gotten all these before, and seriously can’t even give them away! How can they get away with doing so many repeats?I realize that the website picture is just a “representation” of what you might get rather than an actual box…but talk about a bait and switch! What a disappointment–Allure has gone WAY downhill.

  21. If you get this from Amazon, please post what you get!

    • just got mine from amazon and it was the red serum, the hand cream, and the urban decay liner, hyaluronic face mask. and lax lip gloss, and the mascara. other than the eyeliner i’m pleased with it. i still never tried the rituals shower foam. crazy right?

  22. Or, or, or, or,or…. No, no, no, no, no… I canceled for a few months. Signed back up for January and received a full size cleanser. Skipped February and definitely skipping March. Maybe I should just cancel again???

  23. Pretty irritated the full spoilers are released the day they take payment. I would have cancelled. All of these are repeats for me other than the sheet mask, and I do not like sheet mask. I know I’m going to sound like a big baby, but I really hate that lip gloss (I’ve literally received it twice) for some reason this lipgloss has a odd chemical taste to me. I guess there’s always next month.

  24. I agree, I love to see new products that are being released for 2020 in the box.

  25. No thrilled with some repeats, although some are from a box I skipped so those will be fine. I just don’t need more of the momande that I have already. That being said, I at least TRUST allure to have REAL products consistently so for that reason I keep this box. If I do get a repeat that I give to someone at least I don’t need to worry about giving someone a potentially fake or dangerous product, so there’s also that.

    • Exactly! I trust Allure to have real quality products so if I Get a repeat here and there it’s no big deal.

  26. ALL repeats for this box😧

  27. There are 4 possible variants in this box that I have already received in the past year and I don’t want them again. I wonder if it’s too late to cancel. I don’t understand why it’s ok to dump old stock in these boxes. I subscribe because I want to receive products that I haven’t already received and tried.

  28. I hope to receive the Dr. Botanicals item, over the Lue cleansing powder. I’ve tried the powder in the past and was not impressed with it. Hopefully, I’ll receive the Mamond serum or cleanser and the Rituals cleanser. That would be my ideal box. 🙂

  29. i’ll pass again for the 3rd. month now…allure sure is going down hill.

  30. Oh well, not all months can be stellar. I still stick with Allure as a consistently good value.

    • Another sub I’ve let go. I’m paring down…to almost no subs. Only buying when the products suit me and the price is outstanding, from spoilers.

      • This wasn’t meant as a reply.

      • 🙂 No problem! I’ve pared down to Allure and ipsy GBP.

  31. So glad I canceled!!!

    • I’m reminded why I cancelled in the first place. I’ve already got two of the powder cleanser. It’s lame. Time to cancel again.

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