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Fabulous You Box – May 2020 Spoiler #3

Fabulous You Box – May 2020 Spoiler

We have the first spoiler for the May 2020 Fabulous You Box.

Each Box will include KEDMA Royalty Firming Cream – Retail Value Listed $799.95

What do you think about the first spoiler?

The Box: Fabulous You Box

The Cost: $165 per box

The Products: Our boxes will always be jammed packed and well rounded…never too heavy on any specific product type. We always feature 6-10 brand and 8-20 products per box shipment and each box will have a retail value of OVER $400.

Fabulous You Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (59)

  1. Oh this is a hoot! If La Mer etc is half the price for cream, this no name obscure brand certainly isn’t worth the EXTREMELY inflated retail price. The company is stupid to advertise it as that much because it only illustrates to people how ridiculous the rest of their estimated values are going to be. Unless you have some well known western beauty brands in there, it’s for sure a rip-off.

  2. Did my research and Kedma appears to be a pretty deceitful company with overpriced, low quality products. The reviews are staggeringly awful. This box was off to a good launch but no way am I getting this one-gross.

  3. I looked up “Kedma”, and for some reason the search also brings up “Premier” beauty products. I have received Premier in the past (in some subscription box or another) and I was not impressed. I think I’ll give this a miss and get an Margot Elena Discovery Box instead.

  4. Does a pocket dermatologist come with this cream, to give you Botox injections? That’s ridiculous but I could see some Real Housewife hawking this cream.

  5. Who wants to bet it will turn up in a Boxycharm box?

  6. It looks like this company was formerly known as Kedem (same logo and one of the products on the current site has “kedem” on it) and was under a lot of public scrutiny and probably had to rebrand. Apparently it was nowhere near as pricey back then. I wonder if this is overstock that is being sold under the new brand.

  7. wow..wish I could afford this…love the name and the box…someone please come out with a new skincare box…that we could afford..

  8. WHAAAAAAT? Um, that’s a no for me. Unless it provides a happy ending each time you put it on, not worth it.

    • That, plus cleans house, washes windows, cooks dinner, does your taxes, and dances for you at scheduled intervals!

  9. I was disappointed I missed the 1st box. When I saw this first spoiler I decided to sign up for the 2nd box. I did do some research to make sure it wasn’t the 24K gold foil kind of stuff and just wanted to try it. If you do a web search there is a $10 coupon out there so for $155 I’m game. Even if this cream is a bust and I like the remaining $400 worth of stuff I come out ahead. For this particular box they have it as 6 brands, 10 items. I do think that the color pink they’ve chosen for the box itself does not convey luxe.

    I do wish MSA would review this box.

  10. Honestly, with this spoiler, I’m just embarrassed for them. An $800 no-name face cream with totally standard ingredients (and a few sketchy ones.) This looks like something you’d find at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s for $12.

    • It has a 70 percent off automatically applied at checkout if you simply look it up, from this site my browser went straight to it. Oh well, maybe it could be a great thing?

  11. It’s a no for me, dawg. 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️

  12. i despise the word fabulous

    • I despise the cutesy handwritten font choice too….

  13. LOL, is this one of those extremely RV-inflated brands that no one has ever heard of that pop up on Hautelook and Gilt?

  14. Breakdown of the box will means you’re spending 109.86 on this spoiler. Think I’ll stick to la mer at this point.

  15. If that cream doesn’t come with a #CoronaBae I don’t want it 😂😂

  16. This price point is absolutely ludicrous!! And that just means the other 9 items in the box aren’t going to be very valuable!!

  17. I got the first box and I really liked it. Customer service is excellent. My box arrived with the Kendra Scott jewelry missing. I emailed Fabulous You, they responded quickly, and I received my missing jewelry a few days later. I’m not thrilled with the first spoiler, but I won’t make a decision until I see more.

  18. I’m just here for the comments.

  19. Unless this kills COVID19, it’s a no, dawg.

    • Actually, I’m thinking it might be worth the WHO and CDC try it out.

      • Couldn’t hurt!!

  20. Well, I for one will enjoy trying it 😁 with my mom. Because it is part of the FABULOUS YOU BOX is the only reason it would ever be available to me. Even if I had a kazillion dollars, I could never justify spending that amount of money on an item like this but because it is being sent to me,!for a moment, I will feel like royalty.

  21. Looks like a DLS RV, LOL.

    Would anyone in their right mind fall for this?!

    • Maybe this cream is 8 jars of Faccia boiled down to a concentrate 😀

      • Could be, lol!!

      • I’m crying. 🤣

  22. There was a site that reviewed it and I went straight to the 1 star ratings, just for giggles. It was not at all funny what I read, though. There were reviews of stores that had such aggressive sales people just walk up to people and put cream on them and tell them that they had to come inside to get it wiped off. One person stated that she was put into a room and not let go until she agreed to buy the machine she was sitting on. It was insane! There is absolutely no way I have any respect or desire for this box after reading the extremely aggressive and shady sales tactics.

    • Are you talking about the box, or the cream? And what machine???

      • If I remember correctly, it was some sort of fat burning chair for several thousand dollars, haha. If you can find the site, it has an overall 4 star rating, but click the 1 star reviews, and that’s where it gets wild.

      • Lol! That comment me laugh for first time today actually (I think I’m going stir crazy sitting here for two days straight lol)

    • You weren’t kidding. Reading the reviews made me feel so bad for all the customers who had been taken advantage of at their shops and booths.

    • And the launch box has Teami, which is apparently run by scientologists that force their employees to take courses. No thanks.

    • This happened to me! I had barely walked through the entrance of a Vegas casino with my suitcases in tow when one of these snake oil hawkers had me in their clutches! They have no respect for personal boundaries (or potential allergies for that matter) and demand that you spend that crazy amount of money on a product you’ve never heard of. Geesh, at least let me win some money first so I can blow it all on your empty promises of youth in a bottle.

  23. I think they forgot to convert it from ruppees. Pretty sure they meant 10.63 in dollars.

  24. The hardest of all the passes from me.

  25. I’m not an expert but the ingredient list doesn’t warrant the price tag. Cough cough gimmick

    Anyhow the last box (the debut box) didn’t impress me at all. I didn’t get It but I saw a review of it. It had like 4 Spongelle sponges, some supposedly well know designer necklace and bracelet, 2 cheesy wine glasses, tea, tea bottle, Wrist wallet, chocolate, and 5 Margot Elena products ( tote, soap, hand cream, lip balm)

  26. I tried to look up information on Kedma. Not easy! They are very evasive and don’t tell you at all where they are from. Their website carts are powered by Shopify. I’m Israeli and this reads as a shady Israeli company to me. Maybe this is soon-to-expire stock that they’re trying to off-load on this box.

    • Agree.

  27. I just noticed that they have their Seven Wonders Signature Set for the low price of only $4,799.95. Lol! Not today Satan!

    • You better jump on that bargain fast.

  28. I Googled the ingredients… The first one is water and they couldn’t even spell “aloe” right. 🙄

    • I saw the aloe misspelling too! I am allergic to it and had to laugh that a company trying to sell something so expensive misspelled something so easy! I cancelled my box because of that.

  29. Yeah…the last time I saw a serum “worth” $200 it was from aliexpress. It looks like this is at least an established company, but yeah I find the price tag hard to believe.

  30. Thanks for the laugh—I needed that today.

    • $799 for a cream must be a typo. They might not know it though. Maybe an extra 9 was added by mistake?

      • Nah, they just forgot the decimal point. $7.99 🙂

  31. Wait, what? I’m sorry, there’s a cream out there that costs $799?!? For under 2 oz.?!? That stuff had better be able to transform me into a teenager again…

    • Yes! This is exactly what I was thinking 😀

    • For the win!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • Oops, that’s not where I was meaning to respond lol!

      • I’m still gonna take it as a win 🙂

  32. I’m a bit perplexed what makes a moisturizer worth $800.

    • It massages your feet, cleans the house and does the laundry! Plus, if you say “hey lotion” it’ll set a timer and tell you the time. Haha

      • Love your response!!!!

    • Right? Especially since it has alcohol in it, which dries out skin. I’m hoping this will also clean my house for that price, but I doubt it

    • I was just coming to say that. What magic does that Cream do that makes it cost $800??

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