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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus May 2021 Spoilers

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus April 2020 Spoilers Round #2!

We have more spoilers for the April 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus! (Thanks for the heads up, Heather!)

Here are some of the products they are sending this month. Not all subscribers will receive all items:

TARTE tarteist™ Double Take Eyeliner in Black

BOBBI BROWN COSMETICS Crushed Lip Color in Grenadine

SHAINA B MIAMI Mini Miami Blush and Highlight Palette

CÉLA Crème Rose – The Very Best Cream Rose

DOSE OF COLORS Liquid Matte Lipstick in Plum Queen

STARSKIN VIP Cream De La Crème Instantly Recovering Luxury Cream Coating Face & THE DIAMOND MASK™ VIP Set

SHAINA B MIAMI Mini Miami Eyeshadow Palette

CIATÉ LONDON Triple Shot XXL Mascara in Black XXL

DOSE OF COLORS Liquid Matte Lipstick in Brick


SUNDAY RILEY Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner

Here is the bag design for each subscription:

Ipsy Glam Bag

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate

What do you think of the glam bag designs?

 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

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Comments (92)

  1. For $25 I feel like some people take these boxes a bit too seriously. It’s almost as if they are trying to make a return on investment or something similar. What are some of y’all up to?? Y’all hawking this stuff to your friends? Ebay? Mercari? Poshmark? C’mon, spill.

    Orrr, is it entitlement?

    It’s a $25 box of products, lol. What would YOU put in there? What is an example of your monthly dream box?

    • I totally agree with you, people act like they should be getting luxury products in a $25 beauty box. I love everything Ipsy sends me and dont think they do anything shady or unprofessional. I would also love to know what people think they should be getting for $25

    • People actually make several subscriptions to get multiple boxes and sell the products on posh and Mercari

    • Well said!

    • I actually have and will continue to post some products on Mercari and/or Poshmark after getting a box. I do not post something I feel confident I will personally use. I also do not do it to make a buck. If anything I probably break even with the $25 subscription when I do list and make money from the items. Out of a normal 5 item box, I probably keep 2 items normally, sometimes 3 depending on how impressed I was with the box I got that month. I don’t necessarily do any of this to make money, I do it to continue to receive boxes without it really impacting my personal income. In the end, it is benefiting them by keeping my subscription going.

  2. Ipsy gave out false and misleading information in their spoiler Glam Bag Plus April 2020. We can now pick one of the products. Listed are:

    BLOOMEFFECTS Dutch Dirt Mask MSRP $49

    CÉLA Crème Rose – The Very Best Cream Rose $39

    Neither of these are listed today when the products to pick went live. Note they are the most expensive ones from the spoiler. Bait and switch. Deceptive.

    • Agree that this is classic Ipsy bait and switch.

      I think you meant that we can NOT pick the Dutch Mask or the Very Best Cream Rose, we also cannot pick the the Bobbie Brown lipstick or the Ciate mascara. This means very few people will get those 4 items. Sunday Riley was no longer available when I logged on to pick because the choices presented were so blah. And I honestly would not expect to get those items even if I have those categories marked as often and the other categories marked as rarely. I paused for 4 months, reactivated in March and paid extra to get the Tatcha watch cream & water cream, what Ipsy picked for me for March was terrible.

      • On board with you on that one! What I meant was that we can now pick a product, but we couldn’t pick the ones I listed below. That’s where it became bait and switch.

        Did you notice that the ones they removed were the most expensive? how convenient. And I do not think this was a coincidence.

        I’ve been in business for 33 years, and I’m telling you someday is going to get in trouble with the California Attorney General’s office not only for bait-and-switch, but for substituting miniatures for full size products.

        Did anyone else notice this month that three of the offerings were not full size? These are Miniatures made only for Ipsy and they are half size.

        That part wouldn’t bother me if Glam Bag plus customers were told they get both Miniatures and some full-size but that’s not what we are told. We are assured that everything will be full size and it absolutely isn’t.

      • I was able to pick the Sunday Riley and I actually logged in kind of late in the day,there was both palettes,the Sunday riley and the hand creme ,and the sheet masks and the dose of colors lip in campfire shade when I logged in. Honestly I just think different people get different options when it comes to the choice items.

  3. Where are the Ultimate spoilers??

  4. Hello, does anyone know when the choice day is? Thanks in advance! Lauren

    • It’s on the 25th

    • Choice date is the 24th.

      • Yep, the 24th. Not the 25th.

      • thanks!!!

      • The card that came with my bag says the 25th. It says “March 25th Choose your product”.

      • It says March 24th on the app timeline.

      • I got an email today saying choose.

        I went with the Dose of Colors in Brick. The color chart on the DOC site made the other colors look kind of awful.

        I was meh about everything else.

      • Yeah disappointing bag this month. I canceled April. Ipsy showed items for $49 and $39, then took them out of what I was allowed to pick from. the ones they left were $20 items. I contacted Ipsy and it’s the usual “choice items are based upon your profile”. Nonsense. The items they took away from choosing were “often” on the profile. The ones they left in were “rarely”. This is simply legalized bait and switch and Ipsy should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. At first, I was, “eh” about this month. I just looked again and see a lot i like. I think I’m, going for it! Thanks for the tip on aggressively downvoting what we don’t like. My regular Glam Bag is always spot on. Plus is hit or miss for me.

    • I was about to come back, and it sounds as bad as boxy.

  6. I am liking the spoilers, I hope we can pick the Bobbi Brown lipstick because both the DC ones look too dark for me. The palettes look pretty, I love lotions, I have used the SR toner and Tarte liner and really liked both. May be without a job soon so will have to cut back on some things, but also think I may need a treat for myself to keep spirits up. I skipped March, so happy with the April spoilers.

    • I thought the same thing. Gotta have something to look forward to and self care is very important. Plus you always get such a deal with all the goodies.

  7. I’m Canadian and have this sub shipped to a US address to pick up. Since the borders are closed, no more packages for me. 🙁

    As it is, this month’s Ipsy bags are still sitting there! Who knows how long till I can get them!

  8. I honestly don’t do masks very often. I feel like Ipsy (and Boxy) as they’ve gotten bigger boxes that they have to fill with more items keep using masks as fillers. I can understand one in a box (or a couple of the same counting as one item), but not two or more.

    That’s really my only issue. I love the makeup of course, and the skincare. Haircare is nice if it’s not in packets. Packets don’t hold enough of anything for even one use for my thick hair. And I love nail polish (but NOT nail oils) and fragrance.

  9. boy ….glad I cancelled this box now..

    • Yeah, it’s a dog. Ipsy did not even offer for choice the 2 most expensive items in their Glam Bag Plus spoiler : Dutch Dirt Mask $49 and Cela Creme Rose $39.

      I have been with Ipsy for almost a year. But this month I am getting the feeling that they use my profile to send me the things I most do not want.

  10. Ooooo this is nice!! I would like the Sunday riley and a dose of color lipstick!! I really like the bobbi brown but I have to put it on waaay to often to touch it up. They make my favorite color that’s a perfect brown/mauve shade but the formula sucks.

    I dont like the tarte liner. The solid end always breaks on me.

    • Is the Bobbi Browne really creamy? It’s so pretty, I’m pretty sure no matter what, I’m picking it.

      • Yes. It’s not glossy, but creamy. Around the holidays they had two smaller lipsticks duo online at Sephora for twenty five dollars and I picked it up and both colors are so perfect. The undertones are nice and complement many skin tones and I sooo love the colors, but wish they would make the formula a little “less wet” if that makes sense?!? These feel great on the lips and are not drying or settle into lines but they do have the tendency to get everywhere. To be fair I haven’t tried it with a lip liner, so that could help maybe?!
        My favorite bullet lipstick are from Mac or even Winky lux. Because you can put them on and they last a while longer. You dont have to keep checking your lips and you can wear bright colors because they wear off nicely too.

        The bobbi brown wears nicely and evenly, but for me even without eating or drinking the color disappears quick. It frustrates me because the colors are so perfect….

        Wondering if anyone else out here has had experiences with them and made them work better?! I would LOVE to know the secret because if they ever made the colors in a different formula that works I would but the whole sinking collection!! Hahahaha

  11. Perhaps I have cabin fever but I like everything shown. I especially want to try the Cela Creme Rose. On a side note: I did not get my April box and I had to wait until today to email them again to get a replacement shipped. I’m especially disappointed because the add ons where what I was looking forward to and the Tatcha product is sold out now. Also, my Boxy was missing an item and it’s been 2 weeks since they said they would get back with me to ship the missing item. I know they are doing their best with the situation we are now in around the world. So I’ll be patient and move forward.

    I hope everyone is staying healthy.

  12. For the price of 25 plus a bag, it’s really not a bad deal as long as they send me a couple of items I would use, the problem is they usually choose to ignore my profile, and I feel like I am getting the worst bag.

    • Are you aggressively downvoting the items you don’t like when you review? That’s what really makes a difference!

  13. No FOMO HERE! I’m almost embarrassed for them at this point.. the quality and brands they’re trying to pass off.. Not one time have I regretted canceling my 2 plus subscriptions. Wow today even their “special add-on thing omg… old junk nobody wants compared to email “make your own bag” with TATCHA and great stuff last week that went out to ALL MEMBERS BUT WAS ONLY MEANT TO GET OLD MEMBERS BACK WHO HAD CANCELED! That was such a crappy thing they did!
    No idea how those 2 girls that do the spoilers slap those fake smiles on and pretend to get excited about all these cheap stinky creams they keep filling our bags with. SAD THEY MUST BE HAVING SERIOUS FINANCIAL TROUBLES

    • I’ve never been more underwhelmed. This is a good thing since I shouldn’t be spending but I’m a little disappointed since April is my birthday month.

    • Wow, why so mad? Why come here with so much venom? It’s one thing to say “oh this is a terrible box, and I don’t like it,” but when you start using all caps to “make a point” that just seems excessively aggressive, since all caps is the e-version of yelling.

      • She should be welcome to express her opinion like the rest of us, all caps or no. The all caps may help those who are skimming through to see the her most important point. She seems to have some good points. So the those who write up compliments.

        Ipsy might be able to learn from this person should they read this feed.

    • Ummmmmm okay 🤷‍♀️

      I completely agree w/ Dia. Why even subscribe if you get so worked up? Ipsy/Boxycharm etc. are *supposed* to be fun…

    • I agree!

    • Agreed! But financial troubles? Ipsy does not pay for their products! They get them FREE of charge in return for the likes and instant renowned.

  14. These bags are beautiful!! I would love to have this set. But, with the virus going on I’m going to save my money. Too bad!

  15. Is it weird that I really want the actual bag. It looks super cute.

  16. Yikes! Hard pass. But I love knowing spoilers so I can save my damn money!

  17. Just pointing out that 3 of the 4 shades in the SHAINA B MIAMI Mini Miami Blush and Highlight Palette are shades that were included as singles in the March Glam Bag. So depending on your GB contents and add-on purchases, this palette could be nearly all dupes.

  18. Tough call on the lip color.
    Mascara, always.
    The rest I can take or leave.

  19. They are offering ANOTHER mini sized item as full sized!! ( Sunday Riley happened last month in one of my bags).

    This month, it’s the SHAINA B MIAMI Mini Miami Eyeshadow Palette. I do not see that item on the brand website, but DO see a very lovely ” Miami Eyeshadow Palette” and the price is only $22 for the full sized palette.

    This is not going along with what they promised Glam Bag Plus would be, IMO.

    • I don’t think the Cela body cream is full size either. 4 oz is small for body cream, and the fact it sells for $31 is shocking. Yes, they make good body cream, but I just ordered one in a different fragrance for $3 (with free key chain!) from the add-on sale this week. Ok, I ordered 2.
      Andalou also makes excellent body cream, with very clean ingredients and natural fragrance, for about $8 for 8 ounces.

    • Ipsy seems to be going from “full size” to “miniature”. Largr than a sample but NOT full size. Most of the products on the “choice” page were 1/2 the size of the retail equivalent.

      I would not mind if Ipsy told Glam Bag Plus customers “You’ll get 5 miniature items each month. These are larger than a sample, but not full size.” But they don’t. Deceptive marketing strikes again.

      If you doubt me, look at the Sunday Riley toner. 1/2 the size. The blush and eye palettes have half the trays.

    • The mini Miami palette is a *mini* version of that bigger palette,and there are 8 shadows in it ,therefore it is a full size it’s just more of a travel friendly size of the bigger palette. If it was an actual “mini” palette there would only be 2-4 shades in it.

  20. Def skipping this month. Too bad because the bag is really cute. Hopefully some of the items will be add ons, but if not, no FOMO. Ultimate looks great so far and I’ll decide about Plus after choice.

    • Sorry, mistook this for the regular GB post.

  21. Love all those lipsticks! Hope some of them are add ons.

    • I skipped this month. The toner was the only thing I was curious about but I have so much stuff so it doesn’t matter.

    • I al developing a SERIOUS lipstick issue thanks to Add-ons. If you haven’t tried the Half-Caked from a few bags back, I fully recommend it! It has the best staying power, without being drying.

      We return to your normally scheduled programming. Thanks for the PSA for my 12-step lipstick program lol

      • Thanks for the laugh. I needed it! 😂

  22. That Bobbi Brown lip color is gorgeous!! If it’s a choice option, I’ll probably go for that.
    The rest of the spoilers are, for me, OKAY. Not terribly exciting but mostly not awful.

  23. These… did not improve for me.

  24. Nice! Going to resub to plus for this month.

  25. Finally! I am very excited for this months box. I am definitely not skipping this one. I hope I get an alert for add ons and choice item as well. This looks promising and glad I’m not skipping this month especially this is gonna be my 10 year wedding anniversary month. 🙂

    • Congratulations!!!

    • Ipsy wrote a note about their Covid19 shipping changes saying add one will be on the 30th and shipping the 3rd!! Which is screwed up for me since I don’t have money til my SS disability check hits the 3rd so I will miss add one and who knows when mine will ship. Normally my account is empty last week of month until the third and I just pay then and have to wait days for my reveal then I get to choose add one after everyone else and they are always picked over

  26. Jumpin for joy..just what I need, more black eyeliner, blush palletes and poop lipstick! ##saidnooneEVER

  27. Ohhhh thank gawd I’m not tempted and may finally skip a month. Love the Cela and Dutch Dirt but that’s it. Every month I keep telling myself I will skip but never do.

    • Are we looking at the same thing? These spoilers are amazing! Finally a stellar box.

    • I Loved the Cela ($39) and Dutch Dirt ($49), also, but they were NOT on the choice page. AND they were the most expensive. How convenient. Ipsy bait and switch strikes again.

  28. I like a lot of these spoilers. Love the Dose lippies. Hope they are a choice item.

  29. I’m digging some of these spoilers. I would be quite pleased if I received any of the following: Bobbi Brown lipstick in Gernadine, Shaina B Miami blush / highlight palette, Cela Creme Rose and/or the Starskin sheet masks. All of the other spoilers, just don’t do it for me. April looks promising.

    • I m hoping for more beauty products in my box. Less makeup.

      Ipsy if you are reading this: please consider adding to your boxes these items: bars of soap, shower gels, anti bacterial anything, full size toners, wipes of any kind even make up remover wipes, combs,tweezers, nail polish remover wipes, regular brushes instead of makeup brushes ….

      As much the value is great, I dont have much use for makeup now

      • I love your suggestions! I’d love to receive bar soaps and all of the other goodies you mention.

      • Ha, I love how different we all are – I would personally hate to receive any of these things! (Except full size toner, which…YES!) What a good reminder that one girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure. 🙂

      • Ipsy, if you did in fact read this, please don’t send me anything that was mentioned. I love my makeup. I can easily get those other items at CVS for little to nothing.

      • Oh no ..please please dont….you know test tube and beauty fix sends toners and all skincare.

        I sub to ipsy and boxy for makeup. Not the skincare. I’m sad boxy is trying to turn into fab fit fun

      • I agree. Ipsy, if you’re reading, keep sending makeup!!

      • P.s. I’m down for all the brushes (which they already send) and nail polish I like (which they send) the other stuff….no ma’am. Please leave me out. Hahaha

  30. Yeah, still nothing I want! Whew!

    • Same! Skipped with thoughts of cancelling

  31. Bobbi Brown has some of the smoothest lipsticks I’ve ever used, I hope it’s an add-on to regular Ipsy

  32. I feel like I’m just in it for the bags now…

    • Haha, me too! I might keep plus if I can pick the Sunday Riley….my teenage son might like this. And if I can get the ultimate bag as an add in that’s a plus lol.

    • Skipping both GBP & GBU plus BC premium. Not into enough of the products for it to be worth the $$$. Especially with Corona who know how bad things will get. I’m praying for ALL OF US!! Virtual hugs to you all.

  33. Not feeling this month’s spoilers.

    I’ve been over Sunday Riley for quite a while now. My experience with their products were not positive and certainly not worth the hype or price tag. But my skin is picky.
    The Dutch Dirt mask looks interesting, and the blush palette wouldn’t make me cry, but liquid lipstick certainly would.
    Easy pass. Try again in May, Ipsy!

    *Where can I find spoilers for the ultimate bag?

    Maybe that’ll look better. Lol.

    • They released one round of Ultimate spoilers posted on MSA previously, but didn’t release a second round like they did for the regular and Plus bags. At least not unless they didn’t get posted for some reason but I highly doubt that.

      I’d really love to see a few more for Ultimate. As far as the first round for all three and second round for Plus and regular, Ultimate actually looks the most appealing to me. That’s a surprise considering Plus has had better products for the last several months now in my opinion. But April is completely different for me. There’s not a single product among the Plus spoilers that interests me. A few items I’d be okay with getting but many more I would hate. I’m kind of neutral as far as the regular bag but you can never really judge it by the spoilers since there are always dozens more products than what they release. While I don’t really want to spend the money, I’m actually glad I am far more interested in several of the Ultimate spoilers because I love the bag but not enough to pay $12 to add it on. I’ve skipped Ultimate the last several months so this will be my first one since they increased the number of full size products. I just hope I get enough profile-appropriate items to justify the $50.

    • Agreed, but the The Dutch Dirt mask from the spoiler alert was NOT on the choice products page. Ipsy bait and switch strikes again.

  34. I’m so skipping next month. I love lipstick but hate those colors!

  35. I am so skipping next month. I love lipstick but hate all those colors!

    • So did I. I think Dose may be dumping lipsticks that did not sell from last year. Those are 4th quarter colors, not Spring.

      • I agree that there seems to be a lot of this paticilar edition, being dumped. I have received four of ORYZA Beauty’s lipstick, in Opus, over the last year or so. The color looks rich and wearable in the container, but it translates lighter and brighter on the lips. Too pink. It is creamy though, and applies smoothly. It does tend to smear rather easily, when worn alone. A primer and lip liner, greatly mitigates that. A lip scrub exfoliates your lips and makes for smooth application and surprising sustainability, throughout the day. I would most likely purchase this brand retail, in a color more suited to my taste.

      • That must be why my Lip Monthly subscription generally has a Dose product in every bag. I don’t care for them either. I’m sticking with ipsy. No more LM for me! Ha!

  36. The Borg were wrong. Resistance is easy. See you in May, ipsy GBP!

    • Hahahahaha

  37. Is that Shaina B Miami brand any good? I had never heard of it until the March Ipsy bags with the blush from that brand.

    • I got a highlighter single in my Ipsy bag this month and I love it. The shade is gorgeous and the pigment is nice. It makes a pretty eyeshadow too.

      I’m not a blush palette fan at all. I have several unopened ones so I definitely do not need any more. This is an exception though. I’m actually hoping I get it.

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