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Fabulous You Box – May 2020 Spoiler #3

ByMSAApr 21, 2020 | 28 comments

Fabulous You Box
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We have a new spoiler for the May 2020 Fabulous You Box!

The Fabulous You Box will include:

This Way 5-Piece Set:

  • Italian Silk Pouch
  • Italian Silk Sleeping Mask
  • Natural Lip Sunscreen
  • Pocket Mirror
  • Natural Eye Sunscreen with Matte Tint


Cocus Pocus Plush Robe – Retail Value $118


Mer-Sea & Co. 5-Piece Body Set:

  • Shimmering Body Mist
  • Southern Gardenia Perfume
  • Coconut Sugar Foaming Body Scrub
  • Hand Cream
  • Bath Soak

In case you missed it, the May box will not include the KEDMA Firming Face Cream:

With today’s new normal of social distancing and with self-care being a top priority, we have made the decision to change some brands/products in our May Box and curate it to be more focused on just that…SELF-CARE! Our goal is to make this the MOST FABULOUS Self-Care box you‘ll ever receive!

With that being said, our first announcement is that we will NOT be featuring the KEDMA Firming Face Cream that we announced as our first May spoiler. If you would like to see KEDMA featured down the line, please let us know and we will bring them back for a future feature. For now, we feel it is not the right time as we need to make room to fill this box with all the special, uplifting and fun self-care surprises we have planned for all of you in May.  

Because we want to make this box extra special for all of you, our next announcement is our May box will now GREATLY EXCEED our normal promised retail value of $400 and it will ALSO EXCEED our normal promised product amount of 8-20 products. This box will go WAY ABOVE & BEYOND what we would normally ship! More details on all this and the first spoiler are all coming next week.

Our last announcement for today is wjust reduced our quarterly price from $165 to $155 per quarter for anyone who orders our May Box in the month of April (or while supplies last). This will lock you in at $155 per quarter for the duration of your membership.

We are so excited about this box and cannot wait to share it with you! Remember to keep an eye out for more details and our first spoiler next week.

On behalf of everyone at Fabulous You Box, our hearts go out to all those impacted by COVID-19—this not only includes those diagnosed with the virus, but also their friends and family and those whose jobs and schools have been impacted and so many more. We’re all in this together…stay well, stay safe and thank you for your support!

Fabulous You Box is also reducing the cost of the box to $155 for a limited time. Sign up during April to lock in the $155 per quarter price for the duration of your membership!

The Box: Fabulous You Box

The Cost: $165 per box

The Products: Our boxes will always be jammed packed and well rounded…never too heavy on any specific product type. We always feature 6-10 brand and 8-20 products per box shipment and each box will have a retail value of OVER $400.

Check out our Fabulous You reviews to learn more about this subcription!

"A women's lifestyle subscription box curated by women for women. We always feature 6-10 brand and 8-20 products per box shipment, and each box will have a retail value of OVER $400. We also offer our own signature wine as an add-on subscription. Ships quarterly."
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Just received an email that they’re closing temporarily because of Covid. They’re refunding everyone, including whatever balance is remaining for annual subs.


How do they expect to fool people into spending $190 on a bunch of junk when they can’t even manage to find a PR person who can spell “matte” correctly? Yikes.

Also, it drives me nuts that the bathrobe is 100% polyester! I could easily find that at the Walmart down the street.


Kind of sick that they misspelled ” matte”.
I had bought my husband 100% premium thick cotton bathrobes.. He’s hard on them as he’s the one who ushers the dogs out the door in the early AM.

I bought him a new with tags Ralph Lauren robe for Christmas, and when it arrived ( Macy’s I believe, but could have been Neiman’s) the label said ” 100% Polyester”.
As it cost right at $250, I was really ticked off, but wanted him to have a gift under the tree. He LIKES it. I try not to look at it= polyester!!! YUCK.

Not my choice for either one of us. If our house catches on fire one night ( we have a security and hardwired heat/ smoke system so likely it won’t) those things will MELT on our skin trying to get the dogs out of the house. Going now to look for my Four Seasons Resort cotton plush robe!! ( purchased in their gift shop)


This is a bummer. I was optimistic but this is junky stuff


I cancelled, but won’t they send this box anyway? I’m kind of sick about the cheap beauty filler stuff released as the latest spoiler.
They say no refunds…. and they charged me when I signed up. Does that mean refund for box shipped or ” This one’s yours, baby?”

Really vague on the terms, IMO. I don’t want it, that’s for sure.


I wondered the same thing when I cancelled yesterday. I emailed but haven’t heard back just yet so I’ll let you know the response when I hear something. I’m just going to assume this one will be coming whether I want it or not. Oh well, ya live and you learn I guess. I’ll try to make the best of this one but won’t buy another.


They emailed to say it was cancelled. I had cancelled on the website. Do you think I need to email them for some reason?
I don’t know what I could say except ” Refund please” which likely would not make them happy.

I hope, if we have to get the boxes, the last spoilers will be so FABULOUS, we will be very happy. It COULD happen, it has happened to me with a few very very expensive boxe before like Luxe Provence, and a Luxor box that was about $500.
( Not one with a vacation voucher in it LOL)

Good luck to you!! 🙂


😭😭😭 Ugh… That’s a bummer. I wanted so bad to like this box and remained abnormally optimistic throughout the first 2 spoilers but that enthusiasm is quickly diminishing. Not a fan of this spoiler and for the price point ABSOLUTELY NOTHING should feel like “filler” and yet all of these items scream just that… A silk bag and pocket mirror? Really? The robe they spoiled last week says it all in regards to my feelings for this box. “I came…I saw…I left early” *insert cancel confirmation email here*


Totally agree. I really wanted to like this box. I felt so-so about the first two spoilers but when I saw this one I literally said, “Ewwww” when I saw the bag and eye mask. You can’t get much more unoriginal than that and can’t get much less “luxe.” I hate to be harsh but I really don’t feel like they did enough research before launching this box. And it seems like they’ve been floundering more than what’s to be expected from a new box working out the kinks. To be fair, boxes $50 and up are very challenging. You put in one or two expensive items and if it’s not something customers like they feel like they’ve wasted their money. Alternatively if you go the other way and try to cram in a high quantity of items the quality isn’t there and people feel like they got some kind of overstock grab bag. I genuinely hope they can figure things out and adjust their box contents and/or price accordingly. It’s a definite pass for now but I will still keep an eye on them for future consideration.


No just no. Not at this price point. I just cancelled.

Judith Acosta

I’m not crazy or stupid to waste that amount of money in this box. It is not worth at all


No way is this box worth what they claim.


Yeah, looks a little random to me – like they’re tossing in worthless items (a mirror) just to pad the box. The saying on the robe is also extremely off-putting. If I spent 118 bucks on a robe – which I wouldn’t – it definitely wouldn’t have some blahblah scrawled all over it. Overall the box just feels like a money grab. More power to those who think it’s great, but I wouldn’t spend half of what they’re asking on it.


I do like what this sub is doing with the brand mini-kit-type situations. The TokyoMilk & Spongelle sets in the first box, & the Mer-sea & This Way kits are a good way to feature the “discovery” aspect of a sub box. It definitely is easier to get to know a brand if you can try several of their products & not just one.

I received the This Way eye sunscreen in the first Bombay & Cedar Beauty box, & it’s an interesting one, lol. It’s the kind of formula that comes out gray-ish & adjusts to your pH.


Where is the sunscreen made? The This Way website doesn’t say where the items are made (and the reviews are a little questionable — not many reviews, all are 5 stars, and many were left this month.) I would be disappointed if this is a 24karat moisturizer/made in china type situation.


The tube says Made in Spain.


Hhhmmm, I’m not following the method behind the curation, but I hope whomever gets it is pleased. At that price, I’d personally rather go for Breo or even Rob Vice.


This box looks like a joke to me. It’s like Amber Rose is trying to get rid of her Slutbox leftovers at a ridiculously high price. Just add 1 CBD sample item and you are good to go. I don’t know who is their target market.


Someone who likes quantity is their target.

I’d rather have a 2 item box with high quality skincare, like BH then have a box of random stuff. It seems their aim is teens or twenty year olds. Problem with this sub is you can get a lot of this stuff really cheap. For example all their Spongelle’s from last box have been add-on options in the past from FFF or BC for $3 a piece. So most people see these as cheap fillers. Plus I hate to compare but I get IGBP for $25 for 5 items. I could get 30 items from Ipsy for the price of this box.


Agree. Would rather have Boxwalla quality.


Sorry, still a hard no for $190.00 (one time box). I am not confident to subscribe ($165 every three months). On the positive side, at least Fabulous You makes it financially worth it to subscribe, as a $25 difference between a one time box and the quarterly commitment is significant. For everyone who gets this quarter’s box, I do hope I suffer from terrible FOMO after the entire box is revealed.


I think the robe being a nicer silk or even a white or gray solid cotton waffle wear with a hood and huge pockets could have made this box 90% better.

The silk pouch and eyemask are okay but I can grab a silk eyemask for $10 on Amazon. I have never thought “Oh, I need a silk pouch for my…make-up? Small jar of Q-tips?”

The lip SPF is good but $3 lip balms have SPF. And an eye SPF is… again… fine. We all need SPF. It’s just not exciting.

The mirror is too ridiculous to mention.

The robe is very specific. Like too specific. Why not go with a solid white cotton waffle weave with oversized pockets for that price? Amazon has some amazingly simple yet beautiful ones for $40 in a bunch of sizes and colors. A nice robe could have changed the feel of this box. Heck, throw in a nice cotton robe and possibly knit cotton throw blanket and I’d be 50% closer to spending $150.

The Mer Sea is at least a name I’ve heard… kind of (a blanket in FFF). It’s just not very exciting. Hand cream…good. But we’ve seen hand cream and it’s a mid range brand at best.

It just seems either okay but kind of boring. Or oddly very specific.

Okay, I’m done.

I will still read this review. 🤣


I fully concur with your assessment.


Kinda silly to include a pouch and a freebie little mirror as items lol.

This box looks decent, but I don’t think there are size options on the robe, oh and also I definitely can’t afford to spend that much on a sub box lmao. Looking forward to the review on this one though!


Same here. It’s a very expensive box.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.