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CAUSEBOX Spring 2020 Box FULL Spoilers + Coupon!

ByMSAMar 6, 2020 | 88 comments

Alltrue (CAUSEBOX)
3.1 overall rating
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We have the FULL spoilers for the Spring 2020 CAUSEBOX!

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc. 

Use coupon code EG20 to save 20% off your first box! (Regularly $54.95 a season.)

The Spring box includes:


Aqua Aura Reparative Eye Cream by Earth Harbor


Calm Mood Mist by Cardea Auset


Simple Self The Self-Care Planner OR Jenni Earle Wild + Free Bandana

Annual subscribers can choose their item.


Get a Stackable Bento Box by Bentgo in the Spring Box!

Each bento box includes two stackable containers with built-in utensils, lids, and a secure strap to keep your food safe for transportation. The sleek design and fun colors inspire you to have fun while planning lunches and leading a low-waste lifestyle!

They come in three exclusive colors:




Annual members choose their color.


DIME Super Duo – Volume Mascara and Eyelash Boost Serum OR Fosterie Layered Gem Necklace

DIME Super Duo – Volume Mascara and Eyelash Boost Serum

Fosterie Layered Gem Necklace

Annual subscribers can choose their item.


Meet the The Zoe Crossbody by Pixie Mood! 🌸 Get the purse & more in the Spring Box

This timeless purse is both form and function, with pockets for days, high-end metallic detailing, a magnetic button closure on the fold-over flap, and a detachable strap. It’s made of premium vegan leather and features an inner lining created with recycled bottles.

It comes in three classic colors: Honey, Black, and Grey — which color will you choose?


Every CAUSEBOX comes with a Sustainable Grocery Starter Kit! Hand-stitched in Jaipur, India, and made of 100% cotton material, these 5 mesh and muslin bags are designed to replace single use grocery bags. Mesh bags are perfect for fresh produce like fruit and vegetables, while the muslin bags are great for dry foods such as rice, pasta, and coffee beans!

Check out all of our CAUSEBOX reviews for more information about this subscription box and sign up for notifications to get spoilers!

Looking for CAUSEBOX? Then you're in the right place! CAUSEBOX recently changed it's name to Alltrue, so we'll leave this notice up until word gets around, and all of our old reviews, spoilers... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Nelida Vasquez

I need somebody to contact me from the company. My first box was lost in transit. Never got it. But I was charged for it. I have received the other of the subscription. (2 more of them) Please help.


This bag is actually great because I can wash it off when I return from shopping from germs. Also the scarf can be folded and worn as a mask. I’m grateful for little things.


Great idea with the scarf!! Still waiting on mine but I’m so excited for this box 😀


Has MSA reviewed this and I just can’t find it? I got my box a week ago and my marketplace box a couple days ago, usually MSA is ahead of me.


Not yet(unless I missed that as well)!
I’m still waiting for mine. Enjoy !


I skipped this one, everything seemed blah to me. Hope Summer is better. Does it drive anyone else crazy that they use the term “vegan leather”? C’mon just tell us it’s plastic, vinyl, etc. Eyeroll.


Hahahaha! Major eye roll! Please just call it what it is. It can’t be both vegan and leather.


I literally (literll, literally) just said that. “Vegan leather is an oxymoron. It can’t be both.”
I got an eye roll in response, so I’m glad there are others out there in the world. There sure aren’t any quarantined with me, haha!


I am due to receive mine on Saturday.


Annual member here, also stuck on “awaiting shipment” for both my spring box and my market order. Feels like it’s been stuck at this status for-ev-errrr.

Trying not to be too high maintenance given the state of things, but it is annoying to see on the various Facebook posts that people who just purchased a one-time seasonal box (within the last month or so) have already gotten their box delivered. As an annual member, my purchase was already locked in months before these people, so shouldn’t I get mine first?? If Corona V is delaying shipping, I get it, but annual members should still get their boxes first. That’s one of the perks of paying the $200 up front (and not being able to take advantage of the 20% off discounts, etc).

I ra-heeeally wish I had my wellness journal during these weeks of quarantine, and I really wish I had the household items from my market order, especially since I cannot just go out and purchase substitutes while I continue to “await shipment”.

Sharon in SE TX

Today, April 1st, I received my market order. Still waiting patiently for my Spring Box.


I got mine yesterday and I love it. This season was good. I think the only thing I won’t use is the bento box but I might start using it. I put the bandana on the purse it’s super cute. I’m really happy with this box


I am annual and just recieved my box yesterday. Did you select the yellow Bento box? I read that some that chose the yellow Bento were being sent a grey and told they would receive another complimentary, yellow Bento with their summer box due to delays with that color being shipped to them. Got the yellow in my box so thought they might have started to hold off shipping boxes of those that chose yellow until they had them in hand.

Sharon in SE TX

I’m in the same situation and feel the same way, Lauren. I love my Causeboxes when they arrive, but every season the shipping is slow and/or there is some kind of substitution. I’m not sure if I’ll renew my annual membership. They’ve been around a long time now, why can’t they get it together?


Have any other annual members not had their box even ship yet?


I’m annual. No shipment.


Me either! Happy they immediately sent an email about delays, but still a bummer seeing everyone unboxing it. Can’t wait to get mine!


Yes, got mine some time ago, and it is so hard to wait, got that, but it is wonderful! Today got my extras from the add on sale. Have no insight into shipping schedule. May they ship to us really old folks since they feel sorry for us during the virus lockdown in our state. That is a joke for anyone who thinks I am serious. Wonderful work at Causebox!

Sharon in SE TX

Me too! The box ships from California. I wonder if all the boxes went out before the COVID-19 lockdown.


On the 17th they sent out an email. Due to the virus their workers are working six feet apart and following the other CDC guidelines. They said to expect shipping delays of at least 5—10 days beyond their listed shipping schedule.


I am annual and mine hasn’t shipped either 😬😬😬


me 🙁


Just heard from Causebox within a day about my box leaking and they will replace items damaged! Yes girls this company is impressive!
Way to go Causebox’ !!!!

Amanda P

Oh no! What leaked?


I have always had extremely great customer service from CB.


What is the difference between Vegan Leather and Pleather?


none, it’s all the same thing by different name, just marketing. plastic coated fabric (fabric composition can vary), polyurethane (PU) coated to be exact. it’s not environmentally friendly, but it is vegan.


Nothing. Vegan “leather” is just pleather. While I like the design of this bag, I don’t want a plastic handbag. I was just about to say that I would wait for the next handbag in the Happy Rebel box, only to find that the HR subscription is no more!!! Damn…all of my favorite subs are going out of business.


Usually I love causebox, however my spring box was terrible quality. I’m subbed to a ton of sub boxes and this is the first time I’ve had like 5 issues within a single box.

pixie mood purse in black-the front pocket was super crooked and off center. Like really really crooked.

Earth harbor eye cream- was super separated and crusty all over the lid and top of container. Also when I tried to use, it left a white chalky powder on my fingers and eye…not sure if this was what the brand was going for or if mine was just bad but dang was it really bad…

Bentos lunch box- the utencils don’t stay in there slots. In fact it’s actually impossible to put them in the slots, they just don’t all fit at the same time. Also the part that covers the top box slides around even with the stretchy thing it came with.

Wellness planner- looked like it had sat on a never cleaned concrete floor for months and then a fork lift drove over it. No really, it had tire marks on the front of it and the back was so dirty it was a completely different color under the tag…

Grocery bags- one of the mesh ones was completely missing the tie at the top and one of the canvas ones had like 4 sewn stripes where it looked like it ripped and they sew it back together.

While I was extremely unhappy with the quality, especially since I finally bit the bullet and Paid for a year after 3 boxes, I will give major kudos to there customer service. I emailed them with a ton of photos of all my issues and they got back to me 2 days later with a very genuine sorry for taking longer than normal and offered to completely replace my whole box and added $15 credit to my account to use on market or next subscription. I am very pleased with there customer service and am hoping that all my items come in the quality I have come to expect from them. Of course the bentos box is a manufacturing error on bentos part so that won’t be any different. And the eye cream I have a feeling is just a terrible product. But I really love that calm mist and am super happy to be getting a backup of it!

Stephanie Braswell

When does customization close? I need to know before upgrading to annual…

Sharon in SE TX

I believe customization has already closed.


I’m thrilled to say my purse is soooo lovely! I selected the gray color . Another favorite was the necklace. It was very cute! But I don’t know what it is made of?
My face oil leaked and covered the whole box. It was very strong..,,I wrote to them to get this resolved. This is my second box and I am new to this. The company seems very connected to their customers so I know it will be right.


Just FYI…. I washed my mesh bags. They all shrunk to about 6 inches. I had to do it to get the lavender smell out of them. But now I can use them in the laundry to wash delicate items. Or use them to pack my suitcase.


That actually is a great idea! My mesh bags seem to fall apart after few uses. Thank you!


Thanks for the heads up. Did you wash them in hot water? Did you out them in the dryer?


I just received mine. I transferred the items from my HR purse to this honey colored purse. I tied the bandanna to the side of it too. I love the look of this CB purse and that all my items fit perfectly. Appreciative of the 15 % off of Pixie Mood too. I love everything else! The Bento box is the perfect size for a healthy lunch and the produce bags will come in handy. I too love mists and I am always happy to get a good eye cream. Thanks CB.


Im looking forward to mine!


For those of us that selected the Sunflower bento, Causebox says we’ll receive a Cloud bento in the spring box and our Sunflower choice in the summer box. They had some production issues with getting the Sunflower in time. Terrific customer service!

Sharon in SE TX

Thanks for the info, Alice. I picked Sunflower, but I didn’t know about this. Did you get an email?


You’re welcome! Yes, I got an email.


Do you think that means those of us who didn’t get a choice are more likely to get the pink or gray? Pink and gray are my favorite colors right now and I have my fingers crossed for one of them.


I think so!


Yes, they’re short on yellow ones, so if you didn’t choose, you’ll be getting pink or grey. I think most likely pink because they’re substituting all the yellow ones with grey, so I believe most of quarterly members will get pink. But that’s just a guess


For those of us that selected the Sunflower bento, Causebox says we’ll receive a Cloud bento in the spring box and our Sunflower choice in the summer box. They had some production issues with getting the Sunflower time. Terrific customer service!


I picked Sunflower and received it in my box. I think if you didn’t get an email you may get the Sunflower Bentgo box.


Checked my account this morning and mine ya shipped! Shows delivery of next Friday. FYI I’m an annual.


Great, MzKayleeJames!!!! Progress is being made. Thanks for the report 🙂


Thank you Redhead36 for the feedback. It eases my mind that I did not miss a delivery.
May you enjoy your goodies when they arrive!


I love that there’s a cause behind this. See New Skincare Box has been donating a percentage of their profits to to Dress For Success which is something that is so important to me! Also full-size skincare products that are vegan? yes pleaseeeee


just signed up for this! This sounds amazing, and they were having a sale! Thank you thank you! I’ve been looking for a clean, vegan skincare box!


can I have more information about this? This sounds amazing


Just got my box and I’m excited! The handbag is rigid, so different from my usual style but I think it’ll be easier to find items. I’m also usually not a fan of vegan material but this has a really good feel to it (it does have a synthetic smell to it though). The rest is heavenly. Mascara lengthens so much without clumping, must build up for volume. Spray is definitely calming. The bandana is unique, will wear it karate style in the summer.
Love the curation and the causes. Read the booklet!!! They even asked for a formula change in the mascara to be 100% vegan.


Just curious…..has anyone received their Causebox or OuiPlease yet? Thank you for your input.


My Cause box shipped yesterday. I am an annual member.


Both my market place orders and Spring box are still awaiting shipment.


Love the items in the 2020 Spring box. Excited to receive it.


I’m looking to swap for the bento box in gray or blush, produce bags and the bandana. Let me know if you want to get rid of them!


Hi, I will probably swap my produce bags and bandana (if I receive it), I’m quarterly…

I will let you know!


I skipped this one. I dislike everything in this box. I sure hope the summer box is better or I’m done.


I am sorry, I did not mean to reply specifically to you. I meant to post generically.🌷


Happy with my box! First time as an annual with Causebox. I let FFF go, so tired of all the drama and expense. Not to say I won’t subscribe in the future. I have subbed to FFF since 2016 and it was my only yearly ever until this year. I absolutely loved Winter 2020! However, this spring box they even ran out of choices for annuals. Not acceptable.


I too let FFF go; I wasn’t an annual subscriber, but I got tired of the repeats, and when I did get to choose, most of the choices weren’t available. I did get the annual for Causebox after I received the Spring box, though I was disappointed not to receive the portfolio organizer. I like this box, and even more since I got to choose.


I guess I’m in the minority but I’m not super impressed with this box. I signed up for Causebox with their very first box and have loved it ever since but this box is a miss for me as was last year’s spring box.

Sharon in SE TX

I’m hoping I’ll like the box more when I receive it. I sure wish they would have used the flower pattern on the bandana or one of the Bento Boxes.


I love everything in this box and the box itself is so beautiful and Happy 💕❤️


What a great box. So glad I have this subscription. Customer service is great.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.